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NVIDIA and the benefits of its new Application Acceleration Engines

In 1999, Nvidia introduced the power of computer graphics to the world when it introduced the GPU, or Graphics Processing Unit. Since then, there has been no looking back as new standards in visual computing were set with interactive, breathtaking graphics. The devices ranged among not only workstations and laptops but also among portable media players and tablets, thus making supercomputing highly accessible and inexpensive. Taking technology to newer heights, Nvidia announced the new releases of its Application Acceleration Engines on July 27, 2010. These were based on the new NVIDIA Fermi architecture, and optimized for the latest GPUs of the company. The latest versions are NVIDIA SceniX(TM) 6, NVIDIA Cg Toolkit(TM) 3, and NVIDIA Optix(TM) 2.

Jeff Brown, GM, Professional Solutions Group, NVIDIA believes that the new engine releases have enabled groundbreaking applications to come to the market much faster than before. He also said that they have opened the door to a new generation of software which is a combination of high performance advanced visualization and simulation. SceniX 6, Cg Toolkit 3, Optix 2 technology and iray rendering solutions from mental images have offered new features and benefits to application developers which they can in turn offer to end users across a range of markets. These areas include medical imaging, architectural design, automotive styling as well as energy exploration.

Following are the benefits and features offered by the latest versions:


It offers new Bazier Patch geometry class which uses Cg tessellation programs. This is for the smoothest of surfaces on NVIDIA Fermi architecture class GPUs. For faster interactive ray tracing, it also offers Optix 2 support, thereby resulting in improved performance.

NVIDIA Cg Toolkit 3

Its new testellation programs allow displacement and procedural surfaces to adapt their testellation in real-time on the latest NVIDIA Fermi architecture class GPUs. It also provides the DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4 level of programmability for portable effects.


It provides optimization of new NVIDIA Fermi architecture class GPUs. It also delivers performance at least four times greater than the previous generation GPUs. It generates support for all NVIDIA CUDA(TM) architecture-capable NVIDIA GPUs on operating systems like Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It also provides the benefit of direct 3D and fast interoperability in OpenGL and Direct3D.

Iray from mental images

It not only provides fully deterministic global illumination and physically correct rendering, but also helps in proper scaling between NVIDIA Fermi architecture class GPUs on the same machine.

These new engine releases have generated a lot of positive feedback in the market. Dave Hutchinson, Product Director at Lightwork Design Limited feels that they have powered development processes and brought new and compelling Lightworks solutions. These application acceleration engines can now be downloaded immediately. Developers can easily obtain OptiX, SceniX and the Cg Toolkit engines without payment from any of the different websites which provide their information.

Adobe Battles for Flash Bashing

The flash player software comes for free and powers most of the webs into screens, video clips, Inserted advertisements, animated typography, and rich graphics. Flash these days is installed on 98% of personal computers across the globe. It is coming of use to around 85% of top 100 websites. Flash delvers 70% of online games and 75% of web video. Whatever animated content you view on the web is likely to be running on Flash. Be it online game, Online Movie, Online Players, Online Advertisements everything is powerfully and interactively delivered by Flash. According to company’s count, around 95% of smart phones have Flash capability in them. The lone holdout is Apple and its iPhone and iPad.

Shantanu Narayen the CEO of Adobe has worked with Apple from 1989 to 1995 has full plans to take Flash beyond the PCs on every smart device possible. Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple is favouring HTML5. He said in a conference that “Flash looks like a technology that has had its day,” In his view Flash is a bug-ridden battery hog. He favours HTML5, a still evolving technology that does many of the same things as Flash. Jobs described Flash as a resource hungry, battery consuming application. Before this statement was voiced by the CEO of Apple, Adobe was already in progress with the development of Flash 10.1. Flash 10.1 is being designed to make video streaming and playback smoother. It will be supported by most of the latest smart phones and has iPhone-like touch screen features. Gestures like pinching the image will make it shrink or widening them would make the image to zoom. Adobe says that this new application is also better for conserving battery power.

When it comes to Flash Players role in revenue generation for Adobe, it turns out to be minimal. The real revenue generator for the company is its Creative Suit, which is a collection of Graphic Designing, Video Editing, and Web Development tools that uses Flash technology. On 22nd June Adobe achieved a 34% year over year growth, which the company has attributed to strong demand for the latest version of Creative Suite. Second quarters turnover was recorded as whopping $943 million.

Adobe’s goal in recent future is to get Flash install and running on as many mobile devices as possible. Nokia, Research in Motion and Palm will be using Flash on all soon-to-be launched mobile phones. Google is also emerging as an ally with Adobe by announcing Google TV which will be powered by Flash. Soon Google is expected to release its own tablet computer that will support flash.

Adobe isn’t betting that HTML5 goes away, but the company believes that evolution of HTML5 will take years and will easily take a decade for it to emerge as a technology complimentary to Flash.

Lastly Narayen quoted “We expect Flash to be a part of all the devices that count,”

How to Strip Pictures from PowerPoint Presentation

Nowadays, we rarely find people present their projects, proposals, or reports without using visual aids. These visual aids have become so technically expanded that we can find and create them through the use of a program called Microsoft PowerPoint in the computer.

The PowerPoint is made to provide easier way of presenting:

  • Reports,
  • Ideas,
  • Proposals, etc.

Everything can be made with a twist and without losing the interest of our listeners. We create PowerPoint presentation of texts and images to completely show the whole aspect of what we really want to tell our listeners.

Generally, the PowerPoint presentation is the use of images and text for instructional purposes. The PowerPoint presentation (or slideshow) is commonly used by educators, business men, trainers, and students. They use slideshows for oral lectures, oral presentations, and business proposals. These slideshows may contain text, graphics, videos, and music to keep the listeners interested with the presentation.

We even like some of the images we see from a presentation that we want to copy them and use them to our own presentation as well (as long as no copyrights are violated, of course). But, copying the images is not a one-click step as pressing the Ctrl + C on our keyboards so we have these steps to get pictures from PowerPoint presentations easy as 1-2-3.

  1. You have to open the PowerPoint presentation you want to get the pictures from. Then, go to the certain page where you can find the pictures. Once you have found the picture, simply hold the ALT key found on both lower left and right of the keyboard (though you only need to press one key) and press the PrtSc (which means Print Screen) key.
  2. After pressing the Alt and PrtSc keys, close the PowerPoint presentation and open the Paint program which can be usually found on the Start Menu, under the folder of Accessories.
  3. When Paint opens, simply hold the Ctrl key found just beside the Alt key and press the V key. This keyboard command is used in order to paste the printed screen (which you already have done with the previous step) to the new blank page you opened in Paint. You can also paste the printed screen by clicking the Paste command found on the Clipboard menu.
  4. After finalizing the pictures you stripped off from the presentation, you can now save your work by pressing the F12 key. You may also find the Save As command from the Menu bar. When the Save As window appears, change the filename Untitled to any name you want to use for your picture.

After completing the file name, click the Save button. Then the next thing to do is enjoy the pictures you stripped from the PowerPoint presentation that caught your eyes the most.

Not only using visual aid saves time, it also generates interest from the listeners. There are other presentations we see which catch our attention because of the pleasing colors that they provide in the screen. These presentations are those with effective visual elements to keep the listener interested such as appealing images, catchy music, and related videos.

The heart throbbing gaming device- Xbox 720

The Xbox 720 has been a revolution since its launch. It has been designed keeping in mind all the gaming aesthetics as well as the changing taste of the gamers. The launch of Xbox has been a major success for its mass acceptance. The Xbox 720 is the undisputed leader among all the gaming consoles available in the market. It offers the best of applications along with superior quality of graphics and other required technologies for gaming. This particular series has taken the gamers to a different level of gaming approach.

  • General Specifications

After the launch of the Xbox series, the manufacturer has earned heavily with the sale of this product. The introduction of enhanced graphics, better graphics resolution and hence an improved performance is what the product is expected to deliver its users. This product has all the essential components and attributes to capture the hearts of the end users and is sure to get completely bowled over with its features and performance. The Xbox 720 imparts highly developed multimedia contents, is capable of to playing DVDs and CDs and estimates regular updates and ropes in four to five hot key controls. The Xbox 720 is all set to set new standards in the division of video games and mark its level to a high and distinct level.

  • Features

The lineup of Xbox is presently operating on the latest version of Xbox 720 and is engaged in evaluating the required types of central processing units that is accessible in the market in calendar year of 2011-2012. This is surely making this system more endurable along with an extended life line that puts the Xbox to a great degree in front from the previous four years. One of the chief newspapers described on contemplation that Intel is making a wholesome effort to reach to its best standards with the current designed GPU Larrabee chipset created especially for the advanced Xbox 720.

  • Compatibility

Intel Corporation has provided Microsoft with a immense switch over in lieu to corner AMD out of the market and make a clear way for the forthcoming Microsoft’s Xbox 720. The company is expansively contributing the whole lot from chassis to chips where Intel is allegedly enticing the Vole right down in the process of construction of its thermals and setting up of the Larrabee chipset out to Microsoft to hand over when it requires. This allows Vole with a number of moderately strong negotiation controls and make Nvidia along with AMD shaky in their  respective positions.

It is expected out of the Larrabee version that it will be installed in the latest Xbox 720 but with the correct mitigate dealings, the Larrabee chipset will be brought to the market by the year 2011-2012. It is strongly thought that Microsoft will not set free the high power-determined Xbox 720 to replace the earlier version of Xbox.

The Xbox 720 is the one of the most hyped multimedia gadget that is expected to launch anywhere in the year 2011 and 2012. It has already created an immense impression on the minds of the gamers who are all set to get a grab of this incredible piece of technology.

Alliance of Biostar and AMD: TA890GXB Motherboard

Biostar is amongst one of those companies who have made it to the global market in the smallest interval of time with their efficient hard work and committed business strategies. With the team of expertise professionals, biostar has been able to strengthen its roots in the market. With the innovative range of products, Biostar TA890GXB-HD mATX AMD Motherboard is a resultant of alliance between biostar and AMD.AMD has been stepping high over last few years with its effective and reliable chipsets. The joint venture of AMD and biostar is now to reveal the latest motherboard, which have all the advanced components but does not add up to expenses.


Biostar TA890GXB-HD mATX AMD Motherboard is loaded with AMD latest chipset known as 890 FX/GX.It is the first chipset to support SATA III.It is accompanies by onboard graphics with radeon HD 4290.Moreover has two PCI lanes which allows potential to USB controllers. The thuban 6 core processor adds on to the efficiency and capability of the motherboard.


In regards to CPU support it has got Intel Core i7 processor. Memory support triple channel 6X DDR3 DIMM memory slot, two PCI slot, six SATA connectors with 8 USB post and 2 USB headers.


Even though rated by G as an entry level motherboard, the motherboard has all the latest technology uploaded to bring the best out of it.

  • The bio unlocking helps in unlocking of the third and fourth core with a super simple click on keyboard.
  • The GT60 which is the latest technology prevailing in the market works with overclockers which improves the games performance by sixty percent.
  • It has an exceptional memory power design which offers memory voltage stability and in turns the durability of the system.
  • The ATI radeon gets the most enhanced images to play direct X games.
  • The green power utility assures a light loading which optimizes the power saving and ensures power efficiency.
  • The SATA III provides a much wider bandwidth that helps in fast data and super speed.


Biostar TA890GXB-HD mATX AMD Motherboard has lived up to its expectation by giving some amazing outputs. It has performed absolutely as expected and even if it has been termed as an entry level motherboard has come along with two PCI slots, DIMM meory, AMD phenom processor and SATA storage which make it gain on millions of users’ confidence and trust.

Biostar is a Korean manufacturer and have got expertise contributions in development of computer peripherals. The Biostar TA890GXB-HD mATX AMD Motherboard is one of the preliminary motherboards which is equipped with both design and stability which makes it more durable. Even though it does not have a heat pipe cooling system, the components have their own coolers and thus the temperature can be easily be at check. In circumstances of overclocking it has performed phenomenally maintaining the performance and the heat sink. Therefore it is expected that the alliance of biostart and AMD would bring some more advanced latest motherboards and peripherals.

How Augmented Reality Works

Graphics, sound and 3-D video games have been around for a little over a decade. However, scientists and researchers have now managed to develop a new kind of technology that has left a very thin line between reality and the virtual world. Researchers have now managed to combine sound, smell, touch etc with graphics, giving the entire experience an augmented touch. Hence, the term augmented reality has come to exist, as technology has made it possible for us to feel graphics with all of our five senses.

How Augmented Reality works

The primary idea behind this new technology is that when sound, graphics and smell along with other sensory enhancements are superimposed over the real environment surroundings, an augmented reality is created. While some of you may be wondering that this technology has been used since ages for television broadcast, it is not so. However, certain televisions are offering something close to augmented reality with effects such as RACEf/x and the super-imposed first down line on football games featured on U.S. television. Nevertheless, these offer only a single point of view. The new, more developed augmented reality devices, rather offer a multifaceted point of view, keeping every user in mind. One such device or apparatus is termed as SixthSense and has been proven quite successful so far as demonstrations and experiments conducted are concerned.

Uses of augmented reality

* Augmented reality on mobile phones – This new technology is already making its way into masses through various applications available on mobile phones like iphones and other highly developed devices.

Layar – With the help of applications like Layar, getting information of the surrounding area or the restaurants etc has become extremely easy. Layar works by gathering information on the surrounding area using the camera and GPS of the phone. Then it displays the information with regards to all the restaurants available. Layar can also deliver you the information like jobs available amongst all the companies within a building. All you have to do is point the phone towards the building you are interested in.

Yelp – Another application working on patterns similar to augmented reality is Yelp. Like Layar, Yelp too provides information about the restaurants available within the area, in addition to restaurant ratings and reviews as well.

* Augmented reality as video games – These days, augmented reality is being used within the video gaming world as well.

Total Immersion – A company has recently launched new software which works with baseball cards and applies augmented reality to it. All you need to do is download the software (Total Immersion) from the net and install it on your computer. Next hold your baseball card in front of the webcam. As the card is recognized by the software, it will create a 3-D image of the player (on the card) on the computer screen, even while opening the related videos. All you need to do to play the game then is move your hands and the 3-D figure will automatically perform the action.

US Military – These days, even the US military is now ready to use augmented reality to train their soldiers. A Canadian company, Arcane Technologies has already sold augmented-reality devices to the US military.


While augmented reality is all set to open its doors towards a new era in technology, it is not without limitations. Some people are of the belief that over reliance on augmented reality might rather make people miss out on what is in front of them. This means that even though there is a guide available to get them across the city, people would rather go for augmented reality to know the city. Then again, image recognition software may rather raise a question regarding one’s privacy, as this software empowers a person to know anything about you.

Nevertheless, if used in a positive manner, augmented reality might prove to be a great help in training and education fields.

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