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Livescribe launches Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen

Technology is all about making our lives simple. From smartphones to cameras, all products are being designed to digitize our world. Following the trend, Livescribe has also rolled out its all-new Sky Wi-Fi smartpen that attempts to bridge the gap between the paper and the cloud technology. The Wi-Fi-enabled pen digitizes your documents and allows you to capture everything you hear or write. Simply record all your hand-written documents or your voice and wirelessly transfer the captured data to a tablet, a smartphone, or cloud-based notes service Evernote.

The smartpen works with proprietary physical notebooks and preserves your hand-written notes and audio files on 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB of onboard storage. Once the content has been successfully stored on the cloud, you can easily search, organize, and share your files. The Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen also has the ability to directly pair with tablets like iPad through smartpen’s wireless functionality. Through this, Livescribe smartpen automatically transfers your notes taken on a paper to the tablet’s touchscreen. This has been done because around 54% of Livescribe users use tablets.

The Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen, which resembles a normal pen, has a replaceable nib, which sits next to the camera that captures whatever you are writing. It also sports a power button, a monochromatic, single-line OLED display, a microphone, and a speaker. All notes are synced with Livescribe’s servers, before getting stored on Evernote. This means that you can access all the notes from a HTML5 web player. It also offers handwriting recognition and print-on-demand functionality.

The 2GB Sky pen, which is scheduled to hit stores on November 1st, will cost $170. However, the 4GB and 8GB variants are priced at $200 and $250, respectively. The 2GB version stores around 200 hours of audio, 4GB around 400 hours, and 8GB stores around 800 hours of audio. This digital alternative will surely offer you the quickest way of taking notes, whether you are in a classroom or a meeting.

Latest Evernote Apps for iOS®: ‘Evernote Food’ and ‘Evernote Hello’

Evernote is a popular and effective tool which helps you in organizing your notes. It has recently released a couple of new iOS mobile applications: Evernote Food and Evernote Hello. Evernote Food works as a meal tracker so that you can keep track of anything you eat. Evernote Hello works as a contacts manager that helps you in remembering people you have recently met.

More on Evernote Food and Evernote Hello

Evernote Food allows you to keep track of your recipes and meals. With this application, you can take pictures of the food you are eating, give location to it, tag it with any descriptions and write short notes on it. Once you have done that, you can decide what you want to do with the information you entered later on. With such data, you can cook better food, eat healthier or find better restaurants.

On the other hand, Evernote Hello makes it easier for you to keep track of your contacts. It allows you to assign tags to your new contacts, so that you can easily keep their track. Apart from entering their basic contact information such as e-mail, name and phone numbers, the application also enables you to take a photo of your contacts and stamp them with location and time of a meeting, which makes recalling the contacts a lot easier.

The best thing about these applications is that they are absolutely free. If you are already an Evernote user, you can visit the iTunes store and click on Evernote Food and Evernote Hello to download the apps. Android users will have to wait for their versions of the applications to be launched in near future. Users already using Evernote will be able to inflate their functionality, without the need of re-entering any information. With these applications, you would like using Evernote more.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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