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How to Enable ActiveX Control on Windows Vista

ActiveX is a tool to extend the application of Internet Explorer. It was developed by Microsoft and is one of the most popular add-ons delivered by ActiveX. Some of the popularly known applications that have been developed via ActiveX include: Adobe flash player and Sun JAVA browser plug ins. There are some web pages available which use ActiveX control to display animations, play various games , and  to verify the integrity of windows installation. Over the years ActiveX has given more access to websites in terms of development innovations than it has been allowed before.

To install and use most of the ActiveX controls you need to be system administrator i.e. you have to login as a system administrator. To enable other users to use this service you can use the ActiveX installer service.

To install this application on your system you just need to follow these steps:

First your operating system should have one browser like Internet Explorer. If you have Internet Explorer 6 then follow these steps:

First step is to launch Internet Explorer and open the “tool” menu and select “Internet option”.Select the “security “tab and go to ”Internet content” and enable it and just select “custom level”. after doing all these now you enable ”run ActiveX” and again enable “script ActiveX marked safe”. now you finished all the operation to enable ActiveX save the changes and quit. now to see the magic of ActiveX reopen the internet explorer.

Windows Vista provides you Internet explorer 7 or 8 and it is very simple to enable ActiveX on the latest version of this browser. In order to configure ActiveX changes in Windows Vista, follow these instructions:

Open Internet Explorer, now open the “tools” menu and select “manage add-ons”. Now you have to locate ActiveX and select it and press enable.and select “OK”. now quit and reopen the browser.

You can also manage all your add-ons. To perform this work all you have to do is to select “manage add-ons” in the tools menu. next step is to select “enable or disable add-ons” when you select this you will get “manage add-ons” prompt or dialog box. The dialog box will display all the installed ActiveX components grouped by type or status. in that dialog box you are able to see all ActiveX control using the scrollbar. the ActiveX filenames are very useful to know.

You can choose any of the control and enable or disable it as per your wish or can also perform other activities like deletion of all ActiveX control. Just click on “all downloaded ActiveX controls” and make sure that no control is currently running in your browser before popping out all controls.

If you want to know where all these ActiveX controls are found in your system then click “downloaded programs files” directory in your window directory and you will able to watch all your installed ActiveX controls.

How to Create PDFs in Windows Vista

PDF(portable document file) is the highly popular and standard way to distribute and exchange electronic documents and forms around the globe. There are various reasons for the popularity of this application as it takes less space as compared to its competitor. It also allows your document to remain durable and unaffected by others and provides better security. Moreover users can share PDF of different formats.

To create PDF in Windows Vista a large number of tools are available online. Some of these tools include:

  • CutePDF
  • Ghostscripts
  • Openoffice

You can choose these tools according to your convenience. According to our research and testing we found that the most popular and suitable tool is CutePDF which is open source application.

We have some easy and very convenient instructions for you to use these applications. First let us tell you about CutePDF. To create PDFs in your operating system you just need to go to Cute PDf website and download it. After downloading, install this application. However the only major drawback of CutePDF is that it is an online based program, which requires you to be connected to the Internet.

In CutePDF open the document from the file menu in the web browser you are using and click “OK’. Now click on the “print” menu and after clicking the “print window” will appear. now here you have to do is to choose printer as “CutePDF” and click “print”. The creation of PDF is done now choose the location where you want to save this file click on the “save” tab.

We have two more tools which are also very user friendly and easy to use. First we tell you about ghost script: as we told you these all are web based application so you always have to be connected to internet, now “download” and “install” the GhostScript application. Now you have installed this application , open the ghostscipt program and just click on the “file” tab now click “open” and select the file you want to convert into PDF. Now click on “save” and you will get save window there only you have to change the file type into “PDF”. You can specify name of the file and locate this file to save there when the conversion is done.

So,you are familiar with these two application, now we will tell you about one more interesting application named as “OpenOffice”. Like the last two this is also very easy to use and efficient. To get this application you just have to go to “OpenOffice” website to download and install the file. When the installation is done ‘open” or “create” a file in the writer program. As usual click on “save as’ name the file and locate the file where you want to save it as per your convenience, select format as PDF(important).

How to Troubleshoot Errors on Windows Media Extender

If you are using a Gigabit Ethernet Switch for connecting your Vista based computers to your home group then you might have problems in troubleshooting Windows Media Center Extender errors. You might notice poor video quality or slow performance or Video might not play at all. These issues happen only when  the PC is connected to the Homegroup using the Gigabit Ethernet Switch and the consumer grade switches. The problem occurs because of the small size of the buffer which goes insufficient. Since media streaming done by media center extender results in  a large amount of traffic over the switch, the buffer in the switch overflows and results in poor video quality and slow performance. This happens because the switch operates at 1000 Mbps speed and the Ethernet card in the PC operates at 100 Mbps speed. In order to manage the transfer the Gigabit switch has to buffer in between the switches, which may at time result in data over flow. Data overflow may also occur if the flow control is disabled

To manually enable the flow of control in Windows Vista computers click on the Start button and then open the Run box. In the Run box type NPCA.CPL and press enter. You might be prompted for Administrators password so please provide the password or just change the privileges accordingly.

Now Right Click on the Gigabit network connection icon listed in the LAN connections section and from the context menu select Properties. In the Properties Window click on the tab titled Networking.  In the Networking tab click on Configure. Another Window will appear and then click on Advanced tab. In the Advanced tab click on the Flow Control property from the Property box. When you select the Flow Control Property you will get a Value drop-down menu. In this drop down select the value that enables flow control in the Tx and Rx Directions and then close the Windows by clicking on OK. At times the issue might not get resolved by making these changes then follow the steps given below.

Click on the Start button and open the Run box. In the Run box type NPCA.CPL and press enter. You might be prompted for Administrators password so please provide the same or just elevate the privileges accordingly. Click on the Networking Tab and then click on the configure button. In Configure window click on the Advanced tab and then on the Property box. Again just like we did above click on the Value drop down and select the value that represents the 100 Mbps Full Duplex setting and click on OK in the two windows for letting the changes take affect. Some network cards do not work properly if manual change is made in the Duplex settings. So for such network cards or if you face any issue after making the above mentioned changes, change the settings back to Automatic.

How to Fix Corrupt Windows 7 Profile

You might have once received an error message, which says, “You are logged into Temporary Profile”. This actually means that anything that a user would do will  be wiped out under that profile heading. It actually gets wiped out in permanently once the user gets logged out. This is an acute problem for many users  and it is mostly seen when it is a member of the original domain, performs any action. In this blog you will learn how to fix the error, which has occurred, in the Windows 7. Here you will not have to delete the whole thing but you will have to simply delete the profile. This usually comes in a very user-friendly configuration and time can be saved for backing up and transferring of data.

You will guide on how to fix the corrupt windows 7 profiles- logged in as temp through the various steps that are discussed in this particular article.

You will have to primarily “Restart” the PC to release and open all the locks on profiles where you are working. Then simply log in with another administrative account. Make sure you open with another account because your first account has been deleted. After logging in with another administrative account, you will have to delete C:\Users\%username%. After the deletion of the given profile, you will have to delete C:\Users\TEMP. Well there is a series of things, which you will have to delete. After deleting the mentioned two profiles, you will have to delete the registry key.

Then you will have to restart your computer and you are done with all the temporary files in the computer and the files, which were actually disturbing you while you were working on your computer.

The user profile, which a user actually uses, is a collection of settings and these settings a make the computer look and work the way we want it to do. It actually contains the settings, which we have provided for our desktop backgrounds, screen savers, pointer preferences, sound settings, and other features. A new user account is necessary to create new profiles to fix the problems of the corrupted one. When you create a new profile, a new account is also created. The steps mostly varies on the basis that whether it is working on a domain or a work group. You will for sure have to take the help of the Microsoft Management Console. Here you will just have to click on the local users and groups. Then rests have been described above.

Windows 7 is a user friendly operating system and is one of the latest operating system which is creating mayhem in the software market and with the release of this particular window, Microsoft has also made many changes in the software field. So, one can check out the total features and everything in detail to achieve the best result.

How to Sysprep a Windows 7 Machine – Start to Finish V2

In order to Sysprep a Windows 7 Machine, please follow the instructions as mentioned below:

  • Firstly, we will begin by walking through the building structure of the XML file, which is also known as the answer file. After this we shall walk through the actual Windows 7 imaging process. The DVD of the Windows 7 has to be inserted or an ISO file  of Windows 7 will enable you to extract the relevant files that are necessary for Sysprep.
  • Secondly, you will have to launch the Windows System Image Manager. You can locate the icon of the Windows System Image Manager in the start up menu. Here under the “Window Image”, header you will have to right click and select new image. Under this section, select the CLG file in the Windows 7 installation. All the mentioned files are located in the sources folder. Now you can select either of the two files that is CLD files or the install.wim.
  • Thirdly, in this section we will now require to create a new answer file. You will be directed toopen file menu and then you will have to select “Create New Answer File”. Just after creating one such file you will have to go to the file menu and select the option “Save Answer File”. This will actually give you the name of the XML file a name and save location. Here you will see that we have two categories of program. The two folders are Component and Packages. Under the component section one will get to see more 7 options.

Now the most important thing is that you will have to follow the sequential order to get the XML file. The next part is bit confusing because no one will have to add components from the “Windows Image” section. This is found on the bottom-left hand side to the answer file you have created. One can now select “add to # pass” to add component.The answer files have to be now saved syprep.xml.

All this while we were talking of creating XML files now we will deal with image process/ running sys-prep. One will just have to install windows 7 from the CD and then when they ask you to create a user name you will just have to reboot the machine and keep the machine in audit mode. Here you will log in as administrator. Now you can start installing any software and driver and make your own profile. If rebooting is necessary then the computer will boot back into the administrator account. Well one will be stuck in this sys-prep until you come out of the audit mode.

How to Find people of common Interest on Twitter

It’s human behavior to create a group or people with common interest and choices and in the new age of technology and Internet, social networking portals like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, and Twitter want to make their impact on the market.

All these companies are renewing their plans and trying to launch as many new features as they can to capture the market and increase their user base.

In the same process, Twitter, the ever-growing friendly micro-blogging web portal that has up till  now  added 20 billion Tweets, lately disclosed a new characteristic to record users reserved on its site; a new featured called Who To Follow. This feature  suggests members certain groups or users to follow, in terms of the common interest, hence it acts like a match maker.

Twitter has started introducing new features that should provide users an easier way to search for communities based on their interests. This feature is called “Suggestions for You”, which uses an algorithm-based formulation to conduct communications between users. It looks at individual factors and then determines which user on Twitter would be based suitable to match your interests.

“Today we’re beginning to roll out a simple, but powerful new feature to help address that — Suggestions for You.The algorithms in this feature, built by our user relevance team, suggest people you don’t currently follow that you may find interesting. The suggestions are based on several factors, including people you follow and the people they follow,” As declared by a Twitter official.

The suggestions will pretence up on the website and can be accessed in the Who to followdivision. There you’ll see the Suggestions for You tab which lists group picked by the Twitter rule. This feature would mean that not that galore users would love stumbled upon it.

But Twitter also lists suggestions when you visit added users’ login in the new Who to follow area. What’s many, when you survey someone Twitter also suggests remaining users that may be same. This simply means that the feature will be on most of the Twitter web pages and you will see this option so many times.

Using this feature, you can find users of common interests like Art & Design, Music, Technology, etc. You will also have an option to hide option to ignore a particular user from being shown in the suggestion list.

Suggestion feature is also available for developers for research and implementation using Twitter API.

Facebook does not want to lag behind and also planned for the similar feature for its users.

The latest feature, users may be aware of, will help you find people of common interest or have similar interests as it is getting difficult to find non spammer people online because there are millions of spammers who are joining these social networking sites everyday and spreading a lot of marketing propaganda.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249