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Microsoft® to use Dolby Digital® Technology in Windows® 8 PCs and tablets

Software giant Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will incorporate Dolby Laboratories sound technology in its upcoming operating system Windows 8-based PCs and tablets.

Windows 8 will support the playback of Dolby-encoded files, with the firm saying that it will offer out-of-the-box support. According to Microsoft, Dolby Digital Plus will be supported on all versions of Windows 8 including the ARM architecture.

Benefits of Dolby Digital Technology

“With the incredible growth of online download and streaming media, particularly for video content, this agreement ensures a great audio experience for those consumers who wish to download or stream TV and movies containing Dolby Digital Plus. Additionally, all of their existing and future home videos recorded with Dolby Digital Plus audio will work great on Windows 8 right out of the box,” said Tami Reller, CFO and CMO of Windows and Windows Live at Microsoft.

The collaboration ensures the presence of Dolby Digital format on Windows ecosystem beyond Blu-ray or DVD, and creates the opportunity to bring a differentiated audio experience to Windows 8-based PCs and tablets. What should be noted here is that PC makers will be forced to pay for Dolby Digital support.

HD Media Player: Latest Additions by Transcend

For all those who are tired of keeping account of those hundreds of CDs and VCDs, here is some good news. Transcend has announced the launch of its first HD Media player, the DMP10. This is the first attempt by Transcend to venture into the media player market. This new HD media player will be supporting most of the popular media formats and other high-resolution audio and video outputs. DMP10 will allow its users to play all of their high definition digital content (1080p) on any television.

For most people in love with music and movies, the maximum amount of their digital content is stored on their computers or laptops. In such a scenario, they become constricted towards using the PCs or notebooks only when they want to listen to their favorite music or watch a movie. This becomes an irritating experience with the feeble speakers attached to the computer or laptops. For those who are more persistent, it means burning lots of CDs and DVDs (and time!) or connecting their computers to the television before they can actually get to enjoy their favorite content with the surround-sound quality. However, now with the launch of DMP10, all you have to do is connect a USB storage device containing all your digital data to the media player and simply sit back and enjoy listening to the music on the surround-sound system or watching the movies on your large LCD flat-screen TV – all completely hassle-free!

DMP10 provides users with high definition audio and video quality, with HDMI 1.3 and S/PDIF interfaces attached to this media device. Besides, DMP10 is completely loaded with DTS and Dolby Digital audio decoding, VC-1, HD 1920×1080 H 264/AVC video decoding. The above features help DMP10 to provide the users with crystal clear sound experience along with a crisp picture quality and 24fps video playback.

DMP10 comes equipped with two high-speed USB ports catering to external hard drives or USB flash drives, allowing the user easy file browsing and playback. The media player supports most of the popular media file types such as MKV, AVI, WMV, RMVB and M2TS. DMP10 also comes with a colorful user-friendly menu interface, while a wireless remote control allows the users to operate the system comfortably, locating and playing media files without much hassle.

For now, the HD media player comes in an elegant gloss-black design, though pricing and the date of availability are yet to be announced. Nevertheless, the launch of this new media player is sure to satisfy the cravings of home-theater enthusiasts as they enjoy their digital content (movies, music and photos) on their television or audio systems.

Transcend is one of the few companies involved in designing, developing, manufacturing, as well as marketing and selling their own products. The range of products offered by Transcend is vast, ranging from flash memory cards, USB flash drives to digital photo frames, portable hard drives, multimedia products, MP3 players and other accessories. The aim is to provide products both for proprietary equipment and mass marketed PCs.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003