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Why Netflix Is So Expensive?

Netflix had been delivering a subscription plan  of $9.99, which permitted one DVD instantly with streaming both of which are unlimited .The subscription plan is found to be $15.98 later on, when the company divided its DVD as well as streaming facility into two divisions. In spite of all these things, Netflix was cheaper compared to others.

Netflix: Before and After

Before the price rises, Netflix use to have three major subscription plans like monthly $4.99 along with 2 DVD sets free, one which is super cheap and DVD streaming combo for about $9.99 per month which is probably the most popular of the company and other combo plans which delivers an immense of DVDs instantly all of which streaming capacity infinite which commence with $14.99 onwards. Recent DVD –streaming plans have become highly expensive.

Now Netflix has announced a still cheap and best plan for admirers of physical media along with much of DVD as you need a month with getting one DVD instantly for the amount $7.99, which has similar price tag as streaming–only criterion, the organization established the late November. The most complex thing here is, what has been most of the fundamental DVD-streaming criterion, the one that’s found to be  $9.99.Netflix ,in a literal sense included the two low tier  alternatives together and came to an end with a huge fee of $15.98.

Though you can register a new plan right now, the existing subscribers have enough time to take decision till September 1.

Inclination to Alter

If you enquire Netflix the recent price tags, after an unexpected realization that there is a huge extending need for the DVDs. Marketing Vice President Jessie Becker says, “Dealing with DVD’s with a $2 addition on to our infinite plan will not cover up the people having immense financial consciousness nor it satisfies public who want only DVD’s.”

The post of Becker, about this alteration on the Netflix’s blog has obtained about remarks of over 6750. Thus it is very difficult to search a positive remark. Even the fellow beings have made a remark in their blog exposing everything from the unbelievable to packing up Netflix saying goodbye to them.

Netflix became cheaper for usage. Telling about a person who was on the plan $9.99 with infinite DVD –streaming plan pays an addition of 2 bucks for the DVD’s.

Below the new price tags, it had been cast off by the streaming –only option which is at the rate of $7.99.Usage of Netflix is cheaper, so yet it needs some more to cancel completely.

If there is no Netflix, then people will be behind Amazon, Crackle, iTunes etc. Just similar to the services which are back-up, it would now become a portion of the daily action and the option of pay-as-you go tag seems to be more sensible just like Sony’s Crackle which is free of cost with advt. support than just delving into the caissons and get no returns.

In all sense Netflix has gone far from a need to below reassessment.

How Netflix Can Gear Up

The DVD-streaming plan rated $9.99 is the only assuring plan. Otherwise Netflix has to prove something, as its virtual value is decreasing.

Bringing back the above plan to $10 and giving a finite amount of DVD’s a month or cover only the requests, if the movie not obtained for streaming purpose, will help. Other option is bringing back the pay-per-view service; else people will feel like paying money for nothing in return.

How to Get Started with Windows Media Player

It is indeed an amazing experience to watch your videos on the Windows Media Player. One of the biggest reasons for the immense popularity of the Media Player is that it comes along with your copy of the Windows software. You need not install any extra utility on your desktop or laptop to enjoy amazing video playback. There are a lot of third party players available out there but challengingly no one can provide you the quality which the Media Player can give you. It is simple to use and there is high performance guaranteed as with time the newer versions of Windows, Media Player features have also been updated immensely.

To Start Windows Media Player

  1. Select the ‘Start’ button and then navigate to All Programs> Windows Media Player. In case you have selected the media player as your default audio video player or you do not have any other player on your system, then even by clicking on the File you can open the Windows Media Player directly.
  2. It also provides you two views or modes in which you can take pleasure in watching your videos. When you access the ‘Now Playing’ mode then the playback starts and you can use the controls to forward, rewind and pause the playback.
  3. In the ‘Library’ mode you can view the listing of the contents and also access variety of Media Player Controls.

There are special dedicated buttons on the ‘Now Playing’ interface from where you can have a view of the DVD or the media files that are being presently played. With this you can play either all the files or only a selected single file. With the help of the Next and Forward buttons you can either move to the next song in the playlist or fast forward the song. There are a variety of things which you can do with the Windows Media Player.

The Library mode gives you a variety of ways in which you can organize your music. You can set genres, artists and many other types. Playing music and videos becomes fun with the amazing player from windows.

Benefits of Windows Media Player

  • Today Windows Media player has emerged as an amazingly intuitive software platform where you can playback your media and video files in an efficient manner. It has some exciting features that help you to organize your data and also prepare a collection of it in a desired manner.
  • You have the ease to create your own playlist and burn it into a Compatible Disk or any other digital media. With the help of the new age devices like USB flash drive storing data becomes even easier and you can also playback files stored at the external devices in the new Windows Media Player without any complications.
  • The incredible media player also helps you synchronize the digital files with the portable players. With the built-in internet interface you can even buy your favorite music online with great ease. The online stores can be reached with immense simplicity.

Media players: A must have Entertainment Software

We human beings have always needed tools and utilities for our entertainment purposes. Right through the process of our evolution, along with us those tools and utilities too have evolved. In the field of enjoying music and multimedia files, from tape recorders to speaker systems, and now when as this is a digital era our entertainment modes too have turned digital. Take a look at today’s media players.

Everyone enjoys listening to their favorite tracks and their type of music. We all build our carefully chosen playlists and gather our favorite artists and keep them arranged. We listen to them often and often, again and again, innumerable times. So seeing the music lovers’ love the media players had to keep up with the trend and technology. Talking about the media players, they have faced a long journey as the methods of storing and accessing music kept on changing. Starting from physical and bulky players which used to play magnetic cassettes till software applications which run all media files in computer only and everything is in soft form, it indeed has undergone a great deal of transformation.

Today’s media players are just software applications which run in your computer and which can’t just play audio files but also streams video files seamlessly. Things have moved on from Cassettes, CD’s, etc. and now as everything is in just files things are very easy. If you have a portable music player, a pocket media player like iPod, if you have a good stereo system at your home, if you have a computer with good speakers, if you have a car stereo system, or any other mode of playing music synchronizing music has become an idiot’s job today. Everything is digital and everything is just files. So talking about the media players, they are applications which have codecs to play certain format of files. If you want to play a audio file then there are file formats like .mp3, .wav, .ogg, etc. now for your media player to identify these type of files you need their respective codecs. Likewise it is for video files there the formats are like .mp4, .avi, .mpeg, .mkv, etc.

If the codec is not available in your media player then your media player will show an error message as the file is unrecognizable or unreadable. Now if you face such a situation then most of the media player software applications available today offer a facility to download that codec from their site and embed it in the software and run that file. There are several wonderful media player applications available in the market today. The good thing is that not all are paid software apps, there are several excellent players which are absolutely free and some even open source. Naming a few of them like VLC media player – an excellent free media player which has excellent set of codecs which hardly misses any, then there is Winamp – traditional media player which has upgraded magnificently with the passage of time to keep up the trends, KMPlayer, MPlayer, Real Player, Quick player, iTunes, Audacious, etc. All these are free media players. They offer tons of features.

There is also a media player named windows media player which comes bundled with the Windows operating systems if you feel like using it. If you have any other choice of your own favorite player you can use that too. If you are aware of all the features offered by a media player and are comfortable in using it then it is perhaps the best option and you should go for it.

A TV and Video Search battle from Bing and Google

Google and Bing are two of the most renowned search engines in the world that have been a choice to many users recently. Both the search engine provide excellent services to all the Internet users in order to get to the information that they want. This consisted of websites, images, videos, and a lot more then that only.

The start

The competition was certainly started when with the news coming from Google about the introduction of Google TV somewhere in the last quarter of this year. The video service has been working fine and people from Google are pretty satisfied with the services that they are rendering in the sector.

This statement has aroused in a new sensation in the Microsoft world as well. Microsoft officials have stated to enhance the capabilities of Bing and to redirect it to the entertainment section as well. This would certainly enhance the search engine in order to get the appropriate information about the entertainment world that includes movies, television, music as well as online games available around the world.

Official Statement

The official statement from Microsoft has come from the West Hollywood in presence of some of the American Idol characters. The announcement made was a promise to bring serious updates from around the world of entertainment. Bing would certainly consult even major figures from around the entertainment world to help them through this process.

The reports state that the developers are working on integration where you can easily search all the details for your favorite serials from around the world. Program listing as well as the programs themselves can easily be watched from within the browser through streaming.

Possible outcomes

The first possible outcome of this integration would certainly be a competition between Microsoft’s services related to entertainment and Google TV. This would definitely give users with an excellent experience giving them the type of content that they actually want. Though both the service providers are excellent in whatever they have been producing but still the sense of competition would certainly enhance the product quality by many folds.

Entertainment lovers from all around the world would have certain platforms to help them through grasping information from the world of entertainment. A huge class of people would be attracted towards the announcement’s implementation for it would certainly let them have relaxation from all the work that they do.

One could even expect the integration of Xbox Services in future as both the services are closely related. This prediction could even be made with respect to the statement being released by officials that included the online gaming in the entertainment section as well.

The whole lot of features promised by Google TV and the upcoming fight back from Bing promise to be quality features therefore  promising to bring a whole new sensation attracting great deals of people from around the world in order to get them updates from the entertainment world. In addition, you would certainly not regret that you missed your favorite TV show once you get both these services launched.

Nintendo Unveils 3DS

Nintendo has captured the gaming industry by surprise by introducing the 3DS system. Many great titles of the games are produced by this company. Those games are extremely powerful and visually appealing. In the Electronic Entertainment Expo which was held in Los Angeles, the company has briefed about the existence as well as the quality of the 3DS handheld Nintendo has now officially revealed the Nintendo 3DS, and as it had been rumored, this game would be providing the opportunity to the gamers for playing the 3D games without the need of wearing the glasses. This handheld has the facility of the 3DS. This features a widescreen display of 3.5″ on the top and would also have a smaller touch screen at the bottom. This game would also have a 3D depth slider which would allow the players to adjust the third dimension wherever they see that it is fine can be adjusted to that position. This can be easily enhanced or can also be removed all together.

Features of 3DS

Just like the DSi, the 3DS also has a built in camera, but here it would feature two of the lenses that are present on the outside which would allow the players for taking the pictures in 3D. A motion and gyro sensor, slide pad and analog controller are also a part of this handheld. Nintendo unveiled that the users of this game would also be able to download the 3D movies with the help of their handheld, which would include the films produced by Dreamworks, Disney and Warner Bros.

Games in process

The brand new game dubbed Kid Icarus would make full use of the 3D capabilities of the handheld and is in the works. Some of the other games that are in process include Mario Kart, Uprising, StarFox 64 3D and the 3D version of Nintendogs + cats is also in process. Apart from the games that are developed by Nintendo, 3DS would also be supporting the third party game makers like Hudson Activision, Take Two, Atlus, Capcom, Sega and it would also be featuring the franchsies such as the Resident Evil, DJ Hero, Metal Gear Solid, a new professor Layton game and many more.

Demonstrations on 3DS

The demonstration of game called the Metal Gear Solid 3D had higher graphics resolutions as compared to the current DS systems. The immersive jungle folage and the snake present in the game appeared as if it is going to escape the unit and is going to come towards the viewer and bite him. Also, a trailer of the film Tangled by Disney was shown for the sake of demonstration which looked quite surprising as it had high quality with 3D effects that could be compared to the home and theatrical 3D films.

For those people, who wish to have increased capabilities of 3D, 3DS is a great choice. Nintendo has made its world of games even interesting for the viewers as they become more real and attractive. Players become more exciting about the great number of the upcoming games due to the arrival of 3DS.

Smart phones will never harm Personal Computers

DELL’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Dell contends that mobile devices shall never harm the personal computers.

Instead he visualizes a future were more and more number of handy mobile devices shall incorporate. They shall sync more easily and swiftly with the personal computers. With more and more network interpretation along with cloud computing. And to that point one shall always agree. As it is seen every time the device changes the data never does. That allows the data to be converged only. Mr. Dell said this in the Citrix Synergy user conference in San Francisco during a keynote speech. Everybody knows that there is enough evidence that the devices don’t replace each other, like a keyboard wasn’t replaced by a mobile QWERTY keyboard. But a keyboard replaced a typewriter, it means that devices in same league may replace each other but not in other leagues.

Everyone knows about smart phones and personal computers. Smart phones are today’s daily  necessity of an executive. One can instantly reply a mail or chat with friends anytime. If you want to do the same with a personal computer you’ll able to, but you won’t be mobile. Personal computer is heavy to carry around, but it allows conducting bigger tasks like editing, creating new documents, photo shop and many more things. You won’t be able to do this on smart phones. So as a matter of concern both the devices are going to work side by side for at least a decade, unless a new invention takes place.

Every device is unique and made with specific uses. Like QWERTY keyboard mobile are there for faster messaging and email applications but not full on article writing. Mobile devices are very specifically designed to be carried with you all time. Some are there to be used to stored higher content data. Some are used just as net books. Some just have special effects devices. These ideas can easily be countered as some time or other the mobile devices shall become the multi-function computer of choice for work, communication, social networking and entertainment. There is enough data to prove that in many past years the sales of mobile devices are more than personal computers.

Mr. Dell also commented on the iPad saying such devices create new uses and not new data. He agreed that it was a unique product and will sell in large numbers to people. But he also believed it won’t replace any device. It will not even create a new demand he added. iPad is one of its kind and is revolutionary too. It has opened up new markets but still one has to use a personal computer to do various tasks like marking maps, working on CADD software and many more.To counter iPad, he confirmed the release of Dell’s Android Streak smart phone. He also showed the prototype of the same. The phone which was named STREAK was imbibed with a Citrix receiver that shall allow the user from a choice of several desktop environments. He also showed meticulously many websites were instilled into the phone. Among them there Facebook and Twitter too.

Talking about the android platform, it is going to give Apple phones a run for it money. In this race Microsoft is trying hard attract customers with it Windows 7 Mobile platform. Looking at the statistics, Apple may be way ahead, but Android is catching up fast. Lots of manufactures are making phones with Android technology and their sale is unbeatable. In the end, customer decides the usage and importance of personal computers and smartphones.

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