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New GTX series by Nvidia

The new drivers that came with GTX 460 family support Fermi are a lot faster. With the GeForce GTX 460, Nvidia has also highlighted the new drivers support. But even those who do not yet posses the 460 GTX GPU,  will be able to achieve performance improvements in driver 258.96 WHQL Candidate. It tends to give additional performance boost up for the GeForce GTX 400 graphic cards in a lot of PC games.

Release of new GTX series

Computer gaming is a very important part f today’s life. To enhance the pleasure in gaming, Nvidia came across with two new GeFource graphics card with high modulation. GeForce is a highly sophisticated graphics processing units (GPU) which is produced and marketed by Nvidia. According to Nvidia the newly released Gefource GTX 470 and GTX 480 is newly structured so that they can support Fermi structure. It is to be mentioned that these two cards are the first ever card which are supporting Fermi structure. Along with this the cards will be able to use 1 GB or more than GDDRS memory.

These improvements are added to the total of over 256 improvements that were announced earlier. Examples of some of the most significant improvements as GeForce GTX 480 were tested, are mentioned right here as per information from Toms Hardware. Results vary as per different GPU and system specifications.

About GTX 400 Series

The road leading to the Fermi-architecture-based band GF100 GPU that powers the GeForce GTX 400 card first series, NVIDIA has had a rocky one. Hampered by many delays, and quite a lot of various problems, GF100 came out in the market much later than the NVIDIA planned to. Since the arrival of the original GeForce GTX 480 and its little brother, the GeForce GTX 470 a few months ago, NVIDIA has build up its range based on the GF100 graphics card in pursuit of an addition to the family, the mainstream GeForce GTX 465. And for today, you find these cards in big numbers.

A New Baby Boy for NVIDIA

NVIDIA has unveiled a second graphics cards based on the Fermi architecture, but unlike its previous versions, it is not based even closely on GF100. GeForce GTX 460 is actually based on newly developed GF104, which is a class of Fermi based GPU. It is largely inspired by the architecture of GF100, but it has fewer cores of CUDA and is limited to a few other areas. In actual, it has got far less than one billion transistors as compared to the GF100. Overall, however, the new GeForce GTX 460 is surprisingly efficient and a lot more powerful, given its relative affordability and reduces the performance of the GPU.

About Nvidia

Nvidia is a global brand of graphics processing unit manufacturer. They produce graphics solutions with latest and sophisticated chipset technology. The company is mostly renowned for production of world class IC (Integrated Circuit) and  graphic processing units (GPU).

The Newly Unleashed NVidia GeForce GTX 460 Series Graphics Cards

Last week one of the leaders in graphic card technology, NVidia, announced the appearance of its GeForce GTX 460 series. The card is available in 768 MB and 1 GB range and combines the best of performance and cost. The GTX 460 is also a combination of Fermi chips and latest NVidia technology. It will also be capable of supporting DirectX 11 and PhysX, in order to be able to handle the newest game titles just as well as movies or photos.

Technical details

Rumors about the production of a GTX 460 series were going around even before the appearance of the GTX 480 model, but now the graphic card is finally unveiled. As one would expect from such class of cards, it incorporates a new GPU, SLI/NVidia 3D vision and 336 CUDA cores to produce incredibly high-end and realistic graphics, as well as great speed, to serve any demanding gamer’s needs.

The card has a PCI express Bus connector with 2.0 interface, as well as two DVI ports and mini-HDMI and HDCP outputs. As we already mentioned, the GTX 460 has two sub models in terms of memory – 768 MB with 192 bit interface and 1 GB with 256-bit interface VRAM. The graphics and processor speeds are 675 MHz and 1350 MHz respectively and the memory clock speed—1800 MHz.

NVidia’s OEM partners

Being one of the leading companies in its field, NVidia has collaborated with many other enterprises to bring even more innovations and affordability to its products, in order to please its faithful customers. Some of these include ASUS, EVGA, Galaxy, Gigabyte, MSI, PNY, Sparkle and others. Each partner also brings its unique flavor to the product.

Asus, for example, have added several useful features. The exclusive DirectCU thermal design uses copper heat pipes, flattened and brought in direct contact with the GPU core. The result is much better transfer of heat and plus twenty percent over the reference cooling. The Voltage Tweak utility allows overclocking and overvolting without the fear of overheating with an eventual result of a fifty percent increase in speed of the card. Endurance features include GPU Guard, EMI Shield and Fuse Protection; all this is Windows 7 optimized.

Another partner, Palit Microsystems, has decided to release its own edition, called “Sonic Platinum” in the service of any hardcore gamer. This version comes out with higher factory set parameters, such as 800 MHz core, GDDR5 1GB high speed and 4 GHz memory. In addition to this, the two ball bearing fan support higher temperatures but are much quieter and render a 17.5% increase in performance.

The first version of NVidia GeForce GTX 400 is available around the world, while a second was expected by the end of July.

Nvidia Targets Budget Gamers with GeForce GTX 460

Nvidia Monday released its latest gadget, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 at a price considered fair. The latest gadget is a chip that summarizes the previous versions’, the Nvidia GTX 480 power. According to the company, the new card comes as a counter move for ATI Radeon HD 5380 that is currently causing ripples in the market as well. Its retailing price is also affordable and Nvidia aims at countering that by offering its own card with a favorable, affordable price. Remember Nvidia had previously introduced its GTX 460 model into the market in tow varying models that comprised a 768MB model and another 1GB model that both retailed at slightly less than $200 and $229 consecutively.

Superb Performance

I am one of the enthusiastic gamers that were eager for the new graphics card and could not wait for the Nvidia’s release. I have been saving up money for a new graphics card for my PC gaming and the release of the new card came as a blessing in disguise. The performance of this card is great and the fact that it comes at a relatively affordable price is a plus. I had tried an earlier released model of the GTX 460 and I loved its overall feel given its quality performance and resultant experience.


The GTX 460’s 768MB model comes with triple 64-bit memory controllers that apply 192-bit interface whereas the other model, the 1GB comes with a bigger 256-bit memory interface. What makes the new card what it is, superb, is that both cards utilize the GDDR5 graphics memory that gives them better performance. Additionally, the two cards utilize clock speeds pegged at 675 MHz with CUDA cores that operate at 1,350 MHz and a bolstered memory speed placed at 3,600 MHz. What more can an ardent gamer ask for in a graphics card? To break it down for you, the latest model of graphics card from Nvidia has a 336 CUDA cores that is divided into seven Streaming Multiprocessors in its double Graphics Processor Clusters. What that does is give you 48 in either of the cores. You will remember that the original GF100 version had one SM disabled, well; the same has been done with the GTX460. Additionally however, you still get to enjoy one Polymorph Engine for every SM; however, what Nvidia has done is design every engine to serve additional cores, the effect being the reduction in a large extent of tessellation performance.

Gaming Options

The latest GTX460 chip comes in along line of quality chips and superb gaming options the Nvidia Company has established repute for. The faster, excellent and superb video renderer makes gaming lovelier and all the worth while. Even though the move was smart in terms of pricing strategy, I have to admit; the fact that a coming model is expected to have a Surround Option is reason enough to forgo the AMD’s Eyefinity multimonitor technology.

The launch of the latest high end Fermi graphics card takes high end gaming to a new level and will definitely have gamers glued to their PCs.

European retailers list Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 460

In the specialized field of making graphics cards, Nvidia has been a true winner over the years. Nvidia along with ATI, are the two big players in this territory today. Every product they launch is highly talked about, and most of them are runaway hits! Speculation is also a big part of the marketing game and companies such as Nvidia are well aware of this. Retailers go out of their way to try and get hold of these much awaited products, adopting different strategies to get the first mover advantage. One such recent occurrence was when some European retailers listed Nvidia’s upcoming GeForce GTX 460 graphics card.

Although they took the liberty to list the card, the information that they have about the product is minimal. Some of the shops say that it will hit their stores in the next 4 to 7 working days whereas few others say it will take more than ten days. The general consensus is that the card will hit the stores pretty soon. Well, the bad news is that Nvidia has itself not announced by when they plan to release it to its retailers. This might create a bit of a misunderstanding between the retailers and Nvidia representatives.

All we know about the card right now is that Nvidia has been working on a GF100 based SKU, that will cut down from the GeForce GTX 470. This is named GeForce GTX 460 and will be a strong contender to rival ATI’s HD 5850. It supports DirectX 11and that it has 1024MB of memory. The new design was supposed to release in June, 2010 but the listings have surprised one and all.

The good thing, however, is that we have got a rough idea of the product pricing. It ranges from € 284 to € 332 across different retailers. However, one can zero in on something around €300 for the product. This price was pretty much expected but the product has to deliver on the performance front! As the HD 5850 is a direct competitor in terms of price and features, the GTX 460 will have to prove itself in the days to come.

Coming back to the listings, we have to wait and watch the proceedings for the next few days. Going by Nvidia’s history, it is highly unlikely that the new SKU will come to the market before the scheduled release. However, if it does hit the stores in the next few days, it might just work to their advantage as there is high demand for a niche product such as this.

As I stated above, markets and speculation go hand in hand. It is not the first time that something like this has happened but retailers should be a bit more careful as it might tarnish their image. There is a lot of hype attached to the product and it is but natural for a shopkeeper to try and capitalize on the situation! All said and done, Nvidia’s products will continue to attract such attention and they have surely realized that it is for their own good!

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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