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iPhone 4 Customer Parody Stings

YouTube is online video providing or streaming service, which lets the person share his or her video of anything. Now a day, the Video which is in talks of the people who love to buy the iPhones, is the video called “iPhone4 vs.HTC Evo”. It is actually the YouTube parody of any iPhone-craving customer. This video has now become a big hit and has also become the certifiable hit of any Apple product. The hits on this video have been reached to more than 5 million views, and still the numbers are increasing every minute. The reason of this video to become famous is very easy to understand. The first thing to understand is that the Apple has the biggest user following. Everyone buys the product of the Apple. From Macs to iPods and from iPhones to iPads, Each and every Apple Inc. product is famous between people or the users of Apple.

Characters in the Video

The video is actually based on two characters, one is the retailer of Cellular Phone and the second avatar is of the lady who wants to buy the Apple iPhone 4. The attitude of the buyer person is not looking very good once she finds out that the retailer doesn’t have any of the iPhone 4 left for her. The customer or buyer avatar in this funny video shows the attitude of the person who must-have the iPhone or literally can’t live without having the all new iPhone 4. The genesis of the YouTube parody actually tells the story of the person who is very desperate to get an iPhone 4.

What’s Funny

In this video, when the retailer is ready to give another model or another phone, the customer is not looking very good in mood and she still calls for iPhone 4. When the retailer gets angry, he actually start talking with the bad language which is actually give us the image of the mind of companies other than Apple, and the failed retailers who are unable to make the customers agreed upon on buying the Cellular phone from any other cell phone manufacturer. The timing of the video “HTC Evo 4G versus the iPhone 4” is approximately four-minute. The warning of slang or vulgar language is also there. The warning is put up because of the use of bad language in the video has very bad words. it becomes ugly when the store clerk character crosses over into the absurd mode that is the part from where it gets interesting. It gets really ugly when the talk reach to the point where the clerk says “It prints money, it can grant up to three wishes, even if one of those wishes is for an iPhone”.  The customer’s response each time is “I don’t care”, which also makes the situation bad to worse.

Central Idea

The whole point of the video is to show that how desperate the people are when they are not getting what they want, and how desperate the companies get when they fail to deliver the products to the customers.

Flash 10.1 for Android Final Version Released on the Wild

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 brings in support for a wide range of devices including smart phones running under Android 2.2—dubbed as Froyo. Also in the list of supported devices are netbooks and other Internet capable gadgets. Clearly, iPhone and iPad support in the future seems bleak as Steve Jobs has publicly refused to integrate Adobe player to its iOS for its known security holes.

After months of beta testing, Flash 10.1 final version was  released to the public.  Originally it was scheduled for release during the first half of the year; Adobe changed the release to the second half of the year.   Well, it seems Adobe is true to its words. Just a few weeks into the second half of the year, Android 2.2 users can now avail the product through the Android Marketplace.

The public release of Flash 10.1 beta version was deemed to be one of the topmost downloaded applications in the Android Marketplace.

Mobility Personified

Adobe’s new flash player is designed specifically to cater to the mobility needs of its users. Smartphones being limited to lower CPU computing powers, Adobe had to develop the player form the “ground up”.


Users are treated to an application which fully optimizes the native capabilities of their devices. The key feature that seems to leap from the canvass is the player’s support for GPU acceleration. These make the Flash player experience completely compatible with mobile devices.

The GPU acceleration support redefines how the Flash player uses your resources especially those of your mobile devices. Streaming media using your mobile devices can gobble up most of your device’s limited resources. But with GPU support in the new Flash player 10.1, you can stream media while freeing up your CPU for a more enhanced multi-tasking experience. Battery life has also been a big issue when it comes to utilizing Flash player. The GPU acceleration support makes it possible to save on your precious battery stamina while on the go.

Video playback gets way better with the new release. Flash 10.1 gets support for peer-assisted video streaming or multicasting, HTTP support for live video streaming, and support for hardware-accelerated H.264 video playback. Another apparent improvement in video buffering has also been put in place allowing you to pause, rewind and fast-forward streaming video much like in any DVR player. That is, if your provider already supports this pretty neat feature.

Some Froyo users observed that Flash 10.1 does not let its player work with their sound profile settings. Although in silent mode, Flash player will still play sounds as is. Adobe Systems clears this up by saying that this is an Android problem and not the Flash Player’s fault.

Security-wise, the new version of Flash player now works with your browser settings. That is, to say, that your Flash player will not keep on caching when you enter in the private browsing mode.

Good news to multi-touch device users, Flash Player also comes with multi-touch support. The new accelerometer support also allows users to view their flash content in portrait and landscape mode. With the Smart Zooming feature users can scale their playback to full screen.

Flash Player 10.1 is available to those who will upgrade to Android 2.2, dubbed as Froyo. It also supports various platforms such as BlackBerry, Webs, future versions of Windows Phone, Limo, Me ego and Symbian OS. Alas, no support for Apple’s iOS; but not for the lack of trying, though. Steve Jobs is obstinate when it comes to Flash support in Apple products.

Devices that are supported include Dell Streak, Google Nexus One, HTC Evo, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, DROID by Motorola, Motorola Milestone, Samsung Galaxy S and others.

For Adobe Sytems, this has been a major upgrade in terms of supporting multi platforms.

For those who can’t live without their flash content, this is definitely an enhancement to their mobile experience.

AT&T’s HTC Aria: Fully Loaded Internet Smartphone

After months of predication finally AT&T has released a video and AT&T is set to launch next Android handset named HTC Aria, out of its lab on 20th June. This pocket-size handset is based on Android 2.1 OS loaded with latest version of HTC’s Sense UI and 50,00 apps to choose from.

In a statement, Jeff Bradley AT&T senior VP said “HTC Aria is the first of several Smartphone in our Android portfolio to run the 2.1 platform,” later he added, “When you combine the nation’s fastest 3G network, and access to the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network, HTC Aria will be one of the best Android Smartphone’s available.”


HTC Aria is just over 4-inch long, fully capable to run on AT&T’s 3G network. It comes with a preinstalled 2 GB microSD card, though it can handle up to 32 GB microSD card. Featuring a 5-megapixel camera with 3.2 inch Half-size Video Graphics Array (HVGA) display, powered with 600MHz Qualcomm MSM 7227 processor, backing-up with a 1200mAh battery, just a little over 4 ounces. It also supports HSPA 7.2 Mbps technology, which on paper bids up to 7.2 Mbps downstream. The Aria also integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, and assisted GPS.

At the very first look you can say, Aria is a solid designed phone. It’s a single block, molded in aluminum body, unlined smooth surface. HTC Aria design makes it unique and different from other Smartphone. Rubberized, in rear-side makes it soft and firm in hold, there are four holes in each corner which gives this Smartphone a elegant look.

When it comes to hardware section it is complete in itself wide display, good battery back-up, fine processor with good speed and a high resolution camera. The only thing lacked in phone is camera flash. This time, HTC switch to an optical track pad rather than trackball pointing devices that HTC used usual in its most Smartphone’s, just like new BlackBerry’s RIM. A 3.5 mm standard headphone jack is located and beside it power button as well. At bottom the Micro-USB slot, which is used for both charging plus data transfer.

HTC Sense is one of the coolest features, for example one can tap and drag a block of text. It’s a super cool and very user friendly Smartphone, all-touch. There are 50,000 apps to use for music, Wi-Fi and from other use.

FriendStream application is another new thing, using it one can access social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, without actually going to site. It allows you to view what’s your friend status, can share links and pictures. Beside this phone also offers new HTC’s Peep, it’s a twitter app and also HTC’s Footprints, it’s a photo-geotagging app.

This fully loaded HTC Aria Smartphone will be available at just $129.99(after mail-in-rebate) and requires a two-year agreement.

Interesting thing is it will be released on 20th June, just ahead of another AT&T release iPhone 4 Smartphone and providing an Android Smartphone with comparable features, can affect Apple and AT&T’s relationship. Thou, HTC Aria is a mid-level Android phone, and not as influential as HTC Evo or the Droid Incredible.


Its official people, 4G is has arrived. Blessed with divine net speeds 4G aims to revolutionize our lives further and HTC has joined the bandwagon with its latest release, the HTC EVO 4G. Previously known as the HTC Supersonic, the phone is a totally new experience. This sure is one fully stacked phone.

The phone features a 4.3 inch screen, large enough for hassle free browsing. The resolution is at 480×800 which makes sure the picture quality is crisp. We were disappointed not to see an AMOLED screen on it but the TFT LCD does not fail to satisfy. The Evo runs on the latest iteration of Android, Android 2.1. This sure has spiced up the phone further. Android now features a search by picture functionality where you can click a picture of anything and run a search for it. For instance you could click a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and the search would return all the available links about the bridge. There is also the feature of voice to message where you can just dictate your SMS to the phone. Keeping in touch has never been this simple. And before we forget there are hordes of developers who are just waiting to take advantage of the 4G’s speed and connectivity.

The phone is powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. You can sense the power of this processor right from when you power up the phone. The browsing through menus is instantaneous and also the web browsing is pretty quick with the videos from Youtube flowing in seamlessly. The Evo also has the pinch to zoom functionality which makes browsing all the more fun. The phone has two cameras, one front facing 8 megapixel auto focus camera and the other a 1.3 megapixel camera for video calls. The 8 megapixel camera also has the capability of recording HD videos. Capturing videos and uploading them is now a very simple task requiring no time at all. The new 4G network ensures that.

The Evo is packed with a number of other features which make normal use even more fun. The phone comes with HTC Sense which packs all your social networking sites into one block and sends the updates in one channel. There is the ‘leap’ feature which allows you to jump between different home screens. HTC has also added the funky ‘polite ringer’ feature where the phone quiets down once it is picked during a call. There is also an HDMI out which enables you to watch your HD videos on your large screen TV.

On the whole this is an absolute stunner. The lack of an AMOLED has disappointed a bit but considering the other factors the phone is well stacked. The build quality is great and HTC has included the kickstand which is perfect in its position. As of now this phone is available through Sprint.

Introducing-HTC Evo Powered with 4G

HTC Evo is packed with exciting features which enables users to enjoy utilities of a third generation mobile phone.

Some of the features of HTC Evo include:

    • 4G connectivity HTC
    • Android 2.1


  • 1Ghz Snapdragon processor
  • 512Mb of RAM
  • 8-megapixel flash-equipped camera capable of recording 720p video
  • Built-in storage to 1 GB
  • 4.3 inches TFT LCD screen which can be connected to a HDTV with help of HDMI.
  • Front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera that can be used to place video calls.

Recently, Sprint announced arrival of HTC Evo at CTIA mobile event in Vegas and the company plans to market the HTC Evo by this summer.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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