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Windows® Phone 7 or Google Android®?

If one is referring Gingerbread, it is believed that it is in fact Android 2.3 and not the 3.0 as rumoured previously. It is not actually known whether the specific date on which the Gingerbread operating system may be released, however, it is heard that it is going to be before the year end, and it will be in early part of the year 2011.

So far as Droid X is concerned whether it will be updated, it is presumed that there is a high possibility of it being so; however, one will have to wait for more time prior to Motorola comes around for releasing an updated version which is compatible with software of its own. It will not be wise to assume that there will be hardware update for the Droid X soon. If one is prepared to drop one’s Storm, it will not be right to assume that there is difficulty in getting the Droid X presently, particularly because the prices are beginning to drop.

Will a Windows Phone 7 handset be much user friendly as compared to Android? Windows Phone 7 is a type of platform which is new, but one will be best served with the Wilndows Phone 7 handset in comparison to other kind of two choices. The nice entry level handset is Motorola Bravo with Android 2.1, and Sony Xperia X10 will take longer time for upgrading.

One should bear in mind that Windows Phone 7 is somewhat new, therefore, the online support will not be strong as Android. However, Microsoft targets the timely updating of its software.

Ease and Simplicity through Google Phone Gallery

It’s raining Android phones! Nowadays it has become impossible to choose from a device that is offering the best of the Android platform. In fact there are some many platforms, be it Droid X to Google’s Android smartphone that are offering various apps on the android that it becomes difficult to choose from.

As the Android OS is widespread through multiple platforms consumers would like to seek central information through which they access the features that Android phones have to offer.  Google has gone ahead with a project that seeks to display all the smartphone features of the Android based phones so as remove any confusion over what android phones have to offer.

On the website you can sort through various product information that is available through the listing of the manufacturers name, phone type, country and service providers. What this features enables is that, users are able to study the multiple platform of devices that have the Android OS.

You can either type in “Google phone gallery” in Google search or for your convenience you can visit that site at this address

Microsoft in patent infringement case against Motorola

What better way to bolster smartphone competition then to file a suit of patent infringement. The smartphones business has become such a “dog eats dog” competition that new innovations are closely in check between rivals. In the latest saga Microsoft has filed a lawsuit with the International Trade Commission (ITC) in the U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington against Motorola.

According to Microsoft, Motorola has violated nine patents in its droid based smartphones- Droid, Droid X and Droid 2. In a press statement the areas of violation include, “synchronizing email, calendars and contacts, scheduling meetings, and notifying applications of changes in signal strength and battery power.”

In light of the news HTC has however has been in a contract with Microsoft to pay royalties for use of Microsoft patent. The contract enables HTC to use Microsoft’s software at the same time paying a royalty fees. This is where the issue with Motorola departs, as Microsoft seeks Motorola to pay a royalty fees for the technology (related to Microsoft products) used in the Droid range of smartphones.

Patent infringements simply never stop popping up now and then. A couple of months back Oracle filed for law suit against Google based on violation of intellectual software regarding Java. As the competition of smartphones heats up there might be more patent infringements coming in.

Droid X or Droid Incredible, what’s your choice?

Modern era can be rather called a “Tech savvy” one where people are dependant mostly on highly integrated and highly defined gadgets. In the yesteryears’, we have witnessed certain great innovations hitting the market of mobile phones. With the introduction of the Smart phones, meaning of mobile phones has undergone a drastic change. We have witnessed pioneers like HTC, Motorola and Samsung giving their customers a wide variety to choose from. In the recent past, HTC and Motorola have both loaded the markets with HTC Droid Incredible while Motorola has launched Droid X. Both of these smart phones run on Android 2.1 platform. The first glance, says that they both seem to be similar because of large and wide screen, however technically the story is quite different.

Let us pen down to some technical & Design features of both.

Droid X and Droid Incredible have got an 8 MP (Mega pixel) cameras, but when it comes to the ability of video recording, Droid X leads its way. Droid X can not only record video in HD (High definition) but also has an HDMI output in it. Talking about the “storage” aspect we see both have an Internal Memory of 8 GB, while Droid X can support up to 32 GB from a total of 40 GB micro SD card. Whereas, Droid Incredible supports memory only up to 16 GB of an additional 24 GB card. The Droid X’s display is 4.3 inch in dimension with 854×480 pixels in display while Droid Incredible has 3.7 inch with 800×480 pixel screen. The Droid Incredible is not availing an “Image stabilisation” while the Droid X has an Image stabilization option. Now throwing some light on “multi tasking” and Talk time, Droid X and Incredible both allow multi tasking while in the “Talk time” area, Droid X again leads with 8 hours but HTC’s Droid remains content with 5.2 hours only. Droid Incredible has an stand by time of 149 hours while the Droid X has gigantic 220 hours support.

Both smart phones are black in colour which is the only similarity between the two. Droid X is carved out of a metal giving it a solid and durable feeling in hand. But, thanks to its soft-touch coating Droid X is more comfortable to hold. When it comes to Droid Incredible it is again vanquished by Droid X in terms of durability and holding feeling. Droid Incredible is made up of plastic coating and weighs less than 0.88 oz, hence reducing its durability.  But highlight of HTC’s Droid Incredible is its WVGA resolution AMOLED display which enables its high contrast ratio, thus allowing excellent view from all angles and completes the black-levels of it.

Nevertheless, both the smart phones are ready to provide their users’ with incredible and outstanding service. One can chose from the two depending on his/her taste; however, when it comes to technical aspects we find that Motorola’s Droid X is in the race of over taking the HTC’s Droid Incredible. Ultimately the choices are yours, but keep in mind the above aspects to make your choice a better one to choose from.

Early lineup by customers for Droid X

The Droid X smartphone went on sale at 12:01 am on Friday July 16. The smartphone, which is currently iPhone’s toughest competitor had eager customers lining up outside Columbia, Md., Verizon wireless stores to have a chance to be counted as some of the first to purchase it.

Word from clients.

According to some of the early buyers who were interviewed, most of the features contained in the Droid X outshine those of iPhone by far.

Most of them said that the large screen was a big draw. Others praised the touchscreen’s responsiveness, the 1.0-GHz processor, just to mention but a few.

“It has a large screen than the iPhone and the touchscreen keyboard is very responsive,” Said Danny Choi, one early buyer who purchased his near Miami and was asked by phone, comparing it to the iPhone’s 3.5-inch screen.

He went on to say, “I have used the iPhone and I found its touchscreen keyboard hard to use.” After spending a few minutes with the Droid X, he found the ‘swipe typing’ application helpful and quick for message-writing.

Another medical student interviewed said that he planned to use it for school work, research and social networking.

In terms of connection, some AT&T users have registered complains about network reception while on the other hand, Choi had no connection problems over at Verizon’s on an older Samsung phone.

Product hype

Verizon, Motorola and Google hyped the product before it went on sale. The even went on to air an unusual 60-second brainteaser advert on a National TV broadcasts. This was a night before sales begun. In the advert, the last bit shows pressure-suit clad actors in a corridor, before confronting a floating crystal. The final part is a blackout with the word “Tomorrow” and “Droid X.”

Another of Droid X’s TV adverts which begun airing a few days back, involve a close-up on human eyes which later turn to robotic steel lens.

The early and high turnout exited Verizon official. According to the officials, the Droid X had sold out in some store. This should not worry customers as they can place orders and have them delivered to their homes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the late adverts might have worked on the trio’s side.

Features expected

The Droid X, created by Motorola goes for $200. Buyers can debate with the sellers for a two year service agreement. Currently it runs Google’s Android version 2.1 Operating System. There are reports that this will be upgraded to version 2.2 over the air. This is expected to happen by late August.

As of now, its users can download Adobe’s Flash 10.1 media player onto the gadget.

Word from above.

“The latest TV commercial is just one of our many installments in an ongoing campaign to promote the phone.” This was from Brenda Raney, Verizon Wireless Spokeswoman. “Future ads will look different, but we will try to stay with the same theme of showing how consumers are being transformed by Droid X.”

Analysts predict that the Android community will go to great lengths for the sake of selling Droid X. “X is their answer to the iPhone.” Said Jack Gold, Principal analyst at J.Gold Ass. LLC. Gold said that he will be watching Droid’s sale a compare to the iPhone 4. “I think tat the X will do very well.”

Issues with Motorola’s Droid X Antenna

When word went out that some Motorola Droid X users were experiencing display problems on their screens, hopes went sky high for Apple’s iPhone lovers. First, it was the iPhone antenna issue and the lashing it took from all corners, especially the media and web bloggers, now it’s the Motorola with its own antenna saga. Question is, why isn’t the media not making a big deal with the issue as it did with iPhone?


The real problem.

According to blogs on Android Power posted on Computerworld and on Twitter,

The real reason is that it is a drastically different situation as compared to that of the iPhone and therefore needs to be handled in a different way.

Technical issues- Motorola vs. iPhone

In scenario number one, i.e. the iPhone 4, the main problem was with the phone’s design. Considering that the antenna was wrapped outside the phone, this created a spot, at a place where many people place their fingers when taking or making a call, which could cause calls to drop with a simple touch of a finger. As per Steve Jobs of Apples, “this is not an issue that is present in all smartphones; most of them have antennas in areas not commonly touched during phone calls.”

On the other hand, the Motorola Droid X screen glitch seems to be a defect in one of the components on a small number of devices. Up to this far, what is known would be based on the question of some faulty parts other than the question of the phone’s basic design.

The Companies Responses

When iPhone users started complaining about the problems, Mr. Jobs vehemently denied the existence of any such errors with the iPhone and rudely dismissed customers’ reports and said the iPhone was fine and that there “People were probably just holding it wrong.”

In his exact words, he said, “There is no reception issue… Just avoid holding it in that way.” He was to much later admit that there was a hardware-instigated problem. He then offered a free piece of cheap rubber to all iPhone users to help them keep their fingers from interfering with the antenna.

Later on, Apple released an article that was a direct reiteration of Mr. Job’s words. Apple published a report claiming that a software error was the problem. But according to Consumer Report, the antenna was the problem.

Comparing that to Motorola and Verizon’s response to their own problem, after its launch, scattered reports on the difficulty with the display started surfacing. Recently, the company acknowledged the fault through a statement saying “it affected less than a tenth of 1% of all the devices.” The company later offered replacements for all the affected units.

The response from Motorola on the issue took about five days. Apple’s response on the other hand took a good 22 days and this was after denying responsibility and continuous rude put offs to their customers.

Considering the responses, its no wonder the situations, similar as they may seem, though different in some ways, evoked such extensively different reactions from all corners.

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