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Market Experts: Facebooks “Like” button creating a revolution

The pioneer in the social networking sector has brought a kind of revolution in the modern era. Earlier people used to jot down one another’s email but now the scenario is people ask, “if you are on Facebook”. Facebook has actually helped to bring old friends together and relatives together.

Recently the social networking giant has announced certain updates that will be platform based. The latest report says that the Live Stream Plug in updates will be allowed along with the articles will appear in the results of searches being made and those will be the “Liked” ones. Moreover, the improvements will include some real time updates too.

The Facebook team adds that if an article is “liked” by your friend at a new site then the link of such articles will appear in the News feed section and will also find a place under the type ahead search in the Facebook page.

The content which is has large number of likes or an ample amount of friends who liked the particular have become on the basis of analysis more relevant with the recent new articles feature hitting the Facebook corners. However, the results do speak that there is a clear connection between the search now and likes options which are rather becoming more n more direct. It has actually enhanced the Facebook’s Page ranking in the recent past.

Since Facebook holds users’ that are half a billion in number. If you create an article is flawless and awesome content then you will be rather compelling people to like your content and they can’t deprive themselves off from clicking on the “Like” tab. This is the best way of getting your work recognised without going to places.

The search engines lack in a sense from Facebook that if a users clicks on the “like” tab the content gets more widely shared and receives swarm of people reading and liking it. The “likes” on Facebook are rather serving as element of popularity and great exposure for content as compared to the Facebook search.

The “liked” content are much easier to get an access to than to the links of that certain content. Since a majority is not inclined towards blogging, if the “like” is got clicked on the content’s link then it becomes a piece of cake for it to become a reference. Earlier people or corporate world used some publishing source to get their content or articles more and more published. But with the help of Facebook’s like tab, the contents are getting refereed in a chain of likes and goes from one person to another without even much effort.

With introduction of the Facebook world, the technical world has witnessed a drastic change from a simple friendship request to huge promotion; all can be accomplished by a mere mouse click.  In the recent past as officially declared by team Facebook; the “likes” tab have begun to hold a hegemony over Facebook search, as the latter helps bunch of tasks to be completed in one go.

5min media Acquired by AOL

AOL is a website that integrates news, sports, cricket, videos, downloads, email, messenger, entertainment and much more. Now AOL is going to acquire the video syndication platform of 5min Media. 5min Media is the online video library and a leading syndication platform and AOL wants to take the advantage of 5min Media. Here, I am going to discuss the business philosophy of AOL concerned with 5min Media.

5min Media provides online support for broadband instructional knowledge and lifestyle videos. The library of 5min Media includes tens of thousands of videos. The 5min Media claims to reach over 160 million unique monthly visitors and it has tens of thousands of videos spreaded across 20 categories and 140 sub-categories. The video content from 5min Media includes diverse collection including tech tutorials, recipes, yoga and fitness routines, DIY projects for home and garden, beauty and fashion tips, health videos on specific conditions, video game walk-throughs, etc. It integrates the web content from more than 1,000 of world’s largest media companies. It also had collaboration with professional independent video producers. According to AOL, the acquisition of 5min is the latest in a number of ways. According to them, 5min media is the fastest growing company in online video support and that’s the reason behind their interest in 5min Media. AOL wants to capture the growing opportunity of online video on Web, according to Tim Armstrong (AOL CEO).  AOL is also building a video ecosystem for next decade and for this, they will indulge 5min Media. 5min Media is a perfect complement to powerful video capabilities in this cyber age. Apart from that, it is a missing part of AOL and it could be a right platform for AOL. It could provide a value chain that completes AOL’s end-to-end video offering. It could serve from the content creation through syndication and distribution.

AOL and 5min Media had the same excitement regarding the collaboration of two companies. The content of 5min Media could be a great add-on to the AOL and both the companies are agreed about this direction. Apart from this AOL will introduce the content of 5min Media as a part of its Bolster video content. With this collaboration AOL will take the complementary video capability that makes the website compelling fit.

According to Ran Harnevo (Co-Founder and CEO of 5min Media), the collaboration of AOL and 5min Media will make an attractive combination for the content creators and publishers. The 5 min Media is already a leading online video support website and its next step toward success is the collaboration of AOL. According to Harnevo, AOL’s organization is the horsepower for his company. The combination of these two companies will result in major success. The resulting website will offer the vast library; present compelling opportunities for AOL audience, 5min Media offers syndication capabilities, as well as the content creators will work for the publishers.

How to create an alpha numeric password

Nowadays everyone holds an email account. The email accounts have helped users to send emails’ from any corner of the world to any other corner with in an eye flash. People hold email accounts on the websites like Yahoo, hotmail, Rediff and Gmail etc. But, at mostly the email accounts created are vulnerable to hacking and intrusion because of a silly mistake when one creates an email account. You actually risk you’re online post office.

Recent stats say that near about five percent of Yahoo, MSN and passwords are the same old and most vulnerable “123456”. The lower case passwords are used by a 42% of users and only a mere 6% people are quite adamant towards their account security and maintain alpha numeric passwords for their email accounts.

Well, if you are finding it difficult to create email account you can go for following a set of guidelines that will help you through.


Step one

The most easily cracked passwords are the one that have all the letters in lowercase, easily crack able numbers, handful digits and known name or the name of a known place.

Step two

To remain on the safe side create a password that has at least got a password of minimum 8 characters and it must be an alphanumeric one. This stands for a hybrid of numerical and letters in upper and lowercase.

Step three

Mostly people keep such passwords which have known names and numbers. Some go for keeping the mobile number as their password, which is nothing but a big blunder. Some prefer to keep their parent or children names, name of their dog and while some prefer the P.O Box address and some love indulge their birth date or any other known detail.

Step four

Here you are required to on your non sense conscience. Take in to consideration such a password that makes no sense and remember the same and keep it to yourself only. Remember to have some characters in capital while some in small. Like for example consider this one: GdmCt48xop. The latter is a sample of an alpha numeric password that has characters in upper and lower case. To take some tip from the Microsoft firm that says to form the password in somewhat this manner. Like consider a sentence with which you hold relevance. Let the sentence be “My son is Andrew, who is 7 years old”. Now your password will be like this “MsiAwi7yo”. The latter is the best way to create a password and you can retrieve the same but simply remembering the sentence.

Nevertheless, of the above mentioned you can use your own intellect to jump to password which you feel is easy to remember for and at the same is can be remembered easily by you. When you long for the best security; make use of the above mentioned steps. In order to create such a password that can not be easily cracked and is simple to remember.

6 ways to Optimize Emails

There are times when people get so much of mail everyday that they hardly go through each and every email thoroughly, and on an average take less than a minute to read every message. If they are not able to identify the purpose of the message, they either delete it or leave it ignored for days in the inbox.

Ways to ensure that the email gets read

Below mentioned are the six steps that ensure that the email messages are read and get the attention they deserve.

Make the purpose of the message clear: When people receive your message, they should be able to decipher the overall purpose of the content. If the content is irrelevant and confusing, the recipient would be tempted to remove it as soon as he can. A subject heading such as ‘Action Requested’ or ‘Response Requested’ should be included in the body of the message, or the due date if applicable should be a part of the subject lines.

Tell recipients what action you want them to take: You need to clearly mention in your mail about what actions you want your recipients to take. You need to be specific and should put all the material that is related to the action in one place. You not only need to specify the link between the action and the recipient’s objectives but also give due date.

Provide proper data and documents: You need to make sure that the recipients are sent all the information that they need for completing an action or to respond successfully to your request. The supporting information you send can be in the form of an attached document or in the body of the mail.

Send the message only to relevant recipients: The message should only be sent and targeted to the appropriate recipients. When you are entering the names on the ‘To’ line, you need to be thoughtful and respectful. Thus, not only should the objectives of the recipient relate to the email but the recipient should also be responsible for the action in the Subject line.

Use the CC line wisely: No reply or action should be expected from the people whose names are mentioned in the CC line; they are only expected to read the message. However, these individuals should in some way or the other be related to the overall objectives. If you are not sure whether the mail pertains to the person’s objectives, you can ask the person whether he would like to receive your mail on the topic.

Ask final questions before you click Send: Before you send the message, you need to look back and ask yourself whether you have clarified the purpose, whether you have included supporting information and mentioned a clear subject line, whether you are sending the message to the correct recipients, and whether you have run a spelling and grammar check.

By following the guidelines, you can ensure that you and your team are perfectly focused on meaningful objectives, without creating an email overload.

How to streamline your tasks in Outlook

An email application which also has slices of a Contact Manager, task manager, note taking, web browsing, journal and a task manager. This application is popularly known as Microsoft Outlook. It comes with MS Office and also a separate application. Mainly MS Outlook is personal information manager and its latest release is the new Microsoft Outlook 2010. One can use MS outlook to exchange folders and can work as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server for numerous users’ in a firm or a company.

At its basic level MS Outlook it helps one create a list of items related to your task. The outstanding feature of MS Outlook that keeps one abode is its task features. It helps one to organise the task; at the same time aids you by allowing you complete your task before the deadline.

Way one

MS Outlook allows you to find the tasks and also facilitates to view the current status of your task. To glance at your status instantly you need to choose a view that is appropriate in lieu of the task. You can give certain priority to the items. The items status can be left “incomplete” or can be marked as the most “critical” one. If your needs to be done first you can give a task option to it. Moreover, items can also be sorted according to the name of client or project. Such kind of options related to the task help you complete your task accordingly and with in time and thus, enhances the efficiency of your work.

Way two

MS Outlook has another feature which helps the user to keep a track of all the tasks. With the help of To Do bar, one can setup to display the list of tasks, reminders of appointment and calendar at your glance.

Way three

Sometime for a business official, a bundle of meetings and appointments becomes quite chaotic to remember. It also becomes difficult to keep a track of time spent for completing the task. So as to avoid a chaos in your head one can make use of sticky notes of MS Outlook. This allows you to easily retrieve the information and have it in your hand whenever urgently required.

Way four

Microsoft OneNote can be used to enhance the efficiency of the productivity and thus, allows you to save time. It helps you maintain a track of your meeting detail, images can be saved, important text can be inscribed and meeting’s layout can be carved. By a mere click or two one can easily create MS Outlook’s task using the MS OneNote.

Way five

MS Outlook also helps you to perform your team work very efficiently. One can keep a track team’s progress and also allows helps you know what task you’ve assigned to each.

Way Six

With the help MS Outlook you can keep your boss content. With the help of Outlook you can send the report of your current periodically to your boss. Thus, helps your boss know how well organized you’re and how efficiently you perform your tasks.

The new face of Microsoft Outlook: Microsoft Outlook Social Connector!

Microsoft has become the leader in the free email providing industry as well as other fields like software creation. With the popularity of its operating systems, its software, and its new search engine Bing, it has become a dominant figure on the internet and in the physical world. Because its products are easy to use and have great features, people who use their products love them. One of Microsoft pioneer products is Microsoft Outlook. It is an email client and automatically retrieves your emails from your online providers or your workplace service. Therefore, you do not have to do this yourself repetitively. This is an advantage for those who balance many mailing accounts; there is no need of entering your passwords and usernames frequently.

Introducing Microsoft Outlook Social Connector

Recently, Microsoft has released another new version of Microsoft Outlook that they renamed Outlook Social Connector. It is an all in one program for connecting to all of your email accounts as well as other social networking sites like Facebook. This features is provided free of charge and you can download it from the internet. The new Outlook Social Connector also connects you with your Windows live messenger friends, so you can use all of you social networks and email accounts from just one program with great ease. Besides these features, you can also connect to other social networking sites, which includes LinkedIn and MySpace.

Manage all your accounts with ease!

With this program, you can easily track you communications without the hassle of having to log in into each account separately. You can view all the updates from each account from the program at once. This will be great for those who have accounts on more than one social network and feel that it is uncomfortable to check for their updates by signing in to each site or network. Not only is this time consuming, it is also quite cumbersome.

Endless opportunities

This program is provided free of any extra charge with the Microsoft Office 2010. In the past, email was used for practically all online communications and contacting. Nowadays, a number of other sites like Social networks have sprung up, providing endless options and opportunities in ways you can interact with friends, loved ones, and people you have just met. With Microsoft Outlook Social Connector, you can experience these great things just as you see them on their respective sites. Outlook Social Connector is likely to be even more popular in the future. This is truly a handy integration by Microsoft combining all these online experiences with emails and social networks.

The components that will allow Outlook Social Connector to work with the other social networks are called Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Providers. The can all be downloaded free of charge online. A few updates in your computer are compulsory for these providers to work. If they are not already present, the program will automatically download and install them for you.

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