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None-Facebook Gaming Platforms are on the Rise

Offerpal has recently decided to help the game developers of Facebook to move off the platform. Offerpal is one of today’s biggest and most successful in-game monetization companies. They plan to move off the regular platform and on to other channels for distribution such as MySpace or Yahoo. However, Offerpal is not the only company that is focusing on attaining this particular ambition.

Four other companies have recently launched their own social gaming features that are outside Facebook, such as WildTangent, Sony, Oberon, and Hi5. The efforts of these companies have not yet received much coverage since there is a presently existing logjam of news because of the ongoing Casual Connect conference that is held in Seattle.

However, just because they are not getting as much coverage like the efforts of other companies, that does not necessarily or immediately mean that they are any less significant. This only reflects that a lot of companies are interested in having a slice of the market that Facebook has right now.

Oberon Media is actually a huge casual gaming company that is famous for its cross-platform work. One of its tools, Blaze, is perfect for today’s publishers, as it gives today’s social games much broader distribution across other websites, like MSN UK and AT&T Games. These two aforementioned platforms are actually already quite active, especially when it comes to the move of today’s casual market.

What Oberon does is that it gives the developers broader reach and keeps them connected to the social graph, something that can only be availed today through Facebook Connect. Experts in this field say that Blaze is most likely the least unusual of all of the platforms that are being launched around this time. At present, its main competitors are Mochi Media and Viximo.

Hi5 has made it quite obvious to the public too many times that the company is interested in attracting Facebook developers. Despite the fact that Hi5 recently launched a unique developer program back in March, it has now launched a new developer plan. This new plan is purposely fashioned to give companies today a less risky way of adding their own games to the network of Hi5.

At present, Hi5 is looking forward to evolving from a social networking site to a social gaming platform. However, even if this is their main focus today, they are not primarily interested in stealing the developers of Facebook. In fact, Hi5 is using Facebook’s entirety as much as possible. Hi5 has cloned Facebook’s APIs and has also utilized the latter site’s social graph. Although it may seem like they merely copied everything from Facebook, Hi5 is still unique since it has its own channels for viral distribution, as well as services for monetization.

To date, Hi5 is still not disclosing the developers that they are working with. However, in some press releases, it can be read that most quotes came from Sneaky Games as well as Bigpoint.

Sony is also not about to pass this by, as they are also preparing for getting more social games into their very own console, Playstation 3. The platform for this concept actually already exists, and they called it the Home Virtual World. This new platform can actually be availed in the PS3 consoles and has more or less fourteen million users who are officially registered.

The Pros And Cons Of The Social Networking World

Social networking is one of the most recent means of entertainment for the masses of people all over the world. There are millions of people around the world who are deep to their neck in social networking. There are many networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Hi5 to name a few. As each month passes, more and more social networking sites are being added to the sites in the world. Millions of people have joined Facebook which is one of the most popular social networking sites and this has caused the site to expand rapidly.

There are various advantages and disadvantages of these social networking sites and they are listed here.

The positives:

  1. Cheap communication:  Communication through the internet is a lot cheaper than the communication through any other means. In fact, if you would like to communicate through these social networks, it is not only cheaper, but it is more fun too. Other than for personal communication too, these social networks are very useful and you will be able to reach out to a lot of your potential clients and also potential buyers through these social networks.
  2. Get to know people: You will be able to get to know a lot more people than you ever thought was humanly possible. The ease of communication and also the fact that these social networks have a wide range and any person who is living in the United States can reach the person who is in Australia in seconds has made this to be a unique opportunity for people who have never met each other to have a more than a friendly relationship.
  3. Job opportunities: Many of the companies are turning to the various social networking sites even for their hiring needs because f the ease with which they can hire people. Other than the hiring, the decision on which person will suit for which job can also be easily identified on these social networks. This is because the personal and professional details of all these people are listed in these networks and the attitude of the individual can also be assessed from the various activities of the individual on these social networking sites.

The negatives:

  1. Scams: There are a lot of scams that revolve around these social networking sites because most of the people who are part of these sites do not have a real name on these sites. They also put out only false details on these forums. This has made people to lose faith in the reality of these social networking sites.
  2. Nuisance: The fact that people spend a lot more time on these social networking sites has caused people to have decreased output or productivity at work because  they have been busy all the time.
  3. Addiction: There are some people who also become addicted to the social networking sites and this has caused them to spend a lot more time in front of the computer than spend time with their family or friends.
  4. Time taking: Since having many friends and replying to most of them each day takes a lot of time, it is a time consuming activity. These are some of the negative aspects of social networking.

The New Dimension of Social Gaming

Social networks have become a part of every normal beings daily life. This is probably because of the reason that people have found this to be the best way to interact with their loved ones. Reviewers from around the world have mixed feelings with respect to the security and integrity of social networks but who cares. What matters to investors are fan followers or visitors!


The group of developers was found as YouPlus in 2008 by two of the very good developers. Dan Yue and Rick Thompson founded the company in order to make revenues out of the social network gaming. Their first attempt was the hot favorite facebook but they were pretty disappointed by the feedback. The social network was predominated by some of the other developers in gaming from around the world. The heartbroken group moved on to MySpace after being a failure in setting up a good reputation after being set up as a failure and gained respectable status there.

Titles such as mobsters made Playdom dominate the MySpace gaming networks and the developers acquired the top 25 ranks on the network with respect to social network games. With the reputation rising through this venture Playdom returned to facebook again and hired some of the many excellent developers from around the world. This included John Pheasant who was then acting as the second in charge in terms of Executives in EA Sports.

The AppData at facebook have recorded around 37 million users actively using the gaming applications developed by Playdom recently. They have a few ones left with to compete from that include Electronics Art and Zynga off course.

Revenue Distribution

Social Gaming is the only purpose for the development of Playdom and the company has certainly done a lot in order to gain an esteemed position. The developers are now interested in increasing the budgets for all these ventures. The company has announced that it is going to invest $33 million in venture funding. The reason and motto is still the same as that at the time of development. The circle of social gaming has been expanding every now and then in order to make the company raise every instance. The main target is the acquisition of all top titles around the world of social gaming.

The different Playdom subsidiary organizations are playing their part in the development of the company and Mountain View that is a California based Playdom company has raised a total of $76 million through such projects. They have made their recent associations with Bessemer Venture Partners, Disney’s Steamboat Ventures, and New World Ventures. These would certainly give the developers a whole lot of new ventures to work on apart from the many different blockbusters they have been spending money on.

The game titles that have been ruling MySpace and are becoming increasingly popular on Facebook include Social City, Sorority Life, Mobsters, Tiki Resort, Treetopia and the recently launched Verdonia. There have been a total of 130 million games that have been installed in different places that include Facebook, MySpace, iPhone and HI5.


From scrapping and poking to tweeting, social networking sure has come a long way. It no longer remains a tool to connect with friends for occasional chats but has evolved into a powerful medium of communication and also a business tool.

Users simply used to log on to the web through their browsers to access their social networking accounts but nowadays there are a multitude of clients for different platforms from desktop to mobile. There are even online services which let you manage multiple accounts in one place. To start with there is “” which lets you access Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn, hi5 and also MySpace. All in all it is a complete suite to update all your social networking accounts in one place. Power also provides you the facility of updating photos and also URL shortening. Power is more of a netbook option, desktop users would rather go for something like Seesmic Desktop. Powered by Adobe Air, Seesmic Desktop is available for free download at It also features an online counterpart for netbooks. Managing multiple social networking accounts is a breeze. Its features multiple account managing, profile views and auto complete.

For the twitter friendly people there is TweetDeck, also based on Adobe Air, it features multiple account management. Many of its features are quite similar to Seesmic Desktop. For the Mac community there is Tweetie or the Mac Lounge. Both are fun desktop clients for updating your Twitter status. Another interesting client is Brizzly. It has fun features such as grouping and also an unique feature called mute where updates you do not want to know about temporarily can be blocked. There is also support for Facebook. Facebook has launched its own official desktop client called the Facebook Desktop. Powered by Adobe Air, it is simply is a browser with only functionality for Facebook. The prize for the best of all desktop clients however goes to Digsby. It is a complete package deal which offers social networking, email and also IM. It lets you log on to Yahoo!, Gtalk, MSN and Facebook Chat while also accessing your email and updating your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook status. It also features a real time Newsfeed box for notifications.

While desktop clients make social networking easier for those who hate to go through the whole procedure of logging onto every site there are others who are hooked onto the web. A browser add-on would suit them perfectly. For example there is the Facebook Toolbar for Firefox which shows notifications in real time like pokes and messages. There is also a chat icon which can be opened. Echofon is also a famous twitter update browser add-on. With windows for timeline, mentions and direct messages it completes your Twitter experience. It also supports multiple accounts. Yono is another nice browser add-on for Firefox. It lets you update your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace among other social networking sites. It also features an IM client for Yahoo! and Gtalk.

On the mobile front there are innumerable apps which help you in your social networking. Phones such as iPhone and Google Nexus One have a number of apps from third party developers. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut have their own mobile versions which make it easier to access them on the phone. Fring is one of the more popular platform independent social networking tool.
Social networking clients are not just for convenience but also to make your experience fun and exciting. So go ahead and give each one a try.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003