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Is Your Smartphone Vulnerable to Attacks?

In Arlington, at the Black Hat Technical Security Conference, it was demonstrated that in many GSM-based smart phones, the software is vulnerable to remote exploits. We all know that GSM is the acronym for Global System for Mobile Communication standard and is used by many popular smart phones such as the Apple iPhone and Android-based devices.

A researcher at the University of Luxembourg, Ralf-Philipp Weinmann showed the vulnerabilities in his phone by launching an exploit of overflow vulnerabilities. He is a reverse engineer and spent many years doing his research on GSM codes to find vulnerabilities.

He used a phony base station to connect his phone and caused it to crash. He showed that when he activated the auto answer feature, he failed. He explained that this happened due to vulnerabilities and he added that there is always a 50 percent chance of success with each attempt. He also added that all these vulnerabilities are very easy to access. One can easily exploit using open-source code and $1000 worth of hardware. Phones are an easy target for hackers and especially smart phones due to their ability to contain larger amount of information and also they are accessible to more network resources.

It was a very old prediction that cell phones and other mobile computing devices would be more vulnerable to hacking, but still we have not seen any wide-scale threats. Weinmann used the GSM signaling connection for his attacks. He used the connection to deliver commands over the interface. Most of the GSM codebase stacks date to the 1990s and there is a very low protection against new threats. He said that now he is using better tools and the process is shortened to months. He also started patching the software but still many of them are vulnerable to threats.

To do his process, he created a smaller cellular base station. He did not impersonate a carrier in his demonstration but he found that a number of audience members’ phones were connecting to his base station. The reason is simple; there was no other cellular access available in the room. He explained the idea and said that a malevolent base station could have a range of mile or more depending on the antenna. When the base station established the connection, the attack can be done quickly.

HTC Merge CDMA world phone coming this spring

HTC Merge CDMA world phone solves the problems of people who have to deal with situations when they are not satisfied with their GSM service and want instant access to CDMA service. Very few phones were available in the market which had both the features of a CDMA and a GSM phone. In such situations, several companies tried to bring and integrate the CDMA and the GSM features in one single phone. With the integration of the CDMA and the GSM type network connections in one single phone, the model would have looked bulky and at the same time, the cost would have been quite higher.

To avoid such problems and to get an upper hand on the supply of the new generation cell phones, HTC provided an opportunity to customers to get new cell phones, which would be compatible with both the GSM and the CDMA networks. There are also several other features which had been incorporated in the HTC phones. Such kinds of CDMA and GSM merged phones are also 3G enabled and they have been equipped with the most updated Android operating system. It was for this reason that the demand for such phones slowly increased in the market and now they are considered to be one of the highest selling cell phones in the market.

Most of the phones of the series have got a 5-mega pixel camera and along with that, the phones have also got W-Fi connectivity as well. Since the phone is 3G enabled, hence faster Internet connectivity can be expected along with improved performance. A 3.8-inch LCD screen enhances the chances of getting high quality pictures and the phones also support 720p full HD video which is one of the most incredible features of the phones made available by HTC recently.

Review of CherryPad Android tablet

CherryPal has introduced a new Android based tablet called CherryPad America. Its is a 7 inch tablet using the Android 2.1 OS, with an 800MHz ARM11 processor and many other features. CherryPal’s CherryPad is now iPad killer and is aimed at the lower income market and for bulk orders in educational institutions.

“The CherryPad is neither an iPad killer nor an iPad clone, it’s a completely different product designed for a different market,” said Cherrypal CTO Max Seybold, in a statement. “Early user tests confirmed the CherryPad user experience has been extremely positive. Users appreciate full access to the Android Market, its powerful processor, battery run time, and high quality.”

iPad killer or no iPad killer it is a device with quite a few similarities to the iPad  with respect to physical features with a white border. The screen is a capacitive 1024×600 multi touch display compared to the resistive touch 800×480 that was shown at the prototype launch. It comes with two cameras one on the front one on the back, one a VGA and the other a 3 Megapixel camera with LED flash. It comes with a 1Ghz Cortex A8 cpu, with a 512MB DDR and 8GB to 16GB of onboard flash expandable to 32GB via the MicroSD slot. There’s GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, HDMI, and an GSM antenna to extend Wifi range. Also has an accelerometer, a light sensor, and a 4200mAh, 3.7V battery.

The 7 inch TouchScreen display is slightly sluggish and works well when a stylus is used, the LCD is covered with a plastic sheet giving it a slight shoddy look. It has an Aluminium back which is a copy from the iPad and an identical charging port to the iPad again. Though the Aluminium back and the plastic layer on the screen imparts durability to the device. Sound gets fuzzy at high volume and also the speakers don’t pack a powerful punch. It is currently based on Android 2.1 but CherryPal has promised that an Android 2.2 Froyo update is coming up plus also support for android market and hence greater availability of Apps its main USP is coming soon.

Again CherryPal has no hopes of beating the iPad something its CTO Max Seybold has himself reiterated. It is an android based tablet with high processing power designed for the lower income groups, educational institutions etc. CherryPal also primarily does bulk orders from offices and institutions.

The Palo Alto based company is positioning its product to sell its product at a price of 188$. Which is cheap compared to the price of iPad or Samsung Tab. Over the last year CherryPal has faced a lot of problems with late delivery and problems with non connectability with the App Market but it has undergone a lot of software upgrade and rework so as to make it a worthwhile experience for its end users.

Get out of the fantasy world of Apple Verizon iPhone

It’s time now to stop day dreaming that Apple will be offering its latest Verizon iPhone this year in June. The expectation of Apple fans just wiped out when the company failed to announce the introduction of the Verizon on June 7th June by Steve Jobs. The superb fairy tale got published in the Wall street journal that apple will be arriving with its CDMA iPhone in the running year which will be aimed straightly to the Verizon. If you are thinking to rush to your nearest mobile parlor for this dream model than please wait a second and think twice since there are some vital aspects that is to be considered.

Background of Verizon iPhone

It has been several times that people were made puzzled with the rumor that the model is coming in the market. If you are a regular blog reader then it is expected that you had definitely gone through this news in 2009. Actually this craze started way back in the year 2008 and till now the iPhone didn’t physically arrived. This is perhaps the biggest reason that should be taken into account before jumping for the same.

The exclusivity factor

According to the latest updates Apple’s contract with the AT &T expired in this current year in a mysterious way having no official confirmation on behalf of both the companies. If this carrier deal would have been continued smoothly then Apple would have the power to introduce several data revenue share demands and also various voice demands while gaining the iPhone subsidy, the cost of which to be borne by the carrier. Furthermore, since the global market is more likely to be tilled towards the GSM technology, the Apple CDMA is expected to get a much lower value. If the cost factor is kept aside, then there is no reason that would have restricted Apple for an exclusive contract with the Verizon for lunching the CDMA iPhone instead of GSM.

The effect of iPhone rumor

Among all the odds this factor seems to be positive to some extent. The share prices of both the companies Apple and Verizon climbed to the top as soon as the Verizon iPhone rumor broke into the market. At the same time the stocks of the AT&T, Palm and Research in Motion faced a drastic reduction in their value.

Other crucial factors

• Among the other factors the technical reasons are the most vital ones. The Apple’s decision of supporting one particular model is not a worthy one. Since the handset set industry is habituated in handling several models simultaneously.
• For the past three years the company has been indulging itself in manufacturing the same form factor and a single radio technology with a single device. This is really a regressive attitude in contrast with the other companies such as Nokia, RIM, Motorola or Sony Ericson.
• Along with the iPad apple which is not directly distributed through the carriers by the company, it is once again getting familiar with the single model pattern.
• Lastly there is almost no comparison with the giant cost of developing 20 models with that of one single model.

It is hence advisable that you should judge the Apple Verizon iPhone news with transparent facts and stay in no fantasy of its arrival.

LG Slim X300 Notebook

LG has launched an ultra-thin premium PC named as X300 notebook. X30 is a sleek slim and stylish notebook. Weighing about 970g, the LG X300 is really a light weight notebook.

The amazing design combined with the ultra thin body, LG X 300 was able to grab quite some attention at its launch at CES. LG claimed that the LG X 300 as the company’s new flagship mobile computing device.

The LG X 300 has 11.6 inches display that can support the maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The 11.6 LCD display is sleek and gives a sporty look to LG X 300. With dimensions of 11.7 inches x 7.3 inches x 0.7 inches, LG X 300 can be carried any where easily. The notebook wraps in a reflective keyboard with a borderless touchpad. With such stylish features, LG X 300 comes in two colors: shiny white and light brown.

The 17.5 mm thick device has been equipped with 2.0 GHz Intel Menlow platform. Memory of LG X 300 can support 1GB and 2GB of RAM and can be extended maximum up to 2GB. The X 300 notebook has 128GB SSD storage drive. There is no fan used in the LG X 300 notebook which has resulted in reducing the noise.

LG X 300 comes with the Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System installed on it. The 2 cell (2800mAh) battery offers up to seven hours of battery backup. For connectivity there is an embedded 3G modem chipset, a Wi-Fi along with the SRS TruSurround HD sound and a 1.3 mega pixel camera. The embedded 3G modem chipset can provide easy access to GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS or HSDPA networks.

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