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HTC® Incredible S

HTC incredible S has several advanced features such as an 8 mega pixel camera and a 1 GHZ ultra fast processor. It provides a really great experience while browsing the web. With it, you will get a smooth web browsing experience. HTC incredible is a complete package of fun and work at the same time. The moment you look at it, it feels like magic. The eye catching design is 10/10. It has given a new meaning to touch technology.

It has a never before 4” screen which gives you a high definition (HD) video experience. Not only the screen, the speakers also give out a great audio experience and at the same time are very live. Because there are surround sound speakers, music is like never before. It has offers a whole new definition for everything, whether it is its appearance or its speed, everything is outstanding. It has an 8 MP camera to capture and cherish all the golden moments of your life and replay it whenever you want. So live it again when you want.

Let’s have a look at the applications it has. With the super sense apps you are able to keep yourself updated with the weather around you. With the smart map apps, you can store all the important maps you need and within seconds your desired map with details is just before you. With zoom in and out features it is possible for you to view all the things in a very detailed way. With DLNA technology it is possible for you to view TV. All it takes is a simple touch of your finger. One of the most important features you would really love are all the e-mail accounts in a single inbox.

Now it is time to live life king size with HTC incredible S whether you want to listen music or view videos. Here is all in a new way. With the crystal clear screen, one not only views but feels it very live with a never before sound quality. The connectivity options like 3G, GPRS, EDGE, and Wi-Fi all are there to keep all the possible ways to stay connected to the world. It has a 1.1 GB internal memory.

Facebook and Google Maps top the smartphone Apps List

A recent survey has revealed that both, Facebook and Google Maps are the topmost web applications used on smartphones. Smartphone usage is now dominating in the electronics and communications device usage. Smartphones have a lot of memory and storage capabilities and run many applications. Most of them have Wi-Fi or GPRS facilities or both and as such access the internet.

Google Maps is a geographical information system provided by Google, the internet services giant. This application gives users maps on which they can view their current location, even without GPS. This location can be shared with friends all over the world. The Buzz New service of the Google maps provided for smartphones allow users to quickly view activities in nearby areas.

Navigation is intriguing with its voice output GPS navigation, giving users a voice output at each turn they take at junctions or curves. Without entering your starting point, the My Location service gives you driving directions to where you might want to go. It only starts from your current location. Routes and schedules of travel services are delivered right to your palm.

Business needs are not left out in the provision of the geographic services. Street-level image views are provided by Google Maps. Real-time traffic information is also given to those who request to view it. Business people can also view the location of businesses to inform them about where to locate their businesses or where to find products to buy, right on their smartphones.

Facebook is a fantastic social networking service that allows users to connect with each other. People can post their photos, videos and messages and are also able to comment on other people’s photos, videos or status messages. Facebook is also a great tool for publicity, either for a business event or a social event. Users may create their own event pages and invite their friends and friends of friends to the event.

Business advertisements are also great on Facebook. Facebook users can create pages for their businesses or products. They can add photos of their products or videos of usage of the products to the page. Customer service can also be provided by the chat service on Facebook. Customers can also give feedback to businesses by wall postings or messages. They can even sell their goods and services on Facebook.

With smartphones however, Facebook is even more exciting as people can get instant notification on what is going on wherever they are located. Facebook’s friend finder allows users to reconnect with long lost friends just by searching by their names or by their e-mail addresses. All this happening in the palm of your hand is just interesting. Now with Facebook apps, users can create and use applications of their choice on Facebook.

No wonder Facebook and Google maps are the most used internet applications on smartphones. Knowing exactly where a friend is whiles speaking to him on phone, connecting with old friends or viewing the photos of the events you missed right in the palm is something that one cannot afford to miss. Facebook and Google maps deliver these.

LG Slim X300 Notebook

LG has launched an ultra-thin premium PC named as X300 notebook. X30 is a sleek slim and stylish notebook. Weighing about 970g, the LG X300 is really a light weight notebook.

The amazing design combined with the ultra thin body, LG X 300 was able to grab quite some attention at its launch at CES. LG claimed that the LG X 300 as the company’s new flagship mobile computing device.

The LG X 300 has 11.6 inches display that can support the maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The 11.6 LCD display is sleek and gives a sporty look to LG X 300. With dimensions of 11.7 inches x 7.3 inches x 0.7 inches, LG X 300 can be carried any where easily. The notebook wraps in a reflective keyboard with a borderless touchpad. With such stylish features, LG X 300 comes in two colors: shiny white and light brown.

The 17.5 mm thick device has been equipped with 2.0 GHz Intel Menlow platform. Memory of LG X 300 can support 1GB and 2GB of RAM and can be extended maximum up to 2GB. The X 300 notebook has 128GB SSD storage drive. There is no fan used in the LG X 300 notebook which has resulted in reducing the noise.

LG X 300 comes with the Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System installed on it. The 2 cell (2800mAh) battery offers up to seven hours of battery backup. For connectivity there is an embedded 3G modem chipset, a Wi-Fi along with the SRS TruSurround HD sound and a 1.3 mega pixel camera. The embedded 3G modem chipset can provide easy access to GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS or HSDPA networks.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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