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Preserving office Confidentiality through Samsung SF-371P

It is usually difficult to find the right fax machine in the age of electronic email. But confidentiality in the office often results to owning your own printer or fax machine in your office room. The Samsung SF-371 P is designed to multi tasking your telecommunications requirements along with printing documents. The fax machine has come a long way in achieving durable and smart design which has in fact led to its survivability in the present Internet era. The Samsung SF-371P is small sized which can perfectly fit into any office environment. Moreover, Samsung SF-371P is free of paper jams which means that is it one of the most versatile and best value machines in the market. The Samsung SF-371P also comes loaded with added conveniences of printing facilities.


  • Function: Fax, Print, Copier, Phone


  • Resolution:  600 x 600dpi
  • Emulation: N/A
  • Speed (Mono): 4ppm based on 300 x 300dpi (Draft mode)
  • Speed (Color): N/A


  • Resolution: Up to 600 x 300dpi
  • Speed (Mono): Up to 3cpm in A4 (Draft mode)
  • Speed (Color): N/A
  • Zoom Range: 50 ~ 150%
  • Multi Copy: 1 ~ 50 papers


  • Method: CIS
  • Resolution (Optical): Up to 200 x 200dpi
  • Resolution (Enhanced): N/A
  • Gray Scale: 64 levels

Paper Handling

  • Input Capacity and Types: 50-sheets Tray
  • Output Capacity and Types: N/A
  • Media Size: A4 (210 x 297mm/8.2″ x 11.7″), Letter (216 x 279mm/8.5″ x 11.0″), Legal (216 x 355mm/8.5″ x 14.0″)
  • Media Type: Plain Paper only
  • ADF Capacity: 15 Sheets (Skew Free)


  • LCD: 1 line x 16 characters
  • OS Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Interface: USB 2.0 Full speed
  • Noise Level: Less than 55dBA (Printing) Less than 40dBA (Standby)
  • Net Dimension (W x D x H): 355 x 232 x 118mm (w/o paper tray & handset)
  • Packing Dimension (W x D x H): 440 x 326 x 245mm
  • Net Weight: 2.5Kg
  • Packing Weight: 4.0Kg
  • Input Voltage: 220VAC
  • Duty Cycles, Monthly: Up to 1,000 pages


  • Black Ink Cartridge: INK-M43: 750 pages @ ITU #1 Chart, 2.8% Coverage and Ink Save Mode 17ml
  • Color Ink Cartridge: N/A
  • Photo Ink Cartridge: N/A


  • Modem speed: 14.4Kbps
  • Transmission Speed: Approx. 6 seconds per page
  • Memory: 2MB (Approx. 150 pages)
  • Color Fax: N/A
  • 1 Touch Dial: 10 Locations
  • Speed Dial: 100 Locations included in 1 Touch dial

Use of Computer as a Fax Machine

In this era of multiprocessing, we wish to get our work done by just sitting at one place and by using single machine capable of doing multiple tasks. It now days can be easily achieved with the help of computers. If you wish to fax some important document to your boss or to your client then it is not necessary to find Fax machine now. A small set of hardware and proper software can turn your computer into fax machine. It is very beneficial as it can save your money and time both. You just need to equip your system with required software and hardware add-ons.

For turning your machine into fax machine you require to connect a fax modem to it. Fax modem is a small piece of hardware that let you establish a connection between your system and a fax machine. Fax machine must be connected over the standard analog phone line. You can get modems at big computer shops near your house. These hardware pieces really cost low and thus are advantageous. In shop, you will find there are two types of modems which are internal and external. Internal modems are attached to the system the way by which you attach sound cards or LAN cards i.e. directly to the motherboard. External modems are connected to USB port or serial/parallel ports.

Now we will learn hoe to setup a fax modem in few simple steps. After connecting the fax modem into the analog phone line, access the start menu and type ‘Fax’ in the search box. You will find an option ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ in the search result. It will lead you to the new window where you will find an option Fax. Click on it and then click on ‘New Fax’ tab on the top of the window. You will lead to question asking about whether you want to connect via fax modem or fax server. After choosing appropriate option follow the instruction as you proceed. Once you have finished you will be able to send and receive faxes.

Another way to send or receive fax is to use a fox server. It is a fanatical computer that can handle multiple fax modems. The benefit of using fax server is that you don’t have to install a fax modem to your system to send and receive faxes. However, to perform the action you must be aware of the address of fax server to where you want to connect.  After accessing ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ you have to go into the Fax tab and click on tools. There you will find an option ‘Fax accounts’. There click on add which will lead you to the window containing option with which you can connect to the network. Then follow the instructions and assign name. You must be permitted by network administrator to use the network for fax purpose. Using computer for fax purpose is very helpful for your business growth as it saves the money that must be invested in costly fax machines.

How To Set Up An International Mail Forwarding Service?

There are a number of problems which are being faced by the goods purchasers outside the country. Many companies usually charge very high amount for the delivery of these goods and these rates seem to be very high for customers. The main thing is that the customer has no control over the process of delivery. This seems to be most reviving problem which is normally being faced by people.

How to Get Rid Of It?

If you want to get rid of this hectic issue, then let me guide you in this regard. You will have to follow these steps to get rid from the problem. The steps mentioned below will help in the easy forwarding service of the international mail.

Research for Trustable Forwarders

First of all, you need to have the trustable service providers who can forward your international mail. If you make some research in this aspect, then it will definitely be helpful for you to get the best type of service. You have to see that whether that desired service is credible or not? Can you rely on the efficiency of that specified service provider or not?


The second step is to authorize the forwarder. This will be helpful in handling the email service easily. Notarization is necessary if you are the resident of US. If you are not a resident then you have to specify the details to the company, with the help of an email or perhaps using the fax machine. This will be helpful in delivering the information.

Sending Payments

The third most important thing is to send the required payments to the company. You should keep this thing in your mind that you have to pay a certain fee in this aspect. This will be helpful in making the service assured. You can either make the credit card payment or payments through the online account as well. Different companies have different modes of payments. Therefore, you have to check out whether it will be helpful in achieving the desired results which you want to entertain or not.

Submitting Documents

After the payments, the fourth step is to submit those documents which are being required by the company. This will be helpful in completing the application form of the forwarder. After this, a US address will be issued to the individual. Later on, the assurance of that desired email address is to be done.

Updating Address

The most important and the last step is to update the US transactions address. After that you can submit your mailing address to all those companies from whom you want to receive the transactions.

What Are The Benefits?

The international mail forwarding service will be helpful in getting all of your mails and the different types of the packages as well. There are three main options available with the individual i.e. to hold, to send or to discard the special type of package. This is one of the smoother services being provided for US concerns.

Canon faxphone L80 laser fax printer

Cannon Faxphone L80 – a small business solution:

For any small office, the FAXPHONE® L80 provides an efficient way to run your business through having the performance of a laser fax machine and a printer. With an added convenience of a handset, the machine could also be used as a telephone. FAXPHONE® L80 is a space saving solution for small business which can be used as a desktop printer, and its state-of-the-art fax capabilities provide you with a six page-per-minute laser printer, doubling as a printer and a fax machine. It is high time for a small business to upgrade into a better performing machine providing both the features instead of holding on to a printer and a fax machine separately.

When you compare your single fax machine to the features of FAXPHONE® L80, you will find that this multi-task machine, along with its printing and faxing features and a 30-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, Super G3 facsimile technology and large fax memory, surpasses your single fax machine hands down. The FAXPHONE® L80 is a space saver and provides printing and faxing facilities having a quality laser output for both printed faxes and documents.

The features:

Cannon FAXPHONE® L80 lets you efficiently manage faxing operation with features like, polling, delayed sending, and reception restriction. The reception restriction feature blocks all the junk faxes coming in, there-by saving your paper usage and wastage of toner. FAXPHONE® L80 provides the help of directory search by which you can easily look up and dial the correct number with the help of the stored numbers in the memory. You have the facility to dial with the help of speed dial, coded dials or registered groups.

Once you start to use this Cannon FAXPHONE® L80 printer along with all the features it offers, you will never know how you could have carried on so long without one such machine. You can send and receive faxes from this machine, you could also scan your documents into your computer and you could use FAXPHONE® L80 as a high grade printer. You can ofcourse connect this machine to your network and use it as a network printer. FAXPHONE® L80 saves your money against the investment you make to purchase the machine.

FAXPHONE® L80 has a thirty page document feeder located at the bottom surface of the machine. This document feeder feeds documents to your printer for faxing and printing purposes. The printing speed of FAXPHONE® L80 is around three seconds per page at top speed and it is G3 compatible.

As a copier fax machine, the FAXPHONE® L80 holds 100 sheets of blank paper which makes sure that you would not be running out of papers very soon. It prints documents at 600 by 600 dots per inch, providing you with six quality pages of document prints per minute for legal or A4 size papers.

The printer operates on Windows operating system from version 98 to the recent ones, and also connects to your computer via open Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. Cannon FAXPHONE® L80 with all its features remains as one of the most useful solution for any small business.

Brother MFC 4300 Printer

Brother 4300 meets your need:

When your business is growing, at one time or the other your will be running out of office space requiring more infrastructure to continue with your targeted profitability. It would be important then to think about space and the first thing which would come in mind is how to reduce the space occupied by your computer system. If you have four different machines doing different tasks in a small office such as a scanner, fax machine, photo copier, and  printer; then you will certainly feel stressed.

Brother 4300 printer comes with all you need, and it is one machine capable of completing the tasks mentioned above.

Your 4 in 1 media center:

Brother 4300 printer is like a 4-in-1 media center and handles all tasks an office would ever need. The design of this printer has been especially centered on its application in small business environment, providing the business organizations with single equipment therefore providing multiple services.

When you purchase this printer, the MFC 4300 toner cartridge is included in the package and this cartridge gives you the finest quality toner for use with this printer. It is easier to realise the performance of the toner cartridge when you consider that this cartridge could provide you with 1,500 pages of prints, maintaining the same quality all through.

Brother 4300 as a printer:

As regards printing, you do not require to change paper often when the printer goes into its printing mode. It has a tray which can hold 500 sheets of standard paper which may last for a decent period of prints. Brother 4300 is capable of printing label sheets, envelopes, bond paper, and even those papers which have been made through re-cycling process. This printer provides all which an efficient office would need, with multiple people hooked up with the printer through networking. When several users hit the print button, Brother 4300 organizes the printing schedule and prints out the documents one by one for each of the users.

Brother 4300 as a fax machine:

Brother 4300 can provide you with prints and copying. These two are not new to the printing world. The speciality is that, Brother 4300 can provide you with the ability to fax directly from a computer. The printer would preferably be in your LAN which would facilitate any of the computers in the LAN to fax directly from the computer. This would need software to be installed, and this software comes along with the printer which makes faxing so much easier. This keeps the efficiency level high which in turn contributes sufficiently in the company’s profits.

In fax mode, Brother 4300 offers wide range of transmissions, and further keeps tags on all the fax received and sent which are available as reports. This allows the office management to keep tabs on paper usages and toner consumptions to make these available well in time for the printer to run smoothly. The activity reports tag all the events like, the numbers which have been called and how many pages went to each along with a transmission confirmation print out after each one.

MFC 4350 Printer is Designed For A Small office

Printer for your small business:

Even if you have a small business, your business operation must keep up to demands efficiently for your business to survive. This is one of the reasons why you should have an efficiently performing printer to meet all your printing needs. Besides printing, your business also requires documents to be faxed and you have the need to scan your documents and store those in your computer.

Brother MFC 4350 printer along with MFC 4350 toner cartridge would be the perfect choice for your business operations. When you are buying new equipment it is necessary that you look into space saving issues. Brother MFC 4350 is a space saving equipment which goes on to a desk comfortably providing you with multi-tasking feature.  Without Brother MFC 4350 printer, you would have had three separate machines to do the same jobs.

Brother MFC 4350 not only prints:

When it comes to space saving, Brother MFC 4350 printer not only saves space but provides you with features like printing, scanning, faxing, etc. For a small office with fair number of workers having computers, Brother MFC 4350 printer is a good choice with capabilities of providing multi-functions at the touch of a button. This is one of the advantages that a small office would require to remain efficient especially since Brother MFC 4350 printer is capable in handling multiple tasks. The Brother MFC 4350 Printer along with the Brother MFC 4350 Printer toner give you perfect quality prints from its very first page to the last.

Does the job of three different machines:

Brother MFC 4350 printer does the job of three different machines. It is one machine which can handle different tasks and when space is limited in an office, it is the ideal machine to replace all your three bulky equipment doing all those three jobs separately. With a cost effective Brother MFC 4350 Printer toner you save on your printing needs with the printer providing you with more sheets per cartridge than many of the inkjet versions that are on the market. Saving money is important for a small business so this can be a huge advantage over other three in one models.

A truly faxing machine:

Faxing feature is one of the important features which this printer has to offer. The fax machines that we know of would often print out illegible fax documents is a waste. In this case you may have to call the concerned person and have the contents of the fax sent to you by email. This becomes a hassle. Brother MFC 4350 printer is a quality machine which provides you with quality prints and not a single print comes as illegible as long as the toner lasts. Brother MFC 4350 replacement toner is also a cheaper replacement printer toner providing great savings for you.


Any small office needing a printer should always go for equipment which provides other functions along with printing. Any business would know the facts of saving money for maximum profitability. With a multi-function printer you would be going easy on your budget and saving on your expenses providing more where you need to invest. Brother MFC 4350 Printer has been designed for a small office application, and this feature packed printer provides all the need of a small business.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003