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Data Backup Software integrates with Windows 7

Novosoft a software company with a global imprint, is the company behind the award winning backup and recovery software; has launched its new product Handy Backup 6.9.2. It comes packed and integrated with Windows 7 and other features including a superb image backup feature.

Alexander Prichalov, head of the Novosoft Development Department said that it’s a slightly difficult competition that companies find themselves contributing in when they strive to be at the cutting edge of software development. On the one hand they have business participants who supply fine resolutions which every so often might strike their product in a range of feature, so you have to be fully conscious of accurately everything happening in the industry. Alternatively one your major competitor is yourself: every new product you launch is to beat the previous versions not only quantitatively, but qualitatively, keeping up the highest possible pace of product evolution. Handy Backup 6.9.2 is how we beat our own previous backup solutions. He asked us not to get him wrong, the previous versions too were good and he believes the customer satisfaction and trust they gathered were utterly reasonable. But the new one both gets old features to the new level and presents some new tasty stuff.

Handy back up is an assimilation of data recovery applications for PC’s and workstations and Android powered devices.

Handy Backup Server 6.9.2 comes packed with a variety of options including image back up and advanced options and features for Windows 7 back up and a revamped and a more interactive user interface. Its integration with Handy Backup Disaster Recovery makes creating of bootable drives (recovery drives for loading the system in case of a crash) easier, an antivirus protection through Clam Antivirus and many other open source software applications. It allows the end users to back up and restore data independent of the installed Operating System.

It is an efficient system with a history of producing winning products from its fold. Handy Backup 6.9.2 integrates all must have applications under one software package, a backup software an antivirus protection, easy partitioning, and an excellent User Interface.

Novosoft’s home page of Handy Backup states it is an easy-to-use backup program designed for an automatic backup and restoration of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media including CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD devices, flash drives and remote FTP/SFTP servers. Also you can utilize Handy Backup to make a preserve copy of any precious data on your computer.

Particular add-ons are supplied to assist the backup of Microsoft Outlook (including Outlook 2007 backup and Windows Mail backup), system registry and ICQ files. It’s also likely to get backup of MySQL, MS Access, DB2 and other RDBM packages and produce image backup copy for a hard disk. Restoring data is also going to be as easy as a click of a button, and number of advanced options can also be used. The program can be also used to synchronize between two computers on a network.

How to Combine Columns of Data in MS Excel

MS excel is an electronic spreadsheet program created and developed by Microsoft. It is used to store, organize and manipulate data. An Excel screen contains greed of rows and columns. Horizontal rows are identified by numbers (1,2,3) and the vertical columns with letters of the alphabet (A,B,C) and For columns beyond 26, columns are identified by two or more letters such as AA, AB, AC.

There are many instances in which you may need to join columns of data into a single column. Here are simple steps which you can follow and comfortable combine Colums in MS Excel

Step 1:

You need to create a new column for the combined data. And then select a cell in that column. Next is to insert menu across the top of the screen and choose function.

Step 2:

After you see Function menu choose all for the Function category. In the function name box highlight any name and start typing CONCAT after highlighting the concatenate function click the OK button.

Step 3:

You can see the Concatenate Function Wizard appear. When you see that drag the Wizard out of your way so that you can see the columns of data. In the Text1 box you will be able to see the blinking cursor. Take your mouse cursor and select the first cell of data that you want to combine, that cell reference will automatically populate the Text 1 box.

Step 4:

Some time it happens that you don’t want to combine the data without a delimiter of some sort like a comma or even a space. If not done so the data will run together. So to avoid this in the Text1 box to the right of the cell reference type the & sign, then “, then the delimiter of your choice, and press the space key and “again.  This & sign lets Excel to know about the joining of the cell reference with text and text must be in quotation marks.

Step 5:

Then use your mouse to move the cursor to the Text2 box. Take the cursor and select the second cell of data that you want to combine. This new cell reference will automatically populate the Text2 box. Click on the OK button on the Concatenate Function Wizard to complete the formula and delete the original columns of data.

Step 6:

Now you need to copy and paste or you can even use the mouse to drag the function or formula and then combine the remaining cells. You have to copy and paste the values and delete the original columns of data.

How to Light up your phone with Windows Live in Windows Phone 7

Through a Windows Live account in Windows Phone 7 you can share and sync with many devices and users. You can share your computers data on the phone and you can sync your emails between the computer and the phone. You can chat with your friends and you can even share your data on some remote location. The best feature of using Windows Live account on your Windows Phone is that you can stay connected with your computer’s data wherever you go. Apart from this there are many other feature which will make your life simple.

Some of the usability features of Windows Live in Windows Phone 7 can be seen as follows:

  • By clicking on photos in your Windows Phone Phone 7 you can instantly share them online by adding them to your Windows Live Photo Gallery. This way you can easily access these photos from anywhere in the world from any computer or any smart phone.
  • With Windows Live on your Windows Phone you can never lose your phone as you can track it easily and even if you lose it somehow still you can erase your important data from it remotely. In case you lose your phone then just sign in to your WindowsPhone live account using your Windows Live account and see on the map where the phone is. Track down the location, go and get your phone back. If getting the phone back is not simple and easy then just send a remote command to your phone from your Windows Live account to erase all the data from within itself so that you do not have to compromise.
  • Windows Live OneNote is a power little application which allows you to take small notes on your phone or on your computer and check the same on any other device. You can take notes on your computer while talking on the phone and then review the same on your phone while you make a move. Isn’t the life simple and streamed by just one Windows Live account.
  • Windows Live calendar is yet another powerful tool which helps you keep a track of your appointments and miss on nothing. You can even share you appointments and schedules with your family and friends by connecting to their calendars so that you and your family members can plan the things out accordingly. It is easy and simple to use. Others would only be able to see the information which you allow and not all of your appointments.

The best part of all the features of your Windows Live account is that everything gets saved on the remote servers of Windows Live and you can access your documents and resources from anywhere in the world. Moreover everything can be operated and accessed by just one user ID and Password.

5 Good computing habits

Computers have become our daily need and we spend a lot of time sitting in front of it and working on it. We depend so much on computers that now it is hard to think of a world without computers. We use computers at work, at home, at schools and at every possible place in every possible manner. Since we work and rely so much on computers so will it not be good to keep your computer in a good shape all the times and make yourself familiar with the computer so that it easy for you to work on your computer.

You can maintain your PC by following these five best habits:

  1. Organize your data
    Data is all that we work upon on computers. What if you are looking for some important document but are not able to find out on your hard drive. Off course you can run a search on the Hard Drive but what if you don’t even remember the name of the document or if the document was named as document1, or document2. This situation would be really frustrating and to avoid such situation always organise your work well. If you use your computer at work and at home then it good to create two separate user accounts; one for office and another for home. While keeping and saving your data on the Hard Drive make separate folders based on the type of content you are saving and you can also create subfolders for the same.
  2. Keep Hard Drive Clean
    One should always perform a disk cleaning activity once in a month. This helps in cleaning all the junk on the hard drive and getting more and more space for useful information and data. You can personally look for files which you would not be needing and were created unnecessarily and can delete the same.
  3. Create Restore Points
    Restore points play an important role while troubleshooting computer problems. If your computer goes unstable and starts acting weird then you can use these restore points to get the computer back to the state when it was working fine. One should always create restore points before making crucial changes on your computer and otherwise at least one restore point per week.
  4. Keep OS and Office updated
    Microsoft constantly keeps gathering the user feedback and keeps on improving their software by releasing updates. It is quite possible that your operating system was crashing while working with your phone and the next update might fix the problem. So it is always advised and is wise to the software updated so you have all the necessary features and patches of the same.
  5. Scan for infections
    As we work and browse the internet it is quite possible that our computer gets infected by Viruses or Spywares. It is always good to keep the security software updated and scan the entire hard drive at least twice in month. This will reduce the risk of further damage which can be caused by the infection and will keep your data safe.

Top 4 tricks to use cell ranges in excel formulas

Creating formulas in Excel is very important for the advanced and mid level users in interpreting data. Before creating any formula you must be aware of the data and the desired result. Without a perfect data and logic for a desired result, no formula can give you accurate results.  At times, you may need to provide a range of cells instead of indicating to a single specific cell.

Here are some basic steps to use the cell ranges in any Excel formula:


The first step is to start your formula by clicking in the specific cell where you want the result of the particular formula. All the logics will be applied in this particular cell and the result of the formula will also be displayed in the same cell.


Now type in the equal symbol (=) in this cell to begin the formula logic and use the below mentioned syntax which refers to a range of cells in an individual column B10:B20.  This denotes the complete range starting from cell B13 till B25. You can also use the similar formula type to represent another range of cells in an individual row like A1:A13


You can also refer to the shortcut like A:A  or A:D which can be used to represent for a series of column and similar construction can be used for rows.


Now add the formula to make the Sum of the column or rows like =Sum (B2:B8) and hit Enter button to get the desired result.

How to Protect Personal Information on your PC

The cyber world is getting more threats with it increasing popularity so it is also very important to protect the personal information on your computer. Data like your passwords, document files, medical informations, etc can be stolen from your computer.

Suppose you are using a P4 computer and now you want to upgrade the system, but just think about the older computer and loads of data it holds with it. You do not want to share all the personal data with any one, so it is very important to remove all the data from the computer. Just imagine if your hard drive will fall into wrong hand then you just cannot think about the damages. So from your part a little bit of damage control can save the hazards. Now you can delete all the files from the hard drive but simply deleting those files will not protect the personal information. Anyone can simply retrieve all the information from the hard drive easily.

You just have to follow the given instructions given below to use different software to protect all the personal information.


The first and very simple step is to transfer all the data on writable CD, DVD or other hard drive. These will safe all the data and double check if all the data is completely transfer or not. Now delete all the original files from the computer.


We recommend you to delete and uninstall all software programs from the existing system. If you plan to use same programs on another computer then please rethink because performing this step can violate the software license agreement. You cannot use same software on more than one computer.


We also recommend you to use a hard drive cleaning program to completely clean personal files and information from the computer. There are several software programs available online like Active@killdisk, wipedrive etc. to use these programs or software properly try to read the hard drive cleaning software’s installation and operation instructions. You can also check out these programs online to know more about these software programs. Now reinstall the operating system and restore it to the manufacture version, it will erase all the personal information and other software from the system.

You can also wipe entire data from a work computer; you can protect all sensitive data like e-mails and other system files. If you are still concern about safety of hard drive then just don not give away the hard drive. We recommend you to first encrypt the data and then format the hard drive. If anyone tries to break in the hard drive he has to first undelete the data and then decrypt the entire data. And just be sure because it will surely not going to happen. We recommend you to use Bestcrypt to encrypt the data. Encryption is one of the best methods to protect the personal informations.

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