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FIFA 2010: Rethink of Goal Line Technology

Two major incidents have basically been responsible for the sudden surge in demand for implementation of technology in the football field. The first was Englands Frank Lampard, whose goal could not be seen by the referee when it bounced off from the crossbar and crossed over the goal line. The second incident, happening hours later was a goal by Argentinas Carlos Tevez which was allowed because of the inability of the referee or his assistants to see that the goal was a shot from the offside. The second was the clear blunders by the referees on the field, which resulted in the demands of induction of technology in the playing field.

While in these two incidents the entire media and the rest of the spectators saw, with the help of numerous cameras across the stadium, that the decisions doled out at the moment was incorrect, the referees had to depend on their own eyesight to give their decisions. But these have not been the only two incidents in football history that have been seen as signs of referee shortcomings. For example during the Africa Cup, July 2010, victor ikpeba of Nigeria, whose penalty goal was denied even though television showed that the ball did croos the goal line, cost the Nigeria the trophy. This resulted in a national outrage against the match officials. There are many, from the fans to the players themselves who believe that such decisions have changed the course of the matches themselves. It is although impossible to say if the matches would have ended differently for the teams, but these stray incidents do cause doubts to rise. Thus, there has been a major demand from various sections of the football world to introduce technological aids in matches to help the referee and his assistants make sound and confident decisions.

But FIFA refused to relent and believed that the game had to remain unchanged to maintain the fascination for the game. One of its many pointless arguments was that this technology was expensive, and thus it would become unfeasible to many poorer teams and associations. Many advocates for the new technology believe that international football has grown too much and become too valuable to let such discrepancies happen. Thus implementation is only sought for international matches. After reeling under a lot criticism, FIFA is presently ready to review new goal line technologies and has declared 2010 to be the last world cup under the present rules. It has already begun reviewing popular technologies.

One is the hawk eye technology already used in many sports such as snooker, cricket and tennis. This technology uses a number of cameras placed around the stadium to calculate the 3-D position of the ball in the stadium. Another is the Cairos GLT system jointly developed by Adidas and Cairos technologies AG. This consists of implanting sensors in the ball and using magnetic fields in the goal post, detecting whether the ball has crossed the goal line or not. It seems that FIFA has finally realized its folly and learned to move with the times.

Technical Assistance A Necessity to FIFA

The FIFA fever is on the high and also the controversies associated with it. In the quake of the technological renaissance the viewers are still confused about the creditability and authenticity of the decision making process. Although the protagonists imply that the decision making process was a fair one but still the world and the football fans remain drowned in the realms of doubt over the whole process. Increase in the number of wrong decisions made in the football field and these things putting its affect on the performance of teams playing on the ground, continuously demands a technological support on the field. The Federation International de Football association (FIFA) needs to rethink on its decision to apply decisions on goal-line technology and video replays. In this happening season of world cup 2010 most of the fans witnessed a scene of blunder made by match referees on the field leaving the spectators and players amazed with their wrong decision. Football is a religion for it players and fans, who just can’t swallow the bitter taste of defeat due to wrong decisions made on the field. The huge fan following it makes it the biggest sporting event on the planets is deeply hurt and the countries tasting defeat due to such blunders are mourning.

Matches facing tragedy of manual decisions:

a) England Vs Germany in which England faced the tragic defeat due to referee and linesman failed to spot the midfielder’s shot which lead them to a 4-1 defeat against Germany.
b) Argentina Vs Mexico. It was a tear bursting situation for Mexico when Carlos Tevez of Argentina was not given off side in Johannesburg.

The process of goal line technology has been said to be successful in the pre testing stage in many of the domestic games. The connoisseurs of the game have been demanding this step right from the beginning of the game. Many of the issues in the domestic games have been solved using this technology. Although the old tradition of relying on the referee has been age old, still in the modern era many of the world famous games are already using the modern technological approach, say cricket for example. The domestic gaming of soccer has seen many fraudulent cases of over reacting to minor touches or injuries that might not have caught the viewers’ attention if the technological high end innovation was not used then. Thus by introducing this goal end technology shall enable a fair decision making process and the human error caused shall be minimized drastically.

Summary: Whatever might be the mystery there shall always remain on the whole judgmental process. Though people might blame it on technology or on the elements of human error, the FIFA soccer of this time shall always remain a matter of controversy.

Mahindra Satyam : Indian Company in League of FIFA Sponsors

Mahindra Satyam is one and only Indian Company amongst the official sponsors of the FIFA World Cup 2010 and has been a source of great service and support for the Fifa event managers. The company has proved itself by providing some great event managing related solutions to the event managers. The company is also among one of the companies on which Fifa has been officially dependent for technical and IT related support services.

The Company official said “The solution their company is providing to Fifa will help them to provide their fans at the stadium a great experience and thus enriching their enthusiasm for watching all the 64 matches live and also providing satisfactory support to staffs and volunteers.” As the tournament was about to kick –off in South Africa on Friday.

The company is basically contributing to departments like accreditation, managing spaces, materials, transports, and volunteering, managing local area networks and its network structures and architectures in addition to some other technical support services.

7 more companies which are official sponsors

Except Mahindra Satyam there are 7 more companies which are official sponsors of the one of the most wanted event .Many other firms like Budweiser , Castrol  and some more big names like these. The Tournament also has South Africa’s MTN and South Korea’s Yingli Solar for the sponsorship group.

As the tournament is one of the most wanted, most admirable and most viewed one so it is not possible to be conducted without the big names. Some of the big names Like Sony,Coca-Cola,adidas,Emirates,Hyundai, Visa are related to the event as its official partner.Except these big names there are some national partners also present in the block .

As far as Mahindra Satyam is concerned it is looking forward for many other big plans and projects.It has started eyeing the overseas markets and is looking to give a tough competition for overseas Multinational Companies.As it has already proved itself one of the A+ Companies by Sponsoring Fifa ,Now there is not much time left when its name will be heard among the companies who are official partners of FIFA.

The company is also looking to buy some more Indian firms to consolitdate its base structure in India. The firms mainly includes Rolta,HCL tech and L&T group.

As we all  know the Company is one of the Strong Competitors for its rivals in India and some other countries including incomparable infrastructure and  employ strength ,The future goals that the company is targeting are not difficult to achieve and once achieved will only add fame and success to the name of the company ,thus increasing its strength and improving its public image world wide.

Big Ten Leave planning to Protest Vuvuzela

Every game has its own reactions and impression on audience, as World Cup in South Africa has greatly inspired and influenced the mind of a group students belonging to Ohio State. The student group is planning to start an aggressive campaign to bring as many vuvuzelas as possible on November 13 for ‘The Shoe’ clash of Buckeyes with Penn State. To ignite a burning fire in the campaign they also flagged a Facebook page which was boasted with more than 1,760 people committed to turn up along Olentangy banks having vuvuzelas in their hands. Moreover, there is another group of 621 folks joining this group, also expected to come.

Are you still in dilemma what vuvusela is as there is no such word in dictionary, do not worry; just turn on ESPN to see the World Cup coverage and use your sixth sense as this what you are looking for ‘vuvuzela’.

Ohio State admirer and brainchild of the campaign, student Dustin Stinson starting the campaign page excides his fellow students saying that everyone should come holding vuvuzela for the Penn State game but not without noise as this is the indication of making the world hear. He also said that his mission is to bring as many students as possible with encouragement, praise and enthusiasm. The main slogan says like this “provoke as many students to join as you can from all over Ohio State”, let’s do it.

During last year game played against Iowa, a passionate Buckeyes fan was leading the curve putting himself ahead of all brought a vuvuzela or some other imitative stuff. But great sorrow and alas there are clear instructions from the Big Ten to leave your vuvuzela at home or put kibosh on the vuvuzela.

According to the Big Ten Conference held by Per Scott Chipman stated via email this afternoon that there are some specific guidelines and policies of The Big Ten which do not allow any kind of irritations during the game and no kind of vuvuzelas are allowed at all. He also referred football game management manual which makes it clear in strict language.

The non-permissible stuffs, the arena management has the authority to enforce the Big Ten policies to make the game happen successfully. Patrons should not be allowed to bring following items in the arena: cups or container, cans, bottles, alcoholic beverages or any kind of strobe lights. Moreover, there are some other restrictions on specific items which could not be brought in the arena.

He said that he did not know how perfect vuvuzelas are going to show them at a college football game and he was quite sure of a lot of people being pleased to enjoy the Big Ten’s reactions and responses. He does not feel sorry as he is biased, just because his family also belongs to South Africa and he has seen many a times soccer games there. But, he still appreciates the idea of Ohio State students and said that in spite of high security there would must be a pair of smuggled vuvuzelas into The Shoe on November 13.

‘Toy Story’ in Top 20 Pages of Facebook

Facebook makes use of the Page Data Tool to count the number of fans that are added daily and monthly to Facebook Pages. This week it has been found that FIFA World Cup Soccer and Toy Story have made a place in Facebook’s Top 20 pages. Christiano Ronaldo, Portugal’s player took up the number 3 place on the list accumulating 359,000 fans. Currently he has about 4.7 million fans. After the draw match against the Ivory Coast, his page experienced a jump of 127,400 fans. The Sports on Facebook Page occupied the eleventh place adding 260,000 users to 1.7 million. This intensification could have taken place due to the World Cup only.

Toy Story Release

Pixar’s “Toy Story 3” was engaged in the ninth place. Since the company has granted the sales of ticket directly on Facebook the film has been promoted. Toy Story Page added 263,000 fans and thus it has a total of 1.2 million fans now. Toy Story is an American computer animated family film. It was the first film made by Disney / Pixar. Also, it was the first film made exclusively with CGI. John Lasseter directed the film. Walt Disney Pictures distributed the film. It was written by Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Alec Sokolow, Joss Whedon and Joel Cohen. In Toy Story, every time humans are not there, an assemblage of toys will be given life.

Toy Story was produced with a budget of $30 million. About $20 million was spent on advertising. About 110 persons took part in its production. Lasseter has told that he had to face a lot challenges in the computer animation since every leaf and blade of grass had to be fashioned. About 27 animators used 400 computer models to animate the characters. Woody is the pull-string cowboy doll in Toy Story. It required about 723 motion controls. About 212 controls were needed for his face and 58 for his mouth. In order to sync the actor’s voices with the characters, for an 8-second frame about one week had been spent.

Overall popularity

After the release of Toy Story, in the first week itself it earned $191 million in Canada and in the United States. Globally it earned more than $361 million. Many people praised the technological novelty of the animation as well as the superiority of the screenplay. Toy Story toys, video games were also developed. Because of its historically, culturally or aesthetically significant features, it was chosen into the National Film Registry in 2005. Toy Story 2 became more popular than Toy Story.

Toy Story 3, the 3D computer animated film was released on June 18, 2010. It is the final version in Toy Story Series. Toy Story characters occupy a special place in the heart of the audiences. Absolutely there is no surprise in viewing Disney Pixar’s page inhabiting the 7th place and Toy Story page occupying the 9th place in this Week’s Facebook’s Top 20 Pages.

Vuvuzela bothering you? Well, no more!

One thing, rather an instrument which has gained as much popularity as World Cup 2010 is, Vuvuzela —or ‘Vu Vu horns’. This plastic made instrument is a curse for the ears but has become a cohort for the viewers. A Vuvuzela creates horrible noise which irritates the human brain.

The entire world has started a crusade to eliminate the vuvuzela buzz from World Cup football through all means possible.

An African tradition

The trumpets can be raucous, but now they come with accommodating textured graphics suggestive of the fact that Vuvuzela should not been blown straight at a person’s ear.  Blowing a Vuvuzela at ceremonies has been an old South African football tradition; the horns have now generated an anti-vuvuzela counterattack so sturdy that FIFA president Sepp Blatter has put in lot of efforts to calm down the agitated masses.

The president has ruled out possibilities of banning the instrument. He opines that vuvuzela is a part of the tradition and it cannot be banned from its own country.

Effects of vuvuzela

The steady backdrop buzz of the horns may not be an irritant for TV viewers sitting in the comfort of their homes, but it certainly has annoyed many of them! BBC has received several hundred objections in this regard. Thus, it is by now taking into consideration the broadcasting a “Vuvuzela free” adaptation of the World Cup matches. Impatient soles that cannot wait till then can filter this noise.

Answer to vuvuzela

The world has devised a solution to the buzz of vuvuzela. This solution will be costing €2.95. You will have to visit “”, pay cash, and download a 45-minute MP3 file. This file must be played during the football match, if possible from a speaker placed right beside the television. This specifically created Vuvuzela noise-termination sound is a wave with equivalent amplitude but to reverse the effect of original sound. Thus, it helps the user in canceling the vuvuzela buzz.

For those who do not wish to shell out cash on the filter , can run Linux, OStatic profiles, a practice utilizing the JACK audio association kit to group analogous filters.

It may sound extremely dishonest, but is true. Lively noise cancellation depends on variety of ambient sounds and replicating that reverberation accurately out of point with the original. This results in creation of sound waves terminating each other out. This arrangement would seem doubtful to have much result as it relies on prerecorded vuvuzelas.

Vuvuzela gaining popularity in UK

Vuvuzela sales in the UK are gaining momentum. Sainsbury’s sold 22,000 vuvuzelas in 12 hours before England’s game. This means they sold one vuvuzela in every two seconds! The supermarket chain has prearranged 25,000 additional horns but believes it may come to an end before the game against Algeria.

Correct way to deal with vuvuzela

The best and the most convenient way to deal with the noise of vuvuzela is to just accept it! Don’t bother about the sound and acknowledge it as a part of the World Cup.

Just chill out and pour another beer!!!

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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