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Microsoft® submits multi-booting patent application

In recent times, we have continuously witnessed great enhancements and improvements in the operating system technologies. Microsoft has always worked upon it immensely and has been launching new features in each of its releases. Windows has come up with a new idea related to computer booting. Microsoft is working to get this technology and approach patented so that no one else duplicates the same. This new technology is called as fast booting a device for specialized experience. Just think of a scenario where you wish to play a DVD and to do the same you have to wait for the entire Windows operating system to load so that you can play the DVD. What if your computer starts playing the DVD without even loading the Windows operating system? Or think of a situation when you wish to play some music from your computer without loading the whole Windows operating system. Now this can be done very easily and in just a few seconds because Microsoft is coming up with its new technology to support this idea.

This technology is all about identifying what user is trying to do when he starts his or her computer. For example if you insert a video disk or an audio disk in the drive while turning on the computer, Windows will come to know what you wish to do and will load a virtual operating system to let you view or listen to the DVD before even Windows could load. This will be possible by the direct experience concept of Microsoft which will load the player to view the DVD and will not load the basic operating system to boot completely. The patent which Microsoft is applying for defines a new booting process in which a virtual machine manager loads first and decides what kind of purpose the user is trying to solve. Then this virtual machine manager will load any of the four operating system modules. As of now the four operating systems modules are for playing audio, playing video, viewing TV and last one for general purpose usage. Each of these modules will define the hardware which it would require for operation and will load only that much of hardware and not all the devices and their drivers. It will also not launch the entire operating system as booting Windows and reaching to its operational state takes a couple of minutes. The basic operating system will be loaded only and when the user wishes for it.

It is being said that this feature will be available as a part of Direct Experience in Windows 8, however, it has not been officially announced by Microsoft. This experience is currently limited to just audio, video and TV, but Microsoft may add more modules to it for quickly loading a module with which you can start only the e-mail clients for viewing and sending e-mails without loading the entire operating system.

How to Recover My Product Key

The product key is a long alphanumeric code used by software developers to keep a check on piracy and illegal installation of their applications. This code is used while installing any software which is licensed, and it is only with the help of this key that you can activate your product online and use it to the fullest. If you do not have this key, you might not be able to install the software, and even if the installer allows you to install it, still you will not be able to activate it online and the software will start restricting you to use all of its features if not activated. When a product is registered or activated, the machine address is saved at the servers so that it can be checked when you try to install it on another machine. If you purchase a single user copy of any software, you cannot activate it on multiple systems. If you use a friends’ product key for installing any software on your machine then again you would not be able to activate it on the Internet. So by these examples we can define how important a product key is and we should not share it with someone else. There may be situations where in you purchase software but somehow lose the product key. Though you are the owner of that software still you would not be able to install or re-install it again on your machine.

Below I have mentioned several ways by which you can recover your lost product keys.

Step 1:

CD Jacket: All software which shipped in CDs or DVDs, have their product keys mentioned on a sticker on the CD/DVD case/jacket. If you can find the CD/DVD case, you can know the product key.

Step 2:

E-mail: If you purchase a product online, the product key is mailed to you by the vendor. This can be the best way to find out the missing product key. All you need is access to the same e-mail account which you used while purchasing the software.

Step 3:

Customer Support: If you actually are the owner of the software, you can call the customer support of it or write to them stating your problem and they will certainly assist you out in getting the product key back. They will verify your identity with the information against your account in their records and will give you the product key back.

Step 4:

Third Party Applications: There are a number of tools available on the Internet which can let you know the product key of any software. The only prerequisite is that you should have the software installed on any computer using the product key which is now missing. Whenever you install any application using a product key, it gets saved in the Windows Registry either in simple text format or encrypted. These tools scan the Registry and fetch the saved product key for you.

5 cool undervalued games

Gaming has gone to a completely new dimension. Earlier it was the two dimensional game Mario which gained huge popularity but gaming has gone through a long journey since then. Games coming now are not simply for playing but to feel the virtual world and be a part of it. Games these days are so addictive that people play them for hours and still don’t get bored. There are so many games in the market but if you are going to get a new games DVD which you have never tried then I don’t think that is a good idea. You might end up paying a good amount for the CD and finally you will discover that it was not worth buying. Before buying a new game one should always check the reviews of latest games online and should check if it matches your gaming style. In this post I will mention the names of 5 games which actually rated as poor based on the features, options and player reviews.

Ghostbusters: It is a comedy role playing game which is based on the film named Ghostbusters. This film was released in year 1984 and was a big success but the game hasn’t done well at all. This game is developed by Dandy Peterson, Lynn Willis and Greg Stafford. This game misses on the main intricacies and doesn’t help the player in getting apt to the game. The instruction levels are poor and even the graphics. It definitely is not a good choice to go for and has been rated poor in all time games history.

The Neverhood: The Neverhood is a 1996 PC CD Rom adventure video game developed by animator DougNapel and was released by DreamWorks Studios. This game features clay motion graphics and music scored by composer Terry Scott Taylor. It received nice reviews but it was not a commercial hit. In this game Klaymen is the protagonist and the game follows his adventures in The Neverhood. It is like solving puzzles and getting out of difficult situations in order to find the Neverhood’s mysteries. He is curious and cheerful being, he saves the creator of the Neverhood from his deep sleep and ruins evil klogg’s plan. It did not feature the previous releases like distinctive clay motion design techniques; the game is a variation on air hockey only played with guns instead of mallets.

Command & Conquer: Command & Conquer is also known as Tiberian Dawn. It is a 1995 real time strategy computer game created by Westwood Studios for MS DOS and Published by Virgin Interactive. Command &Conquer was the first of twelve games to date to be released under the Command & Conquer label including a prequel and five sequels. You can download this game by C & C franchise’s official website. In this game the player requires to construct a base and then acquire a flow of resources in order to find the ongoing production of different forces to assault and conquer the opponent’s base. It features about 50 different units and structures and all structures are available for the players to build a construction yard building which can either be already developed on the battlefield.

Wizard 8: It’s the 8 and final title in the wizardry series of computer role playing games by Sir-Tech, in this game player’s aim is to collect the three aircrafts mentioned in the story and to place each on its pedestal in the final zone. It allows mounting to the Cosmic Circle becoming a god. This game received generally good reviews but failed to increase the size of the franchise’s fan base. Wizard 8 has failed to attract much attention at its release.

No one Lives Forever: It is an action adventure hybrid stayed on the shops for months before people caught on about its level of freshness and fun. No one Lives Forever combines the humor and silly villains from 1960’s spy movies with tactical action played from a first person perspective. You can assume the role of Cate Archer The Operative, who has to take down a criminal organization with weapons, gadgets and mostly savior faire.

Download-Onne DVD Burner

Sonne DVD Burner is a DVD burning application which can do many tasks like burning video, ISO Image file and VIDEO_TS to DVD disc and burning all files to data disc; creating DVD from other video files. It can also capture videos to burn or create to DVD.  If you are using Sonne DVD burner, you can easily capture video or image from other device like DV and TV tuner. You can easily adjust auto shot, overlay, audio settings and balance by easy-to-use buttons.

Click here to download onne DVD Burner

Advantages of Sonne DVD burner

There are several advantages of using this DVD burning application, some of them are as follows:

It creates a DVD disc with DVD menu also it can capture video or image from other devices like USB webcams, TV tuner and DV in real time. It has some hotkeys using those you can snapshot pictures. You can also set several properties for each capture device; also can burn data to disk or DVD folder to DVD disks. One of the main feature of this application is it can burn video files to DVD disc without menu and show information about recorder.

Now we will teach you how to use this application to burn the discs:

Step 1: Define the desired DVD mode as pagination menu or chapters menu because you can not create a DVD directly in this application.

Step 2: Define a template for your DVD from the template list. And input the desired video files from computer.

Step 3: Click on create button. Now a dialog box will appear and you can define the output source path. Now click start button to start the process.

Step 4: Click on the “Burn” button to burn the newly created DVD-folder or others, as per the option you choose, relative settings interface will pop up. Now click start to start burning the data.


The normal version comes only with 15 days trial and also the navigation screen is a problem.

System Requirement

You should have Pentium with 500 Hz or above, minimum 256 MB RAM is required, must have a DVD writer. The system should also have minimum 2gb free space and sound card is also require.

Sonne DVD burner is a good application to burn DVD. After downloading, install it on the system and you are ready to use the senno DVD burner application. It is a user friendly application and takes less disk space on the system. You can use it and burn any disc with such an ease and make DVD movies.

Philips bdp5012/f7 Blu-ray Disc Player

HD viewing has even got better. With the new Philips bdp5012/f7 Blu-ray Disc Player, you can now watch your favorite movies with greater precisions and clarity. Enjoy vivid colors of high action video streaming which allows you gain great picture clarity of 1080p via HDMI.

You may think that the current buzz word of 3D TV might have completely wiped out any creative endeavor for HD viewing. Well think again, as Philips is capitalizing on recent technological developments in video streaming at a micro pixel rate of 1080p. Now, that really sound like cashing in on the HD bandwagon!  Though various “gadget gurus” like Samsung, Sony, etc. are concentrating on the recent developments in 3D TV; Philips has concentrated its marketing strategy to bridge the gap between quality viewing and image enhancements.

Some of the characteristics of Philips bdp5012/f7 Blu-ray Disc Player are as follows:

  • BD-Live (Profile 2.0): As a third generation DVD player, Philips bdp5012/f7 Blu-ray Disc Player enables you to receive up-to-date content by connecting the device wirelessly to the Internet. Now you can chat and view the latest listings of your favorite movies at the click of a button.

  • Blu-ray Disc playback: You can store more information on a Blu-ray disc , then on any standard disc i.e. as much as ten movies can be stored at one time. Apart from the volume Blu-ray discs carry high definition data which enables you to view your favorite movies at 1920x 1080 resolutions.
  • Deep color: Real life images are just one of the limited goals that any multimedia viewing experience seeks to capture. However the Philips bdp5012/f7 Blu-ray Disc Player capture the accurate amount of hue, saturation and shade that is required to present an image per frame.

  • 1080p@ 24 fps: A true cinematic experience of 24 frames per second, which adds depth to the picture quality and provides enhanced imaging which is complimented with the high resolution.
  • Full HD 1080p: With a resolution of 1920x  1080, you can view images in high definition. This means that image quality is enhanced to crystalline perfection.

These are just some of the essential characteristics that you can get through Philips bdp5012/f7 Blu-ray Disc Player.  So what if you don’t have a HD or 3D TV? Just plug this Philips DVD player and enjoy a crystalline viewing experience.

How to Copy a DVD in Windows Vista

Windows XP was launched with an inbuilt tool for writing data directly on a writable CD. You did not require any special CD burning software for the same and writing to the CD was just like writing to a flash drive or to a floppy disk. Windows Vista has taken this feature one more steps ahead and in Windows Vista you can write data on DVD by just dragging it or by pasting the copied contents. In Windows Vista you can even create Audio DVDs or Video DVDs by using the other built in applications like the Media Player and the Movie Maker. It was never so easy and again for writing to the DVDs you do not need any special software. Just insert a blank or re-writeable DVD and use it just like a flash drive or a floppy disk. Though now we use DVDs instead of CDs but you can also burn the CDs the same way in Windows Vista.

Before we tell you how to burn DVDs in Windows Vista you need to understand a bit of technicalities behind it. The first thing is that your DVD drive should be capable of writing on DVDs. Second you need to understand the difference between the DVD+R and DVD-R disks. Though the writing and reading of DVD+R and DVD-R is similar when these disks have to be used on a computer but if you have to use them on some DVD player then make sure to use the disk type which is supported by your player. A DVD+R DVD player might not be able to read the DVD-R disks in it and vice versa.

Let’s start burning. Take out a new blank DVD and insert it in your computer. After inserting wait for few seconds so that your computer recognises the disk and give you the appropriate auto run options. When the AutoPlay Window comes up you will see options like Burn a DVD data disk (using Windows Media Player) and Burn files to disk (using Windows). If you select the first optin the Windows Media Player will come up and then you can select the songs which you want to burn and it will further burn them on your DVD after collecting all the choices from you. If you select the second option it will give you a small Window asking you to enter a title for the disk. By default it is the date but you can change it to anything of your choice. When you click on Net it takes a little time in making the disk write ready and then opens the same in Windows Explorer Window so that you can simply drag the files into it.

When the Disk opens in Windows Explore you will find that there are no icons in it because it is blank. It is good practise to open two windows for Explorer and then tile them next to each other. Keep the DVD open in one and use the other Windows for browsing through the files which you want to burn. This ways it is easy to drag and drop in to the DVD. When you open a writable disk in Windows Explorer you will notice that a new button called BURN appears in it; you have to click on this button to burn the files which you have copied on the DVD. Once burnt just eject the DVD. It will not get ejected instantly because on ejecting the Windows will first close the session so that the data which you have written on the DVD can be finalised and so that it can be used on other computers. After finalising the session the DVD will come out and it is all ready to be used anywhere else. Wasn’t it simple?

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