According to emerging technology reports, most of the American states are in a bid to become test markets for Google’s latest fibre network program. The reports indicate that more and more states are getting interested in the search giant’s latest product, the fibre network program.

Newly Launched Google Website

As such, the search giant said on its site, Fiber for Communities, the website it created for getting in touch with users interested in the project, share vital information on the project in addition to thanking them; that almost 1,100 communities and about 194,000 people have given it good rejoinders over its requests for information over the communities keen on high speed broadband network in their regions. The search giant’s Fiber Product Manager revealed that the company is currently rethinking the rejoinders it got and will be releasing a list of the communities it has chosen to work with in the high speed broadband project by the end of this year. The move for the test run of the high speed network can be traced back to February this year when the company said it planned on providing 1GB per second fibre broadband in 2010.

Thirst For Faster Broadband Speeds in the US

What the results of the reports suggest is that, with the increasing interest from more states and communities, there is a thirst across America for faster internet speeds to replace the existing one. As such, most communities had shown a willingness to take part in the test run for the high speed network plan; given the impressive feedback results the company has received in its newly launched site for sharing information and awareness over the new project. The new site clearly shows a list of each county and state in which the program has gained enormous interest. Google’s plans in February had entailed the setting up of what the company said would be “ultra-fast-broadband” to be tired out or one or more locations. The company plans to avail high speed network to about 50,000 to 500,000 individuals at speeds of 1 gigabit per second, with the customers expected to remit a price Google termed “competitive” for the access.

List to be Released By end Year

As such, successfully communities or states will know by the end of 2010 if they will comprise Google’s test run markets for its latest product. If the demand for Google’s test product is anything to by, the American broadband speeds must have declined considerably. Currently, America comes far second to many developed nations with regard to broadband services provision in terms of throughput. An OECD report last year placed the US at number 23 globally, way behind countries such Poland, Greece, Czech Republic amongst a host of others. The OECD is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and its report rankings was based on the average advertised broadband download speed.

Thus Google said that the robust reception the program has aroused is indicative of a growing demand for better broadband services to match what other developed nations such as South Korea offer, said the company’s product manager is a blog post earlier in 2010.