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Dell® unveils 10-inch Windows® 7-based tablet

At the CES 2011, Dell unveiled a 10-inch tablet computer with the Windows 7 operating system. Earlier, Dell had introduced Android-based touch screen slates. Dell showed what the next generation Windows-based tablets would look like. The Dell tablet on Windows 7 will be run on the next-generation processor from Intel which are the Atom processors. Besides Dell, LG and Samsung are also due to shortly announce their Windows based products, with features par excellence.

The new Dell 10-inch tablet looks like their earlier announced Android-based 5 and 7 Streak tablets. The tablet is targeted at business users rather than a general community like the iPad. The general manager of Dell’s business group said that the company would like to follow the netbooks strategy of targeting education, manufacturing, medicine and financial services. He also said that they had taken a decision to go on with Windows. It does not mean that the Android platform will not be used in their range.

The Streak and the now available Android 10 inch device were showcased in the CES show this January. The Streak has received mixed responses. The new tablet fits into the trend of bringing along with use of consumer products like smartphones and tablets in the enterprise and workplace.

Dell is also probably using a new Intel processor, using the system codenamed ‘Oak Trail’ on a chip and is aimed at tablets and thin and light netbooks. Dell also unveiled the redesigned Latitude, Dell Precision T1600 workstation, and Dell Precision M6600 and M4600 mobile workstations. The Latitude supports virtualization from Citirx, VMware, and Microsoft, and comes with over 100 design improvements. Dell is the third largest PC manufacturer in the world and is recognized worldwide as an innovator in supply chain management as well as electronic commerce.

Android 2.2 Froyo update for Dell Streak from AT&T

Dell Streak is a Smartphone and a tablet pc hybrid from Dell that uses the Android Operating System. It comes with a five inches touchscreen with two cameras one is 5 mega pixels camera and the second one is VGA camera which is on the front for video calling and both are capable of video.

Android has been updated many times since its original release. These updates to the base operating system typically fix bugs and add new kinds of features. With each update, Android Operating System is created under a code name which is based on a dessert item.

On 20th May 2010 the Android Froyo SDK was released with many changes like in this addition Android optimized its speed, memory and performance, it includes Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine into the Browser application, USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, voice dialing and contact sharing over the Bluetooth, support for numeric and alphanumeric passwords, Web Browser can now display animated GIFs despite of just the first frame and support for extra high DPI screens.

If you are using Dell Streak phone as well as tablet pc on AT&T then don’t be disappointed that unlocked Dell Streaks and the Streaks in the United Kingdom has already received their Android 2.2 update few days ago. The news show that those who use AT&T Dell Streaks they are starting to get the OTA update that will bring their phones up to the new Android Froyo.

In this new update, you will get a New Home Screen added to the Dell Stage UI and now Dell Stage can work in both portrait and landscape orientation and the other addition in this is Swype. Now the original custom keyboard for the Dell Streak featured a numpad on the right side which is gone and it’s good in favor of Swype and the stock Android keyboard.

Now the network indicator on the status bar will have an H when you are in covered area by AT&T’s HSPA+ Network. The Dell Streak is not a HSPA with compatible phone and as you have seen with the HTC HD2 on T mobile, it depends on the baseband software that you may seem a slight performance update from regular 3G networks.

The best part is that the update will be delivered over the air that means you don’t want to plug it into your computer to grab it. But there is also a bad news; this update will roll out circularized by region. This means that update will first be available only in UK and Dell says to the other countries people that please be patient as your build may be happening at a later stage. So the streak owners who are in UK, Froyo is coming for you.

Dell Streak at $299.99 is a good bet

The masters of build-to-purchase gadget Company, Dell have not only mastered its hold in terms of Laptops, Net books, Desktop computers but they are also about to master their way in the field of smart phones. With the young generation being very adamant for the smart phones and tablets we see consumer markets flocked up these days with them. But device like Dell Streak is the one that can efficiently fill the gap between the Laptops and Smart phones, and no doubt Dell Streak is the future of such kind of devices. Dell Streak is available at $299.99 with an ample two years AT&T contract, 5-inch wide touch screen with 800×480 pixel resolution. Wi-Fi facility and 3G WLAN support too. An innovation Android 1.6 Tablet that looks much promising. With such above mentioned features the Dell streak is in the race of iPad by Apple. It has only three buttons visible which are quite scintillating, which the device seem lifeless when its power is off. When it is turned around it shows its true hue of being called more than a “Smart” phone. Dell Streak is the best option for you in the market.

The device an ample 5-megapixel camera and MicroSD memory slot. It also comes with a 3G modem and Wi-Fi facility. The Streak has a large battery hidden behind the black covering and is a bit heavy too in weight. The device has multiple features which give a new definition to it. If you play a video on it’s a fantastic media machine for you, while it acts as a GPS unit when you turn on the Google Map on it and it becomes an e-reader for you when you switch to docs applications.

Pros & Cons

Dell Streak is known for its speedy processing and runs at an ample speed of 1GHz with the help of Snapdragon processor by Qualcomm. This processor makes it one of the fastest tablets to-date. It can very well act as a text editor for you. The device is full of accord, portable and with an eye-catchy design. The Streak supports almost all types of formats like MPEG4, WMV and H.263/H.264 of video. While most of the Audio formats are supported by it easily. The Device is too big enough for being a phone and small enough to be a tablet. However it ponders on both as video viewer and eBook reader, but for the former and latter it can not be called “Perfect”. The device runs 1.6 Android which becomes a cause of refraction for a huge $549, but with 2.2 Android Streak at $299.99 it abridges the above de-merit.

With Dell joining hands with AT&T for subsidizing its price from an ample $549 to $299.99, the Streak has begun to hold a grip in consumers market today. The Streak is not only promising to be a future of Tablets but also if you want your money to be worth off, then “Streak” is the best option for you.

Sudden Stoppage of 2G, 3G and Call diversion in AT&T

AT&T and Dell Relationships

There has been a smooth relationship going on between AT&T and the Dell . Both these companies have proved themselves in the international market with some of the amazing products on store. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of users in the recent past for both AT&T and Dell services. There was some years back the introduction of the Dell streak units for which AT&T had provided the network and management support. The technical coordination of the two companies was wondered among all the top notch companies in the world. But in the recent past, there is a MoDaCo forum that has been receiving many complaints regarding the calls which have been placed through the Dell Streak. This article elaborates more on the issue and the possible reasons for the arrival of the same.

AT&T – Dell Streak network Issue

In the recent past in the forums, there was an issue regarding the calls which were placed using the Dell Streaks. The calls have got automatically diverted to the AT&T customer care support without any proper notification. There is a huge discussion that is going on as to what would be the real cause of this new problem. Also there has been a concern raised regarding the 2G and 3G services for the Dell streaks which have become inactive. Both these issues have been of major concern for both these top notch companies who never have faced issues like this previously.

The root cause for the problem is associated with the freeze which was made some months ago in relation to the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). Their beta test which was conducted by the Dell for the Dell streak equipments were considered to be biased of this problem. The others which did not go through this test started facing the call diversion and failure in 2G and 3G. Thus, the mobile equipments of Dell which were not a part of Beta test was recommended to go for the test to continue the services without any issues. Also there is another story that is developing in the same forum. AT&T has shown that it is going to establish its foot in the field of mini – tablet phones. So, there is also a predication from the experts that because of this expansion, there might be unique preparation of the block currently happening.

Until now, there has been no official word that has been released by both these companies. Nor the press statement of AT&T and Dell have related to these issues. But there is an official word from AT&T that there is research going on and very soon expected to be released to the market with regards to the mini tablet phones. Thus, many experts consider this might be the cause for the problem. On the other hand, there have also been the reports that Beta test on Dell streak when done; there has been the reduction in the current issue. Therefore, one can say that there is the vague picture still remaining on this problem.

Flash 10.1 for Android Final Version Released on the Wild

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 brings in support for a wide range of devices including smart phones running under Android 2.2—dubbed as Froyo. Also in the list of supported devices are netbooks and other Internet capable gadgets. Clearly, iPhone and iPad support in the future seems bleak as Steve Jobs has publicly refused to integrate Adobe player to its iOS for its known security holes.

After months of beta testing, Flash 10.1 final version was  released to the public.  Originally it was scheduled for release during the first half of the year; Adobe changed the release to the second half of the year.   Well, it seems Adobe is true to its words. Just a few weeks into the second half of the year, Android 2.2 users can now avail the product through the Android Marketplace.

The public release of Flash 10.1 beta version was deemed to be one of the topmost downloaded applications in the Android Marketplace.

Mobility Personified

Adobe’s new flash player is designed specifically to cater to the mobility needs of its users. Smartphones being limited to lower CPU computing powers, Adobe had to develop the player form the “ground up”.


Users are treated to an application which fully optimizes the native capabilities of their devices. The key feature that seems to leap from the canvass is the player’s support for GPU acceleration. These make the Flash player experience completely compatible with mobile devices.

The GPU acceleration support redefines how the Flash player uses your resources especially those of your mobile devices. Streaming media using your mobile devices can gobble up most of your device’s limited resources. But with GPU support in the new Flash player 10.1, you can stream media while freeing up your CPU for a more enhanced multi-tasking experience. Battery life has also been a big issue when it comes to utilizing Flash player. The GPU acceleration support makes it possible to save on your precious battery stamina while on the go.

Video playback gets way better with the new release. Flash 10.1 gets support for peer-assisted video streaming or multicasting, HTTP support for live video streaming, and support for hardware-accelerated H.264 video playback. Another apparent improvement in video buffering has also been put in place allowing you to pause, rewind and fast-forward streaming video much like in any DVR player. That is, if your provider already supports this pretty neat feature.

Some Froyo users observed that Flash 10.1 does not let its player work with their sound profile settings. Although in silent mode, Flash player will still play sounds as is. Adobe Systems clears this up by saying that this is an Android problem and not the Flash Player’s fault.

Security-wise, the new version of Flash player now works with your browser settings. That is, to say, that your Flash player will not keep on caching when you enter in the private browsing mode.

Good news to multi-touch device users, Flash Player also comes with multi-touch support. The new accelerometer support also allows users to view their flash content in portrait and landscape mode. With the Smart Zooming feature users can scale their playback to full screen.

Flash Player 10.1 is available to those who will upgrade to Android 2.2, dubbed as Froyo. It also supports various platforms such as BlackBerry, Webs, future versions of Windows Phone, Limo, Me ego and Symbian OS. Alas, no support for Apple’s iOS; but not for the lack of trying, though. Steve Jobs is obstinate when it comes to Flash support in Apple products.

Devices that are supported include Dell Streak, Google Nexus One, HTC Evo, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, DROID by Motorola, Motorola Milestone, Samsung Galaxy S and others.

For Adobe Sytems, this has been a major upgrade in terms of supporting multi platforms.

For those who can’t live without their flash content, this is definitely an enhancement to their mobile experience.

Galaxy Tape: Samsung enters the Tablet arena

Samsung remains to be the second of the most earning mobile devices after Nokia internationally. The company has launched some real fantastic machines in the world of mobile devices. Though both Nokia and Samsung are not well paced in meeting the global demands of setting high standards in the cutting edge latest technologies, the company is still striving to maintain a good repute in the world of such devices by setting quality standards. The first of Samsungs product in the Table arena is the strangely named Galaxy Tape.


Apple has launched iPad and despite its ineffectiveness in providing the exciting services, the Apple logo has alone made two million units in two months. The tech geeks haven’t found to be anything extraordinary in them. HP is also coming up with the HP Hurricane that is running on the recently taken over Palm WebOS. The BlackBerry tablet is another of the current lineup in the tablet market with RIM doing the job as OS. Following them is the recently launched OS from Google in the form of Android that is being used up by Dell Streak.

Galaxy Tape- a closer look:

The device was supposed to be named Galaxy Tab that might have made a sense though. Galaxy Tape makes no logical sense as the tapes have long been taken over by many different technologies available around the world these days. Name is just the only thing that is non-happening in the device. The overall impact is pretty impressive and has attracted a great deal of tech geeks from around the world.


The device has a reasonable 7-inch Super AMOLED display, something that Samsung is revolutionary at. The display is a flat screen one giving some of the vibrant colors and textures. The device is running a 1.2 GHz A8 processor that gives it enough power to process some of the excellent applications around the Android world. The OS that is being used up is Android just like the Dell Streak but some of the exciting features set the Galaxy Tape distinguished compared to Dell’s Table PC.

Galaxy Tape has an internal storage of 16 GB that can be expanded to 48 GB with the microSD card slot available with the phone. The expected weight of the device is said to be around 12 ounces that is fairly reasonable. The display as well as the input sensing makes the device distinct amongst many of its rivals currently in the market. The TouchWIZ UI was not warmly welcomed in the smartphones but is expected to give a excellent experience to the people using the table PC.

Galaxy Tape is running on the Google’s Android OS that has been taken up by many manufacturers around the world of mobile devices. The device is supposed to strike the market with some of the very exciting features. Though the iPad didn’t come up that revolutionary in the Tablet PC world, still, that is being set as the standard and expectations are that Galaxy Tape can do great deals on the condition that the software and hardware are well coordinated in the device.

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