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Photo sharing reinvented with Instagram 2.5

Instagram, the fastest and easiest way to share photographs with friends and family members, has recently released its 2.5 version for the iOS platform.

Instagram 2.5 with major updates

Maintaining the old favorite and basic look of Instagram, the update brings an array of noticeable changes, such as:

  • New looking profile tab
  • Different ways to search for users as well as tags in the new ‘Explore’ tab
  • Visual enhancements
  • Search autocomplete
  • Speed improvements
  • Facebook feature to share likes or little hearts to Facebook

    What’s so unique about Instagram?

    Click a picture, select a filter to give it a new feel and look, and then upload it on Instagram. What’s more? Instantly share to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Posterous, or Tumblr – it is quick and fun.

    To transform your everyday captured moments into works of art and share them with your family and friends, download Instagram from the App Store. It’s free!

    Make mobile app of your choice with Infinite Monkeys

    Have you ever thought of creating a mobile app with features and options of your choice? Your ambition to create your own mobile app can be really fulfilled with Infinite Monkeys.
    Know what Infinite Monkeys is…

    Infinite Monkeys lets you create mobile app on your terms and conditions. Whether you want to include Photo sharing, Twitter feeds, Videos, Chat rooms, or Community Walls in your app, Infinite Monkeys is the answer to all.
    How does it works?
    To start making an app with Infinite Monkeys, you do not require any coding knowledge. It is absolutely web-based and conveniently works on any tablet device or PC. The web-based GUI enables you to include already posted web content from various social networking platforms, such as Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, and a few other blogging sites. Infinite Monkeys gives comprehensive step-by-step instructions for making a mobile app in as less as 60 minutes, provided you have ample of already posted web content.
    The most amazing aspect about using this web-based platform is that it constantly keeps on adding content and updates to your app. It uses the easiest drag and drop process and you can begin by giving a suitable title to your app. By selecting preferred privacy settings, you can choose to make the app private or public. Also, Infinite Monkeys offers the option to personalize the background, font colors, and splash screen. And during the development process, at any point in time, you can preview your app. To choose your app platform model, you can select from the free level, pro level, or ad-supported model.
    Start creating your app
    With Infinite Monkeys you can create mobile app to connect with your friends, promote your music band, coffee shop, or business. The choice is absolutely yours.

    Facebook to improve its photo applications

    Facebook has decided to revamp is photo based products that enable users to take pics and share it on the Internet. The recent shift in strategy by Facebook comes due to the market potential that is available in the photo sharing.

    Facebook being one of the largest social networking websites enable users not only to share information but also share photo and videos amongst themselves. Facebook has seen immense competition in getting nearly 500 million registered users on its networks.

    Apart from creating a marketing based on its network, the new revamped photo utility of Facebook includes the following:

    • High resolution photos
    • Dedicated link to download photos
    • Bulk tagging
    • Faster downloads and uploads
    • Bulk Uploads

    This is an interesting change in Facebook’s lightbox UI which has been developed to upload photos, as other networking sites like Flickr and Picasa have proven to be a major competition to Facebook’s. Experts predict that Facebook will be launching products that will enable it to expand its user base beyond social networking.

    Launch of New Hotmail Delayed

    The new Hotmail was introduced to the public a couple of weeks ago. It was initially started with one single server cluster. Thus there are only a few million people using this updated service which is less than 1% of the total hotmail users.

    The company’s spokesperson says that it will be introduced to a few more server clusters. This is because the company has to do some minor changes in the update following its introduction to a single server cluster.

    Features of the new Hotmail update:

    • Full control of your inbox.
    • Easy sharing.
    • Better connection from smart phone.
    • Full access to your inbox.
    Full control of your inbox

    You can full control of your inbox with the new Hotmail. The main thing in this is that your inbox need not messed up with all the mails from your contacts, your social networks and business letters. Here the homepage of hotmail itself slots up all the mails from contacts, social networks and business networks each separately and allows you better options. The other important feature is that not only your hotmail emails but also mails in all the inboxes like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail Plus and AOL are also slotted out in your hotmail homepage.

    Easy sharing

    Now you can share your photos with your contacts easily. In the new Hotmail the photo attachments you receive can be viewed as a slideshow without even leaving your inbox and downloading just by a couple of clicks. You can also send large files of photos to your contacts. With the help of Windows Live Sky Drive you can send as many as 200 photos in a single mail with the maximum size of each photo being 50 MB. You can preview photos from your social networking sites like Facebook and Flickr.

    Similarly you can send and receive 200 documents with the size of each document around 50MB in a single mail. You can also send Power point presentations through Hotmail.

    Easy connection from Smart phones

    Now that we are in an era of smart phones, web access via phones have become easy. Hotmail has the feature to support push email on the web, PC and mobile phones using the Exchange Active Sync. With this feature now you can effortlessly synchronize your hotmail to your phone and web and also your calendar, tasks and contacts. You can also set remainders and filter and flag your emails in your phones using Hotmail. Here the homepage of hotmail itself slots up all the mails from contacts, social networks and business networks each separately and allows you better options. The other important feature is that not only your hotmail emails but also mails in all the inboxes like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail Plus and AOL are also slotted out in your hotmail homepage

    With the all new features, Hotmail is yet to be available to all the users of Hotmail. It is said that it will be available to all the users within a few weeks time.

    New Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4

    With the next iteration, Microsoft windows live blog on Tuesday declared that next generation version of “Hotmail Wave 4” has started rolling out for about 360 million users worldwide. It is an update which supports new views for the attached documents and photos and can support larger attachments. The updated hotmail also adds the feature of “Sweep” which gets rid of unwanted messages or gray-mail that doesn’t really qualify spam and enables the user to divert the mails from inbox to either a new folder or trash or a g-mail like conversation view. The new outlined changes coming include sharing enhancements, evolution of inbox, fresh synchronization capabilities and new productivity.

    Hotmail wave 4 has integrated deeply with a number of offerings such as sharing, social networking and collaboration services. With new version of hotmail, it will filter the e-mails and separate them according to their sources. The updated version is capable of centralizing updates from more than 70 networks which include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and flickr.

    With a new hotmail, practical innovations are to be introduced to help people regain their control on inboxes efficiently. They can manage clutter not only on their hotmail inbox but also the inboxes from other e-mail services such as yahoo mail, g-mail or AOL. For sharing photos and documents we have gone a step further and helped to break the limits of past e-mail. Photos or documents are larger in size and sending attachments can clog the inboxes of your family or friends. With hotmail, now you can easily send up to 200 photos of 50 MB each in size through e-mail with the power of Windows Live SkyDrive.

    Cloud-based version of Office 2010 plays well with hotmail wave 4 which allows the user to view and edit the office documents right in their inbox. You can send up to 200 documents of 50 MB each in size in a single mail. With the updated hotmail you can attach any document to an e-mail and that document gets stored in the SkyDrive. Hotmail will then send this document via SkyDrive so that you and people you send it to can access the same mail from anywhere. There is no use of Pc or Mac, use Hotmail or don’t or smaller attachment limitation of 10 GB per message. Now you can easily access the document from the computer at the library or at the office or elsewhere.

    According to Microsoft over 300 million people are using Exchange ActiveSync and the new Windows Live Hotmail enables users to make the best of their mobile devices. Hotmail wave 4 comes with the push capabilities for smartphones allowing synchronization of tasks, calendar and contacts.

    Microsoft’s Free Windows Live Essentials Beta Debuts

    Microsoft Windows Live Essential is a free software suit for Windows users and it includes a number of applications in it. Applications like Windows Movie Maker which was there in Windows XP, was discontinues by Microsoft in Windows Vista. It would have been because Microsoft wanted to gather all such applications in its Software Suit called Windows Live Essential. The beta version of the 4th major update to the already existing Windows Live Essentials has been released and the different applications which are there in it are: Windows Live Family Safety, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Sync, and Windows Live Writer. The main aim behind discontinuing these applications as a native part of the Operating System and providing them in a suit is because update and upgrade process is simpler when part of a suit. These applications come for free and come under the freeware distribution policy.

    The new Beta version connects all its applications to online services from Microsoft and other providers, including social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. It also connects with popular blogging tools like Spaces, Flickr, YouTube, and SmugMug; email sites such as Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail; and to Microsoft Office Web Apps.

    Some other new Windows Live Essential Tools are:

    • Face recognition in Photo Gallery. Tag a photo of someone, and the software identifies the face in other pictures.
    • The ribbon interface which was started with Office 2007 has been given to the new Windows Live Mail. It also has the calendar feature which is quite similar to that of Outlook
    • Ribbon interface has got its place in the Movie Maker also, and the new version of Movie Maker contains better tools for editing titles, transitions, captions, and a soundtrack to your movies.
    • Easier photo and video sharing with multiple online social networks

    In addition to all the above mentioned upgrades the new version’s Live Sync feature synchronizes your files across multiple PCs and on remote servers. Sync also has a new remote desktop feature with which you can access your PC from anywhere via the internet.

    Besides these tools even the privacy settings can be controlled in a much organised manner. It incorporates a feature for setting up the level of exposure you want to give to your Windows Live account. You can set the same kind of privacy settings for the media you share on online sites.

    It looks that Windows has tried to patch all the loop holes which were there in previous version of these applications and has made the better, more user friendly, and more secure. Currently Live Essentials is available in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish and can be downloaded from

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    Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
    Call Now: +1 833-522-1003