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Ebay & Microsoft Join Hands For Cloud Computing

Microsoft corporation and eBay have today declared that eBay will be one of the 1st clients of Microsoft’s newly fangled Windows Azure platform based appliance for cloud computing. The partnership is an important articulate technology effort that will brace the creation and ability of the Windows Azure platform based appliance with the technological excellence of eBay’s program — to fork up an automatised, scalable, cost-efficient capacity management solution.

Statement by Microsoft

Microsoft also foretold the confined production release of the Windows Azure platform based appliance, the 1st turnkey cloud program for large service suppliers, initiatives and enterprises to deploy in their own datacenters. EBay will integrate the Windows Azure platform based appliance into 2 of its datacenters to boost the optimization its platform and accomplish bigger strategically lightsomeness and datacenter efficiency.

This partnership accompanies a successful archetype deployment by eBay of Microsoft’s public Windows Azure platform, which extends eBay with the tractability to deploy certain special application program* on a world cloud while asserting the dependability and accessibility of EBay’s page for iPad lists —— is hosted upon the public Windows Azure platform.

The VP Says

“Microsoft’s concentrate on and investment in the Windows Azure platform based appliance depicts they are dedicated to foremost cloud computing solutions. EBay has the right design for next-generation software-as-a-service-based applications with our platform’s computer architecture, scale and dependability,” said James Barrese, eBay vice president of technology. “A joint engineering project on the Windows Azure platform based appliance with eBay’s monumental, high-volume systems permits Microsoft to certify its leadership in that space and helps eBay make better our user experience by a flexible, scalable and cost-efficient solution.”

Windows Azure Platform

The Windows Azure platform based appliance comprises of Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure and a Microsoft-specified configuration of net, computer storage and server computer hardware. The appliance is optimized for scale out application program* and datacenter efficiency across 100s to 10s of thousands of servers around the world.

Bob Muglia, president of Server and Tools Business, Microsoft said, “eBay has one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms, and we believe the Windows Azure platform based appliance provides the scalability, automation, datacenter efficiency and low cost of operations that eBay requires meeting the needs of its customers worldwide.”

EBay and Microsoft have in plans to deploy the Windows Azure platform based appliance later this year.


Launched in 1995 in San Jose, capital of Republic of Costa Rica, Calif., eBay links up millions of customers, vendors and marketers globally on an everyday basis through with eBay, the mankind’s biggest & greatest cyberspace market, and PayPal, which enables persons and commercial enterprises to securely, easily and rapidly send and receive online defrayals. We as well extend to millions by particularized marketplaces such as StubHub, the universes greatest ticket online mart, and eBay Classifieds internet site, which collectively have a presence in more than 1,000 cities around the world.

About Microsoft

Established in 1975, Microsoft embodies the worldwide leader in software systems, services and solutions that assist masses and commercial enterprise understand their full potential.

EBay hits the Patent Trap of $3.8 Billion

Ebay stands to lose billions of dollars at its remarkable auction format with the threat of a patent infringement lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed by a Connecticut-based company, XPRT Ventures, claiming that they gave Ebay a preview of effective “”systems and methods for effecting payments for electronic auction transactions and e-commerce transactions” in 2001. Instead of honoring the company’s contribution, Ebay decided to procure and integrate PayPal to their system i a year after the preview.

The suit filed in the Delaware District court claims that XPRT Ventures was entitled to damages because without the sneak peek provided, Ebay would not have  “recognize the advantages it would realize by acquiring, modifying, and integrating PayPal’s payment platform with eBay’s own e-commerce payment platform.”

It also alleges that XPRT Ventures and Ebay had signed a confidentiality agreement when XPRT shared their ideas with Ebay. Although their six patents were pending on September 2001, XPRT Venture’s George Likourezos contacted Ebay’s associate general counsel for intellectual property, Jay Monahan. Likourezos then offered Monahan exclusive preview of XPRT’s technology. When Ebay asked for a preview a month later, XPRT provided it to them upon agreement that the company will be compensated if Ebay decides to use their technology. Instead Ebay decided to acquire PayPal and use it as their payment processor.

Ebay tried to patent their Ebay-Paypal system, but according to XPRT, this has been turned down because of their pending patents.

XPRT also claims that Ebay unilaterally changed the confidential agreement between the two parties to make  “it appear that PayPal’s obligation arose on the same day the patent application was filed, when in fact the duty of confidentiality arose much earlier,” according to a report by IT business edge.

Ebay, already on its 15th year, offers a place for a trading community on the Internet. It has globalized trading making it possible for buyers and sellers from across the world enjoy the benefits of online shopping. With the incorporation of PayPal, Ebay offered its users a secure way for payments. PayPal, one of the most popular online payment processors pushed the security of online banking to a whole new level.

With earnings of up to 1.36 Billion dollars for Fiscal year 2009, Ebay has been one of the most stable companies that hail from the mid-90s. XPRT demands that it receive its fair share of royalties from eBay’s exponential gain from their technology for the last eight years.

Safeguarding the Web through Internet Fraud Alert System

Another successful invention from Microsoft, Internet Fraud Alert system, is designed to facilitate security researchers. With the help of this mechanism, researchers can report about stolen information to respective providers or organizations. So far, there was no technology which can quickly inform about these compromised or stolen credentials to the service source. Hence, Internet Fraud Alert system is truly an advantageous technology introduced by Microsoft-led coalition.

Security researcher is an essential element of various fields such as financial services, retail, government, technology, consumer advocacy and academia. They often come across with stolen details like password, user name or login information. Sometimes, this information contains credit card numbers that are compromised. Now it has become effortless to alert the proper institutions like bank, about these credentials. Microsoft technology controls the centralized alerting system which is actually designed in favor of this program. This centralized alerting system will immediately report these stolen credentials to companies or banks so that they can take correct steps towards the security of their customers.

As far as the factors like security and expediency are concerned, no other technology can challenge Internet Fraud Alert system. It will be a progressive step in the field of Cyber crime. Considering this fact, Microsoft has handed over this technology to National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance. This organization will manage this program. In addition, many standard associations across the world such as eBay, PayPal, Federal Trade Commission, Citizens Bank, are all set to involve themselves in this program. This list also includes National Consumers League, Anti-Phishing Working Group, Accuity and the American Bankers Association too.

According to the authorities of Microsoft, people who exchange information through fake or compromised identities get profit and share by using stolen credentials. But now, Microsoft has made it by developing techniques to oppose this thievery of identities. Because of the great amalgamation of latest technology and momentous partnership, Internet Fraud Alert system quickly warns institutions in order to take some serious actions to fight crime.

Officials from Risk Management Policy also support Internet Fraud Alert system. They say an important link is provided by Internet Fraud Alert system, which connect National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance and security researchers who encounter some stolen credentials while investigation. As they find out any suspicious data, they inform it to the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance; and then that particular customer is protected from any possible harm.

On the whole, this Internet Fraud Alert system is really powerful and expedient technology. Security researchers agree to the need of such a vigorous system. Assistance of Internet Fraud alert system has really made their work much easier. This system has also proved itself. Anti-Phishing Working Group has taken a delivery of over 410,000 phishing emails praising its work and expediency. Cyber crime is becoming more and more dangerous now days as terrorist activities are becoming part of it. Thus using internet for financial transactions or for exchange of important documents has become risky. As far as cyber security issues are concerned, efforts of Microsoft are really paid off.

How to Spot a Fake Product Listing on eBay

With the advent of technology, almost everything has started happening through the internet. Even the trading business is no more a physical business. It has crossed all boundaries and distances to become a virtual process altogether. Websites like eBay have provided the shoppers and sellers alike, with an experience completely different from physical shopping. Instead, now all the buyers have to do is click on an item and low and behold, the product is theirs! The same goes for buyers. Instead of going from door to door to sell their product, all they need to do is post the product online and get buyers from all over the world.

Disadvantages of Online Trading

While eBay and similar trading websites have made the shopping experience extremely easy for buyers and sellers alike, the chances of becoming a pawn in a fraud have also increased. While a seller might put up a fake item and initiate unsuspecting buyers into paying for a non-existent item; buyers may also fool a seller by getting the product and not paying for it!

How to identify a fake product listing on eBay

While identifying a fake from a legitimate item is difficult, it is not entirely impossible. Mentioned below are a few steps that will help you in identifying a legitimate product listing from a fake one.

  • Take full note of the details of the product listed. Look out for price, location of the item, photograph given, payment methods, seller’s location etc. If you look closely, you might be able to find clues in case of a fake listing.
  • Always opt for listings where the location of the product is within your own city or country. It is easier to locate these in cases of any discrepancies. If the seller claims to be at a separate location than the product, chances of the listing being a fake increase.
  • Always check the photo closely. If the photo of the product is generic and found with every manufacturer, the product most likely does not exist. Unless the photograph posted is actually of the product itself, it is possible that the seller does not actually have the product with him.
  • Ensure that your mode of payments is secure. This will help trace the seller in case he tries to cheat you with a defective product or a non-delivery of product. One very safe pathway for paying is PayPal. This mode has a facility to seek refunds in case of non-delivery within 45 days. Always beware of payment modes asking for wire transfers or bank deposits, as most of the times, these become untraceable and the seller might ultimately flee with your money. You can use MoneyGram or Western Union also for sending money. However, these are not risk free as there is no provision for refunds here.
  • Ensure that the products on display do not feature unbelievably low prices. In most cases, especially where electronics are concerned, such listings which ask for extremely low prices turn out to be fakes.
  • Be especially aware of the changes in description of the product. There are times when a seller posts a product. After the purchase is completed, he sends the buyer a defective piece, while instantly changing the product description to “defective”. Many a buyers have been fooled by this.
  • Lastly, contact the seller directly, through email or telephones. If he does not respond to your queries or gives extremely evasive answers, chances are that he is a fake.

Simply following the above mentioned pointers should be enough to safeguard you against fakes on eBay.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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