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Get out of the fantasy world of Apple Verizon iPhone

It’s time now to stop day dreaming that Apple will be offering its latest Verizon iPhone this year in June. The expectation of Apple fans just wiped out when the company failed to announce the introduction of the Verizon on June 7th June by Steve Jobs. The superb fairy tale got published in the Wall street journal that apple will be arriving with its CDMA iPhone in the running year which will be aimed straightly to the Verizon. If you are thinking to rush to your nearest mobile parlor for this dream model than please wait a second and think twice since there are some vital aspects that is to be considered.

Background of Verizon iPhone

It has been several times that people were made puzzled with the rumor that the model is coming in the market. If you are a regular blog reader then it is expected that you had definitely gone through this news in 2009. Actually this craze started way back in the year 2008 and till now the iPhone didn’t physically arrived. This is perhaps the biggest reason that should be taken into account before jumping for the same.

The exclusivity factor

According to the latest updates Apple’s contract with the AT &T expired in this current year in a mysterious way having no official confirmation on behalf of both the companies. If this carrier deal would have been continued smoothly then Apple would have the power to introduce several data revenue share demands and also various voice demands while gaining the iPhone subsidy, the cost of which to be borne by the carrier. Furthermore, since the global market is more likely to be tilled towards the GSM technology, the Apple CDMA is expected to get a much lower value. If the cost factor is kept aside, then there is no reason that would have restricted Apple for an exclusive contract with the Verizon for lunching the CDMA iPhone instead of GSM.

The effect of iPhone rumor

Among all the odds this factor seems to be positive to some extent. The share prices of both the companies Apple and Verizon climbed to the top as soon as the Verizon iPhone rumor broke into the market. At the same time the stocks of the AT&T, Palm and Research in Motion faced a drastic reduction in their value.

Other crucial factors

• Among the other factors the technical reasons are the most vital ones. The Apple’s decision of supporting one particular model is not a worthy one. Since the handset set industry is habituated in handling several models simultaneously.
• For the past three years the company has been indulging itself in manufacturing the same form factor and a single radio technology with a single device. This is really a regressive attitude in contrast with the other companies such as Nokia, RIM, Motorola or Sony Ericson.
• Along with the iPad apple which is not directly distributed through the carriers by the company, it is once again getting familiar with the single model pattern.
• Lastly there is almost no comparison with the giant cost of developing 20 models with that of one single model.

It is hence advisable that you should judge the Apple Verizon iPhone news with transparent facts and stay in no fantasy of its arrival.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone is the intelligent answer to the modern, technically astute person who would like to have all the combined advantages of three modern day technologies of wireless internet technology, mobile phone and iPod at the tip of the fingers.

The ability to control this new user interface that rests entirely on large multi-touch display with the use of revolutionary new software is the most significant characteristic of this phone. Internet communications abilities of the iPhone is awesome as it enables desktop type e-mail access, internet browsing and search facilities that are equal to the best in the industry. These are breakthrough technological developments that was unavailable to users who are now able to use the extra power of the software and sophistication as never before. It is wonderful to comprehend and revolutionary in fact if it is possible to make a call just by the mere act of poking a finger at a number or even the name stored in the Apple iPhone. The revolutionary effect is rather enhanced by the ability to sequence call modes merely from the narrations contained in the address book or the call log.

The ability to receive and make calls with the iPhone are most articulate in this that merely by touching the name or the number will enable the activation of a call. It is easy to sequence conference calls as well from a simple compilation from the address or contacts list. There is abundant provision for the ability to automatically synchronise all the contact functions from the personal computer and the internet services.

The iPhone is vastly different from the normal smart phones as it has an efficient SMS application that makes use of a predictive QWERTY keyboard in order to prevent and correct mistakes. Visual voicemail is a very important and foremost advantage of Apple iPhones that set them apart as very revolutionary products which allow the user to select the more important messages for attending to them on a priority basis.

The importance of camera in a smart phone cannot be debated. Taking it on a higher lever from the ordinary smart phone, the Apple iPhone features a 2-megapixel camera which also come with an exclusive photo management application, which is above par any other applications found in other smart phones. The simplicity of such a complex process will amaze the user as it is easy to totally synchronise photo sharing initiatives between the computer, iPhone and the internet or e-mail medium with the click of one’s fingers. Additional contents like music, TV shows, audio and video contents all can be enjoyed and appreciated through the iPhone as it effectively doubles up as a wide screen iPod. Sharing and enjoying of Music and video graphics in an unparalleled and never-before manner constitutes the better technological excellence of the Apple iPhone alone.

This iPhone connects with the internet and makes use of a very advanced Safari Web Browser that allows web pages to be loaded and viewed in the actual manner. Use of GSM technology and the availability of built-in advanced sensors for automatic adjustment of the displays are all important features that make this device an excellent choice.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003