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Google Exhibiting The Updated Applications Over The Android Market

Android is everywhere! Why people are behind the Android? No wonder because Google is setting up the Android Market client for calls which helps to better expose the lead applications. It also attributes an advanced interface design which gives a profound look and feel to the UI along with ample speed, if you want to download the applications.

These improved and newly added updates are already in the market and its approach is mainly with Android 2.2 or the higher version. According to Eric Chu, who belongs to Android Developer Ecosystem team, the updates should reach the hands of users in the coming weeks.

The display exhibits the web page which helps to promote the product along with the best content in it. This page also has got links to several books, movies etc. All these will help to attract more customers to the Android Market. According to Chu, “The developers have a wide chance to sell their products as well as purchase the items they require”.

In order to make a little bit more entertaining, the landing screen is always filled with Applications and Games which has been added to the list of applications and daily interesting fun facts and fresh content will be updated in the page.

Now users can quickly move through the lists by moving right or left, can also check what other people are downloading in the Top Grossing, Trending lists, Top New ,Top Paid and New Paid, Top free etc. With the customer, Google is lending to phones some features like the topmost application charts, trending applications and many other features which were introduced for web within recent months, all of which are expanding in the count of daily installs.

There were features like “significant”  alterations to the application metadata web page like shifting the application name along with price tag into a compressed action bar at the crest of the page, delivering the users an easy way of downloading. In order to assist the developers to sell their products, the web page also involves a thumbnail connect with the help of which the user can display the video or execute the video of the product in sale and with its landscape orientation it covers the full screen with auto fit. According to Chu, “For those people who wish to buy, there is one option like “click-to-purchase” flow so that the users can finish off their purchase in not more than 2  clicks from the detailed application web page. When they buy the product there are even options to view the list of products of other apps of other people which will also help in cross selling your products”.

Apple iPad fans Maybe in the Wrong line for the Ultimate Tablet PC—WePad

Already sweating while in line for the iPad release today? Too bad you missed this one. From a German manufacturer Neofonie, WePad truly trumps iPad in more ways than one. Packed with features that made you doubt iPad’s vivacity, Neofonie’s Wepad would have turned heads if this one got a fair share of publicity buzz that iPad received.

Some would think that the 120g added weight (170 g for the 3G version) to this device is definitely a letdown, but with the added features not found in iPad, WePad should make up for it. Armed with a bigger 11.6” display, it also offers a much power-packed processor using Intel’s 1.66 GHz Atom 450 Pineview-M. It also offers versatile connectivity by adding USB support, a card reader, and a SIM slot to name a few. Social Media advocates will be thrilled with the built-in camera, a feature not included in iPad but sells as an additional adapter. It also supports Flash formats, a feature that Apple clearly considers as not suitable for their iPad.

Although Intel Atom can be a disappointment when it comes to handling video intensive apps, WePad boasts of having multi-tasking features. This is something that many critics have pounded iPad for. Running on an Android OS on a Linux environment, this serious contender grants its users more flexibility with Android apps and Adobe Air programs from Neofonie. This also means applications can be loaded after being purchased. WePad has its own WePad AppStore and can access Google Android Marketplace.

It also supports all open formats for eBook reading and also WePad’s own WeBook format. Something that seems to be a strong suit for the European publishing industry that refuses to be strangled by Apple’s App Store control.

The battery seems to be WePad’s caveat promising only 6 hours of running time.

Unfortunately there is still no official news about the price of WePad. Hopefully though, it will be on the market for a more competitive, if not a much lower, price. But hey, you are willing to shell out as much as $730 for iPad’s seriously lacking tablet PC. One thing for sure though, it’s not even a PC without having multi-tasking options. In that alone, WePad takes the crown. But, it is an Apple, you say. This one is a Neofonie WePad, a name that just might topple down iPad.

On a side note, ever wonder why Europeans prefer to start with WE than I?

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003