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Battlefield 3 available on other OS

If you were going to play Battlefield 3 with a PC built for another age, you may become disheartened. Indeed, it is via a Twitter message the developer of the game nicely warns that the new engine created for the occasion, Frostbite 2, works only with DirectX 11 and absolutely will not work with Windows XP.

You understood we will have to go to Vista / 7 if you want to frag a few heads. It’s unfortunate, but after all, we must move with the times. But rest assured, according to the gentleman, you’ll have time to upgrade your machines. Either it’s not really good news since it implies that Battlefield 3 does not soon disembark.

In other words, If you intend to play Battlefield 3 on PC, but you have already installed Windows XP, then you do well your consideration as the next installment in the series of first-person shooter will not support this operating system. The word is final (for now), comes as the interior of the same development team DICE. However this is not an official confirmation from DICE that BF3 won’t run on Windows XP.

Johan Andersson on his account Twitter posted the following update: “Frostbite 2 [the game engine, Editor’s note] was developed mainly for DirectX 11. XP and DX 9 _not_ supported a 64-bit is recommended”

Certainly a courageous choice, but considering the time of arrival on the market for Battlefield 3 (talking about the end of 2011 ) will certainly seem less crazy as it could have in the past, especially considering the great success of Windows 7 that has already prompted many to upgrade even before reading this news.Anyway, it’s a fact that if you want to play a Battlefield 3 on PC, you should say goodbye to Windows XP. Otherwise there will be PS3 and X360 versions ready to welcome you.

Electronic Arts has announced that among the games that will on display at the Game Developers Conference 2011 (An event to be held from February 28 to March 4 in San Francisco ) , there will also be the long-awaited third installment of the series of FPS   Battlefield online.  In the event there will  be two different keynote plus a special event dedicated exclusively to Battlefield 3 on March 1, during which there will be a  discussion on the technical development of the mechanics of the game and will be shown the new version of the Frostbite game engine 2.0.

So far there is little information about BF3. The game was formally confirmed as the release of Medal of Honor EA has announced early access to the first Beta. Following three messages on Twitter developer isolates revealed that BF3 will not support the DX9 (not run on Windows XP), which will be released also in sizes console but the PC platform will be the queen – with a special treatment  – and that the output is expected during the second half of 2011

The New Dimension of Social Gaming

Social networks have become a part of every normal beings daily life. This is probably because of the reason that people have found this to be the best way to interact with their loved ones. Reviewers from around the world have mixed feelings with respect to the security and integrity of social networks but who cares. What matters to investors are fan followers or visitors!


The group of developers was found as YouPlus in 2008 by two of the very good developers. Dan Yue and Rick Thompson founded the company in order to make revenues out of the social network gaming. Their first attempt was the hot favorite facebook but they were pretty disappointed by the feedback. The social network was predominated by some of the other developers in gaming from around the world. The heartbroken group moved on to MySpace after being a failure in setting up a good reputation after being set up as a failure and gained respectable status there.

Titles such as mobsters made Playdom dominate the MySpace gaming networks and the developers acquired the top 25 ranks on the network with respect to social network games. With the reputation rising through this venture Playdom returned to facebook again and hired some of the many excellent developers from around the world. This included John Pheasant who was then acting as the second in charge in terms of Executives in EA Sports.

The AppData at facebook have recorded around 37 million users actively using the gaming applications developed by Playdom recently. They have a few ones left with to compete from that include Electronics Art and Zynga off course.

Revenue Distribution

Social Gaming is the only purpose for the development of Playdom and the company has certainly done a lot in order to gain an esteemed position. The developers are now interested in increasing the budgets for all these ventures. The company has announced that it is going to invest $33 million in venture funding. The reason and motto is still the same as that at the time of development. The circle of social gaming has been expanding every now and then in order to make the company raise every instance. The main target is the acquisition of all top titles around the world of social gaming.

The different Playdom subsidiary organizations are playing their part in the development of the company and Mountain View that is a California based Playdom company has raised a total of $76 million through such projects. They have made their recent associations with Bessemer Venture Partners, Disney’s Steamboat Ventures, and New World Ventures. These would certainly give the developers a whole lot of new ventures to work on apart from the many different blockbusters they have been spending money on.

The game titles that have been ruling MySpace and are becoming increasingly popular on Facebook include Social City, Sorority Life, Mobsters, Tiki Resort, Treetopia and the recently launched Verdonia. There have been a total of 130 million games that have been installed in different places that include Facebook, MySpace, iPhone and HI5.

Sony Playstation3 (PS3) Event Release

Are you a computer game freak? Do you like high graphics games? Do you dream to play 3-D games? If your answer is yes then definitely you have got the device what you are looking for. The most popular gaming tool of the world of ‘Play station’ has been the buzz of the games industry. Sony has recently released the newer version of Playstation3 with eye lashing offers and facilities. The gaming world is very excited in this issue and the chronological view of the day of release is demand of people.

3D Gaming feature

The day was started with a video show by Sony President Jack Tretton. The video showed the features of Playstation3. Then he presented a short introduction of the event. The Chief Executive of Sony Computer Entertainment Kazuo Hirai showed the 3D facilities of new version with some other technical features. A demo of 3D game ‘Killzone’ was presented by the developer Guerrilla Games where the graphics of new version captivates the attention of present viewers. Sony is highly concentrating on the 3D updates and processing in this version. They are very optimistic to produce more 3D games, but glasses will be needed to enjoy the full feature of the games. They are aiming to release three 3D games like Killzone, Crysis 2 and Gran Turismo 5 within 2011.

Playstation Move

‘Playstation Move’ is the Sony’s new motion based controller. PlayStation Eye camera follows the ball of light on the controller on your hand. A movie was displayed which showed that PS3 has control buttons and is able to detect any range of motion. Playstation Move will be released in Europe on 15th September, U.S. on September 19th and Japan on October 21st.

Game Demo

The first game demo was presented with the aid of Playstation Move where the movement of user was captured through this device. EA sports then discussed some features of Golf and they showed some shots Tiger Woods in PGA Tour 11, which may help the gamers to use those in virtual games! A new game ‘Heroes on the Move’ was also demoed which combined some popular animal characters. Two game demos were displayed by PSP where they displayed Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Then Little BIG Planet 2 demo was presented, where one needs to create a community with the aid of social elements.

Playstation Network

Sony focuses on Playstation network for the newer version. Medal of Honor unveils a new character which will be privilege of the gamer. Promotional video of Gran Turismo 5 was the most attractive and expected thing for the viewers.

The PlayStation 3 bundle with the Move controller costs $399.99, while the controller itself (without the camera) costs $50.00.

Lastly the golden moment came and Sony announced the release of PS3. Now everyone is waiting for the more lucrative features and updates by Sony. Sony along with promises to produce more cutting edge technologies and excellent graphics.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249