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Latest Update for Xbox 360 from Microsoft® Includes Piracy Check

Xbox is a sixth–generation gaming console from Microsoft. It was released on November 15, 2001 in North America. After this, it was also launched in Japan, Australia and Europe. The recent version of Xbox is Xbox 360. Microsoft is competing with Sony PlayStation 2, Sega Dreamcast, and Nintendo GameCube. If you want to play online, you can play with Xbox Live. Xbox 360 is immensely popular among gaming enthusiasts. People prefer it for more reliability and accessibility.

Microsoft is very much interested in recent developments in Xbox 360. They are also developing newer versions of these famous gaming consoles. There are several other gaming consoles available today such as Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii. Xbox 360 has some of the best quality features like allows players to compete online, download arcade games, game demos, trailers, TV shows, music and movies and its Windows Media Center multimedia capabilities. Xbox 360 also has third party media streaming services like Netflix and ESPN in the USA or Sky Player in the UK. For specific regions, Xbox give access to their users with them.

Recently Microsoft released an update regarding its Xbox 360. These updates include change of Gamer Card and it also included a check on piracy when you re-enable disc booting on Xbox 360. There are rumors that these new updates are checking the pirated version of some of the most popular Xbox 360 games such as, Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Microsoft also released a piracy check update in November i.e. AP 2.5. To stay in the tough competition in this genre, Microsoft always develops and launches new updates for this gaming console. Piracy is a big threat to the software industry and Microsoft is also doing its part by launching updates that can find pirated versions of Xbox 360. Microsoft is still struggling with piracy related to Windows, so, these updates will remove and block all the pirated versions of Xbox 360.

Microsoft eyes leap back into TV: sources

In New York, USA, Microsoft Corporation is about to back into TV game, but this time MS may aim at cable, satellite and phone companies.

Microsoft has held talks with TV networks to create a new subscription based TV services on its Xbox gaming console that rival efforts by Google Inc, Apple and Netflix Inc.

Microsoft Corporation’s latest explorations after investments in MSNBC and WebTV come as efforts to redefine living room entertainment have accelerated in the past year with technology companies seeking to offer lower cost alternatives to pricey pay TV subscriptions

There is one scenario under consideration by MS is to create a new TV service on its Xbox gaming console that would establish a virtual cable operator, the service will charge a monthly fee for access through the Xbox to networks like ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS, ESPN or CNN according to two sources familiar with plans.

There are other options which include allowing the cable subscribers to use the Xbox to watch shows with more interactive functions, you could use its features for instance messages with friends over the console while you are viewing your favorite shows.

The company also exploring the possibility of creating programming packages for users to setting up a bundle of sports or children shows, in addition, it could sell more individual channels like HBO or Showtime directly to subscribers, it has already Walt Disney channel and ESPN on the Xbox live online service.

They are saying that a service may not arrive for 12 months but early discussions have been productive. Microsoft declined to comment, the people involved in the talks asked not to be identified as the discussions were confidential.

Microsoft’s plans come as the pay television industry are moving to allay investor concerns that users are fleeing expensive subscription packages for cheaper online services operated by companies like Netflix inc and Hulu and both will charge around $8 per month for the streamed shows and movies, the phenomenon is called cord cutting.

The problem is that so called over the top services could undermine the lucrative cable TV industry whose dual revenue stream model has made pay TV one of the most resilient sectors during the economic recession.

Cable networks like ESPN are paid carriage fees by pay TV operators and also earn revenue from advertisers, but programmers have said that they would welcome new types of competition to the cable and satellite companies.

Microsoft has long held aspiration to be a major player in the TV business and has previously invested in MSNBC and interactive television initiatives including Web TV and MSN TV set top box software, MS latest plans include offering interactive features to engage viewers through social media, interactive advertisement and gesture technology by which you can change channels and fast forward through shows by waving your arms or speaking instructions.

Big Ten Leave planning to Protest Vuvuzela

Every game has its own reactions and impression on audience, as World Cup in South Africa has greatly inspired and influenced the mind of a group students belonging to Ohio State. The student group is planning to start an aggressive campaign to bring as many vuvuzelas as possible on November 13 for ‘The Shoe’ clash of Buckeyes with Penn State. To ignite a burning fire in the campaign they also flagged a Facebook page which was boasted with more than 1,760 people committed to turn up along Olentangy banks having vuvuzelas in their hands. Moreover, there is another group of 621 folks joining this group, also expected to come.

Are you still in dilemma what vuvusela is as there is no such word in dictionary, do not worry; just turn on ESPN to see the World Cup coverage and use your sixth sense as this what you are looking for ‘vuvuzela’.

Ohio State admirer and brainchild of the campaign, student Dustin Stinson starting the campaign page excides his fellow students saying that everyone should come holding vuvuzela for the Penn State game but not without noise as this is the indication of making the world hear. He also said that his mission is to bring as many students as possible with encouragement, praise and enthusiasm. The main slogan says like this “provoke as many students to join as you can from all over Ohio State”, let’s do it.

During last year game played against Iowa, a passionate Buckeyes fan was leading the curve putting himself ahead of all brought a vuvuzela or some other imitative stuff. But great sorrow and alas there are clear instructions from the Big Ten to leave your vuvuzela at home or put kibosh on the vuvuzela.

According to the Big Ten Conference held by Per Scott Chipman stated via email this afternoon that there are some specific guidelines and policies of The Big Ten which do not allow any kind of irritations during the game and no kind of vuvuzelas are allowed at all. He also referred football game management manual which makes it clear in strict language.

The non-permissible stuffs, the arena management has the authority to enforce the Big Ten policies to make the game happen successfully. Patrons should not be allowed to bring following items in the arena: cups or container, cans, bottles, alcoholic beverages or any kind of strobe lights. Moreover, there are some other restrictions on specific items which could not be brought in the arena.

He said that he did not know how perfect vuvuzelas are going to show them at a college football game and he was quite sure of a lot of people being pleased to enjoy the Big Ten’s reactions and responses. He does not feel sorry as he is biased, just because his family also belongs to South Africa and he has seen many a times soccer games there. But, he still appreciates the idea of Ohio State students and said that in spite of high security there would must be a pair of smuggled vuvuzelas into The Shoe on November 13.

AT&T Releases ESPN 3D Sports channel on the U-verse TV Network

AT&T has announced the addition of a new 3D Channel created for the ongoing 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The communications holding company announced that the new ESPN (Alert – News) Channel is to be added to the lineup of channels on its U-verse TV Channel list.

The new channel, ESPN 3D was launched to offer better quality to sports viewers and to take sports presentation to a higher dimension. ESPN also announced that the new channel has been undergoing test for the past two years. ESPN sports broadcaster stated that the new channel had been used to test broadcast a college football game in USC-Ohio State College. The game was broadcasted at USC’s campus Galen Center and some other selected theaters.

Advent into 3D TV

With this announcement by AT&T of the new ESPN 3D channel, U-verse TV viewers will now have access to the first ever 3D sports channel in the industry. The new television network will broadcast to U-verse customers 25 of the over 60 matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup that began on the 11th of June, 2010, and a further almost 100 live sport’s competitions in the following year.

Other notable sporting events that are scheduled to be broadcasted on the new ESPN 3D apart from the 2010 FIFA World Cup include the X Games 16, College basketball games, the 2011 BCS National Championship Game, Winter X Games 15, the 2010 State Farm Home Run Derby and some football games.

AT&T’s president of content, Dan York stated that with their competitive and advanced technology, AT&T’s customers on the U-verse network can confidently expect access to only the latest of TV innovations. Viewers can expect top quality innovative content across the various devices, 3DTV and interactive apps. Customers on the U-verse TV network will thus be able to enjoy for the first time 2010 FIFA World Cup matches in exciting 3D, as they look forward to even more exciting ESPN 3D sports coverage though the rest of the year.


ESPN officials commented that one of the major highlights of the new ESPN 3D channel on the U-verse TV network is its ability to deliver to customers ground breaking sports events on 3 Dimension. Sports fans will thus now be able to enjoy 3D sports coverage. This new dimension to sport coverage starts from the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The new channel will also present in 3D other sporting events including NBA matches, college sports and much more. A total of almost 100 sport events will be viewed on dynamic 3D on the new ESPN 3D U-verse TV network.

ESPN 3D is available to viewers on a $10 a month subscription charge. U-verse TV High definitions customers can access ESPN 3D on channel 1610. For more information or to add the new ESPN 3D technology package to your present subscription, customers can visit any AT&T retail outlet or call 1-800-ATT-2020 to enjoy the rest of the 2010 World Cup matches and other sports events on 3D.

ESPN and Xbox Partnership

The two year long deal has finally come to a shape between one of the leading sports television network ESPN and one of the leading gaming console Xbox. Microsoft has finally made a deal with ESPN and have turned into a partnership according to which the ESPN’s events would all be available to the users of Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

The advantage

ESPN has a complete broadband network that is known as ESPN3 the membership of which was quite expensive and was not opted by many a sports lover around the world. The access to ESPN3 will be accessible to all regular members of Xbox’s membership that is known as Xbox Live. The partnership would certainly come up as a huge news to all the sports lover around the world. Microsoft would certainly pay all the sum of the license fee on your part so that your experience on your gaming console vitalizes.

Microsoft is expecting to reach a wider horizon through this association as people using the console would enjoy the gaming experience even more than the normal conditions as being updated from the real time world of sports world. This way, more people would be certainly attracted towards becoming members to Xbox live as well.


The prior feature that the association guarantees is the very access to ESPN3 that is the broadband channel from ESPN. This would give you an exciting new look by keeping yourself updated with the happening around the world of sports brought to you by ESPN. The very spirit of gaming would certainly be enhanced this way becoming richer. The live event experience would certainly be a fun to all the gaming fans.

The joint venture would certainly be accompanied with collaborative technology. This way, the gaming lover would enjoy both the benefits of gaming along with news and other updates. The feature would let them bring closer to other online friends from around the world. They could even be able to play trivia quizzes. The new collaboration would also feature voice recognition that would be used to answer quizzes along with the gaming experience.


The collaborative feature would certainly come up with in the end of this year and would certainly be of no threat to any other renderer around the world as this association is targeting the members of Xbox live only and no other audience would be entertained this way. This would bring the users of Xbox 360 in touch with some 3500 sporting events that occur around the world that ESPN network focuses on through the year.

The outcomes would be quite exciting as you would certainly have a watch on the Golf tournaments, Soccer matches, NBA, MLB and tennis matches. This all would be available to them in the DVDR format that they could even use to replay their favorite matches. In brief, this would get Xbox members with all the exciting features that the broadband channel of ESPN in form of is offering online.

The scope of both the ESPN network and Xbox Network would certainly expand with this development. This is perhaps an excellent collaboration between both the main stakeholders in their respective scopes.

The Launch of Kinect and 360-exclusive Crytek games

Recently, Microsoft has revealed quite a bit of new information. There was a talk about the new Xbox 360 too but we have also got more details on both “Kinect” and it’s line-up of games. The company has outlined new features for Live,which is an exclusive deal with ESPN. It has also given a hint of the upcoming games which includes a previously unannounced exclusive from “Crytek”.


The biggest news that Microsoft gave us was the additional details on Kinect which was previously knows as Natal. The company demonstrated a number of games. It is said that during the “Kinect animals” demo, a young girl was able to call,pet and play with a tiger cub. Microsoft also announced that there will be around 40 animals in the full version of the game.

Kinect Sports:

The “Kinect sports” will offer games like soccer,javelin,ping pong and boxing. Microsoft demonstrated the game with two players racing in a hurdles event, controlling the action by running on the spot and jumping over the hurdles. The “Kinect Joy Ride” was also featured which is an impressive looking kart racer. It looks like a steering wheel and it is held by the gamer in his hands. This is used to control the movement in the game. “Kinect Adventures” is an action game which features around 20 different adventures. This includes a rafting and a platforming game in which the gamer has to jump in order to avoid obstacles and collect the powerups.

Third-party support:

In terms of third party support, it is expected that Ubisoft will be releasing a fitness game called “Yourshape:Fitness Evolved”. This game tracks the body movements and ensures the user is doing his exersices properly. This special game also features activity like combact training and yoga. Meanwhile, the “Dance Central” from Harmonix will be a dance simulator in which the players will attempt to to copy or mimic the dance moves of the on-screen characters. This game features a mode that will slow down the pace of the on-screen characters in order to train the player with the proper routine. This game will also allow the users to download additional songs after the game is launched. It is also revealed that “Forza 3” will receive Kinect support which will let the gamers control the game without the controller and the vehicles can be explored in a greater detail. For instance, the gamer can walk around the car and touch it’s parts to learn more information or the gamer can also get into the cockpit and look around. The mode of release of the update is still unknown. It is expected that it will be done via some patch or a DLC add on.

Launch of Kinect

Kinect will be launched in North America on 4th of November of this year with more than 15 games. Lucasarts’ “Light Saber” game will be launched sometime in the year 2011. The price for Kinect has not yet been announced but some sources have notices allowing a pre-order for $149.99. One such source is “GameStop”.

Other non-Kinect games:

A game called “Gears of War 3” was on display. It featured some impressive huge enemies which can take over the body of a soldier. Also it is said that “Call of Duty:Black Ops” is likely to launch on the 9th of November and all it’s add-ons will be first released on the Xbox-360. “Metal Gear Solid:Rising” was also displayed by Hideo Kojima. It had a new gameplay called “Slice at Will” which allows the gamers to slice foes into pieces in action scenes. Bungie revealed that the game “Halo:Reach” will feature space battles letting the users control the spaceship for the very first time in the series. A 360-Exclusive from Crytek called “Codename :Kingdom” was displayed by the developers behind the “Crysis”.

Xbox Live:

Talking about the Xbox Live, Microsoft declared that it will be expanding it’s services making it available in every country where Xbox 360s are currently sold. This service will support Kinect letting the users video chat with their Windows Live Messenger friends. Kinect will track the users movements and allows the user to waatch film trailers with whom ever they are chatiing with. Another feature that has been announced is that Kinect will let users to chat via Xbox Live. Microsoft has also announced its exclusive partnership with ESPN which will give the gold subscribers access to over 3500 sporting events including but not limited to Soccer,NBA,MLB etc. Users will also have access real time trivia,polls and they cal log into

Microsoft managed to detail Kinect and outline new features for Live. It also revealed the upcoming games which would have appealed both casual and hardcore audiences. We will know more when the product is released.

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