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Zynga® plans to connect its online gamers with ‘Zynga with Friends’

Zynga, the company behind famous social games like FarmVille and CityVille, announced that it will release a social network, dubbed as ‘Zynga with Friends’.
At present, Zynga is one of the world’s most eminent online gaming companies having millions of monthly active users. Its new social network, Zynga with Friends will connect all enthusiastic online gamers on different platforms, including iOS, Android, Facebook, and It will allow Zynga gamers to befriend, make relevant communities, and solicit games. Zynga with Friends will also enable gamers to make a centralized profile to talk about their Zynga gaming experiences and compile their top scores in Zynga games on both mobile and web platforms. Apart from this, the anticipated social network will also include multi-player gaming and intriguing chat features.
According to Manuel Bronstein, a senior Zynga executive, Zynga with Friends is a “one network, one unified experience, and one social lobby that will for the first time connect all of our players, no matter where they’re playing. The new social features and services are designed for the sole purpose of bringing more people to play together.”

Facebook® Messenger 1.8

How many of you send messages and texts to your friends through Facebook Messenger mobile app? Till now, you were only able to send texts, exchange locations, and share photos with friends, but now Facebook Messenger has turned into a full-featured chat app.
Details about updated Facebook Messenger

Rolled out as version 1.8, this updated messenger will allow you to switch between multiple conversations, easily and quickly. If you want to share full-screen photographs, it is very much possible. It will also instantly display all the notifications for photo tags, new comments, game request, and other types of notifications, right on your phone.
Along with this, the enhanced version of Facebook Messenger also brings in the ability to include friends of friends in threads. Another feature like ability to swipe or tap for deleting specific messages from group conversation certainly makes Facebook Messenger a worth using mobile chat app.
Why Facebook Messenger Version 1.8?

Facebook Messenger Version 1.8 is an ultimate medium to constantly remain in touch with your Facebook friends, chat in groups, receive push notifications, and view tagged photos.

Photo sharing reinvented with Instagram 2.5

Instagram, the fastest and easiest way to share photographs with friends and family members, has recently released its 2.5 version for the iOS platform.

Instagram 2.5 with major updates

Maintaining the old favorite and basic look of Instagram, the update brings an array of noticeable changes, such as:

  • New looking profile tab
  • Different ways to search for users as well as tags in the new ‘Explore’ tab
  • Visual enhancements
  • Search autocomplete
  • Speed improvements
  • Facebook feature to share likes or little hearts to Facebook

    What’s so unique about Instagram?

    Click a picture, select a filter to give it a new feel and look, and then upload it on Instagram. What’s more? Instantly share to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Posterous, or Tumblr – it is quick and fun.

    To transform your everyday captured moments into works of art and share them with your family and friends, download Instagram from the App Store. It’s free!

    Making Friends on Facebook® becomes easy with Find Friends Nearby

    Facebook lately has created a new feature called Find Friends Nearby, earlier code-named Friendshake, for Android and iOS-based devices. Yet to be announced officially, this latest feature will let you find out friends who are geographically nearby.
    Basically, Find Friends Nearby feature takes you to a page wherein you can spot other people within/near your location and who are browsing the Find Friends Nearby page. For instance, if you and someone you recently met want to be friends, both of you can simply go to the Find Friends Nearby page, unlike the traditional way of typing and searching each other’s name.
    While Find Friends Nearby simplifies the process of befriending with someone near you, conversely, it has privacy risk too. This feature will not just give personal details of potential friends nearby; by simply leaving Find Friends Nearby page open you can also spot anyone else within your vicinity.

    Just a single click, and delete multiple messages in Facebook®

    What do you do to clean the clutter of messages piled up in your Facebook account’s ‘Messages’ area? Do you ‘Archive’ them? However, the message you ‘Archive’ doesn’t get permanently deleted from the list, instead it just gets removed. If you want to permanently delete a message or entire thread of conversation, you have to follow a lengthy process of ‘Delete All’ or ‘Delete Selected’.

    Now, with an easy to download and simple to use Google Chrome extension, called as Facebook Fast Delete Messages, you can delete all the messages, with a single click.

    Here’s how:

    Step 1: Download ‘Facebook Fast Delete Messages’ extension from Chrome Web Store.

    Step 2: Then log-in to your Facebook account, and click on ‘Messages’.

    Step 3: Click on the small red ‘x’ button next to each message to delete a specific message. And to delete all the messages, click on ‘Delete Messages’.

    Does your Facebook account’s Messages area needs instant cleaning? Try out Google Chrome’s extension Facebook Fast Delete Messages and make your Messages box spick and span.

    Zynga® launched Ruby Blast on Facebook®

    Zynga, known for its simulation and role-playing games like CityVille and Farmville is turning towards other genres with the intention of broadening its audience reach.
    Lately, Zynga launched its third arcade title for Facebook, called as ‘Ruby Blast’. Earlier examples of arcade games by Zynga, include Bejeweled, Meteos and Puzzle Quest.
    The newest title is a fun, social, fast, and graphically enticing game that invites players to match gems, excavate a gem mine, and activate power-ups to beat their friends’ score. Made by Zynga China and Zynga Seattle studios, this match-three game follows the brave archeologist Ruby in speed into the lowest points of an ancient mine to uncover hidden treasure.
    Currently the game is available in 15 different languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, Norwegian, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, and Dutch. Ruby Blast is free to play and is available on Facebook and

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    Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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