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How To Share Files Of Any Kind With Your Facebook Friends

Today every person is getting connected to the internet world and has at least an account on Facebook. Facebook is a social networking website and is very well known among all the nations of the world. Facebook helps to share and upload all kinds of thing that can express the user’s feeling or at least say to almost the whole world, without any effort. This is a platform that helps every person in the world to show the feelings and emotions that the person or the user wants to share. But this is also restricted. It means that the user can decide that which friends or persons can have access to that file or comment according to the privacy settings.

To perform this task the person should have an account on facebook. After creating account the next step is to complete the user’s own profile so that in future when his friends visit his profile they can see all about the user that the user has himself written on his account. Then the next step would be to send friend requests to the person the user know personally. User can send requests even to the unknown persons. But this is not healthy thing as can result in any bad consequence. Now when the user has a list of friends, then the status he puts on his walls is actually showing the present condition of the user.
To share any kind of thing on Facebook there are few steps to follow. After following these steps the user can achieve his goal of sharing things. Following are the necessary steps needed to be performed:

Step 1: The very first step the user needs to do is to log in the Facebook account. After this he has to visit the Filefly app page. This can be visited by simply writing Filefly in the search box. Then the user has to click “Use Filefly” and then accept the request of permission.

Step 2: In starting the user has to click on “New Folder”. Then the user will get many options in which many of the options will be familiar.

Step 3: The next step is to change the title as per the user’s choice and need. This is done by clicking on the “Set Title”, and then the user can type whatever he likes to.

Step 4: Then the user has to click on “Add Files”. This will help the user to upload the files in the New Folder.

Step 5: When the user is ready to share the files he has uploaded, then he should click on the “Invite Friends” tab and then select the friends you want to share the files with.

These files can be anything like documents, spreadsheets, presentations and many more. The maximum space provided is 2GB. But this is sufficient enough to satisfy the purpose of user.

Facebook Apps caught red handed passing user information

In a recent report by Wall Street Journal, apps on Facebook are using personal details of users for advertising advantages.  The new report suggests that Facebook does not have a security parameter which checks on apps such as Farmville, Mafia Wars that utilize personal information of users.

Facebook will be releasing new security technology to deal with the flaw. However it is not certain until when the problem will be fixed, as implementing such technology often takes rigorous testing in the real-time environment.

According to the report apps were passing on user ID numbers, which in some consequences does not actually mean to pass on the personal details of users. The ID number is an alpha-numeric number which is generated according to the user account. However the ID does not contain any personal information. Despite the fact, according to the Facebook privacy norms exchange of Facebook user information is deemed illegal.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003