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Google Me Vs Facebook

It is not the first time that Google had tried to penetrate into the social networking world. Orkut and the much recent Google Buzz did not take the world by force like Facebook managed to do. Google is getting all their best brains in getting a new social networking website under the name Google Me to give a tough run to the fellow competitors like Facebook. Will Google finally triumph on the third attempt, only time shall tell?

Priority number 1

Once Google realised that Google Buzz, which was launched in the beginning of the year, was not getting the attention they hoped for, primarily because Google Buzz was just a layer added to Gmail. There were several privacy issues concerning the network and was not able to provide any thing new to the users that Facebook or Twitter failed to fill the gap. The so-called open secret about the Google’s first-class social network (some say the framework is modelled off from Facebook) is priority number one for the company. Google’s research team is looking into the current trends within the social networking world and analysing the drawbacks and successes within the well performing sites, at the same time drawing lessons from their own failed attempts; incorporating into making what they think would be a first-class social networking website and the company is developing the product under the management of younger project managers. The new Google Me will have thoroughly developed user experience interface.

Facebook’s thoughts

Google Me is both a possible breakthrough in social networking and is fully intended to slow down facebook’s growth. When Facebook was launched a few years ago, it was expected it to be an instant hit, but experts predicted the growth will slow at the same rate as it grew. However, Facebook still stands as the top social networking system along with Twitter and the number of hits and members is steadily growing. Adam D’Angelo, the Chief technology officer and Quora co-founder did confirm that they do think Google is planning to keep Facebook growth at bay, and the Google is scared of Facebook’s growth.

Win or Loose

Facebook had launched their new Open Graph, which is map interconnected by people over the net in April this year; this new Facebook program was not happily welcomed by Google. Since with the Open Graph, Facebook network would double more quickly and lets its members index the web with a use of specific searching system; this threatens the possible Google’s Google Me. Also Facebook now is a strong a web-wide brand advertising network, more than just a social network.

Google, who has always been few steps ahead of the other technology companies and set high benchmark for fellow competitors, never took social networking as a priority. They only had Orkut, which was fairly successful, but slowly drilled down as other competitors bought in better and more user capturing sites, especially Facebook. Since social networking is must have today and force that Google would need to be able have a healthy share of all possible what the web and Internet can offer.

Now Google Searches Its Path Into The Social Networking World

Google has been in the forefront of the internet and has been one of the major forces on the internet for nearly a decade. The fact that this company had been having many business interests including the search engine and the advertisement business that is also based on the search engines has made the company very popular to an entire generation of people.

Google Enters Social Networking World

These days, Google has been trying to enter the world of social networking too, but with limited success. The company had first entered the social networking with the start of the site Orkut, but the site never became popular all over the globe. It is very popular in South America and also in parts of Asia, but the main places where the online businesses create huge chunks of income are the United States and also Europe. Since Orkut did not penetrate these barriers, Google is trying to find a method of entering this bastion.

Facebook has been hugely popular in creating a site that is adding hundreds and thousands of people each day to its site. This rapid growth of the site has made it to become very popular. Other than the popularity, Google also knows that the word Google became a household name only because of the income that it earned though advertisements and the popularity of the site. As the site became popular, it could use the information that people provided it to use it to expand its own business.

These days, the maximum time that people spend online is spent on one of the many social networking sites. This has caused these people to use their personal information in these sites. This could help sites like Facebook to rapidly expand the network with the use of this personal information to expand the advertisements and also the popularity.

Google wants to take over the position to be the giant who has also conquered the last bastion. The site started a new social networking foray when it started the Google Buzz, but the fact that people were not really interested in it and the fact that it used the frequently emailed feature to add on friends automatically was criticized. This again caused Google to be on the back foot.

Google Me

The most recent foray by Google into social networking is the start of Google Me. The various features of this new foray are not clearly known, but it is said that Google will add all of the existing features to the site and make it useful for the people who use the networking site has caused a bit of excitement. If Google is successful in this foray, then it could slowly but steadily rebuild the empire that it started to build so well. Google might well be able to achieve the breakthrough that they have been hoping for in spite of the various delays that have been happening in their success. If this happens, then this might be the next biggest chapter in the life of the internet. It remains to be seen if the Google Me features are attractive and will help the people to create their own applications for various uses on this site.

Google’s Alternative to Facebook

Google seems to be having its fingers in many pies. It started off with a search engine, then moved into advertisements (which are today considered to be its greatest source of revenue), a chat client, an email service, a plethora of feature rich maps, a mobile operating system, a web browser…. the list goes on and on. Yet the one field they haven’t forayed into yet is the social networking one. Rumor has it that Google has a social networking site in the works. According to speculation, the name of this website is “Google Me”. If these rumors prove to be true, then Google is sure to give the remaining players a good run for their money.


It all began when a Google employee, Paul Adams, deeply researched the current social networking scenario and found that there were many constraints and challenges in the present offerings. For example, he pointed out that an average person would tend to have more than one friends circle. He would have one for his workplace, another for his family, one more for his close friends, and so on. Mixing these distinct groups can create confusion in his online social life.

Another point he put forward is that not all the people comprising a “friends list” are actually friends. Some are merely acquaintances we happen to meet in the real world, or even in the virtual one. This shows how the present social networking sites are pretty unorganized.


Internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose mentioned in a now-deleted tweet that Google would be coming up with a project to rival Facebook. He even went as far as to identify the Google project as Google Me. In addition, Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer Adam D’Angelo was confident that Google was indeed working on such a project, claiming that Google felt threatened by Facebook’s immense popularity and felt the need to create a social network of its own.


The answer would be a definite yes, for a variety of reasons. Recently, Google rolled out two new projects in the social networking field, viz. Google Buzz and Google Wave, neither of which created a long-lasting impact, attracting significant criticism. So it is only logical that they develop a powerful application capable of taking the masses by storm, the way Facebook did in 2008. Another worry for Google would be that its future rival Facebook is implementing their “Like” features for a new idea – grouping the mass of data and using it to create a basis for a search engine which would be more oriented to the user’s preferences. This would be a direct competitor to Google’s own search engine. Moreover, Facebook’s collection of personal data serves as an interpretation of the user’s likes. Based on this, specific advertisements can be posted on that user’s page. But there is still light at the end of the tunnel for Google. Facebook’s recent privacy issues have become a real bone of contention, forcing many users to shun the website. If Google can suitably exploit the situation, then they can make a pretty good head start into the social networking market. Currently, Facebook is perched high up on the social networking ladder, with 400 million active users. It would take something really very special from Google to dethrone the current king of social networking.

Google Planning Another Social Media Venture

Google plans a fresh attempt with social media through a social networking site apparently named Google Me. This will not be the first of its kind with Google already have tried and failed in the shape of Orkut, Google Buzz, Google Latitude etc. It is an apparent effort to compete with facebook. According to the talks a whole new team has been set to work for the project, better privacy and data exchange can be expected this time the accounts will probably be based on your Google account only.

Angelo confirms the news

“Google me” sounds more like a last minute wrap up for a name than anything else but hey! So did Apple back then? Kevin Rose let the buzz start with a tweet on Sunday that Google will be working on a social networking site of its own perhaps to give facebook a run for its money as facebook is probably the only significant competitor for Google when it comes to attention on the internet. The speculation was given some surety by Adam D’Angelo when he acknowledged on Quora that Google me was a real project and there was a proper team working on it, he even expressed his complete confidence about it.

What could Google Me be?

With little information disclosed from the company itself we are left guessing as to what exactly could Google me be? Apparently, it would be related to one’s Google profile that started fading away with the debut of Google’s Buzz earlier this year. For those who don’t know, Google buzz facilitates sharing links, pictures and thoughts with all known through people’s Google profile. Quiet similar to Twitter, however, Buzz did not exactly affect facebook’s popularity or growth in anyway, Google me however threatens to do precisely that. Probably it would be something that had status updates, news feeds, and picture albums like facebook within one’s Google profile.

Google’s flings with social media have always been short and elusive. Orkut might be having a great time this month with Brazil in the world cup quaterfinals, but that’s just about where Orkut’s visibility ends. According to the talks a whole new team has been set to work for the project, better privacy and data exchange can be expected this time the accounts will probably be based on your Google account only.When Google buzz first came into the picture it had huge privacy issues, by the time Google fixed them the excitement had died down and it never caught on with the public again. Google latitude has a comparatively better user base but even that has star up issues.

This year Google attempt s to revise its social strategy, Google me is probably a project designed by an entirely new group of Google engineers.

The basic expectations we can have from Google is that it should do its due homework on privacy and data export before introducing Google Me as a rival to facebook

Google Plans a Facebook Rival

There is a huge rumour doing the rounds that Google plans to launch its own social networking site called Google Me to compete with Facebook. There are reasons to believe that the news is credible, however it is unclear as to how it would function. There is however enough reason to believe that once put together successfully Google Me could actually take facebook on. While some people term it just as another trouble shoot effort by Google in the area of social networking, many are expecting a big clash between two of the greatest web giants.

Why is the news credible?

The news can be considered credible because on the one hand Rose is as famous for spreading rumours as he is for getting them right and on the other hand, if experts are to be believed, Google already has most of the required tools for a social networking site functioning. But how does the company plan to integrate it with Buzz, latitude and Orkut is yet to be seen. The first being the Google Profiles function that helps you create a personal page with your info on it, the second is Google Buzz which is Google’s own battered twitter, the third being Google latitude that facilitates sharing of location. Apparently Google Me would be an amalgamation of these three services.

How will Google me function?

However the way this is going to function is quiet unclear a majority of the people are left speculating, some say it might just be an upgraded Google Profiles service. But how does the company plan to integrate it with Buzz, latitude and Orkut is yet to be seen.

Experts like The Next Web’s Brad McArty favour the combination of Google Buzz and Google’s Brazilian networking service-Orkut. He says that keeping in mind the fat that orkut requires a Google account and Buzz requires Gmial a combination of both gives us a good two hundred million users, which is already half as many in facebook. While some people term it just as another trouble shoot effort by Google in the area of social networking, many are expecting a big clash between two of the greatest web giants.  If this plan be considered, one can easily make out that once Google Me comes into the picture it will for sure give facebook a run for its money.

Another misguided attempt by Google

One the other hand there are many who remain unfazed and advise the same for facebook, many people like The San Francisco Weekly’s Alexia Tsotsis reminds us of what became of Google buzz that was to rival Twitter. She thinks that Google is just throwing social networking efforts against the wall and waiting for one that sticks.

Others however have reason to believe that a war between the world’s two greatest web giants can be expected. Will google learn from its mistakes or will Google Me take the beaten track as well is yet to be seen

Google Launching Facebook Killer “Google Me”

“Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch facebook competitor very soon “Google Me”, very credible source.” was what a tweet read from the Digg founder Kevin Rose recently. Could this be a brand new social feature from Google or perhaps a combination of the existing ‘Orkut’ and ‘Google Buzz’. Experts suggests even a combined package of Orkut and Buzz alone could claim a customer base of nearly 200 million, already amounting to nearly a half of Facebook’s.

Not official yet

First of all there is no official announcements regarding ‘Google Me’ yet. Since this is supposed to be a Facebook competitor, Google probably would attempt a sudden launch in order to take Facebook by surprise. Nevertheless ‘Google Me’ has to compete for a market share of a market mostly created by Facebook itself. Regardless of the reputation of Google, the new social network component will have to prove itself first.

Facebook shaken? Probably not…

With over 400 million users, Facebook probably are not bothered in the least bit. However it all depends on what Google puts forward in the way of ‘Google Me’. If Google somehow manages to sway its Gmail users away from Facebook towards ‘Google Me’, then possibly Facebook might have something to think about.

What to expect

While some suggest a combination of Orkut and Buzz, few feel a developed version of Google profiles would come out as ‘Goofle Me’. Which ever one it is, or even a brand new Google component, no doubt will have a ton of features probably integrated into Gmail/Google mail just to make things worse to Facebook.

Competition or go along?

Competition no doubt brings the best out of rivals. However competition is not always the best method to follow. The problem here is, the credible source of Kevin Rose has specifically mentioned a rivalry of ‘Google Me’ against Facebook. While such rivalry could bring the best out of Google, consumers on the other hand may not be requiring anything against Facebook at the moment. At the end of the day all depends on what people like. Currently Facebook is being loved by the masses.

People are overwhelmed with social apps already

With the limited time that they have, average web-centric people are overwhelmed with social networking apps. The last thing they want is another place to update their status. Typical consumers of Facebook would not totally abandon accounts because of the existing networks around them, yet they may chose to use other web 2.0 apps, keeping Facebook as the primary source of networking.

What exactly is ‘Google Me’ comprised of, nobody knows yet except Google itself. In fact Google will have to come up with something phenomenal to get Facebook thinking, at least. With Facebook having millions of networking groups, pages, applications, users and businesses, ‘Google Me’ referred to as a Facebook killer is a bit exaggerating for the time being.

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