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Google™ Nexus S coming to South Korea

The CES 2011 and the CES 2010 saw the launch of many products. One of the major players and smartphone debutants was definitely the Android-based Google Nexus One. Google and their Android open source project teams have definitely done wonders. After the Google Nexus One, Google introduced the Nexus S. The Nexus series of phones are now heading towards the Honeycomb OS. As we all know, Android open source project was launched by the collaboration of various industry leaders, technology leaders, product manufacturers and service providers. The Android OS and its applications are now available for many smart phones, tablets, gaming devices, TVs and other products.

Samsung of South Korea, one of the players taking the lead in Android-based smartphones and tablets, has definitely made a mark for themselves in this technology scenario. Google launched the Nexus One, which was manufactured by HTC. The Nexus One chapter was closed with Google introducing the Nexus S on the Gingerbread OS – Android 2.3. While Google introduced the Gingerbread OS on the Nexus S with a wide range of features added over the Froyo OS, Google is yet to release updates to the Nexus One users worldwide. Samsung Galaxy S did wonders, capturing a large part of the market of Android-based smartphones.

While Google has been slowly upgrading the Nexus One with the Gingerbread OS, Google is taking Samsung head-on by introducing the Nexus S in South Korea. One would have expected Google after their success in the US markets, to move to Canada, Europe and other developed areas, but Google is introducing the Nexus S in Italy and South Korea. Google will be launching the Nexus S through SK Telecom who, by the way are already the carriers for Samsung Galaxy S. It is heard that SKT is in the final stages of testing the Google Nexus S on their network.

The Nexus S sports a 4-inch super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 16 GB on board memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, HSPA, 5 mega-pixel camera, a micro SB memory card slot as also a wide range of Android sensors. The Nexus S also comes with a front facing VGA camera for video chat, Bluetooth 2.1 plus EDR and A-GPS. The 1500 mAh lithium Ion battery and 3G are features to look out. The curved super AMOLED display is again one of the firsts worldwide, besides the graphics co-processor.

Review of Google Nexus S

Snappy and sleazy in looks, the Google Nexus S has happened at long last. It has dropped into our laps and let`s take a look at the technology it offers and the latest technology that can be used. It may well vie for the top slot of T-mobiles. The Nexus S is the sole Android 2.3 Gingerbread device on the market. This phone makes it difficult to ignore its slim lines and curves embodying high tech features.

The Nexus S T-Mobile is the phone for Android lovers and purists with a superb hardware profile. The OS packs in a faster processor and comes with a multi-touch keypad. The Nexus S has a built-in NFC chip which allows for faster exchange of information. The glossy Nexus S is all plastic with rounded contours and weighing 4.5 ounces.

Google`s revived line of Nexus phones consists of a phone running on the Android OS and standard T Mobile plan and sold by Best Buy. While the Nexus is only a 3G phone, it requires a lot of recommendations to be up and running in the market. It is slim, smart and curvaceous. It has an AMOLED display. It is the sole device of its kind in the market today.

The Nexus S is unlike its predecessors and is easily available in the markets. It is also available from T-Mobile. Since it runs the stock Android OS it comes untarnished unlike if buying from Motorola, there are widgets and skins from them as attachments. So also is the case when you buy from any suppliers from HTC to Samsung. Then, it gets its updates faster than the other OEM devices. It offers hardware, beefed up with a larger screen, updated processor, a camera which is front-facing. The Nexus S has a CPU, updated, which gives better performance.

It offers great improvements over the Gingerbread OS. It is sleek in design and has a brilliant display. The minuses are that it has no HSPA and is not usable under 4G models. It has no slot for a memory card. It has a satisfactory performance and an authentic Android user interface. It however, does not offer as many features as expected. Since its release the Google Nexus S has seen price drop. The Google Nexus S was not supposed to happen. Against all odd this phone is now released and carries fully packed technology in it. To stand apart the phone is being called `pure Google.

At 129g it feels light to carry. The nature of the frame being curved, sits nicely in the palm. It has a small lip at the bottom to help fit the phone in your palm. The socket of the headphone is at the bottom near the USB – slot. While this is not such a good thing many people are going for it and find it nice to use a headphone connection from the bottom of the phone. Finally at $199 it seems rather smart to get this phone for yourself.

Get Ready for Google Nexus S and Updates on WP7

As the rumor mill is on for quiet sometime about the upcoming updates for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is nearly finished with its first update which is dubbed as “NoDo”.

According to Microsoft guru Paul Thurrott, this first update will be ready any day now, but one will get a chance to see it only in February 2011, as the mobile carriers will run it through their testing protocols.
NoDo updates seemed to bring features like copy-and-paste in Windows Phone 7. Originally copy and paste application is limited only to contact information in which only phone numbers and email addresses can be copied and pasted. However, in updated version user can select which content to copy and where to paste it. The controls are simple. NoDo seemed to be the move of Microsoft for minor updates in Windows Phone 7 and big changes are likely to be waiting in “Mango”.

Mango is Microsoft’s codename for the full update of Windows Phone 7 which according to Thurrott is not coming directly after NoDo and one has to wait for it. Mango will add the Silverlight runtime, HTML5 support and additional languages. With Mango, Microsoft might also increase the enterprise features, especially additional support for Exchange ActiveSync policies that enforce security requirements for mobile devices.

Google’s Nexus S is coming

Google is coming up with the Nexus S touch screen smart phone. Its launch will definitely highlight the supremacy of the Google in hardware technology along with its already established supremacy in software technology for the commercial users. Nexus S is the first phone to run Gingerbread which is so far the fastest version of Android with features like multi tasking and Wi-Fi hotspot, an improved keyboard, near field communication (NFC) support and many more. The focus of Nexus S is on to deliver great graphics, media and Android experience to end user. It has 1 GHZ Hummingbird CPU with 16 GB of internal memory which makes Nexus S one of the fastest phones in the market.

It has both rear and front facing cameras. The rear camera is of 5 megapixels which can take stunning pictures and videos whereas the front facing camera can take VGA quality images and videos. It also has super AMOLED touch screen display. Nexus S has best of Google applications installed in it like Google Search, Google Maps with Navigation (Beta), Mobile Instant, Voice Actions, Gmail, Google Earth and more.

Nexus S has a slight curve on its front which helps to protect the side of the face more conveniently during a call or a voice command. Moreover, the user will have great clarity and visibility as it has near perfect viewing angles which will help the user to work well under bright conditions. It is coming in vibrant looking colors. The only criticism of Nexus S is that it does not support external storage as it lack micro SD card support.

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