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How to Convert Text to Numeric in MS Excel

If you are working on a Microsoft Excel file from scratch then you will not find any difficulties because you would have intelligently selected the correct data type of the cells, but if you have imported the data from some other type of application or file then the data type of data which gets imported might not match the data type of your file. This results in errors and miscalculations because if your column was suppose to have numeric values and now it has text values then obviously the SUM function run on that column will not yield the correct results. In this post we will let you some ways to correct these errors and data type mismatch.

First of let us understand why this happens and why a number gets treated as text in a cell in Excel? The answer to this is simple; what we type in any cell in Excel is the Value and the way it gets represented and saved for calculations depends upon the data type of that cell. For example right click on any cell and go to its Formatting options. There set the type to Text. Now enter a date in the cell. You will find that though you entered the date in mm/dd/yyyy format but still it gets displayed as a plain number. This happens because the data type of that cell is Text and it is changing the date to text.

Convert using VALUE function:

In Excel there is a Function called VALUE which can be used to convert the text type field to a number type. Try using this function for making the changes in the values you want.

Convert Using the Error Sign:

Cell in which Excel find some data mismatch it notifies you about the same using a green mark on the upper left corner. If you move your mouse pointer over this notification you get some options and one of these options is to convert to number. This can be used to convert the mismatched Text to Number. This method is however slow as you need to do it for every cell individually.

Use TRIM function:

At times after importing or while typing it happens that spacebar gets pressed and a space character gets inserted along with the numbers. Presence of a single alphabetic character in a number makes it a text item. This can be rectified by using the TRIM function available in Excel. TRIM function remove all the spaces from any cell and thus will result only in numerical data.

Use Validation:

Excel has inbuilt Data Validation tool which if set check the type of data being entered in any cell and warns or disallows you to enter text type data in a cell which should accept only numbers. This tool is under the data ribbon and can be used for avoiding such issues.

How to Troubleshoot Errors on Windows Media Extender

If you are using a Gigabit Ethernet Switch for connecting your Vista based computers to your home group then you might have problems in troubleshooting Windows Media Center Extender errors. You might notice poor video quality or slow performance or Video might not play at all. These issues happen only when  the PC is connected to the Homegroup using the Gigabit Ethernet Switch and the consumer grade switches. The problem occurs because of the small size of the buffer which goes insufficient. Since media streaming done by media center extender results in  a large amount of traffic over the switch, the buffer in the switch overflows and results in poor video quality and slow performance. This happens because the switch operates at 1000 Mbps speed and the Ethernet card in the PC operates at 100 Mbps speed. In order to manage the transfer the Gigabit switch has to buffer in between the switches, which may at time result in data over flow. Data overflow may also occur if the flow control is disabled

To manually enable the flow of control in Windows Vista computers click on the Start button and then open the Run box. In the Run box type NPCA.CPL and press enter. You might be prompted for Administrators password so please provide the password or just change the privileges accordingly.

Now Right Click on the Gigabit network connection icon listed in the LAN connections section and from the context menu select Properties. In the Properties Window click on the tab titled Networking.  In the Networking tab click on Configure. Another Window will appear and then click on Advanced tab. In the Advanced tab click on the Flow Control property from the Property box. When you select the Flow Control Property you will get a Value drop-down menu. In this drop down select the value that enables flow control in the Tx and Rx Directions and then close the Windows by clicking on OK. At times the issue might not get resolved by making these changes then follow the steps given below.

Click on the Start button and open the Run box. In the Run box type NPCA.CPL and press enter. You might be prompted for Administrators password so please provide the same or just elevate the privileges accordingly. Click on the Networking Tab and then click on the configure button. In Configure window click on the Advanced tab and then on the Property box. Again just like we did above click on the Value drop down and select the value that represents the 100 Mbps Full Duplex setting and click on OK in the two windows for letting the changes take affect. Some network cards do not work properly if manual change is made in the Duplex settings. So for such network cards or if you face any issue after making the above mentioned changes, change the settings back to Automatic.

How to Fix Microsoft IE 8 Installation Errors

If you are among the few who have been facing errors while downloading or just after installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, follow the steps to fix the common errors. There is several trouble shooting steps available depending on what Microsoft Operating System you are running on your computer and the security settings set on your computer.

Things to keep in Mind

Before you begin any step you need to be in Administrative mode. Then ensure you have changed all security settings back to default mode and any custom changes have to be adjusted.  Next run your antivirus software and / or malware to ensure there are no bugs or virus in your computer that could be bothering with the proper functioning and download of IE 8. Also you may need to temporarily disable anti-spyware and firewalls, which may be blocking from new settings to be installed in your computer. Also ensure you have backup all your important files and folders in case you need to run a clean reinstall of your operating system, which could ensure proper functioning of your Microsoft Windows operating system.

Installation Prerequisites

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 can only be downloaded to your operating system after it ensures it is compatible with the version of your windows. You computer need to be running on Windows XP Service Pack 2, or Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008, or Windows Vista without any particular service pack. While you are using your current version of Internet Explorer, you may have to change from the current page or settings you were in earlier. Therefore you create a shortcut of the to the Web page you were on earlier, so that you can visit the webpage after all installation procedure and not loose any information or go search for the web page you were on.  Creating a shortcut is easy, simply right click on the page you are in and you will be given the option Create Shortcut, this will leave a shortcut of the page on your desktop or any targeted folder so that you can access it when you restart your computer after the IE installation process.

If none works

There are instances, where even after thoroughly following the steps, you are still unable to fix the installation errors you faced while downloading Windows Internet Explorer 8. In the event visit Microsoft website and search for Internet Explorer 8 Readiness Toolkit, this will give you a link to a website under the same heading, where you can report a complaint or see related function errors.

Also ensure when you are downloading Windows Internet Explorer, you download the version from the original worldwide sites, so you can be sure of the source of download. Also try to uninstall the program first if you are not able to use it optimally and reinstall the browser from the website, this should ensure most errors are fixed. Also ensure you have updated versions of your Microsoft Windows operating system like Windows XP, Windows Vista and / or Windows 7.

How to Fix the .EXE Files

The extension that gives the highest number of errors while running is perhaps .exe. You might end up running something while executing something completely different. There can be a number of other .exe associated errors when you try and execute any of such programs. You can have the problem sorted out in a number of different ways.

Fix it for me:

The fix this problem feature is exclusively made for people who are running Windows Vista. You can get rid of the problem downloading one simple file and executing that on your system. The file will give you a simple program that you can run. It will fix all the issues possibly associated with the execution of .exe extension. There are instances where you are not able to download the file on your computer directly and  you need to look for an alternative to that. You can also carry down the execution file in a CD or flash drive from any of your peer’s computer that has an active internet connection. A CD would be a secure option as there is no way any virus or malicious program can affect clean data on a CD. Run the program direct from the CD.

Let me fix it myself:

Registry is the element inside you operating system that can help you get many issues sorted out easily. You can have many of your serious issues sorted out easily through the registry editing. Even there are users around the world who restore their registry issues and get rid of all the viruses and malicious programs that can deteriorate the information on your computer. You can make a backup of the registry to make your repair a safe one and can restore it the original way in case you encounter serious issues after making edits in the registry.

The only key that needs to be edited is the one that is associated with the .exe extension. You need to set it back to the default status. Follow the instructions below to do this:

  • Open the task manager using CNTRL + SHIFT + ESC. You can also use any other keystroke combination in order to get to the task manager.
  • Click on the File on the top ribbon and then press CNTRL and New Task (Run…) simultaneously. Command prompt would open up.
  • Type notepad and press ENTER. The Notepad would open up.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






  • Click on the File Menu, and click Save as. Select All Files in the Save as type and type exe.reg in the File name box.
  • From the list of Encoding, select Unicode.
  • Get back to the Command Prompt and type REG IMPORT Exe.reg and press ENTER.
  • You will be prompted next. Press Yes and click OK.
  • Log off your account and log back again for the changes to take effect.

Your links would start working perfectly normal once you are going to restart your system. Make sure that you delete the Exe.reg file so that it is not taken up in the registry at a later stage causing issues to your computer.

Managing Compatibility Errors in Upgrading to Windows 7

When you want to desperately change your old version of operating system to a more updated version of Windows 7, you suddenly encountered a compatibility message saying:  “These programs may not work properly after the upgrade. We recommend uninstalling these programs before upgrading”.

Now, it’s really a pain-in-the-ass problem.

What is the possible cause?

This is usually the problem if you are running a Windows Live OneCare. This is definitely not compatible with the Windows 7.

Windows Live OnceCare is a computer security and performance enhancement service developed by Microsoft for some of its Windows operating systems – Web definition.

How can I manage this problem?

Basically, the first option is removing the Windows Live Oncecare from the add/remove programs found in the Control Panel.

If the first option is not possible due to some circumstances, then it is time to apply the second one.

The second option would be installing and run the Onecare cleanup utility.

If the file for installation is found, download immediately and click ‘Save’.

When download completes, right-click the ‘OneCareCleanup.exe’ on your desktop and then click ‘Run as Administrator’.

Click the ‘Run’ on the Internet Explorer Security Dialog Box. If you are asked about the administrative password or confirmation, just give the password or click ‘Continue’ and then ‘Ok’.

When a message is received, just click ‘Continue’.

An End-User Licensing Agreement will follow, just click ‘Accept’ and then ‘Continue’.

Click ‘Clean’ and the cleaning process well now then start. After, the program will ask you to restart to save the update or changes done, just click ‘Restart Now’.

Now, you can freely upgrade your operating system to a new Windows 7.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003