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Google™ adds e-books to Android™ Market

Recently Google has taken a step forward in providing the maximum amount of satisfaction to its customers by offering a dedicated e-bookstore over the Android Market. In previous days, in order to download e-books a person had to open a website over the Internet and download a book on the PC. This was for the reason that most of the cell phones, which were available then did not support any HTML viewer or any Flash Player as well. They did not support PDF format or any other web formats, which could be displayed over the phone screen. Though the phones then had an Internet connection, yet it was quite slow and with that kind pace, no e-book could have been downloaded on the cell phone.

There was yet another problem with downloading the e-books over the cell phone. In the recent past, the cell phones, which were available in the market, did not support several kinds of file formats, which could have been easily viewed over the PC. It was for this reason that most of the people who wanted to download an e-book from the Internet went for downloading them to their PC.

With the advent of Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, the world of Internet changed dramatically and this only amplified the potentials of Internet. Now with 3G-enabled phones, one can easily open some website, which offers the service of providing e-books, and download them easily the phones. Most of the phones today have the Android operating system, which enables faster downloading of the applications that can enhance the speed. The phones also support most of the file formats, which were previously not supported. Hence, now a person can access any online bookstore and get his desired e-book.

However, one problem with that was e-books were not available for free and those sites which offered free e-books could not be relied upon. Most websites charged exorbitant rates and it was for this reason that Google introduced its own e-bookstore over the Android Market, which can be easily accessed by any person. He can simply access the Android Market and go to the e-bookstore of Google for getting the publication, which he/she wants to download on his phone.

The process is simple and can be handled easily. This feature from Google provides faster access to e-books.

RealPlayer® makes its Android® media player much better

For the Android operating system, the RealPlayer application has been launched. It has many improvements and new features, including support for playlists. This download is now fully configurable with mobile devices. One of the improvements is the addition of a new widget to control the playback of tracks. Finally, the application interface has been redesigned. In addition it now supports the landscape mode. The application RealPlayer for Android has undergone an update as stated above. The application is a multimedia player that centralizes all your files, music, videos and photos. RealPlayer is presented as an ideal solution for managing and organizing your media files.

This update adds two major elements, managing playlists and the appearance of a widget .The application is free to download now on the Android Market. The RealPlayer updates include a new design of the screen, widget that allows playback from the home screen, improved graphics, improved way to select the folders for music, videos and photos, music playback in landscape mode, play music by folder, hide the status bar in the video, ability to select the visual mode (16:9 or 4:3), and added support for music playlists. Thus, RealPlayer app for Android-based phones helps you in experiencing high quality music.

Google™ issues Android™ anti-fragmentation tool

You must have felt this for sure as it is a common thing. What happens when you put your computer or mobile on multiple downloads? Simply there are hitches and glitches during the process. It is really a very annoying experience when the download is scattered in fragments. It is called the fragmentation. To curb this problem, there are different anti-fragmentation applications that reserve the space for the files that are being downloaded.

This way it is possible to download and enjoy all the files. When this fragmentation occurs the computer slows down because it has to jump to the related files scattered in different locations and it makes the system slower. Google has developed an anti-fragmentation technology for the Honeycomb version of Android, also known as version 3.0. The promise made by Google seems to make it possible for one to run different applications on different devices. There is a library which makes it all possible for one to run all the applications on different devices without any glitch whether it is an advanced version or it is an older version. This anti-fragmentation application is designed to work on the new and advanced honeycomb Android based Motorola XOOM, which is a tablet PC. Whether it is a large screen or it is a small one, it is possible now to run the applications.

Google has come up with this revolutionary application that is for sure going to change the face of Internet telephony. It is now possible for the gamers and all the movie and music lovers to feel the seamless and never before download experience.

WinMate, Windows® System Optimizer

WinMate is a software package which is a must have tool to ensure the smooth functioning of your computer devoid of any hang-ups and system errors. WinMate is one such tool which comes as a freeware and ensures that your computer stays healthy. Users agree it’s safer to keep tabs on your computer’s performance to ensure that it will give you a good user experience. Those who download and install a lot of applications and software and also install software frequently will know that their system can start giving sluggish response and slow down. WinMate is an easy and robust solution to these and many more problems. It’s simple interface does not require much knowledge and skill to operate. All you have to do is install the software, run it and let it automatically diagnose the errors and problems and suggest remedial measures to recognize and identify the problems and then eliminate them. Each problem that the application finds has a particular solution for the user to manually start. Its problem solving capabilities also stretch to Windows Internet Explorer, one of its applications ‘IE Tools’ which is based on solving Internet Explorer related bugs and problems, it helps you to manage plug ins and add-ons to ensure a smooth Internet experience. It also helps to clear your online tracks and web surfing history. It clears your temporary Internet folders and cookies, and saved passwords and Cache to clear up and free occupied disk space. It contains an application for updating Windows regularly, a program manager to help remove applications that are not required, a system back up option to back up favorite files and drivers in case of a crash.

It come power packed with features like System Process Manager, Disk Immune, File Wipe, Shared Manager and many more.

The WinMate download site says about WinMate that it’s a way to improve your computer’s performance and to speed up your PC. It states most problems may probably start with improper Windows settings. They maintain that such errors should not be ignored. Otherwise, those errors with settings can make your computer a mess. WinMate is a freeware which incorporates the newest technology to scan your whole computer and find errors. After that, it gives you trusted solutions. In addition, WinMate presents a broad range of utilities and security software for computer optimizing. With top-rated elements, you can remain away from possible hazards and fix system errors to decrease computer collapses, freezing and blue screen. Winmate is free to download from its website.

How to Download Free Antivirus Programs

There are so many threats that can be harmful for the system; the most popular and dangerous one is the virus. They are created all the time and if you will not remove them then they can become a very harmful for your system. It is very important to protect the computer from these threats. To protect the computer from these types of threats, there is different antivirus available in the market. There are some antivirus which are paid i.e. you have to pay for the program if you want to use it. But there are antivirus programs available which are free to download and use. They can also provide complete protection for the computer. In this article we will tell you how to download and use these free antivirus programs.

You just have to follow the instructions given below.


You can search in Google and you will get so many web pages. You can use link provided in resources for CNET, this will access the CNET download page. After clicking the link, you will see the download page for all programs available. Now you can select the operating system you are using like Windows or other, Windows are the default tab and other tabs are “Mac”, “mobile”, or “Webware”.


Now the second step is to click on the antivirus link found on the left side of the page. After clicking the link you will see a new webpage and you will be able to see the entire antivirus program.


You are looking for free antivirus program, so, find the free one and narrow your selection further. Now you will have to choose license type as free, and it will open a page with only free licensed software. Now you will have to select an antivirus program as per your specific windows version. You can do this by clicking on the exact windows edition under operating system category.


You can sort the antivirus program shown by the webpage, to sort the programs use the drop-down arrow next to sort by. In the program, the default setting is downloaded last week but you can change the change it as you want. You can change it to date added, product name, user ratings or editor ratings and total download. If you want small amount to be shown to you then you can also change the amount from 30 to 10 or 15.


If you want you can review the antivirus programs. The review is listed based on the priority such as first sponsored programs that are defaults followed by editor and user rated antivirus programs. You can easily review each one by clicking on the name, the name is a link. The link will open a new web page which provides you all the details about that specific antivirus program. You can read several reviews of several antivirus programs to make a correct decision.


Now make the decision and click on download now button to download and install the free antivirus program.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0

Microsoft Security Essentials is freely downloadable software from Microsoft. It provides a real-time protection for Home PC’s against the virus, spyware and other malicious software. Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 has a modified easy-to-use interface, but scan speed is less as the earlier versions. When it comes to detecting a malware, it can’t keep track with the newer antivirus product. It is well designed and easy to use software with simple installation process. But for users, who don’t have a genuine copy of windows might face problems as this software checks at the time of installation whether the copy of Windows is genuine or not. Genuine users need not to worry; they can go ahead and install it. And once done with the installation process, you will have a view of a well designed interface with four tabs: Home-shows you the status information, scan controls, update button if virus definitions are out-of-date; Update; History-logs of all scanned history; Settings.

As said, Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 lags points when it comes for detecting a live malware as compared to other top free antivirus products. But if your PC is already infected it can clean your PC in a much better way as compared to the other top free antivirus products. It also lags far behind when the fact scan speed comes. In case of speed, the top performer is Avira Antivirus Personal. Even though its scan speed is slow, it has got moderately low impact on the PC’s overall performance. It runs silently and competently in the background without much effecting on the Pc’s performance and interruptions, which make the user free to use their PC in whatever manner they want.

The minimum system requirements for Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 are as: genuine operating system (for XP-it should be sp2 or higher with min of 256 MB RAM and min CPU clock speed of 500 MHz; Vista-sp1 or higher with min of 1 GB RAM, min CPU clock speed of 1 GHz and min VGA display should not be less than 800*600), min hard disk space available should be 140 MB. Internet connection should be there in order to install Microsoft Essential 1.0 as well as to run updates. One of the new features is its Windows XP mode in Windows 7.

Microsoft Essential 1.0 has come with lots of added features which were not in the previous versions like Windows XP mode for Windows 7 users and likewise. Despite of these added features Microsoft has failed to sort out its main problem of its live malware detecting capability. Antivirus software is good when it is capable of taking care of its PC at any circumstances and keeps it safe. It performance is far ahead as compared to other free antivirus software in terms like interface, functions and when the PC is already infected, but fails to show the same performance when it comes to live protection and block attackers. Hope Microsoft will soon update all those features of Microsoft Essential 1.0 in which they are lacking behind and that users can blindly trust in this software.

Click on the below link to download Microsoft Essential 1.0:

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249