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Fujitsu® releases Stylistic Q552 Windows® tablet

Fujitsu is leaving no stone unturned to make its place in the world of tablet PCs. And thus, lately the company has released a new Stylistic Q552 Windows tablet.

The lately introduced Q552 is a rugged slate PC that is primarily made for business users. This model sports a 1280 x 800 pixel IPS display with a 160 degree viewing angle. It features a capacitive touchscreen, enabling users to use the device with fingertips. Also, there is a digital pen and active digitizer that can be used to draw or write on the screen.

The Fujitsu Stylistic Q552 Windows tablet is currently equipped with 2GB of RAM, 32GB or 64GB SSD, and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity option. Apart from this, the latest tablet offers 802.11n Wi-Fi and sports USB 2.9 port, SD card slot, and HDMI connector.

Since the tablet is primarily made for the corporate customers, it incorporates SmartCard reader, fingerprint sensor, along with other enhanced security features.

Fujitsu® to launch a device to track your pet’s activities

There is a good piece of news for those who love their pets. Information and communication technology provider Fujitsu is going to launch a device that can help pet owners track the activities of their pets. This device can help the owners prevent illnesses in their pets, it is important that their daily activities be monitored, as is the case for humans.

How the device will work

The special device can be attached to a pet’s collar to monitor his level of activity and other data. Starting in the second half of 2012, the company will begin offering a new cloud service to provide pet health management support using sensor data collected from the device.

Fujitsu will exhibit this new service at Fujitsu Forum 2012, which is scheduled to be held on May 17 and May 18 at the Tokyo International Forum in Japan.

Image by: Jason Hargrove via Flickr (CC)

Fujitsu Revealed New Convertible Tablets at CES 2011

Fujitsu is the Japanese multinational computer hardware, software and IT services Provider Company. This company was established in 1935 by Fuji Tsūshinki Seizō. In starting Fujitsu manufactured Telecommunications Equipment. In 1954 Fujitsu made Japan’s first Computer. After that Fujitsu is mainly dealing in Computer related equipments. Fujitsu manufactured many computers related products; either individually or with other companies. Apart from computer equipments company also made Air conditions. More than 185,000 employees are working with Fujitsu in all over the world.

At CES 2011, Fujitsu launched its new tablet PC, which is a mile very big achievement in the world of tablets because of its advance technology. Company launched two new tablets in the CES under the name LIFEBOOK T901 Convertible Tablet PC and LIFEBOOK T580 Convertible Tablet PC. As the name indicates, tablet PCs are very small and compact laptops but deliver the work output as like the laptops. So, a very big advantage of tablet PC is less weight and bulk thus ease of carrying. Basically, tablets use the touch screen interference as an input device instead of keyboard so gaining access is very easy. Tablet PCs usually run on different Operating systems like Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows 7 for tablet, Android and MeeGo etc.

The new Fujitsu convertible tablets run on Microsoft Windows 7 which is designed for tablet computers. The tablet T580 has Intel i5 processer and has 10.1 inches multi touch screen which is of pen input. Fujitsu is the 1st company which has installed i5 family processer in tablets. Before this tablet were running on special processers, which are mainly designed for tablets. So performance of tablets is not up to the laptop or Computer’s mark. But because of i5 processer, performance of tablet will increase. This tablet comes with keyboard which is of portable size. The weight of T850 is nearly about three pounds so here is good news for those who are very concerned about the weight. The price of T850 is starts from $1,149 and it can be purchased from official website of Fujitsu Limited.

The second tablet introduced is T901. This tablet is also Convertible Tablet which has largest screen in tablets. This screen available with both touch input and pen input. T901 also has NVIDIA(R) Optimus technology to enhance the performance and it uses the 2nd generation Intel core family mobile processer for processing. T901 has unique feature of hot-swapping, this tablet has the two batteries which are removable and at the place of 2nd battery user can put hand drive. Because of two batteries, the power back up has been increased to double and hot swapping feature allows using other drives with tablet. T901 tablet is available from $1,899 at the Fujitsu outlet or can buy from the official website.

Microsoft and Fujitsu Team up For Cloud Computing

Recently announced is the worldwide partnership of Microsoft and Fujitsu in order to bring cloud computing local users. Fujitsu will deploy Windows Azure at its data centers. On 12th July, this year, during the worldwide partner conference of Microsoft, the top executives gave a detailed description about the new Windows Azure and how will it affect the users and independent software vendors.

Windows Azure Platform

Windows Azure Platform is basically a combined set of services accessible to users by installing Windows Azure on their computer. The services will be available through the Internet and users will be able to access and use services without having to install them onto their systems. The platform is comprised of a number of services that users mostly related to networking and programming require. A diagram of the flow of this application is shown at Windows Azure applies Cloud Computing in its infrastructure, described more in detail below.

Cloud Computing

It is a term used to describe a network based computer setup that allows the users using that network to access resources, information and services without having to install them on their own personal computer. The user is able to log on to such network through applications that a cloud computing based. Cloud computing has provide a low cost solution to computing. Since everything required is available on the network, you won’t need to install extra hardware and software for you convenience. All a user needs is a fast and compatible internet connection, since all the services available basically on the Internet. For further and detailed information visit


A Japanese multinational company, Fujitsu, provides services related to computer hardware and IT. The company has its paws in many territories of Information Technology worldwide and its headquarters are based in Tokyo. Fujitsu is the world’s third biggest IT solutions provider. It has over 185,000 employees worldwide and affiliates in 70 countries. Fujitsu being responsible for Japan’s first computer FACOM 100, is also a leading and largest IT hardware Supplier in Europe with the alliance of Siemens AG. The company is known as Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

The Companionship

Fujitsu together with Microsoft is planning on transforming the cloud computing. First Fujitsu will deploy Windows Azure platform at its data centers and then it will be available to other small data centers as well. The company will begin deployment with its Fujitsu Tatebayashi System Center by the end of 2010.

Fujitsu aims to enhance and spread its cloud computing technology worldwide. It expects an estimated revenue of 45 billion Yen this year, through its cloud computing. This is almost double the revenue generated last year. It is planning on an investment of 100 billion Yen this year. It is also planning to expand it’s cloud computing platform to at least five countries outside Japan by May 2011. These countries are US, Britain, Singapore, Germany and Australia.

This companionship is also of great importance for Microsoft as it has invested a great deal in this project. And, without any doubt, it does expect a lot as well.

Let’s just hope this turns out to be another extraordinary team.

Fujitsu, Microsoft Unite To Take Cloud Computing Global

Fujitsu and Microsoft Corporation has collaborated in order to share their data centers all over the world in order to catch up to Google Inc. and the other pioneering companies in the business that provides the world with software and online computing services.

The Birth of a New Friendship

This partnership will use both Fujitsu and Microsoft’s resources in order to speed both of the firm’s expansion into the realm of cloud computing. Fujitsu is known to be operable in 90 or so data centers within 16 countries. At the earliest within this year, Fujitsu will begin its hosting duties to Microsoft’s cloud services at the Tatebayashi center in Gunma Prefecture. They plan on doing the same in locations all over the U.S., the U.K., Singapore and elsewhere so they can be equipped with the necessary technology. Fujitsu’s decision to work with Microsoft lets them acknowledge that their very own cloud services only include somewhat limited prospects that are intended for growth abroad.

Keeping Ahead of Everyone Else

Microsoft is in the race to increase the reach of its cloud services worldwide. They have even opened ultimately huge data centers within the Chicago are as well as in Dublin just the previous year. The U.S. firm has been expanded in customer support areas and other sections as well because they want to reinforce these in cooperation with Fujitsu.

Microsoft has the belief that if it teams up with Fujitsu, it will help in making customers of globalization of certain involved companies in Japan. The business partners are even considering making joint investments for the new and somewhat fresh data centers today, which will actually end up roughly costing them tens of billions of yen to save up.

This last January, Microsoft introduced the Windows Azure. This gives businesses an Internet-based access to Windows software which is stored at Microsoft data centers instead of in their own computers. With this new partnership, Fujitsu plans on trying to tap this base of Windows users. is a big leader in cloud services. They have about 77,000 clients all over the world which include the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Google has even invested 700 billion yen in this cloud computing businesses since 2006 until 2009. The Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto Ltd. is among its list of customers.

Japanese Invasion

The two firms are doing their best to push aggressively into the heart of Japan. They are threatening the domestic information technology giants in this planned movement. Fujitsu is seeking to counter the challenge by going ahead and working with the highly efficient team of Microsoft in order to finally build a successfully a worldwide influence in the realm of cloud computing.

The global market for cloud computing is predicted to grow to $55.5 billion in the year 2014 from its former value of $16 billion last year in 2009. The Japanese information technology industry is disadvantaged due to its general inability to provide its customers with the same level of cloud services that are being offered worldwide even when more and more domestic firms are starting to globalize.
This is a big leap forward for both Fujitsu and Microsoft. Their exploration in both domestic and global integration in the provision of working data centers will benefit them in a way that most companies could only dream of. Even Google needs to keep an eye out for this big time partnership because this revolutionary collaboration is set to blow every other organization’s minds.

Fujitsu Launches its Latest LifeBook PH520 Notebook

If you are a PC user on the move, perhaps a look at the latest Fujitsu notebook might interest you a little bit. The Japanese company introduced its latest technology baby, the Fujitsu LifeBook PH520 Notebook into the market and it is promising this latest addition will change notebook performance and usability records.

Other than just being a stylish and impressive gadget, the ultra slim designed and lightweight comes with varying and additional features. Its features range from the simplest of notebook functionalities to the most complicated but user friendly of them all.


To begin with, I sampled its display and I must admit it is unlike no other. Armed with a screen of about 11.6 inches, the LED backlit feature gives it a crystal clear view that incorporates the WXGA HD display technology.

This is bolstered by an addition of AMD Athlon II Neo Dual –Core Processor K325 that is energy proficient. To ramp things up, the company equipped the notebook with the ability to combine high end computing performance with other vital aspects of usage such as mobility, content creation with a multi-tasking and video playing that uses HD technology. To cap it up, the Fujitsu LifeBook PH520 has an 82 keyboard that can withstand about 92% full size spill; and the company is not done yet, as the keyboard comes with a 17.5 mm key pitch and a 2 mm key stroke, coupled with a typical incorporated touchpad positioning gadget that has gesture capacity.

Security From Spills

If you are the types that love using our computers while enjoying a drink like I am, the Fujitsu LifeBook PH520’s keyboard ensures you don’t suffer any losses by damage via spills as it has its own protection mechanism in the form of a tray just underneath its keys that allows a tilt and easy wiping.  Fujitsu produced the notebook in a range of two colors, fiery red and black, with both of them weighing slightly less than 1.5kg, small in size but with designing features such as a glossy and classy finish that give it the stylish feel and appeal. I had initially thought its small and sleek styling might stand in the way of space, but I was proven wrong as it has a 2GB DDR3 1333 MHz3 SDRAM memory that you can still increase in size if you want up to a high of 8GB with the choice of an external USB device.


Fujitsu LifeBook PH520’s graphics as well distinguish themselves from other notebooks in the way it renders images. It is almost life-like in its graphics, with the use of the AMD VISION Technology.  This is bolstered by the use of the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4225 that incorporates the AMD RS880 video graphics. What this technology has done is enable the notebook maximizes performance at very high resolutions resultantly rendering your videos in superb quality and giving you crystal clear image images.

There can be no exhausting the features and the alien features of Fujitsu’s latest release that make it the ultimate computing gadget it is. So much went into this model and the result is amazing.

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