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Google™ Honeycomb Clock Widget Lands On Android™ Market

Recently Google affirmed that it is arranging for hosting a press conference where discussion will take place regarding forthcoming release of Android Honeycomb and also about Android ecosystem. While other manufacturers already have intimated about their forthcoming devices powered with Honeycomb at Vegas, Google is yet to furnish any sort of detailed information regarding Honeycomb itself.

This will project a comprehensive but simple experience about Android Market for users which were not intended to fulfil the limitations of the factor of mobile form. One can just take a glimpse of Android Market on one’s web browser, click new applications and view them after downloading automatically on one’s Android-based device.

Lately, provision has been made for bringing in a version of Android for big-screen devices. This is like branch of Android which can be run parallel to the version 2.x while the vital thing is that it indicates Goggle’s commitment that results in giving ISVs the necessary confidence for investing in bigger Android projects. NVIDIA and Motorola were the winners since they have been selected to extend the reference product and hardware. As soon as the XOOM is launched, one may expect for Honeycomb product announcement which will be coming in the market ithe later part of 2011.

Motorola CLIQ 2 Android smartphone

The latest handset in market launched by Motorola is Motorola CLIQ 2 Android smart phone. There are a lot of options available in the marker regarding smartphones. The phones that we see have a mass appeal and they offer multiple functions to the users. If you are interested in knowing about them, you can make relevant research on the Internet and there you will get all the data and facts about the products.

Motorola CLIQ 2 runs v2.2 of the Android OS. Motorola CLIQ 2 is mainly called DEXT in Australia. It is a budget smart phone which is focused heavily on social networking. It features a 1GHz processor, display of 3.7 inches with a new design, which targets the niche market. Motorola CLIQ2 is different in design from other smart phones by Motorola. The latest version of MotoBlur service is designed into this new handset and has an interface which is widget-based that combinesthe communication accounts and multiple social networks. This handset is very easy to handle with its unique features. A honeycomb style keyboard design gives it a different feel and look.  The company claims that it will give the feel of original CLIQ as the keyboard is very easy to type on for the users.

For connecting to the networking sites, the users have to create a Motoblur account; obviously it is free and the data and content are already pushed live in their handset so users will not face any difficulty. The users also get security features from Motoblur services which include the ability of erasing out the content of the handset automatically if it is stolen or is lost.

Now let’s take a glance over its hardware designs. It’s actually wider and slider than other models with 4.57×2.35×0.57 inches and 6.17 oz. Underneath the display there are four buttons  that  are touch-sensitive, the up top is power key, right side is the volume controller and the top-next is the 3.5 mm headphone socket. There’s a shortcut to the camera, which is 5 mega pixel and auto focus and it has the LED flash with it. The SIM slot, standard 1420 mAh battery and micro SD slot are also there.

Android™ VS Apple®

Android phones are becoming very popular these days and the Android OS is developed by Google. They are now a strong competitor in the smart phone market and user base is increasing day by day. Android is based on Linux and kernel. The market share of Android is growing day by day and you can see new models in every week. There are several features in Android Smartphone which attract consumers.

Android comes with 70,000 applications on its market place. You can see the popularity with growing number of users and it became second most used mobile operating system. There are other features like it uses JAVA for more secure features and it also makes it more user-friendly. The main rival in the Smartphone and Tablet computer segment is the Apple’s iPad. There are some biggies who are showing more interest in Android such as HTC and Motorola. In the near future we can see more news regarding Android.

Android is an open source application and everyday it is getting better. Now they launched the latest version Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Asus one of the biggest hardware producer and now they have launched a range of new tablets at CES. Some of them are Android versions, a 10 inch model and a 7 inch tablet. These will come with the latest Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Apple is launching its new tablet iPad 2 storm and if Google wanting to stand in the specific arena then he needs to pump their tabs up with latest operating system and software. Otherwise it would be a risk to put customer off who would rather wait for a tablet that does come out the box with android 3.0 or they can also opt for Apple’s iPad that will surely come with the latest iOS second generation.

Recently we saw a video that says Android destroys Apple. The video describes the Android power. The video shows that Android has his head attached, then, with a different and awesome act. It uses his eyes to destroy a partly-bitten apple. You can watch the video on YouTube, it shows the awesomeness of Android OS.

With Android popularity is increasing day-by-day it’s a indication of the future created by Android fans. The numbers of users are increasing and if it goes like this Android may become number one by replacing Apple. Apple is taking it seriously and they are upgrading the OS and other parts of iPAds.  Google has to launch Android 3.0 Honeycomb soon. Consumers look for a new technology and interesting Smartphone and Android 3.0 is best for them, as it includes exciting features for tablet computers. In the near future, we can see more of Android 3.0 and more tabs will come with this operating system.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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