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Google Buzz: A New Found Application

A wonderful application of Google is the Google buzz. This is a social networking website where you can type what is on your mind, add videos and add some links too. You may choose which internet social networking site you want to be linked to, so that you can be followed. Google Buzz can be found at Google Mail or Gmail.

Google Buzz Application

The Google buzz application is a far cry from the blogspot offered by Google. Although they are linked together, the difference is that blogspot is an online diary that is composed of blogs and articles. It can be used as an alternative website by everyone. Google Buzz has limited characters and is like some social networking sites specifically Twitter and Facebook. You can follow anyone who uses Google Buzz through your email contacts or if you link it to a Twitter account.

Google buzz was created to compete with other social networking sites and is frequently called the firehose. Yet, it has a link to those sites too.  This was revealed on Monday on Google’s official blog. The total number of the people using this application was not revealed.

If still not familiar with Google buzz, here is an instruction where you can find and activate it. First, on the address bar you may type, or go to the website of Google then on the icon, click Gmail. Gmail webpage will appear. If you have an account, skip the first step and just log in. second, click on “create new account” button. Sign up and fill out the boxes. Then, click ‘I accept create my account’. At the left portion, you will see Google Buzz just below the inbox.  Click it and edit your name. A window will appear, click ‘save profile’ and continue. Just like any social network, Google Buzz has a space provided to type the thoughts you have.

Connect With Other Social Websites

If you want to link it to other social website, click the’ choose sites to connect’ link. Then choose from the many sites there. Unlike any other social networking site, Google buzz is just half on their way to be popular. The reason was, Google is yet to fix their application and make it as big as other network sites by using API.

Twitter was said to be successful because of using API. Thus, Google and Yahoo are building this concept to turn on a firehose –a social networking site. What is good about this is, you can view your personal email and attach some big files unlike the other social networks. Voice and Video chat have already been made available by Google by downloading the voice and video application on Google. This is another difference of Google buzz to other social networking sites.

Google is said to be one of the most well known companies in building communication and research. Its Google buzz application is useful too as you do not need to go and log into another website. You can use the network and at the same time look at your email. However, only limited people are using the Google mail. People go to what is trendy. So, watch out. As soon as the API of the Google Buzz is enhanced, there might been a flood of users that there will be a healthy competition.

Google’s Alternative to Facebook

Google seems to be having its fingers in many pies. It started off with a search engine, then moved into advertisements (which are today considered to be its greatest source of revenue), a chat client, an email service, a plethora of feature rich maps, a mobile operating system, a web browser…. the list goes on and on. Yet the one field they haven’t forayed into yet is the social networking one. Rumor has it that Google has a social networking site in the works. According to speculation, the name of this website is “Google Me”. If these rumors prove to be true, then Google is sure to give the remaining players a good run for their money.


It all began when a Google employee, Paul Adams, deeply researched the current social networking scenario and found that there were many constraints and challenges in the present offerings. For example, he pointed out that an average person would tend to have more than one friends circle. He would have one for his workplace, another for his family, one more for his close friends, and so on. Mixing these distinct groups can create confusion in his online social life.

Another point he put forward is that not all the people comprising a “friends list” are actually friends. Some are merely acquaintances we happen to meet in the real world, or even in the virtual one. This shows how the present social networking sites are pretty unorganized.


Internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose mentioned in a now-deleted tweet that Google would be coming up with a project to rival Facebook. He even went as far as to identify the Google project as Google Me. In addition, Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer Adam D’Angelo was confident that Google was indeed working on such a project, claiming that Google felt threatened by Facebook’s immense popularity and felt the need to create a social network of its own.


The answer would be a definite yes, for a variety of reasons. Recently, Google rolled out two new projects in the social networking field, viz. Google Buzz and Google Wave, neither of which created a long-lasting impact, attracting significant criticism. So it is only logical that they develop a powerful application capable of taking the masses by storm, the way Facebook did in 2008. Another worry for Google would be that its future rival Facebook is implementing their “Like” features for a new idea – grouping the mass of data and using it to create a basis for a search engine which would be more oriented to the user’s preferences. This would be a direct competitor to Google’s own search engine. Moreover, Facebook’s collection of personal data serves as an interpretation of the user’s likes. Based on this, specific advertisements can be posted on that user’s page. But there is still light at the end of the tunnel for Google. Facebook’s recent privacy issues have become a real bone of contention, forcing many users to shun the website. If Google can suitably exploit the situation, then they can make a pretty good head start into the social networking market. Currently, Facebook is perched high up on the social networking ladder, with 400 million active users. It would take something really very special from Google to dethrone the current king of social networking.

Google Planning Another Social Media Venture

Google plans a fresh attempt with social media through a social networking site apparently named Google Me. This will not be the first of its kind with Google already have tried and failed in the shape of Orkut, Google Buzz, Google Latitude etc. It is an apparent effort to compete with facebook. According to the talks a whole new team has been set to work for the project, better privacy and data exchange can be expected this time the accounts will probably be based on your Google account only.

Angelo confirms the news

“Google me” sounds more like a last minute wrap up for a name than anything else but hey! So did Apple back then? Kevin Rose let the buzz start with a tweet on Sunday that Google will be working on a social networking site of its own perhaps to give facebook a run for its money as facebook is probably the only significant competitor for Google when it comes to attention on the internet. The speculation was given some surety by Adam D’Angelo when he acknowledged on Quora that Google me was a real project and there was a proper team working on it, he even expressed his complete confidence about it.

What could Google Me be?

With little information disclosed from the company itself we are left guessing as to what exactly could Google me be? Apparently, it would be related to one’s Google profile that started fading away with the debut of Google’s Buzz earlier this year. For those who don’t know, Google buzz facilitates sharing links, pictures and thoughts with all known through people’s Google profile. Quiet similar to Twitter, however, Buzz did not exactly affect facebook’s popularity or growth in anyway, Google me however threatens to do precisely that. Probably it would be something that had status updates, news feeds, and picture albums like facebook within one’s Google profile.

Google’s flings with social media have always been short and elusive. Orkut might be having a great time this month with Brazil in the world cup quaterfinals, but that’s just about where Orkut’s visibility ends. According to the talks a whole new team has been set to work for the project, better privacy and data exchange can be expected this time the accounts will probably be based on your Google account only.When Google buzz first came into the picture it had huge privacy issues, by the time Google fixed them the excitement had died down and it never caught on with the public again. Google latitude has a comparatively better user base but even that has star up issues.

This year Google attempt s to revise its social strategy, Google me is probably a project designed by an entirely new group of Google engineers.

The basic expectations we can have from Google is that it should do its due homework on privacy and data export before introducing Google Me as a rival to facebook

Four Social Networking Rivals with the Goal for Workforce Improvement

These days, social networking is being integrated into different media. Press, sports, the arts, education systems and consumer sites are only some of the examples. It is not surprising that business companies will start to use it as well. Imagine the possibilities of this idea. There will be little to no need for company memos that get lost, newsletters that are rarely read and important announcements that do not get acknowledged in time. That is why many systems are applying social networking into programs that can be used by enterprise-level companies.

Microsoft has become more familiar with SharePoint 2010 because they have finally added some social networking tools which include the Wiki and blog assimilation, tags and micro-blogging into its SharePoint MySites features.

While the social section of the Web is spreading out from Twitter and Facebook into businesses, enterprises are adjusting and focusing on the improvement of communication, sharing of information and connecting the global workforces using social media.

The Big Players

Aside from Microsoft, their big rivals like IBM, Cisco, Google and are also diving into the fray. These social networking sites as well as collaborative competitors have made the differentiation from SharePoint as their goal. The four big name competitors include IBM Lotus Connections, Cisco Quad, Google Buzz and Sales Force Chatter.

Lotus Connections is the name of IBM’s version of their very own software for social networking purposes that was purposely created intended for the success of certain businesses. Their goal is to aid the companies in uniting workers, partners and customers using online social tools so that any individual who actually decides to use Twitter, Facebook, and other instant messaging sites or tools will make use of. Its system will have similarities to profile pages, activity feeds, document posting, communities, sharing, wikis and blogs.

Cisco Quad is named after a quad on a college campus. It has the goal of setting itself apart from Microsoft by making use of its unified communications tools like the VoIP, video as well as some WebEx Connect tools for the online presence, so that it can turn into a highly effective social networking site programmed with enterprise-level policies and security parameters. Cisco also has plans of integrating this on iPhones and iPads through applications.

Google Buzz can be seen on Gmail and has a similar interface to Facebook so you can share photos, videos, status, updates and links with your friends and co-workers. It has a greater integration with Smartphone than its competitors, with its Buzz mobile web application to its Buzz layer in Google maps for mobile.

Sales Force has a collaboration platform that they ended up calling, Chatter. It has a look akin to Facebook and features that are found in Google Buzz and some others. Still, it is designed so it can be used with Sales Force’s business portfolio applications and also financial and human resource applications like Oracle and Microsoft. The good thing about Chatter is that it brings in more customers to’s rising ecosystem.

This will make everything so much easier for companies. This is not only good for productivity but also for the morale of the workplace. Advancement, especially in the technological sense helps the mindset of employees and the whole workforce. With these new programs, the big move forward will be done faster than it would have five years ago.

“Google Me” in Face-off With Facebook

There have been many rumors that Google is building its own social network “Google me”, which is the attempt of the company to bring one competitor of Facebook. Is it possible that the biggest search engine of the company fights with the biggest social networking website? If these speculations are considered to be true then it is just possible that the social network by Google would arrive soon.

Roots of the rumor

This rumor was started by the Kevin Rose, who is the co-founder of Digg, said in a tweet that there is a rumor about the new social network by Google and also used the words that it is from a very credible source. Rose gossiped that Google has its plans for launching Google Me in the near time. There were no details about the plans but the tech pundits have turned the 101 characters of Rose into more elaborated plans.

What is Google me about

Most of the people are thinking that what Google Me is all about. One famous guess for this is that it would be the expansion of the Google Profiles, which represents how you would appear on Google. Currently, there is not much personal information delivered by Google Profiles and also they do not broadcast much of the information but it can do so.

Google and you

If you think for a moment that how many features of Google you use and based upon that how much information does Google contain about you depending on those apps. In order to combine all of those in a single web site and then transforming them to a social experience can be a really breezy process not only for Google but also for you. Google would do everything for you and you would not have to lift your finger for anything.

Google’s social network after Google Buzz

Due to huge privacy concerns as well as the lack of interest, Google Buzz failed. Buzz had been released with the opt-out feature, which means that one day people would get up and see all of their contacts to be splashed out on the web. Google had apologized and also panicked for the judgment made by the company. A lot of effort would be required by the company for launching another social networking web site.


Infosyncworld also sees that Google Me would also run on the mobile phones specially the ones that have the Android operating system of Google running on them. The location based tracking can be a part of Google Me and as Google has already Latitude so this makes much sense that people would be able to use Google me as a service which would be used for knowing I know where you currently are and what are you doing. This social network would not be just like the regular social networks and can be taken as the immense productivity suite. Google Wave can also be integrated with Google Me. You must pay attention to this thing that according to Google, incorporation is considered to be the key to success.

Google’s Data Stealing Controversy in France

The largest search engine provider Google is entrapped with a new controversy. They are accused of stealing the passwords and e-mails of personal accounts of Internet users on open Wi-Fi hot spots in France which they claim as accident. But a normal human being can detect it as intentional as they first log into the Wi-Fi network and stolen the information according to their plan. The French National Commission on Information and Liberty (NCIL) has recently placed the accusation against them where they asked a clarification from Google.

Stealing the data from Wi-Fi network

The National privacy regulator of France warned Google for their activity when Google published the news of ‘accidently’ stealing the ‘payload data’ through the Wi-Fi network. Google claims that their moving car used for the street mapping used a code which can detect the payload data.

Commission’s view

In the early June after the publishing of such news by Google in their blog, National Commission of Information and Liberty of France declared to launch an investigation against this stealing. Google recently unveiled that they have collected 600 Gigabytes of data that are passed through the Wi-Fi network of 30 countries. Some countries told them to delete the data, where France asked them to store data to run an investigation. Some other countries than France like Spain, Germany and Italy also said to preserve them for investigation.

Google’s Stand

Google claims that they were collecting fragmented payloads data only which is caught as signal when their car was moving through the unprotected Wi-Fi zones. They mark this incident as mistake as this code was an experimental one for a Wi-Fi project which was first used in 2006. When the new Wi-Fi project for street mapping is initiated, the engineers included the old program unintentionally without realizing that it could collect payload data.

“As soon as we became aware of this problem, we grounded our Street View cars and segregated the data on our network, which we then disconnected to make it inaccessible,” Google said in its blog. “We want to delete this data as soon as possible, and are currently reaching out to regulators in the relevant countries about how to quickly dispose of it.”

Sending data to the respective countries

The information regulatory agency of France CNIL Chairman Alex Turk said, “Google send us the payload data in 4th June, now we are in the process of verifying them and run a open and free investigation on the issue. But we want to ensure the users that their data will be kept safe and private.” He also mentioned, “I think we could make decision about the punishment of Google within September of this year”. CNIL checking the data, e-mails and the baking details for verifying the Google’s stand.

This controversy could led another loss to the Google Buzz their already it had faced several questions for its privacy system. In this context it is very necessary for Google to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

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