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Stay organized and focused with these top 5 calendar apps

Do you always try to stay organized, but still miss the bus? Most of us maintain calendars, but struggle to keep up with the planned schedules, many a times due to the lack of a gentle reminder. Organizing and following your planned schedule should never be a burden. Power your life with these fantastic calendar apps that will help you keep a track of everything that is important with just a single click.

Google Calendar

This powerful calendar app from Google lets you create events, manage multiple calendars, and share them within your groups. You can easily view the calendar by day, week, or month. The “Quick Add” feature allows you to quickly add entries in your local style. The calendar can also be set to send SMS or e-mail alerts for upcoming calendar entries.

Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant is a cross-platform mobile application that has a fully integrated calendaring and GTD-based tasks solution for Android and iOS devices. With excellent categorization, alarms, and custom repeat options, Pocket Informant proves to be the best-in-class calendaring solution. However, it misses a lot of bells and whistles like calendar icons, widgets, and skins and themes.

Touch Calendar

See your entire calendar at a single glance without flipping between different calendar views. Touch Calendar works with Google Calendar or any other calendar that your phone supports. The app offers some really intuitive options to simplify your experience:

  • Double-tap or pinch-zoom option to zoom in
  • Tap  to see the details of any event
  • Tap-and-hold option to add a new event
  • Touch-based scroll to see even the minutest detail
  • Direct navigation to any day or date from the menu
  • Calendar search from the menu
  • Custom font size for easy access
  • Home screen widgets

Organizer To-Do

Get completely organized in 2013 with this easy-to-use and all-in-one companion for your iPhone. A complete personal planner for your everyday tasks, Organizer To-Do allows you to manage your busy life all at one place, without the need to switch between different apps. It offers unlimited grocery list, unlimited to-do list, and multi-view calendar for easy access. You can easily share your calendar with your friends and family by syncing it across different iOS devices.


CalAlarm will never let you miss an appointment due to its unique snooze and repeat alarm function. This practical and user-friendly calendar displays your appointments and schedules in the form of list, day, week, and month and allows you to easily switch between different modes with just one tap. You can set multiple alerts per event and snooze overdue alerts with the time interval of your choice. CalAlarm comes with 25 different sound functions – customizable to meet your needs.

Have your own favorite calendar app? Let us know in the comments section below.

How to Sync Outlook with Your Google Calendar

The world around each one of us is changing rapidly. People are so busy that even to meet over a coffee with friends, needs a prior appointment. Our minds have so much to remember that often we actually forget important events. In this hustle bustle of life, Google’s Calendar application comes as a saving grace.

About Google Calendar

Google Calendar has been around for years but still many people are unaware about its functions. Many people do not understand its importance, but you have to use it once, it hooks you. This application is designed keeping in mind the ever hectic schedule of people. You just have to download the application on your mobile phones and you can update all kinds of events directly from your mobiles.

For example:

  • Wedding anniversary party at Burmies, 12.30 tomorrow
  • Kylie Minogue concert 6.30 PM on 23 July

You can type these types of messages on your mobile phones and send them to GVENT, to automatically update.

About Microsoft Outlook

Most of us are very comfortable with using Microsoft Outlook. Almost all of our events are updated in Outlook, and people do this not out of a personal choice but it’s the way the computers are formatted. People just blindly continue the default settings on the computers. Google Calendar has an edge over Outlook’s traditional functions. Many people have realized this and wish to change over to Google Calendar but do not know how to synchronize Outlook data with Google Calendar.

Synchronize Outlook data with Google Calendar

Google is a very unique company. All the creations of the company are dynamic and forward looking. Google Calendar is no exception to the legacy. This application has a feature by which you can sync your Microsoft’s Outlook data with the Google Calendar schedules.

Now you can enter an appointment in any of the two applications and it will be automatically get updated in other. You can simply put in a schedule in Outlook and it will automatically reflect in your Google Calendar application too.

Many people keep the use of these two applications for different purposes. For example Outlook calendar for personal appointments and Google Calendar for professional ones. If you are one of those who would not like to share personal appointments with colleagues, but will also like to keep all your appointments at one place, you can do so by applying one way sync. You can choose to update all the Outlook appointments in Calendar but not vice-versa.

Google Calendar sync works best n Windows XP and Vista versions. It requires Outlook 2003 or 2007 version to sync effectively.

Method to Synchronize Outlook data with Google Calendar

By following a very simple procedure you can synchronize the data of Outlook with Calendar. Just follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Download the Google Calendar Sync, which is a freebie from Google.
  • Run this application on your computer.
  • Enter your Gmail or Google account information in it.
  • Select the sync option. You can make a choice to sync the data one way or two ways.
  • You also have to specify the frequency of such updating. The default settings are every two hours.

After doing this procedure your first sync will take some time but subsequent ones will be completed in a jiffy.

Business School Swaps Google Apps for Microsoft Live@edu

6,250 students, 500 administrative staff and 128 teachers of Skema Business School have given up google apps and are adopting Microsoft’s live@edu. Live@edu is a hosted email service which includes calendar and contact management, instant messaging, video conferencing and a 10GB of storage space. Being a Microsoft’s tool it nicely integrates with other Microsoft applications for better integration of information sharing and resource utilisation. As per the announcements made by school the staff and the students will also be offred Microsoft Office 2010 under a site-wide licensing program, and access to SharePoint Online, giving them 25 GB of storage space for documents.

This collaboration between the school and Microsoft is a 3 year agreement which will also offer internships to Skema graduates.

Google Apps is a service from Google for using domain names with several Google products. It features several web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites. Google’s web based applications are being widely used in various universities, colleges, and even schools. It enables students to create Gmail accounts with their university domain, among other things like spreadsheets, Docs, and Calendar. A major selling point for Google Apps Education Edition is the online accessibility for the apps. Meaning students can get their data and information from any computer from any computer connected to the internet. This also allows them to work on computers where there is no Office suit installed. This reduces Microsoft Office’s dominance in offices, schools and colleges. To counter the same Microsoft has started the Live@edu which offers quite similar features along with some advanced features with works in cohesion with other Microsoft Applications.

Live@edu is accessible through popular Web browsers for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It is available at no cost and it helps IT departments:

  • Reduce IT infrastructure costs, such as Maintenance.
  • Spend less time maintaining e-mail systems and more time on strategic initiatives.
  • Offer common, familiar tools for students to communicate and collaborate with peers and faculty.
  • Keep data safer
  • Meet high student expectations, including anywhere access to people and information.

On getting registered with Live@edu a student gets instant access to the following of his accounts: Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Writer, and Windows Live Mobile.

Microsoft is providing data stores for saving, sharing and editing the documents created with Live@edu account. Two data store which Microsoft is using for the same are Windows Live SkyDrive and Windows Live Spaces.

As a result of so many extra benefits being provided by Live@edu another school “ESC Lille” has also adopted it along with Skema. Microsoft’s International President Jean Philippe Courtois, is positively looking forward and foresees adoption of Live@edu by various universities and Colleges across the globe. Philippe himself was a student of Skema in 1983 and currently he is also a member of the school’s Council of Strategic Direction

How to Sync an iPhone with Your Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar

iPhone is one of those wonderful creations of Apple which has given a great boost in the share value of Apple. Despite of lot many multimedia enabled touch phones, apple had been exceptionally creative to bring iphones.iphones had a lot to offer and since the year 2007, the iphones are continuously making spaces in every nation. Loaded with all the latest advantages, it has also to offer a connectivity of wifi, Bluetooth, gps, hsdpa.Breifly it had everything that a user looks forward in a phone. Beside the premium cost quotient every feature was attractive and unique. Moreover the outlook or google calendar’s can be synchronized with the iphone to be up to date with schedules and tasks. If you own an apple iphone and looking forward to make the feature work follow the below steps.

To get outlook calendar sync with the iphone

1.Open Itune to check the version
2.Connect the cable between your iphone and computer
3.Configure the settings to synchronize

[Detailed Section]

Open Itune to check the version

The first step requires the checking of the application itune.It must be the most updated version and to confirm that click on help and check for updates.

Connect the cable between your iphone and computer

The cable which came along with the iphone must be connected between the iphone and the PC.Following which click on iphone and itab.

Configure the settings to synchronize

To make the devices synchronize, click on the sync outlook calendar option and apply .the iphone would get in sync with the outlook calendar and help you in getting your schedules up to date.

To get google calendar in sync with the iphone

1.Sign in to google account and open google calendar
2.Set the settings in google calendar
3.Open ical to configure
4.Configure the settings of ical to let it synchronize with the iphone

[Detailed Section]

Sign in to google account and open google calendar

The primary step is to log on to the google account and go ahead with google calendar. Click on the option which says share the calendar.

Set the settings in google calendar

There are few settings that needs to be set on the google calendar to ensure it configures with the iphone.Under the calendar details click on the private address and go to the green icon named as ICAL which then gets an address that is absolutely confidential and must not be shared with anyone. get the note of the URL.

Open ical to configure

The nest step is to configure the itune program of the on the itune and go to calendar, under the subscribe section paste the URL noted.

Configure the settings of ical to let it synchronize with the iphone

The next window would ask for few information’s like the name and desription.check on all the items you would like to use and set the auto refresh so that both iphone and google calendar could pace up together. And apply the change by clicking OK.The iphone is set to get along google calendar.

The comprehensive discussion of synchronizing outlook calendar and google calendar with the iphone.

Google Apps v/s Microsoft Office- is there any clear winner?

Google has overshadowed the attempts made by the industry software giant Microsoft to venture into the Cloud Computing industry.

Everyone has said that the software industry giant and the most influential software company till date has lost the race in the computing world. It is also being said that sooner or later Google will overtake Microsoft in the software base. Whether or not this will happen and all will depend a lot on its users and their choices. The difference between Google and Microsoft being that the Microsoft is late to enter into the cloud computing world, whereas  Google has got its firm hold in the Cloud Computing industry.

Google, with its products like Google Application, Google Document, Gmail, GTalk, and Google Calendar have established a huge user groups. While Microsoft with its various operating systems like Windows 2003, XP and Windows 7 has a lot of users but they have to pay a hefty licensing fee to use the services. Ironically only a part of those services in the operating systems are based online.

While Google just charges fifty dollar fee to use the services per year, it has become a huge hit amongst small business start-ups which need low infrastructure cost to establish themselves. Though the Google Applications lack many function it’s the low cost fee structure that has won it many customers. The people cannot avoid the huge number of functions provided by Microsoft application. But they have to pay hefty fees to use it, which overshadows the lesser number of functions provided by the latter.

Many have compared Google Applications and Microsoft Office to Microwave and Oven. Microwave has never been able to overthrow over and is cheaper and faster. While oven though slow and a bit expensive will never be thrown out because of its functions. It has also being predicted that both the firms will stay side-by-side for at least over a decade or more. Only the users and their changing world shall decide the clear winner.

Google has always being on the verbal onslaught towards the lack of insight by the Microsoft people. Google has always commented negatively and made the battle fierce with their Redmond rivals. The director of Google’s Enterprise division Dave Girouard was found deriding Microsoft again by show chasing their competitor’s lateness to adapt the cloud computing business.

Initially, Mr. Girouard was talking about the Google’s dedication to always upgrade and provide a better version of their Google Applications. He was also talking about the company’s philosophy to keep improving and making the world easier for its users.  Then he started commenting on his competitor and industry giant Microsoft for still sticking to the basic system. He said that they have stuck to the basic platform and are reluctant to change.

He said that what one needs for using Google Apps, a refreshable Browser. While to use Microsoft Office you need either Windows or Mac operating system. You also need to pay the fees for using it. This was a very well noted sarcastic comment by the directed.

Synchronize your iPhone with your Outlook calendar or Google calendar

So what if you are an executive who checks mails through Outlook and carries an iPhone, any technology can be synchronized today.

With the advancement of technology there are several options available to synchronize your iPhone. You have alternatives to manage your emails or to plan your year via calendar. You can now access latest technology to do all these tasks for you. But sometimes you land up using two different technologies that makes things difficult for you as they don’t synchronize. Let’s talk about one such example here.

For past many years business executives have been using the Outlook offline mail services from Microsoft to manage their mails. As executives got busier, Outlook also provided calendar services along with the mail service so that people could get all at one stop. Same thing happened with another major email giant Google. This email account vendor too provided lots of calendar facilities and empowering its users with planner features, etc. Google also provided its own offline mail client like Outlook called Google Offline.

Now here comes iPhone in the market, keeping itself at par with all other business and even non-business cell phones. Obviously, as iPhone is from the house of Apple, different from Google and Microsoft, synchronizing jolts were bound to happen. Users found difficulty in synchronizing their iPhone with their Outlook or Google Calendar. But nothing is lost nor is your choice wrong. We will help you synchronize both of them.

Let us start with synchronizing Outlook calendar.

  • First of all make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed in your machine. If not do upgrade it.
  • Now, connect your iPhone with the computer using the cable provided along with the phone and start the iTunes.
  • After you’ve selected the iPhone from the list go to ‘info’ tab in the window and there you will see an option called ‘Sync Outlook Calendars’. Click on it and press apply at the right-bottom of the screen and there you go. Your phone will now be synchronized with your Outlook calendar from now onwards.

If you are using Gmail’s service and not Outlook, there are a few different steps to be followed. But you too can get your iPhone synchronized with your computer. All you will need is the iCal application in this case. Take a look at the steps mentioned below:

  • Once you are signed in your Gmail account, at the top left corner you will see tabs. Click on the ‘calendar’ tab and select the calendar you want to sync with your phone from the drop down list available at the left hand side.
  • Now, from ‘Calendar details’ tab scroll down to ‘Private Address’. Now there will be a green button called ‘ICAL’. Clicking on that button will give you a new window which will have a URL along with the private address of your calendar.
  • This address should be kept confidential as it can give anyone the direct access to your calendar. Copy that URL and keep it in the clipboard.
  • Now launch the iCal application and click ‘subscribe’ from Calendar in the top menu. Paste the URL which you had copied and click on ‘Subscribe’.
  • By doing so it will synchronize your iPhone with your Google calendar. Only thing which remains now is filling up the details. An information window will show up and it will ask you to fill in all details.
  • Fill in name and description and other import details, etc. All are simple details and you can easily navigate through them by setting them as per your choice.
  • You can set the auto-refresh frequency from the drop down box, to update the iCal along with the Google Calendar.
  • So next time you sync your iPhone, also your Calendar will be synchronized.

So, no matter what technology, what gadgets you use for business, at home or where ever, you can always have solutions out for seamless operation between different technologies.

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