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How To Check Unauthorized Access to Wi-Fi®

Wireless networks are gaining popularity with each passing day and more and more people are getting rid of the old Ethernet cables and getting a wireless network installed. Ethernet cables are considered to be the safest way of communication because no one can illegally hook a cable into your router and steal your network resources, but when it comes to wireless networks this can be easily done if proper measures are not there. Wireless signals are broadcast equally in all directions and anyone who somehow knows the password of your wireless network can easily access the Internet and your network without you even knowing the same. In this post I will let you know how to identify if someone is accessing your home wireless network and how to make it secure again.


Every router has a few LEDs on its front. One of these LEDs is for the Internet. This light stays solid if Internet is not in use and it flashes if information is going or coming from the Internet. The easiest and quickest way to check if someone is connected to your router or not, is to check the status of Internet LED on the router after turning all your home computers off. If it is flashing then somebody is definitely connected to your router and is using your resources.

We mostly name our computers by our own name so if the person who is illegally using your network has also named his computer as his name then you can even come to know about the same. Let us see how.

Step 1: Open the Router console by typing ‘http://<IP of your default gateway>’. This will take you to the router set-up page also known as router console.

Step 2: Enter the username and the password and enter into the console.

Step 3: Go to the Status section of the router. It may be named as something else in different routers but you need to look for it. Here in the status window router displays all the devices which are currently connected to the router. You obviously will identify your home devices and computers and can easily make out the one which is not in your house.

Step 4: This list displays the IP address, MAC address and even the computer name which is connected to the router. So this way you can come to know about the name of the computer or person who lives nearby and is illegally using your computer.

Fix the problem

Once you know that someone is using your network then you can take measures to stop the same. First would be to change the security key and make it hard to guess. This will at once disconnect the unauthorized computer and he will not be able to connect again until he knows the new password. Second best thing will be to note down the MAC address from the status screen of the router and block the MAC address completely in the router. This ways even if the person knows the security password, still he would not be able to connect to your network.

How to Set up a Wireless Router at your Home or Office

Routers are necessities of both wired and wireless connections when we want to access internet over the network.  You must ensure that router has enough ports to accommodate all the computers over the network. Wireless router helps you create wireless network by following few easy steps. Let us see them one by one.

To get right hardware

As it is quiet obvious that wireless router is essential to setup network. With advancement in technology, now days it has become very difficult to choose proper router. The best way to choose router is to check its compatibility with Windows7. If it works with Windows7, you will find it mentioned on the router. Many criteria must be taken under considerations which include speed it provides with the technology used. You must also consider whether the cost is worth for its performance and if the manufacturer is providing it with warranty. User comments and ratings will help you to find proper and popular router.

You must also be equipped with wireless and wired network adapter and Ethernet cables to join computers in wired network.

Set up router

If your router is compatible with Windows7 then installation is very easy. You just have to plug it into power source as use of WCN doesn’t require direct connection between computer and router. Right click on the network icon will lead you to ‘Connect to network’ where you will find the list of networks available at the moment. Choose right option and follow the procedure as displayed on screen.

If WCN is not available, there are two ways available. One is manual installation and other is use of setup CD. Setup CD will provide with available information to install router into the system. To manually install router you have to plug it into power supply and then with use of network cable establish connection between router and computer’s Network adapter. You must ensure that the port of the router you are using is not reserved for Internet or WAN or WLAN. You have to open configuration webpage of router which can be accessed by typing “” or “” in the address bar. There it might ask you user name and password which is ‘admin’ in most of the cases.

After accessing the webpage, search for the setup utility and run it. If it is not found then you can refer information associated with browser.

Connect router to internet

If router over the network is connected to the internet then each computer in the network can access it. If you are using cable internet then you just have to plug the wire provided by ISP into router. It must be connected to the port marked with “Internet”. If you are using modem then by using Ethernet cable you can establish connection between modem and router. Then you have to connect ISP cable into modem to access internet.

To setup a wireless router is easy and it’s easier when it is compatible with Windows7. If router comes with push button then just push the button and wait for few seconds. If you have WCN then computer will be automatically added to the network. Use of router has its own benefits which are too important to be ignored.

A to Z of setting up your D-Link Wireless Router

Follow these simple steps to set-up your brand new D-Link Wireless Router

For users who are new to a wireless router, it is a device with the same functions as that of a router but apart from these it also includes the functions of a wireless access point. Some of the common features in the latest wireless routers are as follows:

  • They consist of LAN ports which work in the same manner as that of network switch.
  • They also have WAN ports to connect to Internet networks in the area around them. Many functions will be evaded in case this port isn’t used.
  • A wireless antenna is available to connect to other networks from other wireless devices. They use the Wi-Fi standards to do the same.

If you are a Windows user then setting up your wireless router becomes a tedious job and more often we make mistakes in its set-up. While installing wireless routers there are many measures to be taken and various preferences to be set. However D-Link offers excellent set-up for your system and we help you put together your D-Link wireless router.

The basic things you’ll require while setting up your router are:

  • Your D-link router
  • Internet connection
  • Ethernet cables

Steps to set-up your D-Link Wireless Router:

  1. i.            Connect the DSL Modem to one end of the Ethernet cable.
  2. ii.            The other end of your cable should be attached to the back of your D-Link Router into the WAN port.
  3. iii.            Use one more Ethernet cable to connect the router with any of the wired computers via an Ethernet port.

To enter the basic configuration screen of D-Link Router follow these steps:

  1. i. Go into your web browser and type in the following address into the address bar and press enter "".
  2. ii. When the login screen appears enter “Admin” as the username and do not fill up the password block.
  3. iii.            After entering the username click “OK” and the D-Link configuration screen will be visible to you.

Steps to have general security for your Router:

  1. i.            Click on the “Tools” option and you will see “Admin” button. Click on it.
  2. ii.            Under the heading of “Administrator” click on new password, then add a new password, confirm it and hit on “Apply” button to activate it.
  3. iii.            If you won’t be using wireless facilities on your router and don’t want others to misuse it as well then stop the LAN functions on it.
  4. iv.            Go in the “Home” options then select “Wireless” and hit the off button to turn it off.

Steps to facilitate Wireless Encryption Protocol or WEP:

  1. i.            In the configuration screen look for “Home” button and click on “Wireless”
  2. ii.            Select the option for “Open System”
  3. iii.            Next to the “WEP” button select the “Enabled” option.
  4. iv.            The encryption has to be set to “128 bit”
  5. v.            Change the “Key Type” to “ASCII” format and put in a 13 digit code for “key 1” field.
  6. vi.            Note down the password for future reference at a safe location and hit on “Apply”.

Steps to altering the SSID and to sort MAC addresses:

  1. i.            SSID has to be changed for making it more complicated for others to find your network. Select the “Home” button and then the “Wireless” option.
  2. ii.            Change the SSID from default to one with your preference.
  3. iii.            Go the “Advanced” option and then into the “Performance” option. Put a tick in the “Disabled” box and click “Apply”.
  4. iv.            Go into the “Advanced” option again and into “Filters” button.
    1. v.            In the “MAC Filters” and select the option “Only Allow Computers with MAC Address Listed Below to Connect to the Network.”
    2. vi.            Enter the names of computers allowed to access the network including your own and hit “Apply”.
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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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