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HP WebOS Tablet PC

Early last year saw the acquisition of Palm by HP, which changed the market dynamics for HP as well as Palm and also Microsoft. Soon after the acquisition, HP announced its plans for surging forward using the WebOS platform to change the way tablets and smart phones work. At that time, there were rumors that HP would be releasing the PalmPad, carrying the Palm name forward with the new product line. In the later part of 2010, the HP Slate made its rounds in the news. Recent information available shows two tablets, namely the Topaz and the Opal, doing the rounds, without any official announcements from HP yet.

Around the time that HP bought Palm, there was also news that the long-standing Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS, integrated on the HP product, would be closed. Palm was also in very advanced stages of development of Android devices, and prototypes of the same were also unveiled. This product, probably the HP Slate, was expected to be introduced well in advance of the WebOS product planned for early 2011.

The WebOS tablet PCs are expected in the market sometime in June 2011. Taiwan-based Inventec would probably be kicking off shipments even as early as March. Of course, HP in their standard method would take up the software testing after the so-called introduction of the product well before the actual launch is really announced. So, June or even September could be the right period for the product to be available on the shelves. Recent leaks of information indicate the HP Opal and Topaz tablets sporting 9 inch and 7 inch displays, 1.2 GHz processors, probably a front facing camera, micro USB port and maybe even speakers for audio.

Specifications of the Palm Topaz and Opal tablets seem to be getting more and more a reality with news of the same appearing indicating the Qualcomm dual-core processor, 9.7-inch fingerprint proof Gorilla glass, Adreno GPU, 16 / 32 / 64 GB flash storage, 512MB on-board RAM, Wi-Fi speakers with HP Beats Audio technology, Accelerometer, eCompass, Gyro, Light Sensor, Microphone, 3.5mm audio jack, approximately 13mm thick, etc.

New and different technologies like Touchstone v2, wireless charging, website and picture sharing, audio streaming via Bluetooth and speaker dock, maps and directions, contact sharing, printing, video-streaming, and gaming, will definitely make an impact in the market.

However, indications also point to the fact that HP would definitely revive their WebOS program and would not be outsourcing or sharing this, holding it proprietary for time to come. The WebOS and cloud features that HP plans to introduce, may well change the perspective of smart phones and with the probable integration of the WebOS with Microsoft Server and desktop application and services, the evolution of the mobile computing market is definitely a revolution in the offing.

Will the HP’s Windows 7 Based Slate Still Be Out?

As after the launch of iPad many well known IT companies have jumped into the field of slates, so has HP. All though these companies are producing slate even way before when the idea of the iPad was conceived, yet iPad has set a top notch market value.

News about HP

This time there is news in the market that HP is introducing a rival of iPad soon. This machine would definitely be powered by Windows 7 but it still remains a question that what would be heart of the machine. The processor chip that would power this slate is still unknown. This remains as an important issue because Intel has a big world of processors.

Choice of the Processor

The range of Intel processors starts from Inter Atom processor, then come the low power Inter Core processors like Core 2 Dou and Core 2 Quad and then comes the big daddy series of Intel’s best design that is based on the “Nehalem” architecture that is commonly known as Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. The Intel Atom chips have a only single core processor. They can handle a number of tasks from moderate work load to some real heavy jobs. And the a lot more powerful processors the Core 2 and i versions using 2 processors blast their way through everything. HP has been very careful in the case of not revealing their processor information of the latest slate. The hierarchy of HP has refused to answer any questions in this regard. So for now, it can be only be guessed that which processor will become the heart of the machine.


Chief Technology Officer of HP’s Personal Systems group tells about the latest HP slate in the video released last month, “North of what a Smartphone is, smaller than a Netbook and notebook. Something thin and light but allowing (consumers) to have that rich media experience. They can do everything on that one device versus having to carry a variety of devices. I want to browse, I want to watch my movies, I want to be able to listen to my music, I want to read magazines and books.”

More about the Atom

The Inter Atom processor in the market is already doing a great job in netbooks present in the market. The only problem is that they still don’t give that refined performance and sometime are a bit slickly. This problem is shared by the new version of the Atom processor, the “Pine Trail”. But there is something new coming up from the Intel’s womb. It is the Moorestown Atom processor.


The low powered version of the Core processors are about to power a new range of laptops arriving this month. But it is still a question that these processors are good enough to work for the tablet devices or not. Whatever processor HP chooses from, they have to extremely careful as Apple is upgrading their iPad with an A4 processors and the Apple’s OS is already known to deliver extreme and high end performance. Good luck HP!

New HP Hurricane tablet for Q3 2010 release

All iPad users that thought that their tablet had a monopoly in the market can now be proved wrong. If you look at the market right now you would be convinced that there is nothing in this word that is beautiful or could even come remotely close to the iPad tablet. But it looks like this might not last for long, there could be other strong competitors in the market and they could give the Apple iPad a run for its money. It could also work the other way round, where the other tablets could slump off their sales in the market, leaving the iPad to rule the roost.

New Competition?

Continuing with the news about other tablets making its way into the market and raising the competitive bar for the iPad is something to vouch for especially in the context of HP Slate. The original plan for the HP Slate which is a tablet created by Hewlett Packard was that it was to run on the a Windows 7 OS. It seemed that HP was very eager to make known to the world about their ingenious plan and the deal that they had devised along with Palm.

However this is what probably most of us would not know especially if we are stuck onto the idea about HP and Windows 7. HP has only in the very recent times made an announcement that went public and took some of those who were desperately waiting for the HP Slate along with Windows 7 by surprise. The news now is that HP will be doing away with Windows 7 as their operating system, as they have planned on “Doubling down on webOS” in other words this also means that the HP products will carry webOS within them. Now those who do not know what the webOS is all about, then here is a small hint; it’s the OS on mobiles, the one that many feel would be a full rounder if used on the Apple iPhone OS.

Release date of HP Hurricane

The new HP tablet with the webOS will now be renamed as the HP Hurricane and is scheduled to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2010, which is some months from now. The change in the webOS is confirmed news from HP insiders. If you are still looking for some news tidbits, then there is none for now apart from the new webOS.

Competition in the tablet market will soon steam up and we will soon see a range of manufactures eying for that viable spot in the market. However who makes it to the top, will only have to be seen in the near future, especially when international sales of the HP hurricane kick off. Till its release, users will have to continue to be content with the iPad. With the competition only heating up further we might get in some more news about the HP Hurricane.

Apple IPad: The Shortcomings

The launch of  iPad, has created a lot of hype about the product, however there are some shortcomings.  Apple had brought many expectations to the mind of the consumers before the launch. Considering its disadvantages, iPad will not live up to the promise of replacing the current net-books.

  • Flash video temporarily not available. There will be a free app for this soon, or apple will provide anupdate for the software that enables flash video. Compared with the new HP Slate which runs on the Windows 7 platform and HP and runs Flash.

  • Media transfer. Transferring pictures from a digital camera to an iPad has been addressed by an extension that plugs into the outlet of the iPad, and from that extension you can plug in a micro SD card that holds your pictures and video. This means paying extra for a simple functionality. Alternatively, you can transfer photos or videos to iPhoto on your computer and then connect your iPad to your computer.
  • Apple Apps. Only 2/3 of the apps for the iPad are free, there are already over 100,000 apps out there for the iPad. However, many of those apps are still in the process of being released.
  • Typing position. The only slight downfall to typing on the iPad is the fact that you have to set it on a table to type or on your lap, alternatively you could just buy a wireless keyboard.

  • Processor speed. The processor that the iPad uses is a 1GHz Apple A4 custom-designed. This processor cannot support the extreme gaming and video related applications though, Apple repeatedly advertised this device as an entertainment gadget. The Google Nexus using the 1 GHz SnapDragon processor for its’ HTC made mobile phone but promises less that than the iPad.
  • Lack of E ink technology. Apple’s iPad does not have an electronic-paper display technology inbuilt. With E Ink technology a device does not use any power to maintain a page display while only using power when an image is changed. This means that battery consumption is directly proportional to the number of pages you read and not how long the device is on. Apple promises to deliver up to 10 hours of battery life with a single charge which is nowhere in the range of E Ink technology where devices using the technology support up to 8000 pages of reading.
  • Lack of a camera. Since the device does not come with a camera or a web cam, it is not possible to snap a picture or even use the video chat when video conferencing.
  • SIM. The iPad uses mini SIM which is only supported on the AT&T network which means that you cannot go for another service provider or use it as a cell phone outside of the US.

  • Readability. Lack of high definition output does not make reading of e-books comfortable.

Apart from the above shortcomings, there are also several inconveniences that the new Apple iPad has with respect to typing comfort and battery backup. This seems to be a magnified version of the iPod touch and does not have all the features required to replace a notebook or a mini PC.

Leaked Dell Streak (Mini 5) tablet PC

Dell has joined the tablet PC race by announcing, that it will release its new tablet PC, called Dell Streak (previously known as Mini 5) running on a Android 2.1 Operating System (OS) in late 2010.

With the introduction of stylish gadget like iPad, HP slate, WePad and iPhone, various manufactures such as Dell have planned to launch their own gadgets.

The Dell streak is designed as multi functional tablet with Amazon as its content provider. This means that Dell Streak will also features Mp3, kindle reader application and video streaming. Like Dell notebooks, the Dell streak will come in different colors, two multi colored designs called Sea Sky and Kaleidoscope. This tablet has a 5-inch WVGA capacitive touch screen display, 30 pin docking connector on the bottom edge, three touch-sensitive buttons on right side, 5 megapixel camera and a VGA camera for video chat.

The Dell Android tablet has a 5-inch, 800*480 capacitive touch screen display, supporting multi-touch gestures. The Dell Streak will also have 3G broadband, Bluetooth, WI-Fi connectivity, micro SDHC slot for storage and 1500mAh battery for solid battery life. In addition, the Streak will come with a standard suite of application like G-mail.

There are also some rumors about its processor; that the streak will have an Atom Processor instead of ARM chips, which are mostly used with Android device.

Dell Streak specifications are:
• Operating system-Android 2.1
• 800*480 screen resolution
• 1000 MHZ CPU
• 5” screen size
• 2 Micro SD slots
• 3 axis accelerometer
• 5 Megapixel cameras with video LED
• Front facing camera
• Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
• Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
• 405 MB DRAM
• 1530mAh capacity Li-ion Battery
• 3.5mm audio/headset jack
• AAC,MP3,WAV and WMA audio support
• Available colors: black, green, red, purple, silver, pink ,blue

Pricing & Availability
Though Dell has released the specifications for the mini 5, there still is no information available for the 7 and 10 inches models with regard to their price and shipping dates. However, according to rumors in the media, the Dell streak might release in late 2010.

HP Slate Leaked

Hewlett-Packard has recently announced that, it will be releasing a multi-touch tablet PC called HP Slate by June 2010. The device is expected to give a tough fight to a newly launched, iPad, as it focuses on music, games, web browsing, eBooks and video.

HP Slate PC aspires to be an iPad killer, as it gains advantage over iPad and other Netbooks in term of; graphics, connectivity, OS, audio, video and a dual camera.

According to the Mexican website, the only real problem with HP slate is that Windows7 takes a lot of time to load as compared to the iPad. However the hardware is fine, the slate is bit thicker to iPad and the screen, with the rare part appearing to be made of plastic, which gives it a sleek look. In comparison to the iPad, the HP slate has a low batterylife.

The Slate PC is also integrated with two cameras, one is a front facing VGA camera for video calling and other is a 3 megapixel camera at the rare of tablet. It also includes Flash, Google chrome, MS-office, two external ports- a USB and a dock connector, an extra port for audio jack. The Slate PC supports 1080 pixel video back and Broadcom crystal HD video accelerator to deliver high definition video playback.

However, if you are true lover of portable touch screen devices than I would suggest you to wait till the release of HP slate PC instead of stepping into the other expensive tablets.

Some of the features of HP Slate PC are as follow:
• 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor
• 32 GB of flash storage
• 1GB of non-upgradeable RAM
• 8.9” WSVGA 1024*600
• Ambient light sensor
• Pen/digitizer support
• USB and a dock connector
• Windows 7 compatibility
• HDMI output
• 802.11b/g + Bluetooth Combo Enabled
• More than 5 hour of battery life
• Intel UMA graphics
• SIM card slot for optional 3G modem

Pricing & Release Date
According to HP, the Slate PC is expected to hit the market by June 2010. The device starts around with the price tag of $549 with the base configuration of 8.9” Capacitive muti-touch screen and a 1024*600 pixel resolution.

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