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HTC To Launch 6 New Devices That Could Bump Up Shipments to 8.5 Million in the Q4

You must still be remembering gadgets such as the EVO 4G, Nexus One and Droid Incredible, made by HTC Corporation, manufacturer of the world’s first Android powered  phone. Well the company is expected to launch six new devices in the US and Europe, that is expected to hike its shipments up to  2010 fourth quarter to an amazing 8.5 million units.

Increased Sales

The launch will bolster  HTC’s presence in the market globally; even though not all of the devices to be launched are Android phones, the company has gone into partnerships with companies such as T-Mobile that is expected to launch two HTC manufactured phones called Vanguard and Emerald. These two Smartphones  will be released in September and November respectively.

According to the company’s chief executive officer, HTC’s handsets sales are looking good in spite of the global economic downturn, due to the financial meltdown. The chief executive, Mr. Peter Chou said that he hopes the impressive sales of the HTC Magic would lead to shipments that will peak at about 1 million units in one or two months.  Chou said the performance of the sales is way better than what most analysts have forecast.

Analysts Projections Proved Wrong

Most analysts thought the company’s global shipments would increase tremendously after a five year period but the improved sales are proving them wrong, as the I million target mark is foreseeable.  In the US, the company’s bay, HTC Magic will be launched as myTouch 3G and the company said it would be announcing additional Android powered handsets in the coming week.  HTC Corp. made a name for itself and got reputation for being the pioneer company world over to manufacture a phone powered by Google’s Android platform. HTC is very upbeat that shipments for its second Android phone will reach the 1 million stated targets despite the global recession affecting mobile sells. Should the shipments hit the 1 million mark, it would only be four months since the Android phones were up for sale in Europe.

HTC Hopeful of US Mega Sales

While reflecting on its performance in the US, HTC’s chief executive said he expects the US sales to be stronger when looked at from the performance of the phones in the US in the second half of 2010. That would potentially increase fourth quarter 2010 shipments to hit the 8.5 million mark. HTC Corp expects its revenues to increase by a margin of 15% in the fourth quarter to about US$1.2 billion as it experiences increased orders from America. Major US firms such as AT&T Inc, Sprint and T-Mobile USA Inc are expected to tock the phones. T-Mobile said it will be releasing details of the new Android based phones sometime later.

The latest baby from HTC was launched in Taiwan by HTC and Chunghwa Telecom and is currently riding high in the market. With the announcement of the release, HTC Corp’s shares went up by 0.36% immediately after the announcement.

How to Stream Media to Devices and Computers Using Windows Media Player

Everybody has heard about media streaming. Every time you go online and listen to song or watch a movie without saving it in your computer the term is known as media streaming. In technical terms, the transference of a multimedia data constantly received by an end-user is called media streaming. All these devices like television, radio or cellular phone use this term but in the world of internet it is widely used. Talking about the other device, beside computer, people don’t think of streaming but when we talk about computer or internet, we have a general and a described form of media streaming. Watch movies or listening to the songs stored in the computer situated in the computer using any other device. Some think that one is mad or other might think that it is impossible but it is not. You can make your songs and other media files available to any network supporting device and view them in other room away from the computer.

Things to remember

Window media player is unique software for all our media problems. As in all other regards, it also gives a unique option of media streaming. What is the device you want to stream from the computer? Whatever the device is it must have some network feature to connect it to the PC. Mainly it is related with computer networking to connect the device with help of routers, hubs and switches. If you have already had a connected device then it is easy to workout. You can hire someone to do the job that is professional in the field.

Windows media player settings

Confirm that whether the device is connected to network. If yes then go and open the window media player. Click on the library button under the titlebar. Then click media sharing. If you cannot locate the option there so go to the tools menu in the menubar. There click on the option menu. In that window see the tab named library in there a window will open with the title of media sharing. In the sharing setting box check on the “share my media”. In the list below check on the “share my media to” and then select the device you want to stream. And this is done.

Supporting devices

If you are using a TV for streaming, you can watch the video or listen to the music or can do many more things depending upon the device capability. You can connect the computer to any media supporting device like a DVD player, XBOX 360, Play Station 3 or any other such device.

Streaming devices on from your computer to any media devices is a very unbelievable experience. You can listen to your songs, watch movie stored in the computer, and you do many other thing like to watch movie if this service is available in the computer. This option is usually made for those teenagers who are fond of music and want to hear it all the time.

How to get your drivers for hardware updated automatically

An average computer user comes across different types of hardware throughout his life. . . Development in hardware varies from time to time. Some undergo rigorous development in order to become user friendly while others become obsolete. Once you start using your device, you install drivers and essential information about them in order to make sure that they interact with your machine in the perfect way. The best way to ensure that for longer duration is to avail the automatic update feature within Windows 7 that would make the driver and information updated.


The driver is software that enables a connection between users and the hardware so that you use it appropriately and get the best out of the hardware. The hardware that you use without drivers would either not work properly or they won’t work at all. The device manufacturers usually give you the set of drivers to be used for different hardware. You can still use the update feature to make sure that your drivers are new and better in performance.


Information consists of other information that might be involved in order to make a better interaction by enabling you understand the complete features that it renders. The product details are all updated in order to help you get additional information about them all the time.

How to opt for automatic updates

The first thing that you might need to do is to install a device driver using automatic updates to make sure that your system is receiving updates from the Microsoft’s portal in order to keep everything updated and in perfect harmony. You can do so by following these steps:

  • Click Start, Devices and Printers. You can also find this in the Control Panel.
  • Right click on the name of your computer and select Device Installation Settings.
  • Click on Yes, do this automatically and save changes before exiting.

This would check online updates for every hardware addition that you make.

Turn on Automatic Windows update to make sure that you are receiving all important updates from the online world. This can easily be done in the security section of Control Panel.

Installation of updates

Though the computer options have been set to automatic checking for updates, you are still suggested to attempt to check for updates periodically as to make sure that the feature is working fine. You can do so by following the instructions below:

  • Click Start and write “update” search box. You would be given with Window Update in the search result.
  • On the landing window, select Check for updates.
  • The system will check for all the available updates and would display them in front of you to make the selection.
  • Select the updates you wish to install from the available options and move to the next page.
  • The windows update page would prompt you again to Install updates. Once you make the selection, your system would automatically install updates.

There are some cases where windows is not able to find the updates for your device, in that case, the best you can do is to go the developer’s website and search for possible drivers. This would certainly  get you with updated drivers that would be supported  by your copy of Windows 7.

Electricity conservative transceiver by Microchip

Everything is going mobile from the simplest devices to the most complex ones. Following this fact is the demand for long life power backup in order to keep such devices running for long. Developers are trying their utmost to make electricity efficient units to make them run longer on battery. Same is witnessed in the recently announced MRF89XA transceiver. The transceiver is made after keeping the current demands in sight. this transceiver would offer a very minute 3mA receiving current devices that involve the frequency bandwidth of 868, 915 and 950 MHz-Sub-GHz wireless networks.

Architecture Details:

Special architecture has been used in order to make sure that the receiving current is pretty plain and minute. The transceiver has been made in a way as to improve performance and reduce attenuation and other interferences. This way the current is well managed. The design cycles are improved to a considerable degree in order to make it more efficient in the 868 MHz MRF89XAM8A and 915 MHz MRF89MA9A. Previously the circuit design that was implemented in the RF circuit was quite complex that was causing more power consumption. The whole of the RF circuit has been revised and made way simpler. The cost of obtaining agency certification is also reduced that has caused a considerable change in the current.

Similarly, the designers are always attracted by the Sub-GHz to be used in their designs of wireless battery powered sensor network and metering communication so special consideration has been made for the bandwidth range.

The ease in communication and battery life extension has also been ensured by the packet transmitter that is used in the architecture. MRF89XA is having the 64 byte FIFO for transmitting and receive buffering signals.

Technical Advantages:

The manufacturers have not only improved the current aspect ratio but many of the other factors as well. The Microchip’s transceiver are managing current really well that would make sure your device runs longer on battery power. The design has been integrated with power amplifier as well as low noise amplifier that make it even better in terms of performance. The Power Amplifier has a 12.5dBm specification that makes it possible for real long distance transmission that comes as an added benefit. It is also integrated with -113dBm Low Noise Amplifier that ensures greater sensitivity while reception.

Benefits for industry:

The device comes with a lot of advantages on the overall. The first of which is long life. Everything that has turned mobile needs to run long for a convenient and better experience because of the reason that you might not get appropriate time to charge it sufficiently through your busy schedule. The transceiver helps you achieve that through the Microchip Technology.

In addition to this, the integration of Power Amplifier, Low Noise Amplifier also give it added benefits that can be availed in the appropriate way while communication. This would certainly give you quality signals as well as transmission that hovers over a longer distance.

In a nutshell, the Sub-GHz technology that is being well catered in this development from Microchip is the future of wireless technologies so the device is going to help through the phase of network development.

How to Find a Bluetooth Network

In today’s supersonic age, quick and effective communication is the key to success. Various options of sending streams of data are available to us, such as wireless technological devices like Bluetooth, Internet, USB, etc.

Through a Bluetooth network one can transfer and receive data, but only in a limited range. This network cannot be used in isolation; it requires the presence of devices like cell phones or laptops to send and receive signals.

Advantage of a Bluetooth network

Transfer of data via Bluetooth network is one of the safest methods to exchange data. Other methods like USB, CDs, floppy disk etc. have the danger of being corrupted or/and carrying viruses.

Ways of searching a Bluetooth network

The facility of Bluetooth can only be enjoyed if your cell phone or laptop has a built-in mechanism to allow you to use it.

Usage through cell phones

Almost all cell phones come with a built-in Bluetooth facility. Through this network one can send any number of songs, pictures and other kinds of data. Steps for usage are:

  • The primary step is, to know whether your mobile phone is enabled to establish a Bluetooth connection with other devices. To find this, one has to go to either the “Settings” section or “Connectivity” section in the menu.
  • Once you find the “Bluetooth” option present in any of the sections, just switch on the Bluetooth network by clicking on the icon.
  • Once the network is activated, streams of all kinds of data can be transferred. Just select the data you wish to send and click on “Options”. Click on the send icon and you will be asked to choose “via MMS” or “via Bluetooth”. Once you choose the second option, the system will automatically search for other devices open to receive data.
  • All the devices present at that time will be flashed on your screen. You have to select the receiver and click on “Send”. At the click of “Send”, the data will be transferred to the recipient in a span of few seconds.
  • Once the data is sent, a confirmation appears on both; the sender’s and the recipient’s screen, assuring successful transfer.

Usage through Laptops

The primary step to activate Bluetooth network in laptops, is first to find out whether the laptop has a built-in Bluetooth facility. If is doesn’t, a USB Bluetooth adapter can be used to transfer data through this medium. For the users of USB, scanning the access areas is vital, in order to protect the laptop from virus attack.

Bluetooth network can be easily activated on a network. This is done by clicking on the “Bluetooth” icon on the screen.Users of Bluetooth network through a laptop are susceptible to virus attacks. While your connection is “On” many other users can try to send you corrupted or infected files, which once opened can damage your system. To avoid such an occurrence one can should put a security password for transfer or receipt of any type of data. Once the Bluetooth network is activated, “scan for devices” should be enabled. This will flash all Bluetooth enabled devices in your range. You can select your recipient and the file to be sent.

Different Bluetooth scanners follow different methods for connectivity. To know the detailed procedure your device requires you to follow, you should read the instructions manual or browse through the “help” option available.

IBM’s Move for Sensor Management

IBM is proud to give the world their latest addition to their line of excellent development kits. In fact, they have already scheduled their release for a new software development kit for Mote Runner. IBM’s key objective is to spur any occurring adoption of particular sensors in different devices, systems, as well as products. With IBM tinkering around, sensor networks can now be easily managed or deployed.

To date, there is only minimal internal and technical information that can be accessed with regards to Mote Runner, and one of them is the fact that Mote Runner can be downloaded for free. To know more about Mote Runner, people will have to tune in to IBM’s announcement at the Sensors Expo & Conference, which will be held sometime in 2010.

Mote Runner

The moniker ‘Mote Runner’ actually refers to the nodes that can be found in today’s wireless sensors, or Motes. These Motes are responsible for gathering further information, including temperature, light, movement, and many more, and refer all gathered information back to a particular established network.

Today, what is regarded as the ‘Internet of things’, is the main focal point of a lot more businesses, as compared to the industries in the past. For example, companies that handle telecom operations see enabling devices only through wireless access as a growth market. Now that machines can be connected to one another, this may fuel progressive growth and development of the wireless industry in the near future. In fact, this particular industry is somewhat nearing saturation within the United States of America.

The Trend

Moreover, IBM has noticed that most of the Governments today have implemented less costly operations for monitoring their nations. For instance, majority of today’s countries are taking advantage of low cost sensors for monitoring today’s buildings, networks, as well as certain business systems. The key goal for this feat is to garner real time data that can largely assist and help when it comes to making decisions. It is because of these acts from today’s Governments that IBM feels motivated to release Mote Runner.

According to the IBM spokesperson, the application can be used by companies that work for building management, in order to analyze as well as monitor the sensors that are involved in a high rise. These companies can then find ways for developing their own applications with regards to the sensors. Once, in collaboration with IBM and IBM’s products, development is successful, they can then start to monitor equipment and data, and also further re-program what needs to be re-programmed.

With IBM’s Mote Runner, the world can now much more effectively monitor the climate, water, as well as health care systems.

Mote Runner is the pride and glory of the IBM research team. It is actually a low footprint platform that is capable of linking standard languages, such as Java, with certain sensor virtual equipment. Moreover, it also makes use of a simulation environment, as well as a Web dashboard that is largely based on Eclipse.

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