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Microsoft Corporation and Hewlett-Packard Company releases new Tablet

A new tandem of Corporations is teaming up between the Hewlett-Packard (Hp) and the Microsoft Corporation.

The biggest news

Microsoft Corporation and Hewlett-Packard Corporation have made their decision on joining forces to create a competitive product to watch out for in the computer technology market. This is with regards to the creation of touch screen tablet computers.

The said companies are now planning on their way to compete the planned product to their tight rivals. Many consumers are now adopting into the kind of style and innovation slate computers offers them. With this, they have come into mind of making their own competitive version using the new acquired WebOS operating system from the Palm.

New era of Slate Computers

Slate computers or most popularly known as the tablet computers are designed in a touch screen basis but with the functions of a desktop computers.

Since the last released of the Apple’s iPad, consumers have been shifting their way and sense of style on choosing the right computers for them. With Apple’s increase of revenue from the tremendous sale of iPad alone, businessmen and rival companies have concluded the new approach and trend the slate computers brought in today’s time.

With this, the HP Corporation and the Microsoft Corporation are now planning to rival the popular Apple’s iPad on the market. And also giving their planned slate computers an edge from it.

The Partnership

Microsoft Company claimed about the HP’s as one of their solid consumers in technology business and has gone their way up together in motivating for a greater technology ahead with a deep partnership level.

Today, they will proceed to a much deeper level of agreements and together will set forth a new trend of innovative computers.

Along with the Palm, the two united companies are now into their moves of planning and on their described as best and competitive slate computers far way better than the iPad itself.

With confidence, they are quite sure the project will come to its success. And will find all consumers again shifting back to them.

Furthermore, the Palm has also released a good hint of one of the features on the planned slate computers regarding the use of Adobe’s Flash, wherein the rival company Apple has blocked the application on their iPad version.

This will only shows how tight will the competition be when the new planned slate computers will be finally release.


Many of the technologies and technological companies are into their own techniques regarding making good competitive products.

Consumer’s needs are one of the biggest contributing factors that will help this companies improve more regarding their creation of products and their approach to the needs of the majority. Although quite risky, companies are still on their moves.

With the new and biggest partnership to happen for a one single blow of project, many will be expecting a good outcome exceeding the rivals sales and status in the market.

New HP Hurricane tablet for Q3 2010 release

All iPad users that thought that their tablet had a monopoly in the market can now be proved wrong. If you look at the market right now you would be convinced that there is nothing in this word that is beautiful or could even come remotely close to the iPad tablet. But it looks like this might not last for long, there could be other strong competitors in the market and they could give the Apple iPad a run for its money. It could also work the other way round, where the other tablets could slump off their sales in the market, leaving the iPad to rule the roost.

New Competition?

Continuing with the news about other tablets making its way into the market and raising the competitive bar for the iPad is something to vouch for especially in the context of HP Slate. The original plan for the HP Slate which is a tablet created by Hewlett Packard was that it was to run on the a Windows 7 OS. It seemed that HP was very eager to make known to the world about their ingenious plan and the deal that they had devised along with Palm.

However this is what probably most of us would not know especially if we are stuck onto the idea about HP and Windows 7. HP has only in the very recent times made an announcement that went public and took some of those who were desperately waiting for the HP Slate along with Windows 7 by surprise. The news now is that HP will be doing away with Windows 7 as their operating system, as they have planned on “Doubling down on webOS” in other words this also means that the HP products will carry webOS within them. Now those who do not know what the webOS is all about, then here is a small hint; it’s the OS on mobiles, the one that many feel would be a full rounder if used on the Apple iPhone OS.

Release date of HP Hurricane

The new HP tablet with the webOS will now be renamed as the HP Hurricane and is scheduled to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2010, which is some months from now. The change in the webOS is confirmed news from HP insiders. If you are still looking for some news tidbits, then there is none for now apart from the new webOS.

Competition in the tablet market will soon steam up and we will soon see a range of manufactures eying for that viable spot in the market. However who makes it to the top, will only have to be seen in the near future, especially when international sales of the HP hurricane kick off. Till its release, users will have to continue to be content with the iPad. With the competition only heating up further we might get in some more news about the HP Hurricane.

Smart dust technology could still take a while

Kris Pister a researcher from the 1990’s had a dream that no one of his time thought could turn into reality. His dream was simple, scatter sensor like devices just like dust over the earth. These sensors were thought of not being anything bigger than the size of a grain of rice. He called these no bigger than a grain of rice particles “Smart Dust.

These particles would have the ability to monitor everything right from wireless radios, sensing equipment wireless radios and a lot more. All this because of simple computing power, you would have information at your finger tips like information on cities, information on people and even their natural environment.

This revolutionary idea is no longer a dream, infact after all these years we now see it coming to reality. One mans vision is another man’s invention that’s what we would like to call it.

Pister who is now a computing professor and teaching at the University of California, Berkeley seems to be very thrilled about his idea coming to life. Although it was 14 years ago that he had dreamt if this technological phase, it is finally being devised.

Hewlett-Packard had made an announcement a few days ago, that it was working on a new project that they call “Central Nervous System for the Earth.” The company has planned it big and has mentioned that it would look at computing trillion sensors that would be scattered in every part of the planet.

The devices that HP would create will not only check our ecosystems regularly but would also help in knowing beforehand if there is any possibility of natural disasters occurring. The plan is huge, and its use is seamless, the possibilities are endless as well. HP says that the particles will also help in reducing the accident rates worldwide.

The move will begin around two years later; this was mentioned by the senior research Pete Hartwell at the HP lab in Palo Alto. The company has already teamed up with Royal Dutch Shell so that it can go ahead and install about 1 million of those minute monitoring particles. This move will help in oil exploration simply by checking the movement and vibrations in rocks. The sensors will work across an area that spans 6sq miles.

The sensors that HP has already manufactured are around the size of a VHS tape, and that is after all the sensors are put into a box so as to protect it. These sensors although the size of a matchbox are 1,000 times powerful than what you have in your Smartphone’s!

However the idea of Smart Dust may still take a while to make its appearance. You have to give technology time to come up with ways and plans so that sensors are no bigger than a few millimetres. Researches at Berkeley are working endlessly at this possibility of creating smart dust that can be sprinkled casually around the surface of the earth. It might take us a while before we come to that phase of technology.

HP aims for the Palm

Hewlett Packard has announced on last Wednesday that it will buy the industry’s struggling dwarf, Palm for $1.2 Billion. The announcement has triggered the shares of Palm to increase their value by about 28%.  This move marks the entrance of HP into the smart phone segment, a company more known as the one of the world’s largest desktop and laptop manufacturer.

HP’s vice president Todd Bradley has issued a statement that HP aims to build up on Palm’s innovative technology for the mobile platform and also expand on it. Palm has been struggling to survive in the cut throat competition since a long time. Ever since the Palm Pre and its sister phone the Pixi failed, Palm has been given the choice to either sell itself or declare bankruptcy by industry analysts. The last few months quite a few rumours have been floated about the potential buyers for Palm. First it was HTC which was rumoured to buy Palm but soon HTC backed out. There were also rumours of Lenovo considering to buy Palm which would enable them to enter the smart phone market. Finally HP has officially announced the takeover.

A lot was expected from the all new webOS from Palm but a wrong marketing strategy, the tremendous success of the iPhone and also the positive reviews for Google’s Android platform had closed the doors for Palm. HP’s takeover of Palm opens a lot of doors for Palm. Palm as a company possesses a lot of bench strength in terms of engineering skill and innovative knowledge. HP can now revive its almost non-existent smart phone business. Also the technology HP’s seeks to gain from this takeover is more in terms of software rather than hardware. Palm’s webOS is a brilliant idea whose potential the company has failed to capitalise on. HP can now build on this platform combining with it its own hardware specialization thereby getting into the mainstream competition in no time. HP also has a worldwide distribution network, another factor which will help in recovering Palm.

The most interesting point to be noted is what HP will do with the webOS. Windows Phone 7 Series has proven itself to be a great OS for the smart phone and every smart phone manufacturer is now intent on releasing Windows based phones along with Android based ones. HP could also go the Apple way and utilize the webOS for tablets. Palm’s takeover also empower HP over any possible legal disputes thanks to Palm’s patents.

HP Deskjet D2600 Printer

HP Deskjet D2600 Printer is an excellent product that combines within it all the elements that that make up the essential requirements needed of an ideal printer. Having one of such printers will easily meet the standard requirements rising out of home and office.

The simplicity of the printer and its settings are really the features that attract any person. Though the internal settings and work efficiency are comparable to the best in its series, that should not let anyone be fooled into thinking that setting up this printer might be risky as to necessitate professional help. This is far from the reality, for as it works out, immediately after purchase, this printer could easily and without much effort be attached to the input device. The simplicity of design and set up will ensure that the printer goes online immediately.

As soon as the printer is plugged in correctly according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the accompanying software package will effortlessly program the computer to accept and run the printer for immediate performance. Extreme ease of operation is achieved with help of three simple touch buttons that are deemed cause of three important functions of Power, Resume and Cancel. These are the main functional keys that determine the overall running of the printer life.

The technical specifications for this printer exactly matches the output performance and it is rendered effective by the print speed quality that can race ahead to about 600dpi which is the best achieved quality deliverable in black printing. The print colour speeds are up to 28ppm in black mode while it is up to 21ppm in colour printing. These specifications go well with the trust inspired by the name of Hewlett Packard itself as they have established themselves as a popular brand name that surpasses the industry standards. Considering the cost of the product and the best-rated standards considered essential in printing devices, this product truly meets the requirements of being a high speed and cost per printed page for an economical printer.

Paper handling specifications are one of the best and suitable most variety of standard printing materials like envelopes, transparencies and cards.

In terms of product weight and dimensions, this printer works out to be a hit considering the qualities of the deskjet printer that weighs a mere 2.73kg with a measurement of 453 x 207 x 172 mm.

HP Deskjet D2600 Printer comes with an Energy Star labelling that distinguishes itself as a super product, the operational cost of which is designed to save much energy while it is in use. The mainstay of this product is the technology solution that is integrated within it to meet the taste of a variety of customers that might want it to be employed even for high quality photo printing purposes.

Adding greater attraction to this product as with all other Hewlett Packard Products as well is the peace of mind with which this product can be purchased and used. As a trusted brand name, it is assured that printer will generally conform well with the specifications and in case of any shortcomings the warranty and up to date customer service will suffice to cover those shortcomings.

Epson Stylus NX515 Printer

All-in-One Printers that combine all the advantages of printing, scanning and copying occupy great importance as they tend to meet the overall requirements of standard office and home works. Epson Stylus NX515 Printer is a powerful, all-in-one printer that makes up all these advantages very efficiently. This is a very fast and powerful printer that yields a wonderful output which only bigger and more expensive printers can deliver. Compared to some other all-in-one models, this has the additional feature of an in built WiFi networking. As soon as the printer is connected to the computer through the USB 2.0 cord, a temporary connection is established through wireless networking, which can be later removed to function as a normal wirelessly operated printing device. There are ample resources to enable network printing, which also facilitates, according to specifications, roughly 36 pages of black or colour printing output per minute.

Operational efficiency of this printer accounts for the good response this printer is witnessing. Text print speed is overwhelming while photo-finishing speeds are rather average as comparable other models but will yield rather dry, clear and very rich results which make these photo prints really excellent. The test printing speed of the Epson Stylus NX515 will certainly outperform most of the competition from other competitive brands of Hewlett Packard and Canon printers.

The elegance of the printer in its design and colour aesthetics will really match with any exquisite office or home patterns. The black finish leaves an indelible elegance that meets the comforts of any beauty conscious worker. Adding to the comfort is the convenience of this printer that holds these all-in-one functions within its compact size.

Adding much reasonability to this printer and going in favour of influencing buyer interest in this printer is the very important factor of cost efficiency. The wise combination of four individual cartridges of cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink cartridges do not necessitate replacement of the whole ink cartridge assembly all together at frequent intervals. The cost per print works out very comfortably given the high standard of ink quality that are offered by the cartridges used in this printer. The readability aspects and the fine print shapes are fully formed, making this printer highly suitable for fine printing applications also. The availability of many driver options that can be chosen according to the availability is an added advantage as handicaps and printer stagnation can be avoided effectively.

Epson Stylus NX515 printer is covered by one year warranty and very dedicated customer care service from the maker. However there is large perception running in the market and among users that certain other models of Epson printers carry an extended warranty of up to two years. This limited warranty issue is being interpreted by some experts as evidence of poor product care and biased products approach from the maker itself. This however should be understood as Epson’s own view of this product as being strong-built and sturdy enough and technologically superior enough not to require anything more than the minimum warranty they are offering.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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