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Set Up a New PC

Setting up a new PC is not so scary as it sounds. You won’t require being a kind of a computer engineer or very adroit in the computer operation skills. With some of the very easy steps you will be able to set up your own system & surprise yourself along with your relatives & friends. Firstly try to cook up some of the very useful techniques & gather the initial hardware, like key boards, mouse, monitor & the source of power supply respectively. Later in the process, you will get to hear some of the requests from Windows 7, like setting up your desired language along with time zone & the clock. Out of all these please give importance to the most essential part of creating a kind of your personal user account & creating a password. But if you are in a damn sure state that no one is going to tamper or bully your system, you can overlook this process.

Generally the people, who are already very skillful in doing these kinds of activity, indulge in the installation of typical software on their consumer systems that can have many names in disguise, like bundle ware, begware, bloat ware, & clayware being the most famous & perfect one. These names for being are having some of the very specific reasons. Like the users & vendors make their installation for nothing but to make your work easier. The important reason being to earn from the manufactures of the software’s. This avoidance of crapware for the vendors like Sony & Dell is mainly due to swoo off the clayware; some of the boutique makers will provide you with a better service & acknowledge you with the best & the clear system.  What will be the easiest process, applying which you can make your system completely crap free? You can make a download of a software thatismeant exclusively for doing so.

The name of this software is Slim Computer, which is available online free of cost. This is the best point of time when you are having the opportunity to end all the parts & attachments that you don’t want to be kept in your newly ensemble system. By this way you will be able to remove all the crap materials that may create a problem in your system in the future. You can also make the very good use of a tool called Revo Uninstaller, that will also help you in the complete

uprooting of this errance.But the most important part for creating your own PC is to make it

sure that you don’t get confused with Trial ware & crap ware. These two are entirely different with completely different attributes. The latter is a solid product that will definitely provide your system a very nice security & it is worth keeping.

Virtual desktop solution for VMware®, Microsoft® and Citrix®

Pano Logic System 4 has made big changes in its design and hardware configuration, making it more cost and space effective than ever before. It has created a new ergonomic standard in the market, and has shed almost all the hardware extras, stripping it off the look and characteristics of your common desktop PC. It has ports for the keyboard, monitor, mouse as well as USB connections. This design in itself makes it one of the most cost effective desktop structures. Without the need of PC components from hardware, the Pano Logic is a piece of the art in the data-centre desktop world.

Pano System 4 comes integrated with Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop environments. These additions allow the system to connect with Desktop Virtual Machines (DVMs) that are formed by using virtualization platforms along with users logged on through Pano Logic System 4. The Pano System is perfect for medium and large business entities where desktop computers never need more than two monitors since the second generation Pano Logic System can currently handle only 2 monitors.

Released on January 12, at a cost of $386 per device, the Pano System 4 is affordable. Pano System contains all the required connection and server licenses for running the devices as well as a year of software support and maintenance. For an additional price of $20 every year, you could get more options with respect to extended software maintenance. You can also receive combined software maintenance and support for a price of $49 per year. The free of cost, web-only support system is available for all Pano Logic Systems.

When it comes to the form factor of the Pano System, there are barely any competitors now in the market. However, the closest competition can be considered to be the thin desktop clients. When the hardware of these desktops and the Pano System is compared, the first difference that can be noticed is the size constraints in the former. The space saved by the Pano System can be utilized by companies to place important connection lines and secure communication options.

The Pano System cannot create DVMs by itself, and requires software such as the Lab’s VMware View 4.5 virtual-desktop environment. The Pano Manager and the integration device can identify the VMware Virtual Center server, the desktops that would be used by the Pano System desktop as well as the Microsoft Active Directory.

HP TouchSmart® Desktops

HP is an innovative company, which has been always launching products that are user friendly and ergonomically designed. HP has been one of the pioneer companies in the introduction of the touch screen and touch sensitive applications on their desktops and laptops, well ahead of the competition.

HP was one of the first companies to introduce the concept of All-In-One PC way back in 1972. An All-In-One PC, in the technologically advanced world today looks different though. The All-In-One PC is a slim LCD monitor housing the CPU, power supply, drives, disks, displays and everything required in a PC except the keyboard and mouse. With a lot of manufacturers introducing products similar to HP’s touch screen All-In-One PC, HP moved one step ahead in introducing a model with a pivoting facility and even a reclining feature.

In the earlier offerings of HP, the display was vertical and rather cumbersome, even tiring when put to use, for long hours in a day, with the forearm forced to be parallel to the worktable, to touch the screen time and again. This fatigue factor did not go well with the desktop PC. Although, this was okay on POS terminals, ATMs, Kiosks, etc. where the usage was for a few moments only, this posed various issues when brought into application on the desktop PC.

HP introduced two new models recently, with large 23 inch touch screen displays, where the entire display unit, pivoted, can swivel around to 180 degrees and even recline up to 60 degrees. The TouchSmart 610 and 9300, Elite Business PCs have taken the All-In-One PC to completely new heights of comfort and ergonomics, making touch interaction a new experience.

The new TouchSmart software layer has made apps like the NetFlix, Hulu, Twitter etc. innovatively wonderful to work with. The TouchSmart App center is also interesting.

While the TouchSmart 610 All-In-One PC is typically positioned as a consumer model, the 9300 Elite Business All-In-One PC has been put in as an enterprise version as also for Kiosks, POS Counters, etc. or customer spaces. While the TouchSmart 610 is configured with Intel or AMD processors, the 9300 comes with the elite Sandy Bridge chipset from Intel.

Exclusive features like Face Recognition software with the 2 mega pixel camera, Blu-ray drive, 160 GB SSD option, Beats Audio system and 1920 x 1080 resolution make these offerings, exclusive All-In-One PC. The Windows 7 operating system, 802.11 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 6-in-one card reader, slot loading DVD player, wall mounting options and interesting apps, make the HP products really smart.

Microsoft® OneNote iPhone® App Review

One more app is making headlines in connection with the Apple iPhone, namely the OneNote application from Microsoft. The app has been launched and lets you operate OneNote from anywhere. This interesting cloud application, basically a Web App brings in a revolution in terms of a change in perspective of making available applications on platforms of erstwhile stiff competitors namely Microsoft and Apple.

A basic word processor, OneNote can enter keyboard typed text, pictures or images and create tables. However, it is an unbound document where you can write anywhere virtually. It also does not require the act of saving as it naturally gets saved somewhere. Introduced with Microsoft Office 2003, OneNote has become popular. While it resembles the tabbed ring-binder, it is saved in pages to form a notebook. While word processors are organized to save documents as files, OneNote is used to collect, organize and share material and lets multiple edits where the changes are merged automatically.

While OneNote has been used on laptops and desktop PCs, it is also now enabled to be used on tablets and smartphones. Images, scans, embedded documents and photos can be stored as notes on OneNote. You can also search electronic ink annotations as text. Another interesting feature is that a search can be made for audio recordings with phonetics. Keeping OneNote Mobile free for some time, Microsoft has done the unimaginable, introduced the app for an Apple smartphone in the same name as OneNote before announcing a pricing structure for the same. Please note, it is absolutely essential to have a Windows Live ID for being able to use OneNote or access it over the web.

ARCHOS home tablet – Experience Digital Lifestyle at Home

ARCHOS 7 and ARCHOS 8 are the two novel home tablets. They are essentially integrated with multimedia of Android based. These two tablets are specifically designed for home and can invariably enhance user’s user’s lifestyle. The exclusive ranges of ARCHOS home tablets are best for bridging the gap amongst Smartphone and desktop PC to offer access to web and multimedia in a large screen all day round. These beautiful home tablets can be utilized anywhere from a bedroom to the backyard and even the kitchen. It’s undoubtedly the real hub of modern homes. Their screens which are large with high resolution make them the highest products for web browsing, sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos and listening to music or even play games and many more exciting offers.

This innovative electronic product is unbelievably priced at $199, which is truly affordable. These home tablets are the newest range of Android versions specifically based on ARM 9 processor and CPU of 600 MHz, which grandly runs along with internet tablets offering not only the best suited features and applications but also functions for users home. However, the most irresistible range of ARCHOS internet tablet based on ARM Cortex is up to 1GHz. It is expected to be launched in 2010 summer delivering the higher features. These tablets are integrated with variable screen sizes of 3 to 10 inches.

ARCHOS 7 home tablet is the initial Android based product to offer internet along with all other applications to make user’s lifestyle purely digital. This product is sported with 7 inches touch screen and 12 mm thickness. It weighs around 350 grams making it an extremely portable product. Utilizing this beautiful home tablet the user can get connected with the world around by accessing unique information services like news, weather and local business directories. The software of video plays avails viewing a movie and You Tube. The built-in Wi-Fi simply connects the user to a home network and built-in USB transfers the files from either PC or USB stick very efficiently and easily. It consumes a modest power of 7 hours video playback and 44 hours of music when battery is fully charged.

ARCHOS 8 home tablet is home digital device and will connect the family together. It displays family pictures through the unique application of a digital photo frame for web designing as well as accessing the web service. Integrated with 8 inches touch screen and 12 mm thickness it weighs around 400 grams. It instantly delivers web searches, updates social networking, photos and videos. This product also delivers Cookineo; the marvelous app. For cooking recipes, information on local weather and business directories to plan schedules. Furthermore, there are family calendar applications to keep the family in touch.

Thus, ARCHOS 7 and ARCHOS 8 have definitely revolutionized the lifestyle of people living in ethnic homes. Compact design, portable, reasonably priced and incorporated with many applications, they have made life much easier, happier and more gracious. These unbeatable home tablets are here to connect families through their complete information services.

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