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How to Change Your Windows 7 Computer Name

Changing the computer name is one of the most important keys in identifying your computer in case of networking. This is especially true for home networks. Remember to put names that you are not likely to forget. Do not just use Computer 1, Computer 2; you might end up not remembering whether you are Computer 1 or 2.

Using XP

If you were a user of XP, you would probably appreciate how extremely simple to do this in there. However, in Windows 7, you would need a few more extra steps before finally hanging up and thinking what to name your computer. There are actually three ways that you can do this.

Quick Method

There is the quickest one which is to: Type: sysdm.cpl in the search box from the start menu. This is not case sensitive though. Second way is through starting in the Start Menu, Right-click the “Computer” option. It would give you a few more options but you would need to follow the next few steps as well. There is also a third way also from the Start Menu.

  1. Choose to open the Control Panel.  And then, go to System and Maintenance option.
  2. Click on “System”. This would display the options on where you can change the name.
  3. You may also find Advanced System Settings if you opt of the second and third option. And then, the tab for “System Properties”, this is where you would be able to see the tabs for changing the computer’s name.
  4. You can now change the computer name through clicking Change. The “Change” is a small button at the bottom part of the box.
  5. There would be a pop-out that would prompt the changes. It would say “Computer Name/ Domain Changes”.
  6. You may then type the new computer name. Keep in mind that the name should be easily identifiable.
    • Remember, the name should be extremely identifiable. There are no special characters that can be used. Only a combination of capital and small letters as well as number and the Hyphen can be used as computer name.
  7. Click OK.
  8. It is also possible to make a short description of what the workgroup is. This is true for small offices say; you may type in “For Accounting Only”.
    • There may be some computers that have an administrative password prompt. You should provide this so that you would be able to change the name easily. If you are not the administrator, then find one who knows the username and password.
  9. Reboot your system. This would show if the changes has already taken effect.

You should always be careful before renaming your computer. There some computers that are already part of a network, there might be some inconsistencies that would only make your computer slow down. Or there might be some important system programs that you might not access through the network. If you are not in a hurry, you better check this out first; this would avoid hassle in times that you are truly in a hurry.

How to Keep Computers on Your Network Up to Date

When you have numerous computers on a network, it can become a challenge to keep all of them up to date. With computers running different versions of Windows, your task may become more complicated because they all need updates designed for their own versions. In this article, you will find information about how to keep computers in a home network or an office network up to date.

Home Networks

It is quite easy to keep a home network updated; there are normally less computers than in an office network. The first thing to do is to make sure that automatic updating is “on” for all the computers in your network. Also, allow all users on your network to download and install updates automatically and manually. You can achieve this through the recommended settings provided. To change these settings, follow these steps:

  • Click “Start” and search “windows update” in the search box.
  • Select “Windows Update” under “Programs”.
  • In the panel on the left, select “Change settings”.
  • Under “Important updates”, use the drop down menu to choose “Install updates automatically (recommended)”.
  • Under “Who can install updates”, select the check box that marks “Allow all users to install updates on this computer”.

Office Networks

The following information is for system administrators on office networks. These options will help you keep the computers registered in the network up to date.

  • First, make sure that all the computers on the network are set up to download and install updates the way you want; you may not want all your computers to update automatically. Using the Group Policy settings of Windows Update, you can manage the settings of each computer on the network. To get to Local Group Policy Editor, search “group policy” in the Start search bar, and select “Edit group policy” under “Control Panel” in the results. You can find more information on Group Policy by searching for in Microsoft TechNet.
  • Use the Windows Update Catalog to find updates for different versions of Windows.
  • In the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) website, you can get information about updating Windows and Microsoft programs in your network. The website helps administrators schedule updates for computers and helps in modifying many settings such as priority and frequency of updating.
  • You can also update Microsoft Office products such as Word and Excel. You can find these updates at the Microsoft Update website. You can set your Windows Update settings to update Microsoft programs as well as your Windows operating system.

It is important to keep all computers on a network up to date because viruses designed to exploit network services will compromise the security of all the computers on a network. Delicate information can easily be stolen if one computer on a network does not have the latest security updates from Microsoft. Stay updates and stay safe!

Cisco Valet Wireless Home Router

Valet has been introduced by Cisco as a wireless home router option. This product line of Cisco makes it possible for the people to access the wireless home routers. The major purpose of designing Valet is just to change the way families used the internet in the past. People can now access the internet with a wireless connection by removing all the frustration that they had to face while setting up their traditional wired home networks.

Valet is considered to be the first product line for the wireless products that actually makes it simple for all the people who desire to set up and thereby manage the wireless network of their own. The consumers just have to insert the Key for Easy Setup that is been included in the package into the USB port of the PC they are using and immediately after that the control is actually taken over by the software i.e. Cisco Connect. While using Cisco Connect you just have to follow three simple steps and you are done, but in case of other wireless devices you have to go through almost about twenty to thirty steps that are pretty complicated on just one computer. All the information is retained by the Key which you can insert very easily in the computers that you want to connect to the home network that is being established via a wireless connection.

Once you have set up your Valet home Wireless, the product provides its customers with a very simple way for managing the home wireless for their family.

First of all you have to add the additional devices that you want to connect to home network. Afterwards you have to set up all the parental controls. Now provide the access to the internet for the guest users on a separate network of guests. In the end change all your personalized settings that have been set up to enforce security just like the passwords.

A new control level is also provided by Valet for the parents that contain very simple tools for managing the online experience of their family. Parents are allowed by the Cisco Connect to set all the controls very easily, therefore they can easily change the use of web for specific times and days in the week or just for some temporary time period as well. Just like the example if the children are spending more time on playing games or on the social networking sites, there access to the wireless network can be modified by the parents in this case by allowing them the privilege to get online on the week nights after it is 9. The access to the internet for every device that is attached to the Valet home network can be individually controlled as well as can be changed if some certain change is necessary.

Furthermore it is fairly easy to set up your guest network by using Valet in case of a visit from family and friends. This makes the wireless access very easy.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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