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HP tablets at the Think Beyond event

Many things are being expected from the HP Think Beyond event. HP is planning to launch two tablets. The first one is called Topaz. This may have a 10-inch screen. The other one is called Opal. This may be a 7-inch model being a bit shorter as compared to others like Topaz. One of the two tablets, the larger one, which is Topaz, will be shipped in March. The smaller tablet could be shipped in September, with the larger model arriving a few months earlier.

Most of the specifications are missing but we are expecting a 1.2 GHz processor in both the tablets and online storage assigned to all customers. Touchstone wireless will be introduced that has the capacity of displaying time, snapshots and also the GPS information as it is in WebOS 2.0. An excellent feature introduced is the professional grade sound which is powered by the HP Beats Audio features.

HP tablets will have the WebOS operating system. This software was originally developed by Palm in January 2009. It was widely acclaimed because of its highly advanced technical properties. It was easy to use and user friendly too. Then later in 2010 HP acquired Palm. WebOS runs on the Linux kernel. WebOS combines similar things mutually and makes them easier to utilize. It collects contacts and the calendar information from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo! It recognizes manuscript and IM chats with the similar person and sticks them into one conversation. With the Palm Synergy, all the essential information is kept at one place. Switching from one open application to another without any complexity is also one of the properties. WebOS helps in keeping many applications open. It is also enabled with a feature to check the e-mails even while doing some other work. Using the contacts, one can map the address. This can involuntarily add any reservation to the calendar schedule. It also has the ability to zoom in or out on a page.

HP’s Newest: the WebOS powered Hurricane Tablet Computer

Speculation is doing the rounds within the IT community around the world. It is widely believed that HP is working on a new tablet that is going to be powered by webOS.

HP is one of the biggest names in the computer world today, and is renowned for manufacturing products that are both technologically stunning and feature-filled. HP has become a household name, trusted for its reliability and innovative thinking. The company recently acquired Palm for a cool $1.2 billion. It has been said that the company was most interested in its webOS platform. Palm has been reported to have been working on a tablet of its own, but had to scrap the idea after they realised they could no longer fit the bill. HP now has the funds and the know how in order to bring forth the new Hurricane tablet.

After gaining webOS, HP stated a number of things that hinted at the possibility that they were going to create a webOS powered tablet. The company claimed that it was aiming to incorporate webOS into a range of products. Not so long ago, HP was working on a tablet called the Slate. The 10-inch Slate was unveiled earlier this year, and incorporated features similar to those that you would find in the iPad. An official release date was never made public, and the tablet reportedly scrapped due to the way it used to run Windows 7, as well as its weight.

Another clue to the saga is that HP stated it would take webOS to new heights, intending for it to become a pioneer of sorts. With HP’s backing, webOS could do wonders in creating a new tablet. It would surpass Palms other releases like the Pixi and the Pre. It should, in theory, provide a range of apps from the start, which will be suited to multitasking. This is what Palm’s predecessors lacked, and it is something that people from all fields are looking for in a computer. The Hurricane’s biggest contender is by far, any tablet that is powered by Android. Even with the weight of HP behind it, the Hurricane may be reduced to a breeze by these computers. They are extremely efficient and are renowned for their performance. They are truly quality products.

The webOS powered Hurricane tablet is said to be released in the third a quarter of the year, just in time for the holiday season. The IT community throughout the world will be looking forward to this. People want to be able to compare this with other computers and see who comes out at the top. Everyone is interested to see what HP does with this computer, and it is a widely held hope that it will live up to all the hype. After all, when you combine a giant like HP with a system like webOS, you expect great things to come out of that union. For the good of the industry it is hoped that somebody from HP will soon shed some light on the matter.

HP Slate Leaked

Hewlett-Packard has recently announced that, it will be releasing a multi-touch tablet PC called HP Slate by June 2010. The device is expected to give a tough fight to a newly launched, iPad, as it focuses on music, games, web browsing, eBooks and video.

HP Slate PC aspires to be an iPad killer, as it gains advantage over iPad and other Netbooks in term of; graphics, connectivity, OS, audio, video and a dual camera.

According to the Mexican website, the only real problem with HP slate is that Windows7 takes a lot of time to load as compared to the iPad. However the hardware is fine, the slate is bit thicker to iPad and the screen, with the rare part appearing to be made of plastic, which gives it a sleek look. In comparison to the iPad, the HP slate has a low batterylife.

The Slate PC is also integrated with two cameras, one is a front facing VGA camera for video calling and other is a 3 megapixel camera at the rare of tablet. It also includes Flash, Google chrome, MS-office, two external ports- a USB and a dock connector, an extra port for audio jack. The Slate PC supports 1080 pixel video back and Broadcom crystal HD video accelerator to deliver high definition video playback.

However, if you are true lover of portable touch screen devices than I would suggest you to wait till the release of HP slate PC instead of stepping into the other expensive tablets.

Some of the features of HP Slate PC are as follow:
• 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor
• 32 GB of flash storage
• 1GB of non-upgradeable RAM
• 8.9” WSVGA 1024*600
• Ambient light sensor
• Pen/digitizer support
• USB and a dock connector
• Windows 7 compatibility
• HDMI output
• 802.11b/g + Bluetooth Combo Enabled
• More than 5 hour of battery life
• Intel UMA graphics
• SIM card slot for optional 3G modem

Pricing & Release Date
According to HP, the Slate PC is expected to hit the market by June 2010. The device starts around with the price tag of $549 with the base configuration of 8.9” Capacitive muti-touch screen and a 1024*600 pixel resolution.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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