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Top 10 Smartphones of 2010 that stole the show

Smartphones were the most popular gadgets in 2010 and here we discuss the top 10 smartphones of 2010.

The number one slot is of course reserved for Apple iPhone. Despite the slight ups and downs, the market value and share never went down. The 4G version iPhone is the biggest seller to date. Here we are describing its specifications and features. It has some nice features like it is one of the thinnest smartphones, has retina display, stainless steel band, Apple A4 chip, Gyro plus accelerometer for advanced motion sensing, two microphones and perhaps the best of them all is its multi-touch display with pinch to zoom.


It was one of the most sought after phones in the US. Its popularity can be understood in the reviews it gets. Every square millimeter of the EVO serves (or seems to serve) a purpose, nothing is there simply for the sake of design. It has noticeable features like hot-spot that lets you to connect up to eight devices, a 4.3-inch touch-screen display, two cameras, 4G, Sprint TV and speakers.

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung also tops the chart with the sales of its Galaxy tablets. It has some amazing features like it has the Android 2.2 operating system, Li-Ion 1500Mhz battery, with a Samsung Hummingbird processor of 1 GHz, 16GB memory and many more. Some of the noticeable features are Super AMOLED display, multimedia powerhouse and TouchWiz 3.0 interface.

Motorola Droid

When Motorola launched it became an instant hit in the US. It is also powered with Android 2.2, 1GHz Tl OMAP3630-1000 processor, 512 MB RAM, 8 MP camera and long battery life with 480 talk time on 3G.

HTC Droid Incredible

HTC Droid has amazing features and it does not fall behind in the list of the top smartphones. This device is receiving positive comments for its distinct features. It has Android 2.2, 8GB flash memory, AMOLED display, 8MP camera and also it has the Verizon network.

Blackberry Torch

Blackberry was once the king of smartphones, but got affected by other products. Around 64 percent smartphone users express their satisfaction with Blackberry Torch.

Google Nexus One

It is powered with some stunning features but it lacks behind due to poor marketing. It is incredibly fast with an amazing display screen and long battery life.

Nokia N8

Nokia is one of the largest manufacturers in the world and they are very famous among cell phone users. Nokia sold 4 million of its Nokia 8 device. It has also nice features including the 12 MP camera, USB port, 5-band 3G support and 16GB storage.

In this list there are also HTC Desire and HTC HD7 phones with Windows Phone 7. HTC HD 7 has an excellent touch display screen with Windows Phone 7 and HTC desire is powered with the Android operating system.

HTC EVO 4G is better than iPhone 4 &

Smartphones these days are more like a necessity these days for many people who are on a constant move all the time while they need to communicate with their offices and peers. You can have a huge list of smartphones that suit your pocket as well as performs the necessary features as well. Selecting a Smartphone is not an issue for a user only but it is an important one with the carriers as well when they have to set a specific phone on the contract. AT&T is passing through the same phase these days.

Phone contracts:

The AT&T iPhone contracts are about to end their validity period and there has been no news from the company with the next Smartphone that they are going to be dealing with. Perhaps there has been an ongoing battle between three of the top notch phones in the market: iPhone 4, HTC EVO 4G and Verizon Motorola Droid X. The best way perhaps to select from a number of options is to set a comparison between them. It helps figuring out the possible benefits that one machine will be bringing along with compared to the other one. You will have a better decision though.


Every phone has a limitation in one way or the other and Apple iPhone 4 has developed serious issues with the reception. You can spend $30 and solve the issue but the problem is that why are you going to spend a penny apart from the contract that you paid for. The case or a bumper needs to be replaced and Apple does not give away any spare for free. On the contrary, HTC EVO 4G has issues with the glass separations and there persist a leaking problem in the device.

HTC vs. iPhone

The biggest attraction that stays distinct for HTC EVO Phone is that it is the first and the only mobile in the market these days that is running on the 4G network. Experts say that even this distinction costs it a lot in terms of the battery.  HTC EVO has been with Sprint previously and it is said that the 3G network of Sprint runs faster than that of the AT&T at some places. You were also able to turn your EVO into a Wi-Fi hub by just paying $30 a month while iPhone can connect with devices through Bluetooth for $20 a month. HTC EVO supports 8 users at a time while iPhone can just connect to 5 at a time.

Droid X

Verizon was selling Motorola’s Droid X previously that is by far the fastest selling Android phone in the whole world. The device has been facing issues related to the display that was a major drawback. The users around the market report that the device has a poor display that starts flickering quite often with no warning even that sets the user in complete confusion. Sometimes, the flickering makes the complete display useless.

When compared to EVO, all three devices have dual cameras one on each side but the experience of Video Conferencing in EVO is far more exciting than the other two devices. The video conference also allows users at EVO to communicate with the computer users as well as other mobile users. iPhone users can chat with only other iPhone users within the same Wi-Fi zone. EVO leads in the primary camera as well having a 8 Megapixel camera followed by a 5 megapixel from iPhone.

iPhone also has a low storage space compared to EVO while there seems to be no relaxation in the price tag of both the devices. EVO 4 has got an interface and size better then both the other phones.

Windows7 Phone

There is a great excitement followed by uncertainty as three devices are launching in same month. Recently Apple has revealed their big iPhone and Android devices are also making news in market. Although it’s too late, Microsoft is entering next-generation of smartphones by launching Windows Phone 7. It is too early to say anything as comparison between their advantages and disadvantages is yet to be done. Smartphones like HTC EVO 4G, HTC Incredible and next generation iPhone 4, which is merely one week old, often make headlines. It gives the impression as if there are only two smartphone platforms in existence, Android and iPhone, which are not really on a top position yet.

In smartphone platforms, the highest position is still preserved by RIM with the great market share. Apple upholds next position that is followed by Microsoft. Even though, Android has been making remarkable business, it has made it to the fourth place. Market share of Microsoft is far better than that of Android; it is greater by around 40 percent. Business market is the only reason behind the inferior positions of most popular smartphone platforms like Android and iPhone.

RIM has proved its supremacy by establishing itself as a new name to mobile business communications. iPhone has also erased the line between business tool and consumer gadget. BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) provides management tools or infrastructure integration which is far better than that is offered by Apple and Google. There is a continuous split between business and consumer. Third position of Microsoft with market share of 15 percent is a proof for this split. Apart from the Windows Mobile 6.5, Microsoft has not achieved success in this field of smartphone platforms.  Although RIM and Microsoft are on top, they seem sluggish while Apple and Google are giving great competition to each other by inventing wonderful devices.

Microsoft started from base for reinvention of mobile strategy. It is the main reason for a late arrival of Windows Phone 7. It is not just a smartphone with some modifications in Windows Mobile 6.5. Windows Phone 7 is not just a tiny Windows PC; it is an OS platform that distinguishes a desktop PC from a smartphone. Microsoft claims that Windows Phone 7 offers a wonderful amalgamation of spontaneous touchscreen and all the exciting features that come with iPhone and Android devices. It is also provided with native applications and tight integration, which connect it with the Microsoft Server Infrastructure. Microsoft Server Infrastructure is the strength of network and communications architecture.

Like these good points, there are some hitches that limit its performance. As far as the true multitasking is concerned, Apple’s iPhone is much better than Windows Phone 7. Probably, it does not have function for copy-paste. There are some software and hardware limitations also which make Windows Phone 7 inferior to iPhone and Android. Overall, it is better to wait for arrival of Windows Phone 7 so that these three devices can be compared. By comparing and contrasting these devices, best one that fulfills maximum requirement can be decided. Hopefully, Microsoft will come up with a promising device that will compete with iPhone and Android devices.

HTC Aria Impressive Android Phone

HTC Aria, AT&T’s new addition to its Android phone collection, has now hit the market . Dubbed as the cutest phone running on Android 2.1, HTC Aria sells for only $129. This discounted price comes as a rebate for the $100 yearly service plan by AT&T. Although not as feature-packed as the Google Nexus, HTC Aria promises to be the most promising Android phone for AT&T.


  • Operating System Android™ 2.1
  • Touch Screen
  • Screen Size:- 3.2 inches
  • Band:- HSPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM; Dual Mode UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (1900/850MHZ) & GSM/GPRS/EDGE (Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHZ); HSDPA/UMTS (3GPP Release 5 Compliant; 7.2 Mbps Enabled) EGPRS Functionality Integrated GPS Yes (GPS/AGPS)
  • Camera Resolution:- 5 megapixels
  • Video Camera
  • Speaker Phone
  • Expandable Memory Capability 32GB via microSD slot
  • Bluetooth® V2.1
  • Hearing Aid Compatible HAC M3 – T3 Class
  • MP3 Player
  • Mobile Internet
  • E-mail Sync
  • FM Radio
  • Talk Time Hours (up to) 6 hrs


Its whole look is reminiscent of the HTC EVO 4G, albeit a shrunken down version. Its small size and light feel (only 115g) makes it easily navigable. Although the chrome accented power button at the top and the volume controls at the side really put design genius and functionality in one. The faux screws gracing the matte back cover adds another interesting detail to the phone. Of course you won’t need to take out your mini tools yet, it easily snaps out. HTC managed to add another whimsical touch to it. Flip the black back cover and you would find a blaring can yellow personality. The glossy black finish does add some pizzazz to the black ensemble. However, eyebrows might quiver when they try out the HTC Aria’s reflective screen outdoors.

HTC fans might be left disappointed by the capacitive buttons sitting at the bottom of the screen. Bigger hands might have a little problem with navigating without the feel of embossed buttons. The optical trackball also works like a charm and is really responsive. As with the case of buttons though, trackball aficionados might get a little overwhelmed with how the whole navigation setup works. But true fans of technology upgrades would love the idea of exploring the world of true capacitive phones.

The display’s 480 x 320 resolution might leave some wanting for more. The touch panel does work like a breeze and responds well.


For a phone armed only with 600MHz MSM 7227, the HTC Aria is surprisingly fast and smooth operating. As the Engadget tests showed, even when loaded with a host of processes the 600 MHz processor showed no signs of bogging down.

The 5 megapixel camera also takes crisp shots. The autofocus shows a lag while it tries to adjust, after the first shot though, the lag seems less noticeable.

Like the average smart phones today, HTC Aria comes with the basic SMS, MMS and e-mail functions.

All in all, HTC Aria proves to be a very interesting phone feature design-wise. The only caveat—and probably the most important one—is that the carrier it’s offered with, AT&T. For those who have had problems with AT&T, this is surely a turn off. A two-year contract with the company is a must to get the HTC Aria. Also AT&T designed the phone to be tethered with their service, effectively ending the versatility that an Android phone can offer. Although you can download apps from the Android market, there’s no other way to install apps on the phone. It’s really surprising why AT&T chose this road with HTC Aria.

To hop unto the social networking wagon, HTC Aria also comes with Friend Feed which lets you connect with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It allows you to monitor your friend’s tweets and Facebook updates.


The HTC Aria is cute and pretty to look at and with an array of cool features to boot; it is honestly one of the most interesting phones around. One thing for sure, it would be a hit. But with AT&T being the carrier, a two-year contract would be something to mull over rather seriously. With that in mind, while you’re probably doing some soul-searching, another really “smart” without this serious “but” might just come along to make your easily distracted gadget palate wander away from HTC Aria.

Motorola’s 2GHz and Android combo for serious business

Motorola seems to bring in some real competition to the world of smartphones by producing the fastest of the smartphones in the world today. It seems that the company is not only focusing the normal customers this time. The phone was announced recently and it is expected to hit the stores by the end of this year. This is doubtlessly one of the super powered phones in the world of smartphones today that would certainly attract all the users who need power in their handheld machines as well.

The phone will certainly outrun all the products in the market in terms of power. The combination of Android and 2GHz would certainly outrun every other smartphone currently in the market. The current product line of top smartphones include HTC EVO 4G as well as iPhone 4 both use a 1 GHz processor as compared.

Why 2GHz?

The future is mobile. This is what Motorola has been focusing on while coming up with the very idea of producing such a powerful phone. There was a time when Desktop computers used to rule the world, and then came in the laptops with specifications even less then the slowest smartphones these days. This lust for power in the mobile devices increased with time until the time came when the laptops reached to such a powerful state with a real powerful processor in them. The time is not far when these notebook devices and tablets would even be replaced with powerful smartphones. The employers would be handing over some of the high end smartphones to their employees for work related activities. Motorola’s combo of 2GHz and Android is an initiative to the worldly need of tomorrow.

Rumored Specification:

We certainly cannot come up with the right specifications as the phone is just announced but certainly the rumors know more than we do. The device has a powerful processor of 2GHz and that is for sure. This has been announced even and there should be no doubt about it. There are rumors that the machine would come up with a real powerful graphics processor as well. There are strong rumors about the use of Nvidia Tegra-based graphics processor with complete Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration. The device is also expected to have a HD display to justify the presence of the graphic processor. The machine is also said to support a 720p video output.

Why Android:

The phone is not about power only, but the OS that is being used up is expected to be the most powerful of all the available OS that are being used in the world of mobile. HTC is moving on to Android with the Nexus One and Hero while the range used to consist of all smartphones using Windows Mobile. The use of all the enterprise applications within Android would certainly give it a high end business appeal to many people around the world. Motorola is using Android 2.2 to power it machine and give it the kind of security and business friendly features.

The expected phone is something that would certainly give you the kind of functionality that one could expect in a handheld device of tomorrow.

HTC EVO 4G to Take on iPhone 4

A senior executive of Sprint Nextel is hopeful and is quite optimistic that with the new HTC EVO 4G they will experience less of the summer trauma known as the ‘iPhone introduction’, a term coined by most US telecom carriers (except AT&T) who have customers that leave their current phone network in favor of the latest iPhone model and defect to AT&T.

For the past three years, a new version of the iPhone is released around June and July. Every time Apple and AT&T launch their latest iPhone, customers from the other carriers including Sprint have felt the sting of losing subscribers when their contracts expire and then they leave and flock to AT&T to get the latest iPhone.

During an investor conference, Sprint CEO Robert Brust warned that this summer is another possible trauma year with the introduction of another iPhone model but he is hopeful that they won’t fell the sting as much as the previous years because of the launch of their first 4G phone.

The company recently released a Google device that is an Android and called it the HTC EVO 4G, a Smartphone that they believe can take on the iPhone. This Smartphone features a high resolution touch screen, an eight megapixel camera, and a special feature that allows it to turn itself into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

This phone is considered to be a really compelling competitor to the iPhone and is designed for a 4G network that is super fast. This means that viewing videos and running applications will be faster compared to the iPhone because the EVO is used in a 4G network.

Brust explained further that AT&T’s network problems and its tiered pricing plan could turn off the potential iPhone customers, giving them an edge since the EVO will use Sprint’s Clearwire 4G wireless network. AT&T has been receiving a lot of criticisms and complaints for its network problems that are regularly experienced by their customers.

With this new Smartphone, the company hopes that they won’t lose as many customers as they had in the past. Brust also announced during his presentation in the conference that the sales for the EVO 4G have been relatively strong not only in the 4G areas but all across the country.

Although sales figures might not be as strong as iPhone sales, sales figures for the HTC EVO 4G were higher and more promising than the Samsung Instinct and the Palm Pre which were released in the previous years.

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