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AOL is preparing to close the social networking website Bebo

Bebo, is one of the famous social networking site in Britain, had planned to end up their website, since they are not able to hold up their users with this competitive Face book.

A huge sum of $850 million investment has now come to an end, which was shocking news for the employees of AOL. Bebo is still famous among peoples in Britain and Ireland, but the users rating has come down across the world, and the audience in US is the cause for the down of AOL business.

“Since Bebo’s business has come to an end, is in need for one more big investment to compete in this fast growing social networking space, “said Jon Brod, AOL Ventures.

Bebo complete statement will be summarized by May, and still no buyers have come forward. AOL sadly accepts the analyst report that they will be getting only fraction of their investment.

My Space’s and Bebo’s user were been transferred to FaceBook, since few years and this two sites had become a big victim of the social community giant, FaceBook, development established by the British Business magnet Michael Birch and his friend Xochi in 2005.

Bebo has turned over as a youth site for the age group between 18-24 but they expecting audience at that age group. It has very famous in Britain and Ireland.

An early user had come forward to say the cause of Bebo’s death. “Bebo was seems to be very crazy in the starting” – said Conor Buchanan a 18 years old learner from Northumberland. It was stylish to use it. All over many in schools will get stricken to Bebo and it was very interesting.

The birth of FaceBook has inspired all the youth, since there was vast difference from Bebo like playing games with friends, sharing scores. Bebo all of sudden has become immature.

Jenny Bartley, 17, an A-level student from Devon, said: “I have switched myself to FaceBook just to have contact with all my friends since they too switched from Bebo to FaceBook just because Bebo cannot give features as of in the FaceBook.

Market research company Nielsen gave a statistical report of user has gone Down from the year 2005, 5.8 million to 1.8 million, same time users have raised from 15 million to 23 .5 million in FaceBook.

America has taken a major part for the failure of Bebo, since 210 millions use FaceBook said COM Score, a web Statistical company.

The major cause for the downfall of Bebo’s is just because it was undertaken by a very big company like AOL; they are least bother about the ethics and enthusiasm of previous owners of the company.

Nate Elliott who is the principal analyst with Forrester Research said, “All social sites is suffering from this problems and soon FaceBook too will face this problem very soon.”

Five reasons for failure

  1. Money
  2. Doing posting images, videos will all cost money to be alive on the server.

  3. The crowd has moved on
  4. There is no use of being still famous, a huge crowd of 210 million users have moved to face book.

  5. Parental concern
  6. The youthful demographic approach of this site created problem. Tales of paedophile stalking created rumor and panic which triggered parents stopping their offspring use this site.

  7. Advertising
  8. Bebo has failed to focus on advertisement, as the issue of that, the new riggings wear not be able to reach the new user group.

  9. It belongs to “The Man”
  10. Face book success is because of its perceived independence. When a very big corporate sector takes over this world, they will not be able to concentrate properly.

Sony Ericsson Naite your Basic Phone

What’s sassy about Sony Ericsson Naite? Well, for starters, it has a certain twang to it; it’s actually pronounced nigh-tay. Naite also calms your eco-friendly conscience since it’s actually made from recycled plastic and its packaging is also thinner than other regular boxes. Its charger also boasts of complying with Energy Star V standards. Charging will be less frequent because it consumes less power even in standby mode.

At least you won’t be dreaming about tsunamis and carbon footprints while placing your calls and sending text messages with this 84 g of eco-friendliness. It is a phone after all, so it does offer features you would expect from your mid-range phones. Although the 240 x 320 display will not make your eyes pop, it does give clear and crisp output for its multi-media tools. It has built in FM music player and tools for editing music, photo and videos. It supports storage expansion through microSD support up to 8GB in case you are wondering where to put those edited multimedia formats.

There is also eMail, push eMail and Google Maps for the Naite. Navigating through this task will be a breeze with the suitably spread keypad. Managing e-mails however with ease however doesn’t compare well with phones equipped with a full QWERTY keypad. Setting up eMail accounts manually might take a few minutes of your time to look up server names. Facebook and YouTube apps are also included for bridging your social networking pursuits. Podcasts and RSS feeds are also available.

If you can’t afford a secretary of your own, or your virtual secretary has skipped on you, the Naite has that also in mind. Aside from the virtual rolodex which can accommodate at most 1,000 contacts, it also has a feature-packed calendar integrated. This allows you to put reminders and fix appointment schedules with your Naite.

There are two choices of colors for this green phone. Vaporous silver if you’re up for a more classic yet updated look and Ginger Red if you’re someone who likes their cell phones to come out of the box with a personality of its own. It doesn’t mean however that you can’t own and customize this phone yourself. A dedicated button is available for those times when you just want your phone not announcing every bit of message and call it receives. Although you can assign a picture to a contact, sadly, it does not come with an option to assign a particular ring tone to each one.

The keypad has a light spring to it and is adequately spaced. A feature definitely needed if you plan to integrate your cellphone with your very active lifestyle. Although some might find its keypad still cramped, the central OK button and the navigation keys amply makes up for it.

The phone also comes with 3G and Bluetooth support, and of course, text and MMS capabilities. It also has USB support for PC connectivity.

The battery has 13.5 hours of talk time or almost 25 days of standby time.

Bottom Line

Yes its green and down-to-earth but obviously this wouldn’t be the cream of the crop of mid-range cell phones. Available for $159, this phone is for somebody who wants cell phones without pretentions and to come with the basic features that wouldn’t leave them out of their social media loop.

The First Android TV

A Swedish company, People Of Lava is going to launch a 42-Inch HD Android TV. Named as Scandinavia, the first ever Android TV will be available in this September. Company is planning to launch the 42 inch model first and then to launch 47 inch and 55 inch models of Scandinavia. Coming in this September, Scandinavia will cost $3500 and the user will be able to access Facebook, You Tube, Maps, Twitter, E-Mails and other applications on the Android T.V.

Google in Acquisition Frenzy this Quarter

Looks like Google is in an acquisition frenzy this quarter with the company’s procurement of five up and coming small businesses between January and the first week of April. Four of these businesses come from the San Francisco Bay Area and one is based in Seattle. So far, the latest addition to Google’s expansion campaign this year are: Episodic, DocVerse, Picnik, reMail and Aardvark.


Google’s latest acquisition this April 2nd, Episodic becomes the fifth acquisition of Google this year.

Episodic offers its users a platform for hosting on-demand and live streaming video on the Net. Episodic’s platform enables users to view live streaming videos using adaptive video playback mimicking HDTV quality without adding plug-ins. It also allows real-time analytics for monitoring viewership. Users can also monetize their video content by integrating advertisements and commerce in the platform. Content management control is also enabled for the users and any Internet capable device can accept broadcasts from the site.

Formerly owned by Noam Lovinsky, Episodic embraces Google with a team of six employees.


Acquired by Google on March 5th for $25M, DocVerse is the fourth on the list of new companies under its Google’s wings this year.

DocVerse makes it possible for simultaneous access and editing of Microsoft Office Documents in Excel, Power Point and MS word. This will empower Google Doc, Google’s own productivity suite, in terms of online collaborative editing.
DocVerse was founded by Shan Sinha and Alex DeNeui on 2007 and is based in San Francisco, USA.


Purchased by Google on March 1st this year, Picnik is the Google’s 3rd acquisition this year.

Picknik is an online photo-editing service that can import photos directly from your own computer or from other websites such as Flicker, MySpace, FaceBook and Picasa Web Albums. It offers basic photo-editing tools for free and that can be upgraded to more versatile features when you subscribe to their service.

Located at downtown Seattle, Picnik is welcomed to Google with 15 employees.


Acquired by Google on February 17th, reMail is Google’s second company to adopt this year.

reMail is an e-mail application especially designed for iPhone popular for its quick text search of Gmail and IMAP accounts. reMail has announced on its blog that the application has been released as an open source program after Google’s acquisition of the company.
Founder Gabor Cselle will now join the Gmail team as its product manager.


1st on Google’s acquisition for $50M this year, Aardvark became part of the Google enterprise on February 12.
Aardvark is an online social search service that lets your friends and their friends answer your queries. The Aardvark service is available on email, Instant Messenger, Twitter and the iPhone. Users can also use Aardvark’s site to view their answer and question history.

With more than twenty employees the company now operates under Google.

Apparently Google’s appetite for purchasing companies is not yet satiated since CEO Erich Schmidt says they are still planning to acquire at least one company per month for the rest of the year. This might offer some hope for those companies struggling to stay afloat in this difficult times.

Microsoft Adds Facebook to Xbox Live

Who have actually thought that console Xbox 360 would become more than just a gaming unit? Yes, Microsoft has done it once again by spearheading a social revolution through the use of gaming devices. More than just a console to play games, the Xbox 360 has now become a melting pot for social networking addicts and game enthusiasts alike.

Starting fall last year, users of the console can now log into Facebook, Twitter,, and the high definition media coming from Zune. All of these online social media services will be available to those who both own the Xbox unit and hold Live memberships concurrently.

Undoubtedly, more attention was given into the addition of Facebook. Today, if ever you want to update your status in this leading social networking website, you can now do so through the Xbox 360. At the same time, you can plug the games or movies you’re watching using the unit. You can also do some of the more basic social networking features of browsing photo albums online and even watching Facebook streams. Moreover, you can now match and merge your two friends’ list from Xbox Live and Facebook. All of these could be done without you switching on your personal computers.

This innovation was declared public in mid 2009 by Microsoft’s videogame business and development head strategist Shane Kim. He claimed that the addition of Facebook in Xbox Live expands the scope of what the origianl membership has to offer rather than offering pure video gaming alone. And since the last quarter of 2009, Microsoft has already been very busy rolling out their new service.

A report claimed that one tenth of Xbox Live’s estimated 20 million members has already logged into Facebook during the service first week of operation. This was already considered to be a very big step in ‘socializing’ Xbox.

To enjoy this surplus of services, Microsoft has specified that only Xbox Live users with gold memberships can utilize the social-media changes in Xbox. However, it can also be noted that even the silver members were given the chance to take a glimpse of the new service with free passes from November 20 to 23 last year. To those who don’t want to miss this online frenzy, you can upgrade your membership to gold with an annual fee of only $50. There are also other payment options such as $7.99 for a single month and $19.99 for three consecutive months.

Overall, this innovation has become a boon to the already-growing Xbox Live membership pool; much more if other online apps and other interactive social features will be added next. Narrowing the gap from its toughest competitor (Wii) is no longer a distant goal to reach.

Sony Ericsson Elm

The Elm(J10i2) is such an attractive handset with lightweight plastic which provides the most comfortable daily usage. This latest edition Sony Ericsson model comes with its great features such as the Twitter and Facebook integration. The Sony Ericsson Elm has eco Credential features which include a power friendly charger and a digital manual. Its partial chemical compounds are made from recycled plastics and Manufactured with the use of less toxic chemical components. This technologically designed gadget with eco friendly hardware features is the latest added to Sony Ericssons’ Greenheart range compilation. It has great Social networking features with convenient net applications accessible by the up arrows and is able to compile all the apps together. The Facebook features include display of image thumbnails, status updates and many more. Viewing of profiles is also available. The Twitter’s excellent features include viewing of friend updates, updating and writing comments and others. Direct posting of twitpics is also available. The Ericsson Elm has great Eco features such as the Walk Mate Eco which acts as a pedometer and measures the amount of carbon dioxide you have saved for every number of steps taken when walking.

This Phone also provides great convenience regarding its connectivity. It has Wi-fi, aGPS, HSDPA and 3G technology. The Sony Ericssons Elm Has Multimedia Features that would surely leave you astonished with the convenience regarding its Access photos, Music, Videos and Movies. Movies are accessible via the fantastic Xcross Media Bar. These Multimedia applications are stored on an expandable 280MB internal memory. Expansion of the memory card is available via the MicroSD card slot. The Phone comes with the Sony Ericssons’ trio phone features which include the noise shield, brilliant volume adaptation and clear voice. Hence the call quality is at its paramount excellence. The Key pad takes you away from too much effort on pressing since it has soft press ability and pressing is available with just a slight pressure of your touch. The Sony Ericssons elm comes with a fine quality built-in 5 mega pixel camera which is great for taking pictures at bright light. Has a wide choice of scene modes like Landscape, twilight Portrait, Landscape, Portrait, and beach or snow scene. The Video resolution is 640x480P. The pokey screen’s size is a bit inappropriate for movies but the video playback is good. The Sony Ericsson Elm Phone is not that fantastic when it comes to higher technology features. Smartphone lovers don’t often prefer this type of phone, but it has useful features like the eco credential which can be hardly found in other phones.
Eco credential features in phone somehow defeats the nature-antagonist quality that technology has.

This Elm phone is most preferable for people who like things to be simple. Preferable for some one who has the passion for technology but likes to keep every thing as simple as it can be. The elm Phone is convenient for providing you with just the simple things you want with your phone. So as to keep you away from being confused with the complication other phones may have.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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