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iOS 4.0 With Multitasking Features for iPhone

Connectivity is the most important factor in this fast paced world of today. The cutting edge technology comes with an option to enable the users to enjoy more user friendly tools. One of the top notch hardware and software manufacturers of IT industry, Apple always plays a vital role in the up gradation of newer technology with a modified idea. As a result iPhone has becomes the most featured product of Apple after its release in 2007. Apple has also released solution software of iPhone named iOS which is the operating system of the iPhone. Last month they updated the software and release iOS 4.0 with new feature which could enhance users comfort. ,especially the multitasking ability of iOS 4.0 adds a great value to the use of that software as well as iPhone.


iOS 4.0 has come into the lime light with its multitasking facility which enables the users to use iPhone for official works, when they are in need of doing several tasks at a time. This operating system is designed especially for the official documentation works and home users as they can get a chance to open as many as new work windows which will confirm faster their work speed.

The multitasking feature enables the users to run third party Apps and switch between them instantly. This can be done without slowing the system. The overall performance of the system is all the same with the multitasking feature where excessive power consumption is not necessary. This feature has no bad effect on the system and battery of iPhone.

Option of different Mode operation

Apps of iPhone can be used in two ways for performing multitasking: running and suspended. iOS 4 tries to keep as many eligible apps running as it can hold in memory at one time; the other apps remain suspended (until purged by iOS 4 or closed by the user).

Switch between Apps and pick up where the program was left

This is a great feature of multitasking ability of iOS 4.0. The users can switch into different functions or windows comfortably. Even they can enjoy the switched off program from where the program were switched off.

Audio in the background

This new feature enables the users to listen to audio from compatible third-party apps while checking email, surfing the web, playing games, and performing other tasks. This can add a great value to the iOS 4.0 multitasking ability.

Task completion in the Background

In fact switching to other tasks without interrupting the on going task is possible with the iOS 4.0. In case of photo uploading or sharing, anyone can do other task while the photo is uploaded or shared.

GPS running with all other tasks

GPS will run continuously in the background which will not only update the user’s position, but also can give a turn-by-turn direction.

The overall effort of Apple to produce “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system” which they claim in their tag line for iOS, is moving in the right direction to enable the users with more comfortably.

Google Enhancing the Features of Collaboration Safety in Google Docs

Many of the new settings have been introduced by Google for the Google Docs, which is the software used for creating as well as editing the documents over the internet. This is used to making it easy for the control of the distribution of the files so that it should be done to the right people in any organization or the group of people.

Sharing the documents had always been a signature feature of the service of the Docs which is based on the cloud, which ties greatly with the increasing interest in the deployment of the collaborative technologies that are done in the enterprise. But while Google has been making the noticeable strides for the sake of attracting the bigger companies as well as the organizations for its applications, there remains the privacy and the security concerns related to the cloud based or for the applications of the software as a service.

Features in Google Doc

This new feature has the setting of “private” which allows the users for designating the files of Docs which could be accessible only to those people or the group of people which are being invited in the explicit manner. One other kind of setting is the “people at your organization with a link” which would allow the users for making the files of Docs to be available to any user which is a part of the domain of the company and who only knows the URL of the file. If you select the option of “allows anyone to edit” then those same users would be given the access to this particular URL for editing the files. They would also have the facility to copy and paste the link of the file into the email messages, chats or into the calendar invitations.

“People at your organization can find and access” is considered to be the broadest of all the settings that are a part of the Google Docs. This would mean that the files of Doc would be indexed with the help of the search of the Google Docs and might be opened by any person who is a part of the organization.

The users will also be able to make the file “public on the web” and this could be done by the users only if the administrator of the Google apps of the company allows them to share these documents with the outside world which is not part of the organization.

Gavin Haslam is the IT manager of the business services company called the Rentokil Initial. He has said in one statement on the Enterprise blog of Google that this new sharing setting would definitely make for the users to share the information throughout the organization. It would also allow them to save great amounts of the time when they would be rolled out across 35,000 of the users that are on the Google Apps.

Options for visibility

One new feature is the option of visibility, which would allow the users to view the complete list of the editors as well as the viewers who are authorized by the organization.

Conquer Your Gmail Inbox with Nested Labels

Labels do the same work which folders do, but they are more flexible than folders because an email can have a lot of label’s but can’t be in various folders at the same time. When you have created a label you can see all the messages by clicking on it.

Procedure to create a label:

1. Click on setting > labels or you can create it by clicking on the LABELS drop down menu
2. Click on create a new label
3. Type the desired name of your new label and press ok.

Some of the feature that the Gmail provides is to make a hierarchy of labels like in folders. You can create labels that provide you an easy excess to the requested links that you want to show in the fields.

You will label with / and make the child of your label that you want to display in your inbox. If you want to create the hierarchy which actually display home and there child in the nesting order Gmail provides you the facility to implement this in very easy way here is the procedure to follow:

Home: it is you parent folder
Home/Family: it shows the child
Home/Vacation: you can display the hierarchy which you want.

Gmail facilitate to display the nesting like “Home/Family/Kids,” “Home/Pets/care,” this hierarchy could be displayed in your left. So, by creating the parent label name home you could easily create their child and display in your inbox.

You can organize the complex hierarchy. Moreover, Gmail provides you to expand your label to collapse the free space that show in your inbox. You can apply desire setting in labels that tells you it contains unread messages or you could collapse the child labels for you convenience.

Hide read labels create problems. You will confuse if your both labels enable; for example, the hide labels won’t appear as it should sometime hinder the continuity in your communication.

Gmail launching different experimental features, nested labels is one of them, this facilitate you to organize your labels that you want. If you want to enable this feature open setting an enable the nested labels option. You can also manipulate the nested labels by drag and drop and organize them in to your requirements. Moreover you can assign the naming scheme that suit you well.

After creating the nested labels, you can create the parents labels for better manipulation. Gmail allows you to create the complex nested labels in any hierarchy, and there is no such limit to create the nested labels; but here character could be limited so it is better to use the word that is simple to remember.

You can mange the unread message for later preference. This feature is very useful you just need to turn ON the Gmail setting; open the sneak option by pressing the alphabets and you can navigate to the letter such as “j”,”k” you can dismiss the peak card by pressing escape you setting is permanently save.

Latest Dell Inspiron

With the rapid change in technology, people are eagerly waiting to grab the latest released version of electronic goods. This is true for all the products right from mobile phones to laptops. In this article, I will be discussing  about the latest Dell Inspiron 1545.

This laptop has  all the essential features in built. However, they are worth to be discussed at this point. The monitor is 15.6 inches and it has Intel Core 2 duo T6400 2.0 GHz Processor. It comes with a 4GB RAM and 320GB hard disk. It also comes with a built-in web camera which is 1.3 mega pixel in resolution and has a DVDRW capability. It can be considered as a replacement to the desktop version of the 15.6 inch display. However, the laptop fairs better to the desktop in terms of its sleek looks and powerful features.

One important feature about which many professional computer workers think before purchasing any laptop is its battery life. Dell Inspiron 1545 gives 4 hours 34 minutes of the battery life so you will have sufficient time to complete your pending work.

It has an in-built memory card reader through which you can easily access, edit, save, store and transfer the important data. With its DVD RW compatibility feature, you can easily burn your own CD’s and DVD’s for audio and video. You can get the online access via the 802.11b/g wireless LAN or integrated Ethernet and can enjoy the Internet usage. You can get connected to your friends and family through the video chat and can enjoy the features of the in-built web camera and microphone. Don’t you think this latest Dell Inspiron laptop for your home?

How can I forget mentioning about the entertainment part when I am talking about Computers? The latest Dell Inspiron has been proven to be the best performer when comes to playing the complicated video games. With such high quality processor it will surely engage any game without any problems.

The Dell Inspiron 1545 is also good for professional as well as beginner photographers as it gives them a chance to utilize and enhance their photographical skills. It is very pleasant to view the brilliant images and text on the 15.6 inch monitor. The high definition true life LCD display of the monitor is a plus. So no wonder if this is a top choice by many photographers also.

You will be surprised when you know that such a high performing laptop only costs $499. The price is just ignorable and easily affordable when compared to its features, deliver-ables and performance. Yes, this is a budget laptop that fits for all. So what are you waiting for? Grab your Dell Inspiron now.

The Death of Palm Pre

After more than one year of unveiling the Palm Pre at CES, the company is struggling to keep up sales. The company’s shares have dropped to $4 per share. Wall Street’s seers are already predicting the only two available options: acquisition or insolvency. What went wrong then? Wasn’t the Palm Pre touted to be the iPhone killer from Palm? Here’s where Palm messed up.

The App Catalogue:

Promising to be more open and developer friendly, the App Catalogue was launched to complement the webOS. It has all but lived up to that expectation. The developer and the general user were very excited with the possibility of a mad rush of apps for the webOS, but the rush never came. The App Catalogue was launched in June 2009 with a measly 30 apps. The situation remained the same for the next two months and finally at the end of the year the number crawled to a 1000. Compare that to the 100,000+ apps available for iPhone. The App Catalogue never even came close to giving a competition to the iPhone Apps. 1000 apps may feel like an adequate number to satisfy everyone’s needs but an average buyer looks for more in a high end phone like Pre. This is where Apple scores. In 100,000 apps one is bound to find a goofy and interesting app, and this app is shared with others. A person without an iPhone is then interested what else might be on offer which will catch his eye. This was a big deficiency for a Pre user when compared to an iPhone enthusiast.

Performance Problems:

Poor performance is one thing an average phone user will not tolerate. Contrary to the company’s claims, many Palm users will vouch for the fact that the performance of the Palm was way below standards. There were serious quality control issues that had been left unaddressed. The return rate of the Pre was much higher than any other Smartphone of the time. Many reviewers too had sent back their test phones for replacements and there was a sizeable chunk of Palm users who had got their phones replaced more than once. For a company which is an industry dwarf a glitched phone is just plain suicide.

Poor Design:

The Pre was definitely targeted at women though the company never officially stated it. The mirror on the back and the cute cuddly looks definitely look good on paper but it never clicked off the drawing charts. Palm claimed the phone was designed to better fit into one’s pocket unlike the iPhone which was too wide. The fact is that an average user would prefer a thinner phone than a bulky one even if it is wider. Moreover in case of a touch screen, consumers popularly prefer the wider one. The keyboard of the Pre too would have been better off in landscape mode than portrait mode which kind of seemed cramped up in comparison to iPhone’s wide onscreen keyboard.

Another factor which eliminated Pre from the race was the lack of any support in the likes of iTunes or Google Voice. The ease of syncing the phone with Google Voice or iTunes had Apple and Nexus users hooked onto their devices while Palm had nothing to offer on that front. This contributed to customers drifting away from webOS.

On a concluding note the Pre definitely had a few good points with its cloud computing ability, though none of its advantages were compelling enough. As stated earlier the industry’s dwarf had made a mistake and it neither did have the resources to correct itself nor did its competitors offer any time to think about it. The release of iPhone 3GS couldn’t have come at a worse time for Palm with many of Pre users showing signs of restlessness. Finally Palm has come to the point where it can only choose how to end its misery. With the release of Windows Phone 7 Series the phone industry is all set to become a tripartite struggle between Microsoft, Apple and Google.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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