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Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to feature better Google™ Voice integration

If you are curiously waiting for the much-hyped fourth edition of Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich), then here is something that is going to enhance your curiosity. Google has announced that the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will feature a better integrated Google Voice app.

Now, you are no longer required to browse through the voicemail box to listen to your voicemails. This app will enable the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich users to get all the Google Voice voicemails along with their standard call logs. You will now get all the call logs, including outgoing, incoming, and missed calls, along with voicemails at one place. Yong-Hoon Choi wrote in the Google Mobile Blog, “I don’t want to jump between my call log and the Google Voice app to see who has called me and what message they left.”

Google Voice app installed on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will help you to play, pause, and skip back during voicemails. You will also be able to control the playback speed with ease. So, just download the latest Google Voice app from Google Play and enjoy.

Apple accepts Google Voice services for iPhone 4

Google Voice is a company which uses free Internet service using VOIP technology to link phone numbers together. Google Voice users will be able to select single U.S. phone number from different area codes. This service includes other features like centralized voicemail and indexable, automated voice mail transcription, accessible by PC or phone. ITune’s App store will allow the users of iPhone to download applications which take advantage of all the iPhone/iPod touch features.  Last year Google Voice has been banned by Apple from iPhone and Apple has removed two third-party applications from App Store.

One application is GV Mobile created by Sean Kovacs and another one is VoiceCentral created by Riverturn.

Apple banned these applications saying that they have “duplicated” some of the iPhone features. But it was not a fair statement as who have used these applications on iPhone they know very well that the application is provided in different way than iPhone existing applications. GV Mobile service allows you to create and use virtual phone number of your choice, stop most of the extras which is not possible for most of the other mobile phones or landlines. Also it includes features like ability to listen voice mail as they are being recorded, digital transcription of voice mails and assigning various rules to different contacts. Actually there was no problem with any application but because of the competitions between Google and Apple these both applications were removed from App Store around fourteen months before. But Apple has finally decided to start the new version of GV Mobile.Also GV mobile developer has confirmed this news. You can download new version of GM mobile from the link

BGR have a regular conversation with Sean Kovacs developer of GV mobile application, and now the new version name will be GV-Mobile+.

Actually this month Apple has totally revamped its App Store Policies and released list of guidelines and as per these guidelines developers are allowed to use whatever tools they would like to build applications. But earlier they put lots of restrictions on this. So, after considering all these new guidelines, Kovacs developer of GV Mobile, tried to resubmit his Google Voice Application and got positive response. So it was expected that GV Mobile Application may come back on App Store. After getting approval of Apple for Google Voice Application GV Mobile after a year, these both companies got lots of coverage from Press. As Competitor Company Google Voice’s application has been approved by Apple, it seems that GV Mobile is going to get plenty of attention by everyone and expecting to do much better.

But what about other Google Voice Application VoiceCentral which was removed by Apple last year? Apple has not approved this application yet so now they have shifted to focus on HTML5, browser-based Google Voice Client named Black Swan. Riverturn is likely to revisit and resubmit its native iPhone Applications in this big market.

If Apple has really changed his policy then surely you can get more surprises in coming years!!!!

Thanks to Google: Now Get Missed Call Notifications in Google Voice

Google has come up with an amazing new feature for Google Voice. With the help of this new feature, you will be able to get a missed call notifications in a form of an e-mail. You can find this new feature in the settings menu.

You can easily turn on the notifications for the calls going to your Google Voice; however you might face problems to get this feature working with your mobile number.

To Get Missed Call Notifications on E-mail

You can enable missed call e-mail notification for your Google Voice number by simply logging in into your Google Voice account. In the top right corner of your screen, there is a settings link. Click on the settings link, you will get two options: Google Account Settings and Voice Settings. Now, click on the voice settings and then select Calls tab on the next page. Now, under the Missed Call section, you will have to put a check in the check box against the “Place missed calls in the inbox” option to get the notification.

You can also select “Send missed calls to my e-mail” option to get the notification emails into your attached Gmail account. After selecting the options, click on the save changes options to save the settings.

To Get Missed Call Notification on Your Real Number

In order to receive notifications enable Google Voicemail for your real phone. To enable Google Voicemail, in the settings link click on the Phones tab and then locate the link to  “Activate Google voicemail on this phone.”

You will get a new pop-up window which will contain an activation code. After selecting the carrier, dial that verification code and press call or send that code as Google suggests.

If you want to disable this ink, repeat the same process by selecting the “Deactivate Google voicemail on this phone” option.

LG Setting Up Google Android tablet

Is LG the new first name of Google Android? There is no doubt that if and when Google Android is launched, it would compete with Apple’s iPad. However, who would be its manufacturer? What is going to be Google Android’s first name?

The Google Android is said to be a brain child of Google CEO Eric Schmidt. It used to be that they are only tinkering about the idea of coming up with Android-powered tablet, usually described as “an e-reader that would function like a computer.”

There used to be no definite news about it just that, it is making iPad work twice as hard to make sure that they accommodate all their customers before competition really sets in. Still, there are already some comparisons made without really having the gadget out in the market.

The Google Android is said to be more user-friendly in terms of customization of its face and features as well as the apps that would be included. While Apple iPad is making sure that the gadget stays on how they like it, the leniency of Google Android would be apparent.

This leniency may only be curtailed if users would be coming from AT&T that they do not allow third party downloads. Still, as lenient as a Google Android may provide for Flash use. Thus, this would bring this gadget closer to many more users. This is much more enjoyable with tethering, that it may actually make the users keen on it. These are seen more in the current Android phone.

On top of these, the Google Android may very well have all the perks of Google related services, say, Gmail as well as Google Voice. This would help keep it just as close to those that are already into these services. Such user indulgence would be able to provide a closer links to Apple user towards discovering Android-based designs.

Aside from the whole apps and features debate, there is also the time-honored debate on which would actually look better. There are many conceptual designs that are going around bloggers on how the Google Android may look like. Still, there is still no concrete news on this.

LG, on the other hand, has been one strong contender in the realm of bloggers as the one most likely to handle this launch. Thus, many are already looking forward to this partnership.

In actuality, there is still no hard news on how this may look like in turn. There is no concrete news whether this project is already ongoing or if it is iPad-inspired news to bring fire into sales. Still, it would be great if there would be some that users can choose from.

Perhaps, if LG would be the new first name for the Goggle Android, there would be a great stir as to the Apple iPad. Still, the concept of the Android phone that has been lifted and may probably one used to develop the Google Android is a big plus to those looking forward to a more personalized touch for their own gadgets.

Google Voice tricks

Google voice is going to be heard by anyone after Google issued a statement. If you want to know much more about it, do read to the bottom. As you have the freedom to manage your text messages and voicemail via email. This is very simple. Step by step instructions may let you know what to do. Simply click the Lab link in and look for Google voice player, which is normally in mail features. Here, just click ‘enable’ and now save the changes.

Create Skype Caller ID:

You can also create your Skype Caller ID. Register yourself with and log in. now click on Caller ID tab, and find ‘Change number’, here enter your GV number and now wait for the text message, which will get your GV number. You will receive confirmation code through text message now you have to enter the confirmation code on Skype website. It will take the website around 24 hours to finish your registration process.

Voice’s no-calls mode could be activated with the Calls sub-menu which is located in inbox/settings. You can also make a call to your own voicemail number which may be set up there. You have the option of setting up the number using minutes, hours or days.

You can also send Advanced Voice memos to yourself as well in Google Voice. Go to settings, and click phones. Here you will find ‘Edit Cell Phone’. And now go to ‘Show Advanced Settings’. Now click Voicemail access and No. and finish the process by saving.

Moreover, you can also upgrade and enjoy unlimited options. Simply go to the setting page of Google Voice’s Call and remember that Caller ID should be ready to Display my Google Voice number. Now it depends on how you add Google Voice number to family plan and respective friends.

You can choose Friends & Family plan which is known as Verizon’s plan, it will let you select 5 to 10 different numbers which could be used for free to make calls. The plan is available in two different features like Single Line Plan having around 900 Minutes and Family SharePlan having around 1400 minutes. If you want to add more numbers to Friends & Family, you require ‘sign in’ to My Verizon.

You can also enjoy AT&T having interesting features known as A-List which is just like Verizon’s 5 or e10 numbers as per your plan; it must be 1400 minutes for families and 900 minutes for single person. You can also update friend and family list online with the help of my Wireless account on AT&T’s website.

MyFaves Option:

T-Mobile’s plan is considered a bit simpler; to qualify for this plan you must have such a plan, which cost you around $49.99 a month. If you have this plan you will have the freedom of 5 numbers to make call to for free. There is something special about this plan. If you have family plan, each member will be offered 5 numbers to themselves. If you want to take advantage of MyFaves, just log in My T-Mobile account.

Google Faces Patent Charges

It was only recently that Frontier Communications Corp. filed patent charges against the world’s biggest online search engine, Google, Inc. Frontier sued Google for infringing a certain new patent that is intended for telephone services. Some reports have stated that Google has violated existing patent rights with a list of products, namely, the famous Google Voice system.

Frontier contended in the Delaware federal court, as the company is based in Connecticut, particularly in Stamford. According to the statements made by the attorneys of the plaintiff, Google deliberately infringed the patent of Frontier’s technology and further reiterated that Google has largely inflicted irreparable damage to Frontier.

Google decided to purchase Global IP Solutions Holding AB, which happens to be the maker of videoconferencing, as well as voice, software for around sixty eight million. Working in collaboration, they were able to help the public expand Internet audio and video capabilities.

This is why Andre Pederson, Google’s assigned spokesperson has blatantly stated that the claims Frontier has been making are completely without merit. Hiring their own set of lawyers, Google plans to fight Frontier’s charges vigorously.

Ever since the court battle again, Google, despite being the largest search engine on the Internet today, as evidenced by having a total revenue of nearly twenty four billion dollars last year, experienced a fall of approximately three dollars to around four hundred eighty six dollars in the Nasdaq Stock Market trading. Basically, the search giant’s stocks declined twenty two percent in this year.

Moreover, Frontier, with last year’s total revenue of around two billion dollars fell seventeen cents, and is now only nearly eight dollars in the New York Stock Exchange. Conclusively, the company dropped nearly two percent this year.

The reason why both companies are risking it all with these suits is because of the technology involved. Reports say that Google has claimed patent rights for providing its users with only one phone number that connects their work, home, and cellular phones. This feature happens to be Google Voice’s core feature.

Actually, this one-number feature is not entirely new to both Frontier and Google. In fact, some phone companies have already offered relatively similar features to particular businesses through phone products such as Centrex, starting the 60’s era. And, today, Frontier Communications Corp. filed their lawsuit against Google merely hours after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office finally issued Frontier’s requested patent.

It seems that Frontier will be the one taking the risks in this uphill battle since the said company’s request for the patent from the year 2007 actually comes a couple of years after the predecessor of Google Voice, GrandCentral launched similar services in the year 2005. It was Google that acquired GrandCentral in 2007 and gave it a new brand name of Google Voice. This means that GrandCentral has initially offered the exact same one-number-for-all feature that Frontier is presently complaining about, two years before Frontier even applied for the said patent.

It looks like the attorneys hired by Frontier Communications Corp. need to acquaint themselves with the principles and concepts involved with first-to-invent as well as prior art.

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