You store your data in the form of tables in Microsoft Access Database Management System. Sometimes you no longer need a data. In that case you have to remove that unnecessary data from your database. You can perform two types of deletion action to remove that data. Either you can delete an individual field, more than one field or you can delete the whole record from your database table. In the first case, you have to perform Update Action Query to remove unwanted data. In the second case, that is, when you have to delete the entire record from your database, you have to use Delete query. A Delete Query will remove data from each field for that particular field including the key value used to make a record unique. Deletion of an entire record from a table needs considerations as you may have to delete several records from the related table because if you do not delete the record from the related tables, your database will be flooded with redundant data and it will be very difficult to manage your database. Also, before editing or deleting a record, make sure that you have backed up your database because you cannot reverse certain actions and if you do any mistake you will always have a backed up copy to go to.

There are various ways of performing this deletion action. You can delete records using Datasheet view, Form view or Page view. You can delete all the records from the table without deleting the table or can delete records including the table. You can delete only those records that satisfy a number of criteria. You can also delete those records that do not have a match in any other table. Or you can delete duplicate records present in a table.

We will explore the different methods of deleting the records one by one.

Deleting records using datasheet, form or page view

Step 1: Open your database file in the Microsoft Access.

Step 2: Open the table from which you to delete the record by clicking on the table tab on the navigation pane. The table will open with number of rows separated by a number of fields.

Step 3: Select the record you want to delete. For this, click on the grey square on the left. Click delete. To select a block of adjacent record, click on the first record, hold down the shift key and click on the grey area of the last one. This way a block of records will be selected. Now press delete. While in page view, click any field of the record and press the delete button. A number of caution message boxes can appear depending on how the table relationship has been defined. Make your choices as per your need.

Delete all the records but not the table itself .To do this, open your table in data sheet view. Go to the grey square on the header of first column and right click on it. Choose delete record from the drop down menu.

If you wish to delete a table together with its contents, select it in the database window and simply press delete. You can move the selected records to the archive or database by simply copying those records to the archive or database followed by their deletion from the table.