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Microsoft and Nokia alliance Mobile device Released!

Microsoft and the Nokia’s alliance for mobile devices is finally here and aptly called the Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia devices. This new collaboration is astounding as it not only connects on its own to the communication system of your company but also helps you to streamline mobile partnerships.

If you are a proud owner of Nokia E-Series Symbian smartphone then you can directly go to the Nokia OVI store and download the English version. This is the best place if you are looking to download some quality content onto your Nokia phone device.

With respect to the recently launched Mobile Communicator for Nokia, Kirt Debique GM  Microsoft said, “Our alliance with Nokia aims to bring the office productivity experience to the millions of people using Nokia smartphones around the world.  With the arrival of Communicator Mobile for Nokia today, we have (made) a great start to fulfilling our joint vision.”

It was clear from what was said during the launch, the only reason that brought these two giants together was  that they could bring some genuinely great technology to those who wanted an improved office technological experience.

Now with the new Communicator Mobile device, you can know the availability status of your colleagues and carry on communicating with them through your phone. You can choose the method of communication that you prefer; either IM or email or you could simply make a phone call. All information is stored in the contact application and it is from here that you get to see the availability status across the names of your colleagues. People can easily update their status and join important messaging sessions as well as make calls from the calling card itself.

The VP at Nokia recognises the device’s ability that enables you to  keep in touch, enter and check availability status which are cost effective and meet the requirement of an enterprise. The device at the same time is secure, reliable and familiar to work with.

The two companies entered into alliance in August last year and since then this is the first product that has been launched. This collaboration is the first of its kind and could give rise to a new business model in the future, much to the user’s benefit. The collaboration between two giants brings together   marketing efforts and knowledgebase of each other to  bring out a truly remarkable gadget.

Currently, Mobile Communicator is only available on Nokia E72 and E52, however the remaining users of Nokia will  have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on this application. Nokia is currently working to directly access personal information of others by using the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

In the future this communicator will come preinstalled into the smartphone device, and would even support other devices; this would include the Nokia E5 that is slated for launch and would be available in mobile stores in a few days time.

Synchronize your iPhone with your Outlook calendar or Google calendar

So what if you are an executive who checks mails through Outlook and carries an iPhone, any technology can be synchronized today.

With the advancement of technology there are several options available to synchronize your iPhone. You have alternatives to manage your emails or to plan your year via calendar. You can now access latest technology to do all these tasks for you. But sometimes you land up using two different technologies that makes things difficult for you as they don’t synchronize. Let’s talk about one such example here.

For past many years business executives have been using the Outlook offline mail services from Microsoft to manage their mails. As executives got busier, Outlook also provided calendar services along with the mail service so that people could get all at one stop. Same thing happened with another major email giant Google. This email account vendor too provided lots of calendar facilities and empowering its users with planner features, etc. Google also provided its own offline mail client like Outlook called Google Offline.

Now here comes iPhone in the market, keeping itself at par with all other business and even non-business cell phones. Obviously, as iPhone is from the house of Apple, different from Google and Microsoft, synchronizing jolts were bound to happen. Users found difficulty in synchronizing their iPhone with their Outlook or Google Calendar. But nothing is lost nor is your choice wrong. We will help you synchronize both of them.

Let us start with synchronizing Outlook calendar.

  • First of all make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed in your machine. If not do upgrade it.
  • Now, connect your iPhone with the computer using the cable provided along with the phone and start the iTunes.
  • After you’ve selected the iPhone from the list go to ‘info’ tab in the window and there you will see an option called ‘Sync Outlook Calendars’. Click on it and press apply at the right-bottom of the screen and there you go. Your phone will now be synchronized with your Outlook calendar from now onwards.

If you are using Gmail’s service and not Outlook, there are a few different steps to be followed. But you too can get your iPhone synchronized with your computer. All you will need is the iCal application in this case. Take a look at the steps mentioned below:

  • Once you are signed in your Gmail account, at the top left corner you will see tabs. Click on the ‘calendar’ tab and select the calendar you want to sync with your phone from the drop down list available at the left hand side.
  • Now, from ‘Calendar details’ tab scroll down to ‘Private Address’. Now there will be a green button called ‘ICAL’. Clicking on that button will give you a new window which will have a URL along with the private address of your calendar.
  • This address should be kept confidential as it can give anyone the direct access to your calendar. Copy that URL and keep it in the clipboard.
  • Now launch the iCal application and click ‘subscribe’ from Calendar in the top menu. Paste the URL which you had copied and click on ‘Subscribe’.
  • By doing so it will synchronize your iPhone with your Google calendar. Only thing which remains now is filling up the details. An information window will show up and it will ask you to fill in all details.
  • Fill in name and description and other import details, etc. All are simple details and you can easily navigate through them by setting them as per your choice.
  • You can set the auto-refresh frequency from the drop down box, to update the iCal along with the Google Calendar.
  • So next time you sync your iPhone, also your Calendar will be synchronized.

So, no matter what technology, what gadgets you use for business, at home or where ever, you can always have solutions out for seamless operation between different technologies.

Some Useful Google Tools

Google provides you more than just search options. Now there are number of useful Google tools that will make your life much easier.

Google Maps

Google Maps was launched back in 2005. It allows you to find locations anywhere in the world. Whenever you need to find a specific location all you need to do is type in the address. You will be able to view your results as street maps, topographically, and through satellite pictures. You will be able to zoom in and out to your preferences and pan to all directions. When you need directions from one location to another Google Maps can provide you with this as well.

Google Messaging

Google Email or Gmail has become one of the most popular email applications. Previously, few people could create an account but now anyone anywhere in the world can create their own Gmail account and enjoy the benefits that come with it. It is completely user friendly and you get a large amount of storage space for all your messages. With Google Talk or Gtalk, you can instant message anyone anywhere. All you have to do is to download this application and enjoy the chatting experience. It’s not just limited to messages, though, but you can also use Gtalk to make video calls to your contacts. This is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family, and is so much more fun than a simple message in print.

Google Calendar

If you lead a busy life and are struggling to keep up with your hectic schedule then Google calendar will help you to simplify everything. This application allows you to schedule events for specific days, including time and locations. You can also use this application to invite people that also belong to the group. If they are also using Google calendar then you will be able to find out if there will be any clashes when you are planning an event. The application will remind you a certain time in advance so that you never forget where you have to be and at what time.

Google Checkout

There are many online stores, but many people are weary when it comes to sharing their personal details on websites. Google Checkout is designed to as a universal checkout system. How this works is that you create a Google account and provide your contact and billing details. There are all sorts of safety features in place to ensure that your information remains private. The best part is your details will only be on Google’s database and nobody else’s. Once you have set up your account you can go shopping on sites that allow for Google Checkout.

It is easy to see how Goggle tools can make your life so much more convenient. There is practically a tool for everything in your life from traveling and shopping to events planning and keeping in touch with people all over the world.

Sony Ericsson Naite your Basic Phone

What’s sassy about Sony Ericsson Naite? Well, for starters, it has a certain twang to it; it’s actually pronounced nigh-tay. Naite also calms your eco-friendly conscience since it’s actually made from recycled plastic and its packaging is also thinner than other regular boxes. Its charger also boasts of complying with Energy Star V standards. Charging will be less frequent because it consumes less power even in standby mode.

At least you won’t be dreaming about tsunamis and carbon footprints while placing your calls and sending text messages with this 84 g of eco-friendliness. It is a phone after all, so it does offer features you would expect from your mid-range phones. Although the 240 x 320 display will not make your eyes pop, it does give clear and crisp output for its multi-media tools. It has built in FM music player and tools for editing music, photo and videos. It supports storage expansion through microSD support up to 8GB in case you are wondering where to put those edited multimedia formats.

There is also eMail, push eMail and Google Maps for the Naite. Navigating through this task will be a breeze with the suitably spread keypad. Managing e-mails however with ease however doesn’t compare well with phones equipped with a full QWERTY keypad. Setting up eMail accounts manually might take a few minutes of your time to look up server names. Facebook and YouTube apps are also included for bridging your social networking pursuits. Podcasts and RSS feeds are also available.

If you can’t afford a secretary of your own, or your virtual secretary has skipped on you, the Naite has that also in mind. Aside from the virtual rolodex which can accommodate at most 1,000 contacts, it also has a feature-packed calendar integrated. This allows you to put reminders and fix appointment schedules with your Naite.

There are two choices of colors for this green phone. Vaporous silver if you’re up for a more classic yet updated look and Ginger Red if you’re someone who likes their cell phones to come out of the box with a personality of its own. It doesn’t mean however that you can’t own and customize this phone yourself. A dedicated button is available for those times when you just want your phone not announcing every bit of message and call it receives. Although you can assign a picture to a contact, sadly, it does not come with an option to assign a particular ring tone to each one.

The keypad has a light spring to it and is adequately spaced. A feature definitely needed if you plan to integrate your cellphone with your very active lifestyle. Although some might find its keypad still cramped, the central OK button and the navigation keys amply makes up for it.

The phone also comes with 3G and Bluetooth support, and of course, text and MMS capabilities. It also has USB support for PC connectivity.

The battery has 13.5 hours of talk time or almost 25 days of standby time.

Bottom Line

Yes its green and down-to-earth but obviously this wouldn’t be the cream of the crop of mid-range cell phones. Available for $159, this phone is for somebody who wants cell phones without pretentions and to come with the basic features that wouldn’t leave them out of their social media loop.

Google in Acquisition Frenzy this Quarter

Looks like Google is in an acquisition frenzy this quarter with the company’s procurement of five up and coming small businesses between January and the first week of April. Four of these businesses come from the San Francisco Bay Area and one is based in Seattle. So far, the latest addition to Google’s expansion campaign this year are: Episodic, DocVerse, Picnik, reMail and Aardvark.


Google’s latest acquisition this April 2nd, Episodic becomes the fifth acquisition of Google this year.

Episodic offers its users a platform for hosting on-demand and live streaming video on the Net. Episodic’s platform enables users to view live streaming videos using adaptive video playback mimicking HDTV quality without adding plug-ins. It also allows real-time analytics for monitoring viewership. Users can also monetize their video content by integrating advertisements and commerce in the platform. Content management control is also enabled for the users and any Internet capable device can accept broadcasts from the site.

Formerly owned by Noam Lovinsky, Episodic embraces Google with a team of six employees.


Acquired by Google on March 5th for $25M, DocVerse is the fourth on the list of new companies under its Google’s wings this year.

DocVerse makes it possible for simultaneous access and editing of Microsoft Office Documents in Excel, Power Point and MS word. This will empower Google Doc, Google’s own productivity suite, in terms of online collaborative editing.
DocVerse was founded by Shan Sinha and Alex DeNeui on 2007 and is based in San Francisco, USA.


Purchased by Google on March 1st this year, Picnik is the Google’s 3rd acquisition this year.

Picknik is an online photo-editing service that can import photos directly from your own computer or from other websites such as Flicker, MySpace, FaceBook and Picasa Web Albums. It offers basic photo-editing tools for free and that can be upgraded to more versatile features when you subscribe to their service.

Located at downtown Seattle, Picnik is welcomed to Google with 15 employees.


Acquired by Google on February 17th, reMail is Google’s second company to adopt this year.

reMail is an e-mail application especially designed for iPhone popular for its quick text search of Gmail and IMAP accounts. reMail has announced on its blog that the application has been released as an open source program after Google’s acquisition of the company.
Founder Gabor Cselle will now join the Gmail team as its product manager.


1st on Google’s acquisition for $50M this year, Aardvark became part of the Google enterprise on February 12.
Aardvark is an online social search service that lets your friends and their friends answer your queries. The Aardvark service is available on email, Instant Messenger, Twitter and the iPhone. Users can also use Aardvark’s site to view their answer and question history.

With more than twenty employees the company now operates under Google.

Apparently Google’s appetite for purchasing companies is not yet satiated since CEO Erich Schmidt says they are still planning to acquire at least one company per month for the rest of the year. This might offer some hope for those companies struggling to stay afloat in this difficult times.

How to prevent virus infections on your PC

The best way to prevent viruses from infecting your PC is, obviously to have a good anti-virus software on your computer. This kind of software can detect and block many viruses before they can cause any harm on your PC. A good anti-virus software can scan for viruses on your hard drive or any files , documents or program. If the anti-virus finds any viruses, usually, it can quarantine them and eliminate them with no problems from your computer. Because there are many crazy people that did new viruses on daily basis, your anti-virus protection has to be updated continuously.

Another good way to try to protect your PC is continuing to make back up copies of your most important documents and files. This way is a good option of your PC should ever get hit by a virus that can corrupts a part of your computer system, in this case you will have a safe back up copy of your works available. If you like you can set a system restore point, it depends on you. This will allow you to restart your PC using a previous configuration before you got attacked by any virus.

An important tip is do not open attachments in emails if you do not know the source of email. You have no idea what emails might contain and you don’t know who sent them. But the problem could arrive also from people you know, you should always be careful about opening attachments, if you are not sure what the attachment is about, because this way (attachments) is good for viruses to penetrate into your systems. If your PC is a work or a public computer, you need to run a scan before you save any files that you may use on your own computer at home. This is the only way to know, if you are transporting viruses from home to work.

Another big source of possible attacks it’s obviously downloading. It’s like opening the door when the wind is blowing and saying “Come on in!” If your anti-virus software is updated, it should catch the virus. But sometime, it might not. Few tips when downloading: first of all you need to make sure about the source (the site) you are downloading you need a good source, reliable with a lot of traffic. Don’t use unreliable sites that have only few visitors. Probably source of virus. When you save data on your computer, either from a download or if you get data from another PC, always run a scan on the computers, in order to make sure it is clean. Many viruses did not act immediately. Some smart viruses may wait for a trigger like reboot or shut down.

One of the most common option is to use a firewall, but this option it’s more for preventing intrusion from an outside source than for detect viruses, but few firewalls could block some viruses. Normally, use a firewall is always a good idea, everybody should have one firewall activated.

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