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Gadgets at CES 2011 for Microsoft Windows 7

At CES 2011 Microsoft features Glo Interactive Digital Bible on new Windows 7-powered slates. Glo will be featured in the online Windows product Scout. At the 2011 consumer Electronics show, Microsoft announced the Windows 7-powered Glo Bible slates. Glo bible is an award winning media rich interactive Bible and also it is very famous. Glo Bible is also the Winner of the 2010 Bible of the Year award and it was selected by Microsoft corp. to showcase it as a prome example of applications touch-turned to maximize the interactivity and features of the new slate devices. It was better than the slates featured at the Microsoft booth at CES in Las Vegas.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer introduced many of the Windows 7-powered slates during CES presentation. CES trade show floor was filled with Microsoft and OEMs Windows 7 slates at their stalls including other applications such as Immersion digital Glo Bible. Mark Relph, senior director for Windows Ecosystem at Microsoft said at CES 2011 that “Glo on Windows 7-powered slate allows users to naturally explore the places they read about, zoom into maps and timelines, and explore the rich multimedia content of the Glo Bible. Glo is a great example of the kind of immersive experiences that can be created when an application takes full advantage of the power available on these PCs.”

Nelson saba, Immersion digital also mentioned that “We are honored by Microsoft’s acknowledgement of the potential of Glo on Windows 7-powered slates, and that our multi-device strategy is working to deliver this rich multimedia Bible wherever you go.” He also added that “Our Windows 7-powered slate debut and sneak peek at the iPad go a long way toward demonstrating Glo as a versatile digital publishing platform that exploits the power of today’s rich media-capable mobile devices.” They also showed a sneak preview of Glo on the ipad at the press event during CES.

Microsoft also developed a specific Windows product Scout site for the Glo in the new slate PC section. It will showcase a destination pre-loaded on slate PC that presents products identified by the Windows 7 team for compatibility, reliability and also it will get the most out from the touch-enabled Windows 7-powered slates. These new PCs will be available by the February 1st 2011 and also it will include a free downloadable version of Glo. It will also feature best selling #1 new international version (NIV) translation of the Bible used by more pastors and consumers than any other version. This product will also include multiple upgraded options.

Peter Centofante, Immersion digital director of product design and marketing told that “We are honored to be included in Product Scout, Product Scout will introduce Glo to many users who are already familiar with the value of mobile slate devices and are looking for meaningful content to enrich their lives wherever they go.”

How to Easily Build Your own Desktop Widget (Gadget) for Windows 7

Yes it is true. You can build your own gadgets for Windows Vista and can have them displayed in the Sidebar, all you need is a little knowledge of HTML and XML and that would be all.

In simple terms a gadget is a HTML or XML file is displayed in the sidebar and is intended to display you some information from your computer or from the internet. In this article we will let you know how to create your own gadget.

A gadget consists of a main XML file which has all the important information about the gadget and has link to the HTML file which works on it. The XML file contains information like the gadget name, author name, Website URL, Description, Icon Source information, Link to the HTML file etc. To have a look to any existing gadget’s XML file just rename the extension of the gadget to .zip and unzip its contents. You will then be able to see the XML files and the main HTML file. This can be used as the base for your Gadget.

The main HTML file is nothing, but a webpage not wider than 130 pixels. You can create this web page using any editor or by self coding the HTML. As we know that HTML provides a static web page and there is not much which you can do into it. but if you use JavaScript in your HTML file you can create smart and dynamic gadgets. Using JavaScript is done in the same old fashion by using the Script tag of HTML. Gadgets have a predefined width of 130 pixels when displayed in the sidebar but this can go upto 400 pixels if we drag the gadget out of the sidebar and put it on the desktop. Once the gadget is undocked from the Sidebar its size can be increased and this space can be used for displaying extra contents on it. The current state of gadget if docked or undocked can be queried by System.Gadget.docked property. If it returns false then gadget is undocked else it is docked and your code can thus run basis this value.

You would have noticed that almost all the gadgets come with an options box. We can set and save various settings provided in the options box. These settings are used or changed by the System.Gadget.Settings.write and .read properties. We can use Visual Studio for writing and debugging our JavaScript as it makes it really easy to understand. Once you are done with the creation and testing of your gadget you can create a distribution package for it so that you can send it to others. Creating a gadgets distribution file is very simple and can be done from Windows Explorer itself. put all the necessary files of your gadget in one single folder and zip it using WinZip or any other Zipping tool. If you do not have a zipping tool then you can compress the entire folder as a cabinet file (.cab) which is Windows compression type. Once you have the zip or cab file you just have to rename the extension to .gadget and that would create a single file which can be used or sent to others. Windows Vista will recognise the .gadget file as a gadget and will open it in the sidebar when selected.

iPhone 4 Preorder Sales Thwarted

Apple’s iPhone are very much loved by people and they are desperately waiting for the newer gadget iPhone 4. They seem to be overwhelmed by the arrival of iPhone 4 and this is why they are looking for the ways to preorder the phone.

The gadget lovers, throngs of geeks and the iPhone fanatics had been thwarted by the unknown problems of the technology which had stopped those people from the preorders of the iPhone 4 which is to be delivered on June 24. Apple along with AT&T started to offer these preorders during the start of the morning. There was some software malfunctioning in the customer database of AT&T which had brought whole of the enterprise to a shrieking stop for many hours.

Problems with Apple and AT&T website

During the start of the day there were many complaints which echoed in the tubes of the Internet. This was due to the reason that the websites of both Apple and AT&T started to show errors and time outs and what was told to the users was the reason that due to the unprecedented number of people tried to place the preorders these websites were showing such problems. Many of the readers had a better luck that they could use the system of Apple at the Apple Store retail location for reserving the preorders for the iPhone 4 instead of placing the order through their website. That system was also overloaded with the requests as still it needs to hook in to the system of AT&T for the sake of verifying the details of the customers.

Placing the order to iPhone 4 – finding the right way

It was then told to the people who wish to place their orders for the phone that they could do so with the help of the new app of Apple Store iPhone of Apple and can place their reservations from there, with bypassing the system of AT&T altogether. However, after some time later, there were again scattered messages for the customers that the reservations of the iPhone with the help of the iPhone app were also not possible as they were also rejected.

Root of the problem

According to one unnamed source who was talking to Gizmodo, the reason behind all of these problems was an update which was made to the customer database of AT&T that was done on the weekend. It was claimed by the source that there was no testing done for this particular update made to the customer database and it started giving access to the users, who were logging in to their customer accounts, to the account information of the other customers of AT&T. the consequences of this was that AT&T had been reportedly forced for switching off the customer database, that in return created the problems with the preorders that were done from both Apple and AT&T. In the recent times, this is considered to be the second thwarting breach of the customer data done by AT&T.

It is hoped that both Apple and AT&T would consider these problems and work to sort out the problems of preorder. Neither Apple nor AT&T responded to comment on the preorder debacle.

From Technology with love: Top 5 Gadgets to gift your Mom on Mother’s day

It is just one of those auspicious days in which you have to thank someone to be there for you, and give them a gift as a symbol of recognition and respect.  But a mother is just not any other person; she deserves your recognition and respect for all the love that she has offered to you.

If you are celebrating mother’s day next month, then you might have been thinking all this while, that what would be the best gift for your mom. Well the word “gift “would certainly bring a good impression on your mom if you give her a new gadget.  Most individuals like to give flowers or post a card, but with a series of new releases and competitions heating up recently in the technology industry, what could be a better option than technology?

Some of the gadgets that you can gift your mother next month are as follows:

1) Digital Photo frame by Pandigital

This is not a genesis of the iPad or any touch screen display, but the Pandigital is a photo frame which enables you to store your photos in a built in memory card of the photo frame. Some of the features of photo frame include; screensaver, changing picture screen with one second delay, visible screen display which enables you to see the photos on the frame. This touch screen photo frame does not have a wireless connectivity to the Internet or blue tooth device; however you can upload photos through a flash drive.

2) iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot

Not only your Mom but your family and neighbors’ will envy you for giving such as perfect gift as the iRobot Roomab Vacuum cleaner. This vacuum clear has its own intelligence of cleaning the floor, carpet, or rug. It has a proven technology of never going over the same spot twice.  Besides what would make your mother more happy then having an “iRobot” to do all the cleaning for her.

3) Netgear Skype Phone

Do you find yourself to be far away from your mother? Well now you can bridge this gap, by getting a Skype enabled Netgear phone. Since, your calls will be in Skype you will be able to call free of cost. Skype enabled phones take a great advantage of VoIP technology which is not only cheaper, but lets you make calls it great audio quality sound.

4) iPod FM Transmitter

Now if your mother is a great fan of the radio, then the iPod FM transmitter would certainly enable her to listen to her favorite FM channels, and also enable her to listen to regular podcasts.  Your mother will have an endless list of music to listen to. Besides if you want her to be part of the iPod revolution then what better gift than the iPad FM transmitter will be for her.

5) iPad

You may have thought that this was coming. But yes you are right I cannot leave the iPad out of this list. I am including this at the end of my list simply because this will become a common gift through mother’s day. But apart from that, the iPad will offer your mother, a unique touch screen interface, through which all her tasks will be simplified.

These are just some of the top five gifts that you can get your mother next month. However before buying any of these recommended gadgets I would strongly suggest that you understand your mother’s taste for technology, only then you think of giving her due recognition for the love that she has given you.

Introducing-The Hanvon Multi-Touch Tablet

Competition in the tablet market has been brewing ever since, Apple launched its iPad. Hanvon, a Chinese tech company has also joined into the tablet bandwagon, and is offering more features than the iPad, such as a megapixel camera and better graphics.

Technology companies, including small businesses have been in the rat race for giving tech savvy consumers more features than the iPad, ever since the iPad was launched. With Apple delaying its launch of the iPad till the end of May; small tech companies are looking forward to providing extra features than the iPad.

However, companies will have to tread carefully in the tablet market as they will have to bear hindrance to Apple’s licensing regime.  This is especially seen in terms of the latest license issues which Apple has challenged against companies for infringing their copyright issues.

With the release of the Hanvon multi-touch tablet, customers can expect a lot of features.  Some of the features of the Hanvon tablet include:

  • 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor
  • 10.1-inch 1024 x 600 multi-touch display
  • Integrated Intel GMA500 graphics card
  • 1GB RAM
  • 120GB hard drive
  • 2MP webcams,
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 2600mAh battery
  • Pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium, 32-bit OS

For the time being Hanvon has not provided a release date or the price tag for this tablet.

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