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How to Keep Track of Changes in an Excel Document

There was a time when people in offices used to maintain a lot of files through documents involving a lot of paper. It used to create problems because maintaining paper was not easy task and a lot of time used to be wasted in finding the required documents. However, the era of computers has recognized this and everybody has moved from paper based documents to paperless documents. The latter are not only easy to create and maintain but also can be stored properly for future reference.

The software that is being widely used for this purpose is the Microsoft Office, with different applications that are used for creating any kind of documents. For instance, Microsoft Word can create letters, articles and projects; Microsoft Excel is used for making spreadsheets and workbooks; and the Microsoft Power Point is universally used for making presentations.

One of the most efficient and useful applications created by Microsoft is Excel, a spreadsheet based application that is used for making calculations, inserting tables and graphs, macros etc. There are times when for a particular project, all the members of a team are working on the same Excel document, which enables most of them to make certain changes in the document at any time. In scenarios like these, it gets difficult to find out what changes were made by whom. Excel provides a way where you can easily keep track of the changes, and it can be known what changes were made, who made them, and when were they made.

How to keep track of changes in Excel

Learning to keep track of changes in Excel can be made simple by following a few steps.

Step 1: Open the Excel application by clicking on ‘start’ on the desktop toolbar.

Step 2: Open the file for which you would like to track changes.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Track changes’.

Step 4: If you want to see the changes while you are editing, click on ‘Highlight changes’, and then click on the boxes that are labeled as ‘Track Changes while Editing’ and ‘Highlight Changes on Screen’.

Step 5: Now you need to decide who would be making changes in the worksheet and select the ‘Who’ tab for choosing the users. If you select the option ‘Everyone’, the file would be shared on the network.

Step 6: To decide when changes are tracked, select the ‘When’ option.

Step 7: For saving your options, click on OK.

Turning on the ‘Track Changes’ option creates a shared worksheet that enables the users on the network to open the file simultaneously and make changes, which would enable you to see which user made which changes. It should always be remembered to save the files after editing, or the changes will be lost.

So if you are working on a team and the same document is being used by multiple people, you do not need to remember the changes but simply follow the above steps for making it easier for you.

Description of the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer

What is MS Office Document Imaging?

Microsoft Office Document Imaging basically is a Microsoft Office application which supports editing documents scanned by Microsoft Office Document Scanning. It was first introduced in Microsoft Office XP which is included in later Office versions including Office 2007. This technique is no longer available in Office 2010. According to Microsoft, MODI can allow users to scan single or multi-page documents, it can produce editable text from a scanned document using OCR, it can allow user to Copy and export scanned text and images to Microsoft Word. You can view a scanned document through this technique; you can easily search for text within scanned documents and can reorganize scanned document pages. Through this process you can Send scanned documents via e-mail orInternet fax, it can annotate scanned documents including using ink on a Tablet PC.

This Microsoft Document Image Writer Printer which was created for the production of duplicated documents through a virtual scanning process and this process can order to convert them to digital imaging and file extensions. This is an amenity featured in the Microsoft Office Software suite in which program can allow individuals to produce professional quality documents, with high resolution. You can install this device very easily and it is just as easy operating system, very much user-friendly, very easy to operate and it is functional for terms of usage. Document imaging is the process of scanning paper documents which converting them to digital images that are then stored on CD, DVD, or other magnetic storage. With this process you can scan paper documents and convert them to digital images which one you can save in tagged image file format to your computer’s hard disk, network server, CD, or DVD. This process also gives you the ability to perform optical character recognition which can translate images of text, like scanned documents.

Installing the printing device

These instructions can help you to install this printing device quickly and easily. At first you have toopen your computer’s Control Panel. After that click on the “Start” menu icon and locate your “Control Panel” tab. Now click on this folder tab and you have to change the Control Panel’s view setting to “Control Panel Home” in the top left corner of your computer screen. Now click on the “Programs” link which will be listed as a thumbnail icon and finally click on the “Programs and Features” subtopic link within the menu. Now locate your Microsoft Office folder which is listed in the table of your computer’s installed programs and the printer is an extension of this software suite. Now you have to Highlight this folder and click on the “Change” button in the top navigation menu. Now your Microsoft Office update portal will appear with a list of command actions which you can choose from regarding this program. Finally click on the radio button next to the “Add or Remove Features” option and click on the “Continue” at the bottom of the portal.

After that you have to choose the advanced configuration option which will appear at the bottom of the following portal screen and this option will read “Choose Advanced Customization of Applications and now you can click on the “Next” to advance to the next page. Finally you have to change your Microsoft Office settings by clicking on the “+” sign, which is listed under your Office Tools.

Finally you have to select the “Microsoft Document Image Writer Printer” icon which will be listed under the available programs. You have to click on the icon once, and select the “Update” option which will now be highlighted below the list. Now the printer will have a permanent icon on your computer’s desktop screen and now you have to Right-click on this icon and select the “Run from My Computer,” option that will be listed in the icon’s drop box menu. When the printer’s portal opens then you will see the printer’s preferences and properties. Finally you can click on the “Update” option to configure the printer’s new settings.

How to Scan a Document or Photo with Windows Fax and Scan

Windows has always been famous with its entire range of applications which can be used for various purposes. With the new Windows Fax and Scan application, you can easily scan your important documents and photos within a few minutes time. Well, all you really need is just a scanner which should be connected to your computer. Once the scanner has been successfully installed, you can then start scanning your document with the new application. Follow the below mentioned steps to scan your document using Windows Fax and Scan.

Before you start with your scanning process, ensure that the scanner is properly installed. Also make sure that it is turned on before the scan.

Below are the steps that you can follow for scanning a document.

1. Open the Start button and then click the All Programs button. Now click onto the Windows Fax and Scan link.
2. In the left pane at the bottom of the page, click Scan.
3. Now click New Scan in the toolbar.
4. Click Profile list located in the New Scan box. Now choose Document. By default, the settings are selected for scanning documents. You can change this settings based on your documents. The settings made will also be displayed automatically.
5. Click Preview in order to view on how your document will appear after being scanned.
6. Make the required changes if you think the scan is right. Else, Click Scan.

For scanning pictures using Windows Fax and Scan, follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Open the Start button and then click the All Programs button. Now click onto the Windows Fax and Scan link.
2. In the left pane at the bottom of the page, click Scan.
3. Now click New Scan in the toolbar.
4. Click Profile list located in the New Scan box. Now choose Photo. By default, the settings are selected for scanning photos. You can change this settings based on your requirements. The settings made will also be displayed automatically.
5. Click Preview in order to view on how your photo will appear after being scanned.
6. If needed, change the photo scanning settings and then again Preview the image for a better result.
7. And finally, click Scan.

Apart from the general scanning services, the new application also allows you to perform a several other functions. Have a check at some of the important steps that you can follow with the Windows Fax and Scan.

  • Before scanning your image, you can also crop your image after clicking Preview located in the New Scan section. Drag the cropping tool in the preview area for resizing your pictures.
  • Several new scanners include services that help them to save documents or pictures as individual files. Although, this only depends on the capability of the scanners.
  • You can easily arrange all your scanned photos and documents with one click of your mouse. Right-click on the Scan folder located in the left pane. Now click on New Folder. Click Move To Folder and also select the new destination folder.

So, scan and save all your data in your computer with Windows Fax and Scan application.

How to Print in a Homegroup Netwrok?

Printing a document leaves us with a hard copy of any file that can be used as evidence or a mark sheet of a person showing his excellence or anything that we wish to store in a paper format. Thus use of efficient printer that suits best in our criteria is very important. In offices printing of document is routine and so is the use of printer. In most of the offices printer is connected over a network. Thus, only one printer is used instead of installing printer for each individual system and thus it helps in reduction of hardware cost.

Common Reasons and solutions:

It might have happened with you that even after giving ‘print’ command you haven’t received hardcopy of the document. There can be several reasons for this problem. It might happen that you are trying to print a document from a printer, which is either turned off, or not connected to power supply. It must be checked manually if it is turned on. Same way, computer can be turned off or it can be in sleep or hibernate mode. Power settings of computer must be changed if it is responsible for computer from turning into another mode from working mode. These are manual errors which are not much to bother and can be corrected immediately.

It might be the reason that the document you want to print is in the computer of other user and that user might be logged off from the network. In that case you have to check if the system you are trying to access is turned on and connected to the network. These are few common problems that are accompanied with easy solutions. Now we shall discuss some reasons that are seen in very rare cases and are related to hardware or software of the printer.

Rare Reasons and Solutions:

There are various ways to connect a printer over the network depending the type and model. If the printer is USB enabled it can be directly connected to the system. If the printer does not support USB connectivity then it has to be installed from ‘Devices and Printers’ tab in Start menu. Following the instructions in the tab, printer can be easily installed in the network.

For any device to run properly, device drivers are very essential. Drivers carry out the task of mediator performing vital operations. If you are unable to print the document via printer connected over the network, you must ensure that proper drivers of the model are installed in the system. If you are using 64-Bit system and 32-Bit compatible drivers are installed then printer wont work properly. To install proper drivers, you can make use of Windows update, which can take up to 30 minutes to install drivers. You can even simply follow manufacturer website to get correct driver.

Network Issues:

If all the above stated reasons fail, then you must check your network connectivity, which is shown in the notification area of taskbar. Sometimes, rebooting computer solves the issue.

To get errors while printing the document is very common issue and have very easy solutions which is properly followed can prove their utility.

Google Docs with New Interface and Feature

World’s most powerful tech company, Google has announced some cutting edge modification in their document and spreadsheet preparing tool ‘Google Docs’. Google is looking for a huge market of their document saving tool as it is far behind Microsoft. So that every time Google is taking a new way to boost up the image of Google Docs with new features and interfaces. This time Google added new interface and collaborated features with the older version which will be available when one opens the page.

About Google Doc

Google Docs is an online word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and data storage service which is product of search engine giant, Google. The online data sheet and word processor allows the users to modify, edit or create document live with the other users. Google Docs was launched in 2005 which has high modification till to date.

What are the New Features Available?

The main feature of Google Docs is that it’s the best online data and word processor in the market. The online support of Google Docs will be also valid for all new features that are added recently. Google Docs has come across with a new interface along with some other lucrative features. Users were able to preview these upgrades, which included completely group chat, real-time collaboration tools, and completely redesigned editors for documents, spreadsheets, and drawings. These features will be available online by default once someone opens the document page. In fact the data which are saved in the older version, they can transform into the newer version format. This will enable the users to use more eye catching interfaces and very comfortable features.

Google’s view and Microsoft

Google is looking for the new market and new users of Google Docs. In fact Google Docs is less popular than Microsoft Office, the Document processing Tool of Microsoft. The new product of Microsoft ‘Office Web Document’, an online based document processor would be huge competitor of Google Docs. In this context Google has taken the step of modification and update which will be by default available online.

To be competent in the long run Google Docs started to provide data storage opportunity to users from the month of January of this year, where users will be allowed to store up to 1 GB for free and will get $0.25/GB space for their data. Actually along with this feature Google is updating and upgrading their Google Docs profile every time to successfully dominate the online word processor market as like other sectors of virtual world.

Google claims their product as the fastest online word processor in the market where users get a chance to chat online and can fix anything instant.

“Google Docs will be holding the major market share within 2011”- was projected by an IT expert in last year. This prediction is going to be true very soon; at least their effort seem so!

How Scanners Work

Recreating a whole document whose hard copy you have but not the soft copy is very boring and curb some, for this purpose the scanner were invented. And they proved very effective.

Put in a paper in a scanner, the light moves and the very next second you see the second you see the document on the connected computers screen. Puzzled how it happens. No it is not that confusing and sophisticated, rather it is a very simple process which is illustrated as below:

  • A scanner’s job is to turn a picture a human can understand into a digital picture that a computer can store and process. The computer is not able to use graphics unless they are in a form that they can understand. The scanner takes the information it sees on a page and converts into code that the computer can use.  They convert the image or the document into a myriad number of zeros and one, which is called the binary code.
  • And the scanner does this by moving the scanning head backwards and forwards across the picture. This is done to recreate the image, one line at a time, and then convert it into a digital language understandable by the computer. The computer further converts into a pictorial format or the document format, for the user to understand. This is the process of scanning, and in this way we call such devices as Scanners. A scanner’s sophistication is the ability to translate an unlimited number of analog voltage levels to digital values.
  • The main feature of the scanner is its resolution which is measured in dots per inch also known as Dpi. The higher the resolution, more the memory is required to save the document or the image on the computer. More memory required thus more time would be utilized to reproduce it on the screen and also to scan. Usually 72 dots per inch is the prescribed resolution, which is also the best to view any images or documents on screen.
  • There are three types of scanner namely flatbed, sheet bed and hand held scanners. They are named so according to the manner of their scanning. The sheet bed scanner employs mechanical rollers that move the paper past the scan head. The flatbed scanner utilizes a glass window where the item to be scanned is placed on top of a while the head moves past the item.  This process is similar to the one utilized in Xerox and photo copying machines.

The hand held scanners and required the human operator to move the image or the document over the scanner. They are very small and portable. Initially a light source under the document placed on the screen illuminates. This light separates the black and white dots. Then a motor moves beneath the screen to scan the document. After that the reflected light is focused on a sensor which creates a image of the document and transmits it in electrically signals to the computer which converts it and show the result.

Scanners have only made life simple, by using sophisticated technology. They have availed the facility of Xerox machines at house hold level.

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