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Leanback: Watch YouTube like TV!

If you like so sit in front of a TV for endless hours a day, then the new YouTube ‘Leanback’ feature is for you, one specially meant for couch potatoes. Leanback is a new technology made by YouTube that plays new videos seemingly forever. The feature is intelligently designed to play only those new videos that you particularly will like.

Why click when you can ‘Leanback’?

The new feature is another attempt to satisfy the masses that want to have the experience of YouTube to be similar to that of a TV. You will just have to pick a channel or give search terms and new videos will be played one after the other, according to the search terms entered. With the littlest effort on your part, you can watch your favorite content, just like on a TV. YouTube used on your desktop allows considerable interactivity with videos. From your desktop, you can create ratings for each video and set your favorites as well. Interacting regularly allows YouTube to create a profile for you, enabling it to create a list of those videos that you might like to see. This will be done passively for you in Leanback. You will also be prompted to decide if you want to watch the videos that you are provided or not.

The thing about TV…and Leanback

“If [your] TV asked you every two to five minutes what you want to watch next, it wouldn’t be watched five hours per day, the user doesn’t even have to sign in; videos will begin playing that show what the Web is watching.” That was spokesperson Chris Dale’s comparison of Leanback and the functionality of a normal TV. Dale also noted that this feature will soon be available in mobile phones; however the real goal for Leanback is to allow you to watch it on TV. It has been tweaked for HDTV and will play videos at high definition by default.

Advertising? Well, maybe later…

Kuan Yong is the product manager responsible for Leanback. He notes that initially advertisements will not be a part of Leanback. However, Kuan Yong also mentioned that the “site would be monetized” with ads sometime in the future. “We’re working on it,” Yong said. “The goal is to get a bunch of monetization options in place.”

In a nutshell, Leanback will plays videos by collecting information about your preferences, monitoring what you like, dislike or have uploaded based on you interactivity, Leanback’s interface has proved to be very easy to use. YouTube’s supervisor explained that Leanback’s experience was never meant to make you tick boxes, give feedback or enter fields of what you did not like. All you need to control the videos are your keyboard Directional Arrow keys and the Enter key. The simple interface allows you to select videos and perform all your function as easily as on your TV remote control.

Apple Mac Mini Desktop to have Nvidia and Intel Chips

Apple is all set to begin shipping its newly launched Apple Mac Mini. The scheduled date for the shipping of the new product by Apple is set as June 15. The new Mac mini is not only elegant looking and sleek, it is surely an answer to the imagination of any speed-loving Apple fan.

Features supported by the new Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini is being touted as one of the most energy efficient desktops. It is expected to reduce its energy usage by up to 25%. Let us take a look at some of the features supported by this new technology.

Physical attributes

  • Mac mini showcases a 7.7×1.4 inch aluminum body.
  • The new Mac Mini supports integrated power supply, thereby eliminating the external power adopter. Hence, Mac mini can easily make for the neatest desktop with only one single white power cord attached to it.
  • 320 GB hard drive and 2GB RAM.
  • Mac mini also supports HDMI output, hence supporting HDTV.
  • An additional SD card slot is provided.
  • 2GB of 1,066MHz DDR3 (double-data rate 3) SDRAM (expandable up to 8GB).
  • Showcases amongst the first of its kind recyclable aluminum enclosures.
  • Has been granted Energy Star 5.0 and EPEAT Gold status.
  • Showcases PVC-free components and wires.
  • SuperDrive optical drive loaded with an 8x slot.

Software Supported

  • Apple has attached an Nvidia GeForce 320 graphics processor to the new mac mini.
  • There is an optional 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
  • Mac mini has a much improved graphics performance, much thanks to the 48 processing cores of Nvidia GeForce 320 graphics processor. It is expected to give twice the performance compared to earlier versions when it comes to graphics, while giving an incomparable performance when compared with other products in the similar line offered by other companies.
  • Choice of Intel processors with a standard 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
  • Apple has included Mac OS X Snow Leopard in the Mac mini.
  • To add to this all, Apple’s iLife application suite is being housed with the Mini.


Mac mini showcases some mouth watering attributes when it comes to connectivity.

  • It has 802.11n wireless and Bluetooth 2.1.
  • To add to it all, it also showcases Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Making it all the more convenient to its users, it has four USB 2.0 ports.
  • Fire wire port is an added incentive.
  • Digital and audio line-in and headphone out ports etc are a few other attributes that makes Mac mini one of the most desirable machines today.

Price Factor

Apple Mac mini is being priced at $699 for the standard 2.4GHz Intel Processor. However for enhanced performance, if you want the Intel Core 2 Duo processor that offers speed ranges up to 2.66GHz, 4GB of 1,066MHz DDR3 SDRAM and two 500GB Serial ATA hard drives running at a speed of 7,200 rpm, you will be asked to pay $999 for all the gumption.

HDTV Web Experience on PlayOn

The growth of the Internet is such magnanimous that in the past few decades a majority of the population at most of the times are spending their time just on line. It is not that they all badly in wanton to pierce their heads into their monitors but there is no other choice to keep abreast with the latest. Apart from the prime needs, even if you consider the entertainment part of it, you have to go flabbergasted. But when the same entertainment if it is available on your bigger screens of your television then it would just be great is it not? You would certainly just fall for it as there is enough comfort in that while compared to your computer machine. Now believe me it is made possible for you to do so through certain simple means and that am what we are going to discuss about in detail over here.

Attractive websites.

Mainly in the United States of America certain websites like the hulu or the other sites like comedy central are all having good rapport in the opinion polls conducted. This is because of the fact that these sites enable the visitors to see any of the programs of your taste just for absolutely free. In such a case you well want to see that in your HDTV rather than from your computer. For that you got to get your pc hooked up to your television. You have to do it so by entering play on. The gaming console is the mediator here and it enables you to get whatever you want from your personal computer to be brought into your television.

Essential function

Play on is able to provide you this facility of watching videos of your liking from the web from sites like you tube, amazon vod and so on many more. In these videos you can view into your TV, through the supporting accessories such as Xbox360, ps3 and also the famous Wii. You can get it connected through your ps3 just within a span of few minutes. The maximum amount of charges what you would spend in a year is just about a forty bucks in your preliminary year. After that you are just going to pay only half of the price what you paid in the previous year. The most you have to having is all nothing but your personal computer and the console.

Flexibility for expansion

There is another additional flexibility over here which is the possibility of adding on more material. Any third party developer could be able to do such an addition with enormous ease. This is enabled by means of the company’s plug in application programming interface. It is very much an open book and if you are a reasonable level of developer you could just simply do addition of material to the play on. This could be achieved through means of penning an easy plug in. This is not suitable for any other operating systems apart from the windows, not even for Linux or Macintosh.


There is no idea for the company to get into other operating systems for the time being but they do have an ambitious plan to make the service mobile available in any rooms apart from being restricted to a single room of the house.

VDSL – The New Era In High-Speed Internet

A decade ago, we never dreamt to have high-speed connections to the Internet and transfer data at such a rapid rate, but with the advancements in technology even much more is possible now. DSL is a well-known Internet technology system that has introduced VDSL as a provider of data transfer services.

Types of DSL

DSL technology works with a number of variations with its own mechanism and advantages. ADSL or asymmetric DSL works by downloading faster than it uploads, and that is why it is a good choice for users who prefer to download more than they send. HDSL is high bit-rate DSL that operates at a speed of about 1.5Mbps. Downloading and uploading takes the same amount of time, but the catch is that you need two lines aside from your phone line. MSDSL is the symmetric type technology, where the transfer rate is variable. The speed is set by the service provider, and the higher your price plan the faster your rate. RADSL is a variant of ADSL where the modem can change the speed of the download or uploads depending on the strength of the connection.


VDSL, or very high bit-rate DSL, is the latest in the DLS range. It can provide speeds of up to 52 Mbps. This is a huge step up when compared to the maximum of 10 Mbps that ADSL provides. It is based on two different technologies known as DMT (Discrete multitone modulation) and QAM (Quadrature amplitude modulation). Only one type is used at a time, because they are not compatible with each other. Not only does this enable VDSL to provide you with high-speed connections, but it also allows you to get HDTV and videos on demand. This makes it one of the first systems that will enable you to have an all-round entertainment experience. As such it is widely believed that VDSL will actually be combined with HDTV packages.

VDSL is relatively new in the market, and companies don’t simply want to flood the market with it. It has been released in some countries. Developers want to see the response of users and to get an idea of just how big the potential market could be. For now you have to do research to find VDSL technology service online. The question on everyone’s mind is how much this will really cost. At the moment it is quite expensive given the quality of technology used and the amazing benefits, but when it starts to become more common it will become cheaper. This will largely be due to competition between service providers in order to attract customers.

It is clear that VDSL has been a huge step up in the range of DSL. It comes with an enormous amount of benefits, further allowing users to have an all-in-one experience through one system. This helps save time and money and allows for less disorder. The IT community and users all over the world will wait with bated breath to see how VDSL is received.

Bring Back the Curves; Flat Screen is Just not Enough Anymore

If you think your gargantuan flat screen HDTV at your lobby is not impressive enough, why not stir delectable reactions from you visitors with a curved plasma display? OR if you’re the type who thinks ordinary just won’t cut it for your business then let Fujitsu whisk some technological magic for your showroom. Undoubtedly, the Fujitsu Curved Plasma Tube Array will surely boast of an entirely mesmerizing experience for the viewers of your signage. This newly launched display from Fujitsu is curved to support mounting on pillars or columns.

The display panel was launched at a Fujitsu Forum in Tokyo. Two two-meter high displays were stacked onto each other and wrapped around a pillar. Four of these columns towered the entrance of the event. The display’s technology was first seen a 2008 unveiling of a 125-inch by Shinoda Plasma, a Japanese company. Shinoda Plasma is well-known to be at the forefront of the advancement of Plasma Display Panel (PDP) technology. Fujitsu Frontech, a Fujitsu subsidiary, further developed the technology that led to the current Fujitsu Curved Plasma Tube Array.

So how does the technology work?

In a nutshell, Martyn Williams presented a jargon-free explanation of the technology. According to the writer, tubes are aligned in threes, one tube per color: red, green and blue. Millimeter high plasma tubes are stacked on each other on the entirety of the screen—hence, the term, “plasma tube array”. This arrangement of sorts enables the display to be curved and shaped on a pillar. The displays showcased at the Fujitsu forum are just 5 centimeters thick.

Featuring a full-colored display panel, the Fujitsu Curved Plasma Tube Array is yet again a promising platform for advertising companies. You might expect these eye-candies at public areas like airports, office lobbies, and stations. This would also sit perfectly at showrooms adding pizzazz to that already remarkable product that begs to be showcased in any media possible. Curved Plasma Tube Arrays on subway stations might get a little over appreciated. Read: read graffiti. But hey, if you want advertising any kind of appreciation is appreciation, period.

For now however, this would seem a bit ostentatious for your living room. Well, unless you’re a rock star or movie star with a perfectly reasonable need for self promotion even right inside your own homes, then, go ahead, indulge.

This signage development also ventures into an explosion of futuristic bordering on sci-fi inspired display capabilities. Not quite in to holographic displays yet, the introduction of the Plasma Tube Array Displays feels like a little nudge to that direction.

There has been no news yet of its exact release date and the product’s pricing yet. But Fujitsu promised it will surely be available this year for the public. No doubt, advertising companies are already hell-bent on procuring this display for their businesses. Avant Garde lobbies are probably making major interior design adjustments to make room for those colonial pillars and Grecian columns.


A constant worry for the user will come to an end with the advent of the all-in-one home theater system being popularized by manufactures which provides users an innovative, compact and sophisticated system with all the components all together.

The daily routine is killing the ardent movie watcher by squeezing the time out of his schedule. Moreover, the rising cost of tickets and the laziness to travel to the theater are increasingly making consumes resort to home theatre systems. These aren’t just the reason why people are trying new ways to watch movies, on phones, iPods, and laptops. But one doesn’t get satisfied at the theater. To solve this major problem one can get an all-in-one home theater system, which not only saves you time , but also your hard earned money and you get to watch your downloaded or rented movies anytime of the day sitting lazily on your couch or in your bed with a bucket full of popcorns.

The Home Theater is a Normal television used on daily basis, which is tweaked with added components to give the user a theater experience. The system not only provides you with added privacy, but also reduces the hassles one has to face to make combinations and permutations to choose different products from different manufactures and form a perfect system. Then along with the combinations one has to think about the adjustments and changes one has to make in the furniture at his place. Then deciding over the price, some manufactures may be expensive and then you may try to reduce the number of components to be bought to maintain your budget. The end result is not at all satisfactory. So now the manufactures have come up with all-in-one home theater system which start at a very low price, though can be very expensive too, but you get all the components that is VCR, Recorder, DVD, VCD, Radio Recorder and now a days even BluRay is available in he package but a bit expensive. And these systems can be fitted anywhere, your Drawing room, master bedroom, or you can even build a theater like room with the reclining seats with the actual feel of a theater.

Unlike the other systems, a Home Theater is compact and they are designed in such a way that you don’t have to re-design and move all the furniture in the room. The manufactures produces them such that the speakers can be easily be mounted and now a days even wireless Speakers are available which can be placed in the corners of the room or directly mounted in the ceiling. The manufacture provides such a compact and apt Sub-Woofer that it can be placed anywhere, but above all the quality is so good, that it beats the theater experience.

These systems come with AUX-in options with Video input, HDMI input so that you can directly connect your iPod and other devices to play the movie or the music. In the latest available options USB devices can also now be connected to a home theatre system. It is also available, so just plug and play. With the latest technology of HDTV coming into picture, a whole new and visionary age has come with 1080p of displays available. Thus it’ll bring a new revolution in the industry and much better performing devices will be built to increase the experience of the user. Surely dreams come true for a movie watcher.

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